Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1066. Pastry Filled Adventure / Mariko’s rope makeup and horse mount sex with Agnes



「 Papa! Papa! Let’s go to the horsie! 」

Agnes gets on the horse mount sex machine and swings her cute ass.

On the other hand, lying on the bed…

「 Err, it’ll wrinkle your uniform, do you mind? 」

「 I don’t. I have two spares prepared, and since we’re at it, I want to be tied up while wearing uniform 」

Mariko replied to Kana-senpai’s reply.

「 Then, let’s begin with the leather handcuffs, I’ll tie your hand behind your back 」

Yomi said, then she fixed Mariko’s wrist behind her back.

「 I see 」

Haiji’s watching how Mariko’s tied up with great interest.

「 Papa! Hurry up! I want to go intense! Desuno! 」

I go to the machine, then Agnes hugged me and said.

「 We can’t go hard at it right away 」

I replied.

「 I want to enjoy Agnes’ body slowly. 」

I kissed the half-foreign beauty.

「 Hmmmm. Papa~! 」

Agnes looks at me with her melting eyes and seeks my tongue.

I start the machine in ‘weak’ power while kissing.

Kuiiin! Kuiiin!

The saddle we’re riding slowly moves up and down.

It’s like we’re in a small boat in the calm sea.

I embrace Agnes’ body while taking it easy.

「 I see. That’s nice. I want to try that out too 」

Kana-senpai looked at the machine as it moves and muttered.

「 I want to embrace like that too 」

「 Sure, I’ll do it later for you Haiji 」

I replied while shaking Agnes with the machine.

「 Sensei, please pick Mariko-oneesama’s collar! 」

Yomi speaks to me from the bed.

The bed has seven collars taken from the closet.

「 Today, let’s pick that black and hard one for Mariko. That has that “torture” feel to it 」

I pick the thick collar.

「 Oh, don’t fit it tightly on her neck. It’s going to be painful. Instead, make it a bit weak, like it’s dangling loosely. Make it look like she’s been raped and confined for three days 」

「 Yes, certainly 」

Yomi can read my mind so she’ll do it as I can imagine

「 Mariko-oneesama, excuse me 」

Yomi puts on the collar on Mariko.

「 Haiji-chan, hold this 」

「 Ah, o-okay 」

Haiji trembles as her former master have a collar on her neck.

「 If you don’t hold it I can’t fix in the metal fixtures 」

「 Ah, okay 」

Haiji holds the collar and Yomi fixes the metal fixture.

「 Mariko-oneesama, right of this moment, you’re in complete submission to Sensei 」

Yomi smiled.

「 Y-Yes, I know 」

Mariko’s face is completely red

「 Haiji, add a cord to Mariko’s collar 」

I give orders while embracing Agnes in the horse mount machine

「 A-A cord? 」

「 Yeah, girls like Mariko need a leash on her collar, right? 」

A string to control a stubborn horse.

「 Here, it’s this, Haiji-chan 」

Yomi takes out a leash for a large breed dog strolling.

「 Ah, okay 」

Haiji takes it…

「 M-Mariko-ojousama, excuse me 」

「 P-Please 」

Mariko thanked her former subordinate for the gentle treatment.

「 I-I’m in complete submission right now 」

「 I-Indeed… 」

Haiji’s trembling hands fix the leash into the collar.

「 Haiji, hold on to that leash for me 」

I ordered.

「 I’m busy right now 」

My hands are holding Agnes’ from behind and groping Agnes’ chest on top of her clothes.

「 I-It feels good 」

The relaxed motions of the horse riding machine calm down Agnes’ heart.

「 I-I’ll be holding the cord… 」

Haiji seems confused as her former Master is treated like a pet dog.

But, I believe that this experience will deepen their relationship.

「 Okay, now time to tie the rope 」

Yomi brings in a new bundle of straw rope.

「 Hey, Nobu, how do you want to tie Mariko up? 」

Kana-senpai asks me curiously.

「 Hey, let’s keep her half-naked. Like, exposing Mariko’s breasts and such 」

Yeah, let’s see.

I insert my hands from the hem of Agnes’ clothes.

Agnes isn’t wearing a bra.

I can enjoy the feeling of her raw breasts as the machine shakes us.

「 Mariko, tuck up her uniform up to her breasts to expose her breasts, and then… 」

「 Okay. I make an infinite shape rope on it 」

It’s easy to talk with someone with Miko power.

「 Right, like that 」

I roll up Agnes’ clothes and expose her breasts.

Then, I use my hands to show how to make a good bind using Agnes’ chest.

「 Auuu, Papa! 」

Agnes trembles.

「 Certainly, we’ll make a bra with the rope. Then, keep the nipples exposed 」

Yomi binds Mariko’s soft skin.

「 Is it okay to tie her up like that? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 I’m tying her up while making sure that her blood and respiration isn’t hindered 」

Yomi who knows Katsuko-nee’s techniques; replied.

