Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1067. Pasty filled Adventure / Rape Play with Kana-senpai



「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

I pull out my penis from Agnes’ insides.


My glans pop out of her young and narrow pussy.

My white semen spilled down immediately after.

「That was great」

Agnes slowly raised her body and got off the horse riding sex machine…

「Papa, I’ll clean it up with my mouth」

She speaks while looking up at me and showing a captivating smile as her whole body sweats.

「Yeah, do it」

I also got off the machine and stand before Agnes.

It’s hot.

I also take off my clothes and got naked above my waist.

Let’s take off my lower half too.

「I’ll clean it properly so please wait」

Agnes turned to the four girls on the bed and said.

The four of them experienced Agnes’ climax too so they haven’t recovered yet.

「Papa, itadakimasu desuno!」

Agnes squats before me and then holds my penis that just ejaculated with both hands.

「I love this smell」

She sniffs my semen in the glans, and then.


Ooh, the hot mouth of the half-foreign beauty swallows my penis.

「Hmm, hmmm, kuuun!」

Agnes’ lips coat my penis, sucking out the semen, love nectar, and sweat out of it.

Then, she licks the glans with her tongue.

She sucks out the semen that remained in the urethra too.

「Papa’s semen is delicious」

Agnes smiles happily.

「Hey, Papa…Please have sex with Agnes in three, five, ten, thirty years, forever!」


「Please pour your semen inside Agnes all the time! And then, Agnes will lick it always too」

She says and rubs her hard nipples on my glans.

「Agnes wants to have sex with Papa forever. I’m Papa’s daughter, desuno!」

I pat Agnes’ cheeks.

「But, Agnes, you need to go to school, make friends with people outside the family too」

She can’t keep clinging to me

She’s gone from the lonely life in the basement to living with the young group and getting along with them in the mansion.

Next, she has to go outside and make more friends.

「I know. I can’t let Papa stay protecting me. Agnes will grow strong and then protect Luna-chan and Mao-chan, and the newborn children too」

Yeah, now that she has a family of the same age, and…

Mao-chan, the younger…

Then, Yukino and Nagisa are both pregnant with my child.

It’s showing the influence on Agnes.

「But, even if I make a lot of friends, Papa’s the only one Agnes will have sex with」

Agnes says while licking the tip of my penis.

「There are a lot more men out there. Agnes might find someone she likes more than me」

I speak honestly.

If Agnes finds someone she likes, then…

I wonder what I will do at that moment?

「That won’t happen! Papa’s the best!」

Agnes says while holding my penis.

「Agnes will never do anything to make Papa sad」

「Thanks, Agnes」

I’m glad that you say that but…

Who knows about the future.

Even so, I have to bring Agnes to the outside world.

If I keep Agnes inside the Mansion for myself then I’m no different from Shirasaka Sousuke.

「That’s good enough. It felt amazing. Agnes is great in sex and fellatio」

「Agnes loves doing it after all! Having sex with Papa and sucking Papa’s penis!」

Agnes shows an innocent smile fitting for her age.

But, her womb is filled with my semen.

「Just a little more. A bonus!」

Agnes kisses my glans to end it.

「Ahn! Geez! It’s so hot I can’t hold it anymore!」

Finally, Kana-senpai got up and took off her uniform.


「Agnes, I’m going」

「Okay, Papa」

I face Kana-senpai with my erect penis.

Then, I walk towards her.

「Hey? What’s wrong, Nobu?」

Kana-senpai took off three buttons from her blouse.

I can see her white bra below her sweating collarbone.

「Hmm, I came to rape Kana-senpai」


I then pushed Kana-senpai down the bed.

「Hey, Nobu. My uniform’s getting wrinkled!」

「Then, let’s take it off」

I unbuttoned Kana-senpai’s skirt and lowered the zipper.

Yukino, Megu, Nei, Edie, Ai, and Kana-senpai.

I know how to take off the uniforms of the girls in our high school from experience.


Kana-senpai screams as I smoothly pull out her skirt.

「We have a lot of spare blouse in here」

We have a stock since I raped Yukino last May.

「So, I’m tearing this」

I grabbed Kana-senpai’s blouse, and pull it with all my strength.

Puchi. Puchi, Puchiii.

The remaining buttons on her blouse pop off.

「G-Geez! Nobu, you’re violent」

Kana-senpai said, but…

「But, you love this don’t you, Kana-senpai?」

Her eyes are burning in excitement.

「Y-Yes, I… I like this」

Kana-senpai, who I pushed down the bed, looked up at me and replied.

「Why aren’t you doing this all the time? You should come and assault me more!」

I knew it.

「I…My first time with Nobu was rape…No, my first time was Nobu raping me, and so, I always delude myself where Nobu forces himself onto me」

That said, there are always people watching us in the school.

It just happened that Edie and Megu aren’t here today.

「Aahn~ Nobu’s finally forcing his way again on me」

Kana-senpai hugs me from below.

「Hey, wait a second!」

Mariko speaks from the side.

