Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1062. Pastry Filled Adventure / Action Demon



「 Hey, Hey, what’s going on Matsuzawa-kun?! 」

Misawa looked at Matsuzawa who shouts the five precepts of prison while standing at attention and is surprised.

The people in the tea lounge, both the guests and employees are looking at us.


「 Bravo! That’s fascinating! As usual, Matsuzawa-san’s a versatile entertainer 」

A man in a white suit coming from the blind spot from our seats appears while clapping his hands.

「 Everyone, I’m very sorry for the fuss, it’s just a small joke. Please do not mind it 」

This man is in the latter half of his thirties. With a slender face and swept-back hair, he looks slim at first but his body is quite trained.

「 Who? 」

Kana-senpai asks Mariko with a small voice.

「 I don’t know either 」

If Mariko doesn’t know him then he’s not a man who appears in parties of political and business circles.

The man comes to our table.

「 Misawa-sensei, Matsuzawa-san, please return to your tables 」

He told the two old men.

「 W-What’s with you? I-I’ll have you know that I’m a member of the Diet? 」

Misawa seems displeased.

「 Yes, of course, I’m aware. Therefore, please do recognize your rudeness before this aggravates 」

The man said.

「 I am this, after all, 」

The man said and handed Misawa his business card.

「 !! 」

Misawa’s startled.

「 I do need to talk to these people by all means. I’m very sorry to ask but please hand over your seats 」


「 M-Matsuzawa-san, L-Let’s go back 」

「 1. An honest mind 」

Matsuzawa’s still under Yomi’s control.

「 It will be gone in three hours. So, you don’t have to worry about it 」

Yomi pushed a new instruction into Matsuzawa where she says that it only lasts for three hours.

「 I-Is that so? Are you telling the truth? 」

「 Yes, of course, 」

Yomi smiled at Matsuzawa.

「 H-Hey, let’s go, Matsuzawa-kun 」

「 Second, a reflecting mind! 」

Matsuzawa comes back with Misawa to their table while reciting the prison’s five precepts.

However, they’re not leaving the tea lounge.

The secretary and the subordinates look at our table.

The swept-back hair man didn’t mind them and;

「 Well then, may I take a seat? 」

The man asks.

Not to Mariko.

That means, he knows about Kuromori Kou.

「 No. Don’t sit 」

I look into the man’s eyes and replied.

「 Oh my? That’s a cold response. You seem troubled from what the Diet member is doing so I came over to help you out 」

The man said.

「 Really? I do think that you’re the one who sent over the two into our tables 」

It’s all planned out.

I should think that way.

「 What are you talking about? Isn’t it all just a coincidence? The Diet members were just there, and I was just over there. How can one plan everyone’s presence here? 」

Mariko came up with the plan on coming to this hotel and it wasn’t planned beforehand.


「 Men always do the same thing no matter how old they are 」

Suddenly, Kana-senpai speaks up.

「 Those old men from earlier are no different from the high-school boys trying to pick us up. There are always two sets of boys trying to pick you up. They do their best trying to attract the interest of the girls saying “If you come with us, you’ll be having fun” 」

Speaking of which, Kouzuki Satoshi also does that two set groups to persuade women.

「 They’re old, wearing expensive suits, and have high status and yet their heads are just like high-school boys 」

Mariko said.

「 And this is as expected. Here comes the guy who pushes out the persistent boys and tries to pick up the girls himself 」

She glared at the man.

「 Uncle, have you done this ever since you were in high school? 」

「 Y-You, stop it 」

Mariko stops her.

「 Hahaha, what a lively lass. I don’t hate it 」

He smiled at Mariko.

「 Either way, name yourself. It does seem like you already know ours 」

Mariko said. The man;

He takes out another business card and puts it in front of us.

「 Shimada Seijuurou-san? 」

That’s what’s written on his business card.

There’s no title, telephone number, nor email address.

「 You showed a different one to the Diet members, right? It has a different color 」

Kana-senpai points out.

「 Yes, that’s because I bring out different business cards depending on the people I talk to 」

「 What’s with that? 」

「 Well, that’s the kind of person he is 」

I hold Kana-senpai back and said.

「 Isn’t that your job? 」

Using different business cards means that.

Furthermore, using a business card that scared a Diet member and had him leave, means;

This guy works for greater power.

「 Anyways, I’ll be sitting. We can’t talk while I’m standing 」

Shimada sits down without permission.

