Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1068. Pastry Filled Adventure / Haiji’s sitting position sex exhibit 


「 Ufufu, Nobu 」
Kana-senpai shows me a beautiful smile…
My penis is still inside her.
「 I like you. I love you 」
She embraces me tightly from below.
She rubs her cheeks on my face.
「 Nobu’s face when pouring it inside me is so cute 」
「 Kana-senpai, your face, while I pour it inside you, is also cute 」
That earnest look on her face while accepting the semen in her womb during her climax.
「 Do you love me? 」
「 Obviously 」
I replied.
「 Say it properly 」
「 I love you, Kana-senpai 」
Kana-senpai smiled.
「 Yes, yes, that’s cute. Nobu! 」
She pats my face with both her hands.
「 Hey, my breasts 」
「 Huh? 」
「 Lick it. Nobu loves breasts, right? 」
「 Yeah 」
I lick Kana-senpai’s nipples, her skin remains hot.
「 It feels good 」
Kana-senpai replies.
「 There’s still fire inside my body. That’s why it feels good 」
We’re doing pillow talk, I guess.
You should give your partner some caress even after sexual climax.
I grope Kana-senpai’s soft breasts.
「 Thanks, that’s good enough 」
Kana-senpai, whose hair is wet from her sweat, tells me.
Each time we have sex, I feel like Kana-senpai’s becoming even more gentle.
Becoming more soft, calm, and mature.
「 Hey, the next girl’s waiting for you, see? 」
She smiles like a big sister to me.
「 Yeah, you’re right 」
I get up and pull out my penis from Kana-senpai’s insides.
Kana-senpai spreads her legs and stares at me while exhausted.
Her flushed red skin and stiff nipples.
My white liquid spills out from her slit.
She doesn’t hide them at all, she displays it.
「 Kana-senpai, you’re beautiful 」
This gorgeous body of hers…
The top three beauty in our school.
Fair skin, long legs, thin hips, and a beautiful breast.
It’s all beautiful.
「 Obviously. I’m one of Nobu’s women after all 」
Kana-senpai replies.
「 I’m doing my best to get beautiful you know. I won’t lose to the other girls 」
Yes, Kana-senpai’s competitive.
「 It felt amazing. Thanks, Kana-senpai 」
I thanked her for satisfying me in sex.
「 Me too, thank you. It’s also amazing today 」
Kana-senpai thanked me.
「 Yeah, let’s do it again. Kana-senpai 」
「 Of course. Tomorrow, the next day, come to me anytime. Violate me, 30 minutes will do 」
「 Yeah, I’ll come and attack you again next time 」
Kana-senpai knows the value of her beauty and body.
That’s why she wants me to take it.
She’s happy that I crave her charming body.
Therefore, I…
I have to come after Kana-senpai by sensing her lust.
That’s what she wants.
「 Hey, how long are you going to do that?! 」
Mariko shouts next to us.
Her hands are still tied behind her back, her breasts exposed and tied, and her legs spread wide.
「 I can’t hold it anymore! Do it with me next! Right, Kou? 」
After being forced to share the experience with Agnes and Kana-senpai’s sex…
Mariko’s lust is on the roof.
「 No, Haiji’s next. 」
I call Haiji.
「 Y-Yes 」
Haiji, who’s next to Agnes, twitched.
I get off the bed…Oh, I feel a bit dizzy.
I’ve been ejaculating continuously.
「 Agnes, bring a chair to me 」
「 Okay, desuno 」
Agnes brings over a wooden chair from the wall of the room.
「 Thanks 」
I put down the chair directly in front of Mariko who’s sitting on the bed.
Then, I sit down.
I need some time to calm down my sweating body and pounding heartbeat.
「 Haiji, strip 」
「 W-What? 」
「 Get naked. Show me your body 」
I ordered.
「 Haiji-chan, good luck! 」
Agnes cheers her up.
「 E-Excuse me 」
Haiji takes off her black apron dress.
Dropping the dress.
She’s now in her underwear.
Oh, Haiji’s already sweating all over.
「 Uhm…I’m wet… 」
She reports.
