Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1064. Pastry Filled Adventure / A Call With the Parents



Wait, why is Mitama okay?

「 Mitama shows up on Yukino’s show too 」

I asked Mariko.

「 It’s okay. When she shows on TV, she’s only wearing a Brazilian swimsuit and a Japanese sword, right? That one has the stronger impact 」

「 Yeah, true. If she wears ordinary clothes then you can only see a tall beautiful girl 」

Kana-senpai agreed with Mariko’s opinion.

「 Younger girls are okay but we’d like to gather high-school girls. If we gather a lot of girls then it’ll look like a party…and since these many girls are staying over for the night, another one won’t be a problem at all 」

Oh, it’s to put Kana-senpai’s parents at ease.

Furthermore, they won’t feel distressed that their daughter is taken into someone else’s house.

Thus, it has to be high school students.

「 Is Megu back? 」

I asked Agnes.

「 Not yet, desuno! 」

Agnes, who’s frustrated, answers me while rubbing her breasts to my back.

「 Not yet? Why is she late? 」

Her training in the track and field club should be over already.

「 Margo-oneechan and Nei-oneechan’s picking her up on their way back. They called earlier, saying that they’ll bring Nagisa-oneechan and Mao-chan from the shop 」

Mana comes to the room while saying that.

Margo-san and Nei who came to meet with their sponsors in the martial arts tournament;

They’re going to Nagisa’s flower shop on their way back.

Then, they’re also picking up Megu.

「 Oh, right. We’re in an emergency situation 」

I don’t know who our enemies are today, but…

Anyway, Kudou-papa’s going to silence them by the end of the day.

「 Oh, you have a mature look too. Come with us 」

Mariko calls Mana.


「 What’s up? 」

「 O-Onii-san, you’re back 」

「 Welcome back 」

Luna and the twins, the younger girls come to the room.

Then, Tsukiko joins in.

Edie and the Kouzuki house girls have gone to the “Ladie’s party” to watch the “Bodyguard Match,” but…

We have enough beauties in here.

「 Oh, don’t add the twins in the photo. Papa’s a fan of the twins so he’ll discover them right away 」

Kana-senpai said.

Well, the twins do stand out.

「 Okay, good, everyone sit down on that sofa and we’ll take photos 」

Mariko points out.

「 What kind of photo are we doing? 」

「 Huh, we’re stripping? 」

「 S-Stripping? 」

「 Should we get naked? Are we going to lick Onii-san’s penis together? 」

「 Agnes wants Papa’s penis inside! 」

Hey now, Luna, Rie, Arisu, Eri, Agnes.

「 No, put on your clothes. Err, it’s not a lewd photo session. We’re taking a photo of everyone smiling. 」

I said.

「 That’s right, do take photos of yourselves wearing clothes sometimes! 」

Yukino who reads a magazine told the younger girls.

「 We also take photos of ourselves wearing clothes while having sex with Papa! 」

Agnes refutes, but.

「 What I meant is to take photos of yourselves wearing clothes and not having sex! 」

Yukino said.

「 Ugh, Agnes wants to have sex with Papa 」

I embraced Agnes, then.

「 There, there. We’ll do it later. But, for now, this is for Kana-senpai, so take a photo with everyone 」

I relieve Agnes’ cravings with physical contact.

「 Okay then, hold on to this, Nobu 」

Kana-senpai hands me her phone.

Oh right, since we’re sending it to her parents, it should be using her phone.

Then, Mana;

「 While we’re at it, Onii-chan, use this camera too. It’s our first time taking photos with all these people 」

Mana brings over a digital camera.

Oh, if that’s the case, we can also take a photo with Yukino and the twins.

「 Onii-chan should join in too. We can swap cameramen at that time 」

The photo we’re sending to Kana-senpai’s parents won’t have me, a guy in it, it’s to keep their parents at ease, but…

I guess it’s okay if we’re taking photos for the family.

「 Oh, then, the high-school girls sit down on the sofa. Agnes and the girls sit down in the front and back 」

Let’s begin our photo session.