「 But, won’t this rope leave some marks on the skin later? 」

Kana-senpai looked at the straw rope and said.

「 Yes. It leaves a red mark on your skin 」

Yomi replied.

Mariko and Kana are startled.

「 Huh, that’s going to be a problem 」

Kana-senpai said, but…

Mariko who’s in complete submission remains silent.

「 But, I’m not doing it strongly so even if it leaves a mark, it will disappear by tomorrow 」

It’s Sunday today, so it’ll disappear before Monday.

「 Besides, women with a red trace of bondage looks very sexy 」

Yomi said.

「 Really, Nobu? 」

Kana-senpai and Mariko looked at me.

「 Yeah, I want to violate Mariko while half-naked and tied up. Then, we’re going to take a bath after sex. I want to see Mariko’s body with traces of the rope in her skin 」

Having a red knot pattern on her white skin.

「 O-Okay. P-Please do 」

Mariko’s breathing roughly.

「 T-Tie me…please tie me up! 」

「 Then, excuse me. Kana-oneesama, would you like to help? 」

「 Oh, sure 」

Haiji’s holding the cord…

So, Yomi asked for Kana-senpai’s help

「 Err, we’re exposing her breasts, right? 」

She raised Mariko’s sailor uniform up.

「 Auu 」

Mariko trembled in shame.

Her bra today has a light blue color.

「 It’s lewder when you take off the hook and raise it up like this 」

Kana-senpai said with a smile.

「 Papa! Agnes wants to take it off too 」

Agnes tells me.

「 I guess we should 」

I slowly take off Agnes’ upper clothes while the machine shakes us lightly.

I’ll leave her skirt and panty on.

「 Okay, I’ll make sure that it doesn’t hurt 」

Yomi coils the rope around Mariko’s breasts.

「 Aaah 」

As expected, Mariko’s quite the masochist.

「 What do you think, Sensei? 」

Yomi asks about the results of her binds.

「 Oh, now that the rope is forming an 8 shape, Mariko’s breasts now has more volume. 」

Kana-senpai speaks her impressions.

「 It’s much more embarrassing than getting naked. 」

Mariko said while trembling.

Her hands are tied behind her back, a collar on her neck, and a rope on her chest…

But, that’s not enough.

I insert my hands into Agnes’ crotch.

「 Ahn, Papa! 」

Agnes’ panty is already drenched.

My groping and the movement of the horse riding machine stimulated Agnes.

「 Agnes, it’s getting hot 」

「 That’s because I want Papa’s penis already 」

Agnes replies while I embrace her on the horse riding machine.

「 I see. By the way, how’s Mariko? 」

I asked the girls in the bed.

「 Mariko spread your legs there and let me see how’s your crotch 」

「 !!! 」

Mariko trembled in shame.


「 Mariko-oneesama, complete submission 」

Yomi said.

「 T-That’s right…i-it’s complete submission 」

Haiji who holds the lead says the same.

「 I-I understand 」

Mariko turned to me and spreads her legs wide with her knees bent while she’s trembling.

「 Geez, this is making me impatient 」

Kana-senpai flips Mariko’s skirt.

Mariko’s panty is also blue, just like her bra.


The fabric in her crotch is also drenched.

「 Mariko, what’s happening to you down there? 」

I asked while teasing Agnes’ crotch.

「 It’s wet 」

Mariko replies in a small voice.

「 Why is it wet? 」

「 That’s because I want Kou to violate me 」


「 Hurry! Hurry up and break me! Kou, tease this domineering and selfish Mariko with your penis!!! 」

The daughter of the president of the world-leading electronics enterprise wearing the school of the best school for young ladies in Japan…

That prim and proper uniform is half-stripped.

Her hands are tied behind her.

Her exposed breasts are tied using straw ropes.

Her thighs are exposed, and her panty wet from love nectar is for everyone to see.

Her beautiful face is melting from sexual arousal.

「 I want it! I want you to force yourself onto me! I want to have sex! 」

She speaks out her lust.

However, I…

「 Agnes goes first. Watch from there, Mariko 」

I open my pants with my other hand and exposed my erect penis.

「 Agnes, let’s go with gallop 」

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Agnes grabs tightly into the handlebar of the horse riding sex-machine.

Then, she steps on the stirrup, braced herself, and sticks out her ass to me in all fours.

「 Yeah, looking good 」

I slide down Agnes’ panty and expose her young pussy.

Down there, she’s dripping wet, and hot love nectar spills out of her pink walls.

「 Don’t move now 」

「 Okay desuno! Papa! Please put it inside Agnes 」

I scoop out some of Agnes’ love nectar to show to the four in the bed, and then.

「 I’m putting it in 」

I stomped on my stirrup and bend my body.

Then, I push in my tensed penis into Agnes’ opening.

「 Now, in one go… 」


Agnes is still young.

We had sex every day for nearly half a year, but…

She’s still small and narrow.