「 Now then, well, you’re the daughter of the shrine maiden of the Takakura shrine, aren’t you? If I recall, you’re Takakura Yomiko-san 」

Shimada looked at Yomi and said.

「 You seem to be inside my head already? You should know what I desire, then 」

Yomi trembles.

「 Well, you see, that was an amazing ability. To think that you showed such a very interesting demonstration like that 」

His objective is Miko power.

To ascertain, he sent over the Diet member to us.

Perhaps, it’s not just him in this hotel.

This man’s subordinates, no, this guy’s probably just another subordinate.

Anyway, he should have us surrounded.

He used several people, had Misawa discover Mariko, and recommended them to come to our table.

Someone plotted this.

「 It’s okay. I came here prepared as a negotiator and volunteered to be one. It’s already assumed that you can read my mind just like Matsuzawa 」

Shimada smiled.

「 So, what do you want from us? 」

I asked.

「 I’ll get straight to the point. We believe that it’s not a good idea for you to have Yomiko-san and her sisters, people with special abilities, for yourselves 」

I knew it.

「 We believe that there are more places suitable for the use of this splendid power. Yes, we’re talking about protecting the interests of the state or bring lasting peace to the world 」

「 Are you someone from the government? 」

Mariko asks.

「 I wonder? I can’t speak of it 」

Shimada smiled.

「 What do you think Yomi-san? 」

Mariko asks. Yomi;

「 Yes, uhm, perhaps 」

She read Shimada’s mind and said.

「 The Japanese nation wants Yomi-chan’s power? 」

Kana-senpai whispers.

「 I think that’s it 」

Mariko said.

「 If we’re to use this power in politics and diplomacy, it will show extravagant results 」

You can read the minds of the people you negotiate and make them do what you tell them.

You can even change their memories.

There’s nothing as almighty as this.

「 Yes, we believe that the power of the Takakura shrine maidens should be used for the benefit of the citizens…no, for the benefit of all humanity on earth 」

Shimada Smiles.


「 This guy…he’s different 」

Ai muttered.

I feel the same way.


「 Haiji beat him up 」

「 Yes!!! 」

Haiji leaves her seat and kicks Shimada’s head.

「 What?!!!! 」

「 Kyaaaaaa!!!! 」

Shimada’s kicked in the head and fell on the floor.

The tea lounge turned noisy.

「 W-Why is Torii house’s bodyguard? 」

Oh, Shimada doesn’t know that Haiji’s my woman.

He never expected Haiji to attack him from my command.

「 Haiji shut him up 」

「 Yessir! 」

Haiji kicks Shimada in succession.

After the second hit, Shimada’s already guarding with his arms.

「 D-Do you even know what will happen if you do this to me?!! 」

「 Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!!! 」

Shimada’s going defensive from Haiji’s successive kicks.

「 H-Hey, do something! 」

Shimada shouts not at us but to someone in the tea lounge.

I knew it, he has friends with him.


「 Okay, that’s enough. 」

Ten people jumped in the tea lounge at the same time.

「 Yes, everyone please calm down, we’re sorry for the fuss! 」

A short woman wearing a trench coat and a flat cap show a police badge as she walks in front and showed it to everyone.

「 Haiji, you can stop now 」

「 Ha! 」

The woman that stopped me is Neko-san.

She’s Kudou-papa’s friend, a freelancer.

「 W-Who are you?! 」

Shimada shouts at Neko-san.

「 Who cares about me? We already caught your friends and even your boss. It’s a wholesale arrest to everyone in the building!! 」

Neko-san said.

「 Y-You?! Are you from the Kouzuki SS?! No, that can’t be! Kouzuki SS is… 」

Today, the young ladies from the party last week will be coming to watch Edie and Yamada Umeko Sebastianus-san’s match at the old training building.

They should have the defenses there.

「 I already told you that’s what it is. Okay, we’re arresting this man, he’s a member of a group of international fraudsters. We’ll be taking him away 」

「 Wait a second! Hey?! 」

「 As if I would wait. Tie him up! 」

Neko-san told her subordinates and they tied up Shimada.

Oh, they even put a ball gag on his mouth.

That would be the harsh treatment if they’re the police, but…

Since it’s a sudden impact, they don’t know what’s going on.

「 With that said, uhm, that guy over there. Yes, you 」

Neko-san points at Misawa

「 M-Me? 」

「 Yes, have you seen what happened over here? If you did, then we’ll have to take you to the station as an eye-witness, do you want to? 」

「 N-No, I-I-I-I haven’t seen anything. No, that guy’s just been kicked off before I knew what was going on?! I didn’t witness anything, isn’t that right, Matsuzawa-kun? 」

「 Three, a modest heart 」

Matsuzawa’s still not free from his five precepts from the prison curse. He still has 2 hours and 55 minutes left.