「K-Kou, I-I should be first, right?! Look, I’m waiting while looking like this!」

Mariko’s hands are tied behind her back…

A big collar is on her neck, and Haiji’s holding the cord tied to it.

Furthermore, her breasts are exposed and tied up with a rope.

Her skirt’s flipped up, legs opened wide, and her panty stained with her love nectar is fully exposed.

「Maarikoo~ Nobu’s in the mood right now, don’t get in his way!」

Kana-senpai said.

「Besides, you’re not aware that since you’re tied up like that, you’ll be the last one in the order」

「Last? Me?」

Mariko’s surprised.

「Yes. The tied up girl goes last because of neglect play. That’s just obvious!」

Kana-senpai smiled.

「I-I…t-that wasn’t my intention…」

Mariko says in confusion but it’s too late.

「You’re not just put off..」

Yomi touches Mariko’s nape.

「Sensei’s going to do it with you after you had all the second-hand experience with everyone else」

Yeah, she already shared the pleasure from when Agnes and I had sex…

Yomi’s going to use her Miko power to pour it on Mariko again this time.

「Feel it…feel as Nobu rapes me」

Kana-senpai told Mariko.

「Come, Nobu」


I grope Kana-senpai’s body, who’s wearing only a blouse with buttons removed and in her underwear!


I take off her bra and massaged her breasts.

I sucked on her nipples.

「Haiji-chan, let’s watch together」

Agnes told Haiji.

It would be hard to keep the small girls experience sexual pleasure from others continuously.

Therefore, Agnes and Haiji withdrew and went away from Yomi.

With all the sex our family had so far, making adjustments like this is natural.

Yomi continues to stick to Mariko.

The sexual pleasure Kana-senpai’s feeling is conveyed to Mariko’s body.

「Noooo! That’s unfair! I don’t want this! I want it directly inside me!」

Mariko blames Kana-senpai while still tied up and spreading her legs and looking at me.

「Kana-chan’s breasts have a beautiful shape」

Agnes tells Haiji as I caress Kana-senpai’s chest.

「Agnes wants to have breasts like that too」

Seeing that Agnes touches her chest with both hands, she does the same

「Ahn! If you compare mine to Nei-san…」

Kana-senpai says while moaning, but…

「Nei-chan’s breasts are too big and beautiful that Papa’s touching it cautiously」

Agnes testifies.

「That’s true. Sensei’s less nervous touching Kana-senpai’s breasts and he does it naturally」

Yomi read my thoughts and reported it to Kana-senpai.

「Ahn~ Geez! Aren’t you just saying that you feel more carefree with my breasts, right?」

Kana-senpai said.

「If that’s the case, get more carefree and come at me」


「Ah! I’ve decided! I’m going to succeed Iwakura-senpai and become the next student council president! And then I can have Nobu attack me in the student council room!」


「Besides! You always have sex with Ai in the bakery in secret! I want to change that status!」

Then, Kana-senpai.

「Nobu, take off my panties」

She looks up at me with moist eyes.


I pull down Kana-senpai’s panties.

Her pussy’s already soaking wet.

「Just shove it in! I’m too wet already! Just do it!」

I push my erect penis on Kana-senpai’s slit in a missionary position.

「I don’t mind if we make a child, just mess me up!!」

I push in my hips.

My erect penis slips inside her vagina.


「Kana-chan’s like a Kaijuu」

「I mean, it feels so good! Aaaaah!」

Zubububububu…my penis invades her warm meat hole.

Kana-senpai’s not too active in the tennis club, but…

But, that’s why…

Her body isn’t too trained, too tight, but not too loose either.

It’s a body of an ordinary second-year high school girl.

Ooh, I’m buried inside Kana-senpai.

「Aaaaah, come! Deeper! Deeper! Nobu!!!!」


As I push to the root, the gap between Kana-senpai and my penis overflows with love nectar.


I start moving my hips intensely.

「Ahn!~ Ahn!~ Ahn! Ahn! It feels good!」

Since she shared Agnes’ climax, Kana-senpai’s insides are completely ready.

Even though I just shoved it in so suddenly, it accepts it tightly and gently wraps it.

「Aaah, Aaah, Nobu! Nobu! Kiss me!」

I cover Kana-senpai and kiss her while shaking my hips.

Our tongues entwine.

Kana-senpai slurps my tongue intensely.

「Ahn~ You make it look like you’re raping me! I love this! Nobu!!」

Wearing nothing but socks below.

Her upper half has her ton blouse and a blouse forcibly moved up.

She looks like she’s getting raped.

「Hey, Nobu, let’s hold hands! Nobu!」


I gave her my hand and she gripped it tightly.

「I love how you look at me like that. I love Nobu’s eyes whenever we have sex」

Kana-senpai’s also staring at me who’s pushing her down, violating her.

「Aaaah! This is unfair! Me too! Look at me too! Kou!」

Mariko wants it too as the pleasure Kana-senpai’s pleasure is conveyed to her, but…

「Papa puts the girl he’s having sex with as his priority」

Agnes said.