「 More! Deeper! Papa!!! 」

I grabbed Agnes’ small hips and pushed it in.

「 It’s coming in 」

「 Wow 」

「 I want it too 」

Mariko, Haiji, and Kana-senpai’s eyes look at the connecting part between Agnes and me.

「 Aaaaaah, aaaaaaah,Papaaaaaaa!!! 」


The narrow meat spreads into the shape of my penis.

And then.

「 Good 」

My erect penis is all inside Agnes.

「 Haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaa, Papa! I love you! I love you!!! 」

Half-naked, turned her skirt, and her panty is still in while I violate her.

Then, we’re riding a sex machine imitating a horse…

I check that Agnes has calmed down, and then…

「 Let’s start galloping 」

「 Okay! Desuno! 」

I cover Agnes’ body and grab into the saddle to make sure that Agnes doesn’t fall by mistake.

I also check that my legs are stepping on the stirrup.

I flipped the switch that controls the motor from weak to strong.

Wiiiin! Wiiiiin!!

This is such a big machine so it won’t speed up that suddenly.

It goes slowly, and the movement gradually grows stronger.

Kyuuiiiin!! Kyuukyuiiiin!

「 Aaaah, it feels good! Papa! It feels good! 」

My penis goes wild inside Agnes as we shake intensely.

Gyuuuuuiiin Kagigyugyuuiiiin!!

「 Aaah, aaah, Papa! Papa!!!!1 」

「 Hey, stop talking! You’re going to bite your tongue!!! 」

The pleasure of sitting on a saddle, having sex by doing it from behind, and the machine forcibly shakes us…

My glans rubs Agnes’ walls uncaring about my intention

Ooh, that feels good.

「 Wow. Looks like Agnes-chan is in pleasure 」

Kana-senpai looked at us have sex and said.

「 I want it inside me too 」

Mariko looks at us with such passionate eyes.

「 I wonder if I can do that too? 」

Haiji mutters…

「 If that’s the case, why don’t we share the pleasure Agnes-chan is experiencing right now 」

Yomi smiled.

「 We’re a bit apart so I think I can only reproduce about 60% of it 」

Saying that; she touches Mana and Kana-senpai

「 Kyauuuu!!!! What’s this!! 」

「 Ooooh! That feels good! 」

Yomi uses her Miko power to pour the pleasure Agnes is experiencing into the two.

「 Haiji-chan, touch me 」

Yomi told Haiji as she makes a bit of a face of pleasure.

「 Y-Yes 」

Haiji touches Yomi’s skin.

「 Aaaaauuu! 」

The pleasure of my intense penis poking also goes inside Haiji.

「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! 」

The stain on Mariko’s underwear continues to spread out.

Mariko and Haiji are trying to hold back their crotch.

Yomi who’s conveying the pleasure to the three is holding down her hips, enduring it like Agnes on the machine.

Gassshiiin! Guwaaashin!! Gashhin!!

「 Nununu, nununu, hmmm 」

Agnes grits her teeth as the horse riding sex machine move intensely.

Gashiiin! Guwashiin! Gashiin!

My hips thrust on their own, following the movements of the machine.

Oh, I feel sweat coming out of my body.

Sweat flies from my forehead and falls into Agnes’ naked back.

Agnes’ body is growing hotter too.

Ooh, it’s tightening. She’s clamping me.

The intense piston repeats with the warm love nectar as a lubricant.

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaah! aaaaaah! 」

「 Hiii, hiiii, hiiiiiii!! 」

「 Kuuuu, auu, uuuu 」

「 Hmmm, hmmm, hmmmm!! 」

The four girls on the bed moans for Agnes who can’t release her voice.

「 Aaaah, I can feel it!! 」


「 Agnes-chan is about to cum! 」


「 M-Me too! 」


「 Sensei’s about to cum too! 」


「 Agnes-chan screams from her heart 」

「 Cum inside 」

「 Release a lot 」

「 Aaaaaah…cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

Agnes trembles on top of the machine, her body then bends greatly.

Her insides contracts.


I pressed the emergency stop switch on the machine’s handle, and then…

「 Hmmm!!!!! Nuuuuuu!!!!! 」

「 Hmmmmmm!!!! 」

Agnes’ body jumps out from the smen pouring into her womb.

「 Aaah, it’s coming out 」

「 I can feel it, it’s pouring inside Agnes-chan 」

「 The warm stuff is spreading 」

「 Ooh, it feels good 」

Kashaan! Kashaan! Kuiiin!!

The horse riding sex machine slowly stops moving.


Then, it stops.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Agnes falls prostrate on the saddle with her sweaty body.

My penis still remains inside her vagina.

「 Papa!! It felt amazing!!!! 」

Agnes looks at me with her wet eyes.

「 Yeah, it felt good for me too 」

I massaged Agnes’ naked body.

「 Thank you, I love you, Papa! 」

「 I love you too. Agnes 」

I then kissed Agnes’ sweaty back.