「 I see. If that’s the case, you didn’t see anything, and maybe, were you not here at this time? 」

Neko-san said.

「 Y-Y-Y-Yes! It would help if you see it that way 」

「 Fourth, a mind of servitude! 」

「 Then, I’ll leave it at that 」

「 I’m grateful! Thank you 」

「 Fifth. A grateful attitude! 」

Meaning. Misawa and Matsuzawa didn’t meet us here.

「 You lot, come with us! I’ll hear the full story at the station! 」

And so, we left the tea lounge safely.

「 Uhm, what about the payment? 」

I asked Neko-san.

「 It’s already paid for. Seki-san will pay for the expenses charged at you 」

So Shou-neechan’s paying them later.

「 Kudou-chan’s waiting for you below, ride his vehicle, and go back home. We’re going to interrogate every people we caught and catch the people they’re working with 」

Is that so?

Kudou-papa’s our driver, that means…

Kudou-papa’s allies will be moving together with him.

「 I don’t know who’s listening to us right now so you can ask Kudou-chan the details in the car 」

「 Thank you, Neko-san 」

「 No need, I’m earning money from this 」

Neko-san sent her two subordinates until we reached the parking lot.

Going back to the minivan.

「 Oh, that seems to be quite a lot of trouble 」

Kudou-papa welcomes us with a smile.

「 Sorry about that. Someone’s been watching me remain in the car and so I suppressed them while at it 」

Then that means, Kudou-papa took down the enemy that’s monitoring him.

「 Anyway, get in. We’re going back 」

「 Okay. Get in everyone 」

Going with the same order, Haiji goes to the driver’s seat.

Yomi and Ai are on the second row.

Then, Kana-senpai, Mariko, and I are on the backrow.

「 Okay, let’s depart. 」

We bow our heads to Neko-san’s subordinates who escorted us.

The car departs.

「 When did you found out? 」

I asked as the vehicle leaves the hotel.

「 It’s not like I knew, it’s been planned to lure them in today 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 Kouzuki SS is in a different place and Michi, nor your bodyguard, Edie, isn’t with you. Then, you brought these girls with you to relax outside 」

I went out with Yomi without bodyguards from the Kouzuki SS.

「 But, it’s only the last minute when I decided to bring Yomi with us 」

Right, I…

I didn’t really pick her until the last moment.

「 Hey now. Why do you think that girl was in that room? 」


Speaking of which, when I went home from school and entered the room in front of the courtyard…

Yomi’s the only girl with Miko power in there.

Tsukiko, Luna, Koyomi-chan, they weren’t in the room.

「 Even if you didn’t pick her, someone’s going to recommend you to bring her 」

It came to my mind that I should bring someone with Miko power apart from Haiji, our bodyguard.

That’s why I picked Yomi.

「 And so, we displayed the lineup to the enemies while we’re going around. And then, I showed that I, the driver, don’t come with you. What’s left is to guide the enemy to a place that’s easy to attack them 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 It was really hard to adapt when a certain someone suddenly said that we’re going to a foreign company hotel so suddenly 」

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Mariko apologized.

「 No need. We’re accustomed to dealing with sudden changes. That hotel isn’t an unknown location for us either. We never expected for the enemy to use the Diet member in that place, but… 」

Oh, they know everyone in the tea lounge

「 So, who are those people? 」

I asked.

「 Before that, how did you guys discover that he’s a fake? 」

Kudou-papa asks back.

「 Oh, right. Ai said that he’s different 」

Kana-senpai looked at Ai.

「 Yes, that. How did you know? 」

Mariko asked Ai.


「 You see…they were in opposition 」

Ai speaks slowly.

「 What’s with that? We won’t get it if you just say it like that? 」

「 What about the opposition? 」

Kana-senpai and Mariko asks Ai at the same time.

「 I’ll explain it 」

I feel like my conclusion and Ai’s impression are the same.

「 Remember that Shimada guy? He’s making us think that he’s working for the country, or for an international organization 」

He keeps on talking about big things like national interest, international peace, and such.

「 They’re making it sound a story that they’re a proper organization and so we should hand over Yomi to them 」

「 Oh, I get that 」

「 Yes. I thought that he’s one of the government people too 」

The two said.