「But! But! Aaah! Kou!」

「It’s okay. Mariko-oneesama. Sensei can feel Mariko-oneesama too. He hasn’t forgotten about you」

Yomi whispered to Mariko’s ears.

「But, Mariko’s last! Okay?! Hmm~ Hmm!」

Kana-senpai says while enjoying our sex.

「Err, after Kana-chan, it’s Yomi-chan and Haiji-chan, and Mariko-chan’s last」


Haiji’s perplexed.

「Uhm, that…I don’t mind if I’m next to Mariko-oneesama..no, I mean, maybe not today」

Oh, she’s being considerate of her former master.

「No, Haiji. I’m going to fuck you right in front of Mariko.」

I shouted at Haiji while staring at Kana-senpai.

「That’s right! The real thrill of neglect play is when you’re completely frustrated! Aaahn~」

Kana-senpai says while looking at me.

「Aaahn! Nobu…You know, sex is…」


「You know, the thing in the shojo manga where your head becomes white while having sex and that you can’t feel anything but sex isn’t true at all」

Kana-senpai’s breasts bounce as I thrust inside her.

The smell of her sweat from her flushed skin and the smell of her love nectar envelops us.

「You can see a lot of things while having sex. Think a lot. And that’s what’s great about it」

She smiles at me while her face melts in pleasure.

「Kana-senpai’s beautiful」

「Aaahn~ You mean, among the second-year girls in our school, right?」

Kana-senpai said.

「I’m no match against Nei-san, you know. Besides, Ai’s also beautiful, I mean, don’t you have girls that are much more beautiful than me? Aaahn!」

「Even so, I think that Kana-senpai’s beautiful」

This girl connected to me right now exchanging intense movements in our lower bodies is beautiful.

「That’s right, Kana is beautiful right now」

Mariko said.

「And you become more beautiful when Papa’s pouring semen inside your stomach. It’s true to Agnes and everyone」

Agnes said.

「Yes, Nobu! Pour it! Pour it inside me! I don’t really mind if we make one」

Kana-senpai’s hand holds my hand tightly.

「I want to get pregnant! I want to become the student council president while having Nobu’s child in my stomach! Like, I’m the student council president and yet I’m also carrying a child!!!」

Kana-senpai’s delusions are pouring oil into the flames of her arousal.

「N-Nobu! Ah! I…I…Aaah!」

「Yeah, I know. I know it」

Kana-senpai’s slowly rising up.

「I…Kana…Is Nobu violating me right now?」

「Yes, I’m raping you right now」

We’re close to the climax of the rape play.

「Aaah, more! Violate me! Mess me up! Don’t think of anything else and pour it all inside! Ejaculate so much that you’ll get me pregnant!!!」

「Yeah! I’m cumming! Cumming! Kana-senpai!」

I prepare for the last spurt.

「Kana-senpai, you’re moving your hips」

「Huh?! But I’m being violated!? Aaah!!」

「That’s right. You’re being violated and yet you’re moving your hips, what a lewd girl you are, Kana-senpai!!」

「Iyaaaaaa! aaaah! Aaaah! I…」

Kana-senpai bends her spine and pushes her hips, piercing herself more.

「Tighten up your ass, do it like this! Kana!」


Each time Kana-senpai tightens up her ass, her vagina clamps hard.

「Aaaah! It feels good! Nobu! It feels good!」

「Kana-senpai, you’re a pervert for getting pleasure while being raped!」

「That’s right! Kana’s a pervert! I love you!! Kana loves it when Nobu’s breaking me!!! Do it forcefully! Plant your seed inside Kana! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」

I’m nearing my limit.

「Kana’s being violated!!! Nobu’s raping me! I’m cumming from being violated! Aaaaaah! Nobu! Nobu! Nobu! I love you! I love you!!」

Kana-senpai’s body is leaking out a lewd sweet smell.

She’s about to cum.

「Iyaaaaaaa!! Nobu! Nobu!! Aaaaaah! Cumming! Cummig! Cumming! Cummiiiiiiinnnnggggg!!!」

Kana-senpai jumps to climax, her whole body twitches.

「A bigger wave is coming in!!!」

The jet of pleasure violates Mariko through Yomi

Me too!




「It’s hot!!! I’m making a child!!!」

Her body bends and she keeps on pushing in her hips.

Kana-senpai’s womb drinks my semen.

「Aaaaaah! It’s coming in deep!!!」

She can feel the white liquid spreading out.


Mariko’s also moving her hips.

Earlier, when I was having sex with Agnes, we were a bit apart, but…

This time, we’re in the same bed as Mariko

The sensitivity and pleasure are all multiplied.


Yomi’s also holding down her crotch with her left as her right hand is holding Mariko’s nape, she’s enduring the wave of pleasure.

「Aaaaahn!!! There’s still more」

I continue to ejaculate inside Kana-senpai.

「Iyaaaaa! I love you! I love you! I love you!!」

Kana-senpai’s long and thin legs embraced my hips.

「Kiss me! Kiss me! Nobu!!!」

I kissed Kana-senpai until I finished pouring until the last drop.