「 Oh, you’re right 」
Haiji’s underwear today is a white and blue stripe.
There’s a lot of love nectar on the crotch part of her striped panties.
「 I-I’m embarrassed 」
The black-haired half-race girl blushed.
「 Haiji, we’re going to do something even more embarrassing 」
I said.
「 Come here, we’re going to show it to Mariko and the girls 」
「 Haiji-chan, do your best! 」
「 Yes, I’ve shown my embarrassing parts already, so it’s your turn 」
Agnes and Kana-senpai who already had sex cheer her on.
「 Yes, I’ll serve with all my best 」
Haiji said.
「 What are you serving? 」
I asked meanly…
「 Uhm, I-It’s attending through the night 」
Oh, that’s something quite antique.
「 That’s just wrong. Haiji’s not serving me. We’re doing it together 」
I said.
「 That’s right. Err, how do you say it again? If I recall, it’s called making love 」
Kana-senpai says while sprawling on the bed.
「 Make love 」
「 Yes, Haiji, you’re going to make love 」
「 You don’t have to worry about making a child like that 」
Yomi who’s behind Mariko said.
「 Y-Yes, I will. M-Make love 」
Haiji tells me while trembling.
「 Haiji, you’re still wearing too much to make love 」
I smiled and replied.
「 Ah, yes 」
Haiji unhooks her bra with her trembling fingers.
Her cute breasts spill out.
Then, she pulls down her panty.
Love nectar drips down Haiji’s thighs.
「 I-Is this good enough? 」
Her face is blushing, but, Haiji asks me without hiding her body.
「 Yes, come here 」
「 Certainly 」
Haiji comes to me who’s sitting down on a chair.
「 T-That’s unfair! I wanted it so much you know! 」
Mariko shouts at Haiji’s back with a face of pain.
「 Shut up, Mariko 」
I glared at Mariko.
「 Uuuugh, o-okay. Kou 」
Mariko surprisingly followed my orders obediently.
Haiji turned her face to Mariko, then…
「 Mariko-oneesama, I’ll be going first 」
She bowed her head to Mariko.
She bows too low that…
I can see Haiji’s anus…
「 Haiji 」
Mariko mutters.
「 The younger has the priority. So, be her big sister, Mariko 」
I said.
「 You were master and servant before but now you two are are my women」
「 We’re no equal 」
Haiji said.
「 I’m younger and so I’m the little sister 」
She looked straight at Mariko.
「 D-Don’t you hate to have a selfish big sister like me? 」
Mariko looked at Haiji.
「 I should ask the same thing, Mariko-sama may not want a little sister like me, but… 」
Mariko’s daughter of a large company president.
Haiji’s an orphan born from the red-light district in Europe.
「 That’s not true, I wanted a cute little sister just like Haiji 」
「 Me too, I wanted a big sister like Mariko-oneesama 」
Haiji replied.
「 Thank you, show it to me. I want to see Haiji and Kou have sex 」
「 Mariko-oneesama’s turn comes after me 」
The two smiled at each other
「 Yomi, don’t send Haiji’s pleasure to Mariko 」
I said.
「 That’s good enough, let her watch instead 」
「 Yes, Sensei 」
Yomi lets go of the hand holding Mariko’s nape.
「 Haiji, face this way 」
「 Okay 」
The half-foreign girl faces me.
Then, I put my hand on her hips.
「 What do you want to do first? 」
「 I would like to kiss 」
Haiji bends forward and kisses me.
「 I love how gentle you are 」
She says with moist eyes.
Then, she sticks out her chest to me.
「 I’m sorry for being small 」
「 That’s not true. It will grow big soon 」
I sucked on Haiji’s nipples.
This is enough volume for her age.
Furthermore, it’s shaped nicely.
「 Ahn, I feel my spine shivering. It feels good 」
Haiji looked at me and said.
「 Can we do it now? 」
「 I’m already prepared 」
Haiji’s pussy is quite aroused as Agnes and Kana-senpai just had sex before her eyes.
「 Good, come here 」
「 Excuse me 」
Haiji straddles me who’s sitting on a chair.
Sitting position.
