Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1056. Pastry Filled Adventure / Departure



「 If it’s a minivan, then we can add more, right? 」

Yomi smiled at me.

「 You want to go too, Yomi? 」

「 Or should I say that it would be convenient if I’m with you 」


I guess it’s good to have at least one Miko power user.

「 Okay, then Yomi’s coming with us 」

Kudou-papa’s the driver.

Haiji’s our bodyguard.

Then Ai, Kana-senpai, Mariko, Yomi, and me.

That’s seven people.

「 Then, we’re going 」

I told the girls who will be staying.

「 Are you sure about going outside without changing? 」

Yukino said.

「 This is okay. Kana-senpai, Mariko, and Ai are all wearing their uniform anyway 」

Haiji and Yomi are wearing matching maid clothing.

Seems like the maid clothing has become their fashion ever since the Kouzuki house’s party last week.

「 Then, take care 」

「 Take care and return safely 」

Anjou Mitama and Kinuka bowed their heads.

「 Oh, the car’s right in the entrance! 」

Kudou-papa says from the courtyard.

「 Yeah, we’re coming 」

I hurry to the front entrance.

「 As usual, this house is like a maze 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Oh? Isn’t that what’s fun? It’s like a theme park 」

Mariko flaps.

「 Besides, Misuzu-oneesama’s Kouzuki mansion is eight-fold bigger in the area compared to this building 」

「 What’s with that? You’re not Misuzu-san 」

Kana-senpai glares at her.

「 Right. My house is just a room in a high-rise condominium 」

Mariko said with a smile.

「 That would be our house in Tokyo… 」


「 Torii electronics head office is in Shizouka. That’s why we have a house in Shizuoka. That one is at least the same size of this mansion 」

Her main home is in Shizuoka.

「 Still, if you think of the children’s education, Tokyo’s better, right? That’s why they bought a condominium in this place ever since I entered kindergarten. Father comes and goes from Shizuoka and Tokyo 」

He changed residence just for his daughter to attend the high-class school for the young ladies.

Misuzu’s school hardly admits students in elementary or middle school.

That’s why they have to push their daughter to that school for the young ladies of nobility starting from kindergarten as Torii house isn’t from the nobility.

「 What about it? Just because your family is rich doesn’t mean that you’re great. I’m from an ordinary home but my parents live a happy life without discomfort! I’m thankful for that! 」

Kana-senpai speaks with a strong tone in her voice.

「 Oh, I see. That’s great, but, even the greatness of your parents aren’t your accomplishments either 」

Mariko retorts.

「 Stop it you two 」

I said.

「 Not all of us have both parents alive and well 」

Haiji and Yomi are here.

「 Ah, sorry, Haiji 」

Mariko is the former employer so she knows that Haiji’s an orphan.

「 It’s not just me 」

Haiji looked at Mariko coldly.

「 It’s okay…well, I just lost my parents recently 」

Yomi smiled.

「 I’m sorry for making a fuss 」

Kana-senpai apologized to Yomi.

「 I-If you’re talking about that then Yoshida-kun would be the most pitiful here 」


「 The two of them lost their fathers and mothers, but Yoshida-kun 」

「 Nobu, what happened to your parents? 」

Kana-senpai asks me worriedly.

It can’t be helped.

「 They abandoned me. They said that they don’t need a boy like me. Then, Kuromori house picked me up 」

I answered them honestly.

「 Thus, my birth name is Yoshida Yoshinobu, and then when I’m adopted to the Kuromori house, my name became Kuromori Yoshinobu on paper. But, as a man of Kuromori house, I name myself as Kuromori Kou on public 」

In truth, I have another hidden family register.

I claimed the family register of Nei’s twin little brother.

But, I won’t mention it. I mean, I can’t go further than that.