The group photos had Kana-senpai and Mariko in the center, and then we took some more snapshots.

Ai and Kana-senpai are wearing the same uniform so it went smoothly.

「 Oh right, we can just say that Ai’s acquainted with Torii-san, and so I’m also invited together since I’m her senior in the club 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Hey, you 」

Mariko’s feeling offended.

「 Can you stop with the “Torii-san,” already? Aren’t you older than me? Furthermore, you’re the senior as Kou’s woman 」

「 Yes. I’m a senior. Despite that, what’s with that way of calling me? 」

The two glared at each other…Then laughed.

「 Mariko will do. Call me Mariko. Onee-sama 」

「 Don’t call me Onee-sama. Just talk to me casually like the bossy girl you are, Mariko. Either way, I’m not a young lady. Call me Kana 」

I take a photo of the two smiling at each other.

「 Auuuu…uhm 」

Ai raises her timid voice.

「 You too, call me Mariko. Okay? And then, I’ll call you A-Ai… 」

Mariko said bashfully.

She seems to have accepted Ai due to the incident in the hotel earlier.

「 Uuu, B-Best regards..M-Mariko 」

「 Likewise, Ai 」


「 Then, I’ll go with casual talk with you too. You can call me Yukino 」

Yukino tells Mairko while her eyes still look at the magazine.

「 Okay. I’m going to call you Yukino and you’re going to call me “Pretty Mariko-ojousama” 」

「 What the hell? 」

Yukino looked up from the magazine and stared at Mariko.

「 I’m just joking! You should look into their eyes when talking to people, Yukino 」

Mariko smiled.

「 T-That’s for me to decide! 」

Yukino replied bashfully.

Oh, Yukino can get friends with girls who have strong self-consciousness like Mariko.

Recently, she’s becoming real sisterly with Megu.

I took another photo of the two.

After twenty photos, I returned the phone to Kana-senpai.

「 We’re going to pick five photos and then send it over 」

「 Hey, let me pick too! 」

Mariko peeks into Kana-senpai’s phone.

I continued taking photos of the family using the digital camera.

「 It’s time to shift 」

Haiji comes over.

「 Mana-oneesama still has to return to the kitchen 」

Oh, right.

She’s preparing our dinner.

「 Mana-oneesan, should we help out? 」

Koyomi-chan asks.

「 Oh, no need. You can stay over here, Koyomi-chan and everyone 」

Mana said with a smile and goes back to the kitchen trotting.

Still, is it going to be okay?

Mana’s making meals alone in the kitchen.

「 Oh, we were helping out until earlier… 」

Luna read my thoughts and replied.

「 It should be okay by now 」

Then that’s good, but…

「 Eeh? Send this one, this is cuter! 」

Before I was aware, Yukino joined Kana-senpai and Mariko in picking the photos.

「 Really? I prefer this one You can feel the gorgeousness of this room 」

Mariko picks another phone.

「 It can’t be helped, then, we’re going with the pretty Mariko-ojousama’s photo? 」

Yukino grinned.

「 Hey, Yukino! 」

「 Oh? Weren’t you the one who told me to do that? Kukuku 」

Yukino laughed. Kana-senpai;

「 Right, I’ll send this one 」

Looking good.


「 Onii-san, let’s take photos of the sisters too 」

Eri said.

「 Yes, Rie-chan and me. Mitama-chan and Kinuka-chan 」

「 Then, us too 」

Eri and Rie. Anjou Mitama and Kinuka. And the Takakura sisters, Tsukiko, Yomi, Luna, + Koyomi-chan.

「 We haven’t taken a photo with everyone together like that 」

「 That’s true 」

The truth is, Yukino, Megu, Mana, and Agnes are sisters born from different mothers, but…

There will be a next time.

「 Okay, I’m taking a photo 」

Haiji captures it.

「 Agnes wants to take a photo with Papa, Luna, and Arisu-chan! 」

Agnes said.