「 Mariko-oneesama, can you see it? 」
Mariko looks at Haiji’s back, but…
Below her small butt…
Is my erect penis pointing at the sky, about to enter Haiji’s vagina?
「 I can see it, Haiji 」
「 Me too, I can see it 」
Mariko and Kana-senpai say from the bed.
Yomi and Agnes are staring at our union from the side.
「 Haiji, lower your hips 」
「 By your orders… 」
Haiji fixes the angle…
She presses my hot glans on her opening.
「 Hmmmm 」
Haiji lowers her hips.
The swell of my glans pushes through the entrance, spreading her.
「 It’s coming inside Haiji 」
Mariko’s gaze focuses on the combining part.
「 Aaaaaaah, guuuu 」
Pushing in through the narrowest part of her.
Haiji’s vagina swallows my penis in.
「 Kuaaaaaa!! 」
Sweat starts to flow from Haiji’s skin. She’s in pain.
「 Are you okay, Haiji? Does it hurt? 」
It hasn’t been a week since Haiji lost her virginity.
And this is just our third time.
「 I’m okay 」
Haiji stares at me with her moist eyes.
Large drops of sweat flow from Haiji’s forehead.
「 Hmmmmm! 」
Haiji drops her hips and accepted it all.
「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」
She’s leaning her weight to me and is breathing heavily.
「 There, there, you did well 」
I embraced Haiji’s body.
「 Aaaaah! 」
Haiji seeks my tongue.
Our tongues entwine.
「 We’ll do it slowly 」
It’s going to be harsh if I make Haiji move her hips so I slowly move mine.
「 Ah, aaaaaah! 」
Haiji moans.
I grab Haiji’s ass and thighs behind and then move my hips even more.
「 Wow, I can see Kou coming in and out 」
「 It goes inside such a small girl after all 」
Mariko and Kana-senpai stare at my penis shoving in and out of Haiji’s entrance.
「 To think that Haiji’s doing something this vulgar 」
「 What? Mariko’s going to do the same…and I already did…don’t you want that? 」
Kana-senpai said with a smile.
「 Yes. I do. I want Kou and me to do a lot of vulgar things 」
Mariko mutters.
「 Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Kyauuu!! 」
My penis rubs her insides and I lick her nipples.
「 Haiji, move your arms up 」
「 W-What? 」
「 Just do it 」
Haiji raised her hands…
Then, I licked the smooth armpits of this young girl.
「 Hiiiii!! T-That place is!!! 」
Haiji’s vagina clamped harder.
「 It feels good, right? 」
「 Y-Yes, it feels good! 」
Haiji gives me a melting stare and replies.
「 D-Don’t let go, please love me, love Haiji forever 」
Haiji who had no place to go as an orphan is afraid of people leaving her.
That’s the insecurity in Haiji’s subconscious.
「 I won’t. As if I would let go of Haiji who’s this cute 」
I said with a smile and looked at Haiji’s face.
「 Y-Yes, Mein Schatz 」
Haiji replies happily that there are tears in her eyes.
「 What did she say? 」
「 Mein Schatz, it’s German, it means “My beloved person” 」
Kana-senpai asks. Mariko replies.
「 Besides, it’s not just me 」
「 ?! 」
Haiji looked at me curiously.
「 Here, face the other way, I’ll carry you from behind 」
「 Ah, okay 」
Haiji pulls out my penis for a moment.
Then, she stands with her back facing me.
「 Now, slowly lower your hips like you’re going to sit on me. I’ll deal with the angle 」
「 O-Okay 」
Haiji slowly sits down.
The tip of my penis slides inside Haiji’s opening.
「 Just like that 」
「 Guuu 」
We’ve connected in a sitting position again.
「 Uuuuu, aaaaaah! 」
My penis is already stirring up Haiji’s insides.
My erect penis slips inside.
「 Aaaaaah 」
Haiji’s leaning her weight on my lap.
We’re connected.
Looking at it in hindsight, she may look like she’s just sitting on my lap, but…
We’re having sex right now.
I’m embracing Haiji’s body from behind.
「 How does it feel, this is good too, right? 」
I whispered to Haiji’s ears.