「 Oh, so that’s why she calls Kou Nobu 」

「 And that’s why you call Nobu Kou 」

「 Yoshida-kun is Yoshida-kun 」

「 For me, it’s “Sensei” 」

Yomi said, Mariko and Kana-senpai;

「 Why? 」

「 Why ‘Sensei’? 」

They retorted simultaneously.

「 Of course, it’s about sex 」

Yomi smiled.

「 Oh, I see 」

「 Well, Nobu’s amazing in sex, right 」

The two looked at me.

「 Am I that amazing? 」

「 Of course. I cum every time, and I feel like my body’s itching, in heat unless Nobu fills me up once or twice a week. Furthermore, I can’t even think of having sex with other men 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 What about you? 」

Then she turned the question to Mariko.

「 I-I’ve only done it with Kou once 」

「 Oh, you haven’t climaxed yet. I see 」

Mariko makes a frustrated look.

「 Haiji, what about you? 」

She tosses the conversation to Haiji.

「 Haiji-chan already reached climax the day before yesterday 」

Yomi replies instead of Haiji.

「 I-It’s still hard for me to do it alone but Yomi-oneesama and everyone supported me 」

「 Oh, that thing where they convey the climax sensation to you. That’s too much pleasure that it paralyzes you 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Yes, sex with Yoshida-kun feels good 」

Ai mutters.

「 W-What? A-Am I the only one here? 」

After parting with her from the Kouzuki house on Sunday evening, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday has passed, now it’s Saturday.

It seems that she’s frustrated that Haiji took a lead in just a few days.

「 Mariko, don’t get down from that 」


「 I’ll make sure that you cum too 」

「 Y-You’ll do it for me too? 」

Mariko looked at me.

「 Wrong. It’s not me doing it, I’m going to train Mariko 」

「 Yes, he’s a trainer after all 」1

Yomi laughed.

「 Oh, right. Nobu did train me too. He taught me about sex. My body can’t do it unless it’s with Nobu 」

「 Ai is also a lewd slave 」

「 Mariko-ojousama, I am also under his control 」

Kana-senpai, Ai, and Haiji replied.

「 Oh, right. That’s the rule 」


「 Err, Kou, P-Please train me, please train Mariko. Teach sex to this disgraceful Mariko, p-please! 」

So far, it’s Misuzu and Momoko-neechan who put pressure on Mariko, that’s why…

That’s why Mariko’s actions and speech have brakes, but…

They’re not here right now so she’s getting carried away, talking with such a confident attitude on Kana-senpai and the other girls, and it seems that she noticed that now.

「 That’s right. Our Master is Kuromori-sama 」

Haiji said.

「 Mariko-ojousama, please do not forget the thought that you are serving him 」

「 That’s right. Even if your family’s rich, it doesn’t matter to Nobu 」

Kana-senpai said with a smile.

「 Mariko, let me know if you can stay over for tonight 」

I smiled wryly.

「 I’ll add you to my schedule. It’s training camp time. I’ll soak you in sex 」

「 O-Okay 」

Mariko blushed, embarrassed.

◇ ◇ ◇

Opening the entrance, there’s a seven-person minivan in front.

Kudou-papa’s sitting at the side of the front door, staring at the mansion’s side.

「 What’s wrong? 」

Did he find some security problems?

「 You know, on the side of this building, on the part where there’s a roof-like thing, that overhang, right? 」

「 O-Okay? 」

「 The architectural term for that part is the dog run 」

Dog run?

「 Well, it’s an old story. The term was originally used for castles in the Warring States period. The inside of the stone wall was called warrior run, while the outside is called dog run 」

Warrior run?

「 But still, why is it called dog run? why not cat run? monkey run? crab run? cow-dung-run? Why are those not okay? 」


「 Uhm, I’ll ask Edie tonight about that 」

I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask an American who couldn’t even speak Japanese until half a year ago about the history of Japan, but…

I’m sure that Edie knows the answer to that.


「 Yeah, thanks. If you find the answer send it to me 」

「 Okay, sure 」

「 Okay, now, time to go! 」

He stretched himself and stood up.