These girls aren’t sisters but sure, let’s take a photo.

「 Yeah, sure 」

I said.

「 Then, Papa, take out your penis! The three of us will lick it! 」

「 I told you already, that’s for next time, okay? 」

Another photo was taken.

Next, Haiji joined in.

「 Ah, I’ll take it 」

Yomi holds the camera.

「 Okay, now everyone make a funny face! 」

「 Funny face? 」

「 Yes, a funny face! 」

Eri made a wacky face as she joins in.

「 Yes, that. Agnes-chan, make a funny face too 」

Luna said with a smile.

「 Okay, desuno! Arisu-chan, let’s! 」

「 Me too? 」

「 Yes, look this way…ready… 」


The younger group has their personalities gathered and they’re in harmony somehow.

Rie and Eri have always been energetic and Agnes draws everyone together.

The timid Arisu and Koyomi-chan turned bright now.

「 Everyone seems to be having fun 」

Kinuka’s the only one on a whole other level.

It’ll take time for her and Mitama. Oh well, it can’t be helped.

「 I’m very sorry. Our existence seems to have caused troubles to everyone again 」

Tsukiko whispers to me.

She read my mind so she knows about the enemy that showed up wanting the Miko power in the hotel.

「 That’s enough, Tsukiko 」

I said.

「 What are you again? 」

「 I’m your faithful servant 」

Tsukiko replies.

「 That’s right. You girls belong to me. So, you have no need to worry about yourselves. Just let me take care of you 」

「 Yes 」

Tsukiko replies whisperingly.

「 I don’t remember taking you in because you’re shrine maidens. You girls are my sex slaves. Just think of how I could enjoy you and bearing my child 」

「 Certainly 」

Kana-senpai is about to call her parents while we’re talking.


「 Oh, everyone, you don’t need to stay quiet since the setting is a party but don’t talk about sex. Tsukiko, Yomi, and Luna be sure to hush anyone who would speak anything weird 」

It’s mostly Agnes, but still…

If she shouts “Papa! Let’s have sex!!!” While Kana-senpai’s talking to her parents, then everything goes to waste.

「 Then, I’ll start the call 」

Kana-senpai operates her phone.

「 Ah, hello. Mama. Yes, it’s Kana, did you see the mail I sent you? Yes, that photo, I got invited to a party…Yeah, it seems like the girls are staying over for the night. Look, I have Ai from the tennis club with me. I mentioned her before…Yes, the girl from the bakery. The girl who makes the delicious pastries I bring home all the time. Her acquaintance is the girl from Torii electronics…Ah, I’ll give it to her! 」

「 Hello? I’ve taken the phone. I’m Torii Mariko. No, don’t mention it. I invited them all to visit my house today…My house has a lot of rooms…Yes, everyone else is staying over…So if Kana-san could as well…No, no, they’re not bothering at all 」

Mariko’s talking politely.

「 It’s going well 」

Yukino whispered to my ears, but…

「 Ah yes, please wait a second 」

Mariko covers the mic and looked at us.

「 What’s up? 」

「 She wants to talk not to me but with an adult in the house 」

An adult?

The people in the mansion are;

Nagisa and Margo-san aren’t back yet.

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee are working with the prostitute candidate in the basement of the hotel in front of the station.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan are in the old training building for Kouzuki SS to guard Misuzu and the girls.

Nobody’s here.

W-What do we do?

「 Yes, yes, yes, yes, it seems that it’s my turn 」



Why is she wearing an apron and a ladle on one hand?

「 Give it to me 」

「 H-Here 」

Mariko gives the phone to Katsuko-nee.

「 Hello, I’ve taken the call. Yes, that’s right. We welcome them, they’re free to stay overnight. Not at all, we have girls from other houses too, we hold that kind of party often. Yes… 」

Katsuko-nee talks to Kana-senpai’s mother cheerfully.