「 But, I can’t see your face, it makes me feel a bit sad 」
Haiji replies.
「 You may not see me but you can see everyone else, right? 」
I said.
「 Look, everyone’s watching Haiji as I embrace you 」
Haiji looked up.
Mariko and Kana-senpai from the bed…
Agnes and Yomi from the sides.
They’re all looking at us connecting with passionate eyes.
「 Here, let’s make it easy to see 」
I lifted Haiji’s thighs and spread it over my legs.
It’s to show everyone the part where we’re connected.
「 Haiji’s amazing 」
Mariko smiled.
「 T-This is embarrassing!!! 」
I’m the only one who can see Haiji’s face earlier, but now…
This time, she’s facing everyone and exposing her slit swallowing my penis.
「 You don’t have to be embarrassed, aren’t we sisters? 」
Mariko told Haiji.
「 I’m also your big sister so I’m going to spoil you a bunch 」
Kana-senpai said.
「 Agnes too! 」
Agnes said, but…
「 Agnes-chan is a little sister 」
Yomi told her.
But, Haiji…
「 Thank you…thank you very much 」
She said happily.
「 Agnes, lick Haiji’s clitoris 」
I ordered.
「 Okay desuno! 」
Agnes comes over.
「 Clito-what? 」
Mariko makes a curious face.
「 You don’t know? It’s this part here, it’s sensitive! 」
Kana-senpai exposes her clitoris and tells her.
「 Haiji-chan, I’m licking this place 」
Agnes inserts her face between the connecting part.
Then, she stretched out her red tongue.
「 Hyaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」
Haiji’s body twitched intensely as her clitoris is licked.
She clamps my penis tightly.
「 See, it feels good, right? 」
Agnes smiled and moves her tongue again.
「 Kyauuuuuuuuu, hauuuwawauuuuuu 」
I grab Haiji’s cute breasts from behind as she moans.
I rub her nipples with my fingers.
I licked her nape.
「 Iyaaaaaaaaa!!! This is really embarrassing!!! 」
Haiji’s body trembles as everyone can see her.
「 Let it be. You’ve seen the embarrassing places of other girls too, right? So this is okay. This is how you get along 」
I whispered to Haiji’s ears.
「 B-But…haaaaaa!!! Aaaaaah! 」
「 It’s okay! We’re family. Sisters!!! 」
Agnes uses her tongue skillfully and licks Haiji’s clitoris.
She’s using the techniques she learned in fellatio on Haiji.
「 Aaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaa, hyaaaaaaaaaa!! 」
「 I’m watching, Haiji 」
Mariko said with a smile.
「 That girl’s good! I should have her do it with me next time 」
Kana-senpai said after seeing Agnes’ cunnilingus, but..
「 You have to do it only when Sensei’s watching or when he gives permission 」
Yomi said.
「 We entrust all of our sexual welfare to Sensei 」
「 You’re right. I’m only asking when Nobu’s present and when he said that it’s okay
Kana-senpai smiled at Yomi.
「 I won’t do anything on my own. I’m also Nobu’s lewd slave 」
Before long…
「 Hiiiiiiiii!!!! Aaaaaaaahn! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Kuuuuuuuuu!!!! 」
Haiji who accepts my penis deep inside and have Agnes licking her clitoris;
「 I’m cumming already! I-I’m cumming! I’m cumming!! 」
「 Go on, cum! Haiji 」
Embracing Haiji from behind, groping her small breasts intensely.
I whispered to her ears.
「 Haaaaa, aaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaah!!! 」
Agnes knows what’s going on so she sped up her tongue.
「 Show me how you cum Haiji 」
「 Me too, I’m watching 」
「 Yomi’s watching too 」
The girls focus their gaze on Haiji.
「 Iyaaaaaaa!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Aaaaaaaaaaah !!! Cumiinggg!!!!!!!! 」
Haiji’s body moves violently on my lap.
I embrace Haiji tightly to fix her in place.
Haiji grabs Agnes’ head on her crotch and pressed it tightly.
Her vagina clamps tightly.
「 Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」
The young beauty showed an image of herself drowning in ecstasy to her sisters.