「 Why did you think that way then? He reeks of suspicion 」

I smiled. The two listened.

「 Well, that’s because he’s able to shut up a member of the diet with a business card. 」

「 Yes, that. He showed his business card to the politician so I thought that he must have some status or something 」

He used it on Matsuzawa and so it made us believe that it’s his setting.

「 But, remember how he used his business card? He used different cards to the Diet member and to us 」

「 That’s…I assumed that he would be in a bad place if we were to discover his affiliation? 」

「 Yes, I thought that it has to be some information he can’t tell us 」

Kana-senpai and Mariko said.

「 That’s Shimada’s scheme. He’s not a man from the government nor an international organization 」

I said.

「 So, how did Nobu and Ai figure it out? 」

「 Yes, how did Kou figure it out? 」


「 Well, wasn’t the Diet member from the opposition party? 」

I asked.

「 If Shimada was from the police or public welfare, then he won’t be afraid. He’ll get bossy on the contrary. He’s that kind of guy 」

He won’t bow his head to bureaucrats and such

Rather, he’ll revolt.

He won’t back off like that.

「 Furthermore, those people know that Mariko’s the young lady of Torii Electronics. So, if a man from the public welfare comes, then he would be looking for a relationship between the government and Torii electronics, see? Those guys definitely want some materials to attack the administration 」

He’d stay at the table and listen to our conversation with Shimada.

「 Even if Shimada’s in an international organization, it would still be the same. Is there any international organization that could scare a Diet member like Misawa? Besides, even if you’re from the UN or something, you can’t just make him go back to his seat like that 」

「 What about Americans? Like, a commander of US special forces or something? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 Then he would still oppose if it’s a person in that position. Then, he would send a complaint to the embassy. Why is an American staying in a hotel in Japan? He would ask 」

For the opposition party, it’ll become a legislative problem.

「 If so, what’s written on that business card? 」

「 That’s right. That Diet member trembled in just one glance 」

Mariko and Kana-senpai looked at each other’s faces.

「 Kudou-san, do you know? 」

I asked Kudou-san from the driver seat.


「 There was this old Tokusatsu hero show called “Diamond Eye” 」

Kudou-papa begins his story.

「 And then, the enemy monster named King Cobra is a demon god in his previous life….however, most of the time, he’s the head of the charity organization called “Asian Children Holding hands” 」

An enemy monster on a charity organization.

「 Those still exist in modern-day Japan. Naming themselves as a non-profit organization doing some charity work but they’re actually an organization run by gangs and other bad guys behind the scenes 」


「 If you’re on their radar, they will surely use the public-relations organization with a good name to launch a protest against a politician and put them into a lot of trouble. They’re professionals in this work. A professional organization whose job is to drag you down 」

「 So Shimada’s business card has the organization name written in it? 」

「 Well, we could say that 」

Kudou-papa speaks ambiguously.

「 So, in the end, what’s his actual organization? 」

Mariko asks.

「 You better not know it 」

「 Hey, why is it that I can’t know? 」

「 Mariko 」

I speak to Mariko.

「 If Kudou-san says that, then we shouldn’t know 」

Perhaps the organization will be captured and dealt with today.

Turning them to an example for others.

It’s to make sure that They no longer try to make a move on the Takakura shrine maidens behind the Kouzuki Ss.

I mean, by some chance…

Shimada may not be involved with the government…

But, the people controlling Shimada are big-shot politicians.

It’s those people who want the Miko power.

If that’s the case, their fight is with the Kouzuki house.

「 Knowing the stuff behind the scenes only puts us in danger 」

「 Y-You’re right 」

Mariko’s convinced.

「 Hey, lass. That was a good kick. Neko told me about it 」

Kudou-papa told Haiji.

「 I knew it, he’s in touch with Neko-san while still in the parking lot 」

「 I just did what I could do 」

Haiji said.

「 But, you immediately jumped at your enemy as soon as he gave the order and so he couldn’t react to it, right? Furthermore, you continued to attack until he said stop. If you ask me, you did great 」

「 Thank you 」

Haiji thanked him but she seems dissatisfied.

「 Are you regretting thinking that you could’ve done more? 」

Kudou-papa asks.

「 Yes 」

Haiji replies.

「 But you know, you said that you did what you could do, right? So, I’ll praise you for what you did today. Else, I’ll feel sorry for you 」

「 You’re right 」

「 Yeah. If you feel that you’re still lacking then train yourself. But for now, accept that you did your best. Else, you won’t have the strength to move forward 」

Kudou-papa said.