Then, we should go in the car too.

As I walk towards the car with that thought in mind;

「 By the way, have you been checking out the topics on internet news today? 」

He whispers to my back.

「 No, I haven’t 」

I turned around and said.

「 Well you see, there’s this outrageous news out there 」


「 It’s scary news. I thought that I died from shock, it’s that scary 」


「 They say that the size of women’s breast becomes definite at age 15. 」


「 Don’t ever tell Michi that! 」

「 I-I won’t 」

「 I’ll never forgive anyone who speaks anything that breaks Michi’s hopes for 15 years 」

「 I feel the same way 」

「 That girl over there, be sure to have mercy and keep it quiet from Michi, okay? 」

Kana-senpai looked at Kudou-papa and me dumbfoundedly.

「 That’s all from me. Now, let’s get in the car! Dash! 」

Kudou-papa boards the driver’s seat.

「 Err, well, he’s that kind of person 」

I said.

「 He didn’t even say a word until we arrived in the mansion though 」

Mariko says with a dumbfounded look.

「 Err, as for the seating 」

While I was thinking of the seating arrangement;

「 Haiji-chan’s our bodyguard so she goes to the passenger seat. Ai-oneesama and I will take the second row. As for the back row, Kana-oneesama and Mariko-oneesama sandwiches Sensei in the middle 」

Yomi said.

I see. Yomi knows the methods of bodyguards.

She read Shou-neechan and Rei-chan’s memories.

「 But, I’ve never done of the technical rearguard stuff yet 」

Yomi replies as she read my thoughts.

「 I’ll be sure to support you 」

Haiji, who’s an academy graduate, told her.

「 Well, Haiji doesn’t have to push too hard. Michi’s father may look like that but he’s a capable man 」

He should be able to check for anyone suspicious tailing us while driving.

「 But, Yomi, be sure to check the minds of people approaching us 」

She can’t read minds unless there’s a certain distance.

Therefore, at least check those who approach us.

「 Roger that, Sensei

We sit down on the arrangement Yomi gave us.

Oh, it’s the right choice to sit in between Mariko and Kana-senpai.

Ai who sits on the second row looks at me with lonely eyes.

「 Everyone put on your seatbelts 」

Kudou-papa said.

Then, he starts the engine.

「 We’ll be warming up the engine so please wait a while 」

「 Uhm, modern vehicles don’t need to be warmed up though, right? 」

Haiji says from the passenger seat.

「 It’s for the mood. Mood! That’s what’s important! 」

Kudou-papa laughed.

「 Look, the internal pressure of the engine is rising up. Energy’s filling up to 90%, something like that 」

「 What energy? 」

Mariko asks. Kudou-papa ignores her.

「 Engine’s pressure is rising. The energy level is at 100% Flywheel start! 」

「 Nobu, what’s a flywheel? 」

「 No, I don’t know either 」

W-What’s that?

「 Engine energy filled to 120% 」

「 Kou, is it okay that we’re past 100%? 」



「 Flywheel is active! Wave motion ignition index in ten seconds, weigh anchor!!

He releases the hand brake.

「 Ignition in 10 seconds. 9, 8, 7, 6… 」

「 If Agnes-chan is here then she’d be happy to play but… 」

Haiji mutters.

「 3, 2, 1, 0! Flywheel union set off! 」

「 What are you setting off?! 」

「 Yoshida-kuuuuuuun 」

Ai shouts.

「 Let’s depart!!! 」

Kudou-papa changes gear and drives the car.

At the same time;

「 Chachachan~ Chachachachan~! Tokini Serieki *****!!! 」

Kudou-papa drives our car while cheerfully screaming.

「 Hey, don’t just drive so suddenly! 」

Mariko shouted.

「 Yoshida-kuuuuuuuuun!!!! 」

I wonder what will happen in this delicious bakery tour of ours.


  1. I replaced “Sensei” with an appropriate word because that’s the context