「 It’s no problem at all. Our girl here is glad to have a bright lady like Kana-san as her friend. Yes, yes. That’s right. That’s right. Mariko’s parents enrolled her in that famous school for young ladies to display and so she finds it hard to make friends over there. Yes, she does have her hardships. Therefore, she often opens up a party where she invites her friends in middle school. Then, Ai-san, who’s in the same school as Kana-san, is Mariko-san’s classmate during middle school…With such connections, Kana-san’s invited to our place 」

Wow, the story’s expanding.

「 Anyway, we do not mind if they stay over…Besides, it’s Sunday tomorrow so please stay over if you’d like. Tomorrow, we’ll send them home via our vehicles. Yes, I’ll give it to your daughter 」

Katsuko-nee gave back the phone to Kana-senpai.

「 Ah, Mama. That’s how it is. I’m fine, it’s all girls over here. As if there could be a man in here! Mariko-san doesn’t have brothers, and if there was…Even if there was, then I’d gladly come to be their bride. It’s a really big mansion you know! 」

Kana-senpai exaggerates her talk.

「 Yeah, I’ll talk about the details tomorrow. Oh, what’s the dinner for today? Curry? If that’s the case then leave some for me tomorrow. Sorry, Mama. Yeah, see you. Tell Papa I said Hi! Yeah, Bye-bye! 」


Kana-senpai ended the call.

「 I’m really sorry Mama. Kana’s going to surrender herself to a man’s lust. 」


「 Wait, you’re not doing it, Nobu? You know it’s an opportunity, right? 」

「 Well, yeah 」

「 You want to cum inside me, right? 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

I nodded honestly.

「 I also don’t mind if we make one tonight 」

Kana-senpai smiles.

「 Wait a second. Kou has to get me soaked deep into sex first! 」

Mariko said.

「 Agnes first!! 」

Agnes clings to me.

「 Papa! I want to have sex! I want to do it! 」


So, what do we do?

Nonononono, putting that aside.

「 Why are you here, Katsuko-nee? 」

I asked.

「 I’ve always been here. I was looking at the kitchen fire, but since Mana-chan came back, I came over here

Oh, so that’s why Koyomi-chan said that Mana doesn’t need help.

That’s because Katsuko-nee’s back and she’s in the kitchen.

「 B-But… 」

「 We’re in an emergency situation, right? If that’s the case, Minaho-ojousama said that I should go back first since someone has to be in the Mansion 」

Oh. I see.

They still don’t feel safe leaving the monitoring system of the mansion to Mana.

「 Therefore, I came back home first before you 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 Katsuko-san…we…bought the pastries 」

Ai brings over the pastries we gathered from our bakery tour.

That said, we sampled the first and third shop’s products and the second shop’s loaves remained the same.

「 Yes, yes, thank you. Let’s put the pastry talk later 」

Katsuko-nee takes the pastries with a smile and said.

「 Dinner’s coming and so you’re free to do whatever you want 」


「 I mean, there’s someone who wants to make a child and someone who wants to get soaked into sex…go! 」

「 Agnes too! 」

Agnes said.

「 Yes, that’s right. Refresh yourselves, and while at it, take a bath, and then we’ll have dinner. Are there girls who want to help me out? 」

「 I’ll help out 」

「 Then, me too 」

「 Me too 」

「 I’ll join you 」

Koyomi-chan, the twins, and Arisu raised their hands.

「 Luna will come with me and do it with Papa! 」

Agnes calls Luna, but…

「 I’ll also help out. Yomi-oneesama, it’s your turn. You seem to have experienced a lot of troubles. 」

Luna also read out what happened in the hotel.

「 Right. Yomi, and Haiji, come with me 」

I called Haiji.

I want Mariko and Haiji to make peace, and have sex with the two of them together.

「 Yes. Certainly 」

Haiji replied blushing.

「 Hey, nobody’s left to talk to me? 」

Yukino said dissatisfied, but…

「 Don’t you have us? 」

「 I’m here for you! 」

The Anjou sisters puff their chests.

「 Wow, oh well, you two will do 」

「 I’m also here 」

Tsukiko gently smiled at Yukino.