Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1078. Pastry Filled Adventure / Nei and the Twins Came Along! 


「 Hauuu, Danna-sama 」
「 Onii-sama 」
「 Master… 」
After I’m done spanking Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi…
The three of them seem to be in a trance…
「 It’s been a week 」
「 Ufufu, I’m happy that Onii-sama spanked us 」
「 Master, more 」
Oh, right.
These three are masochists.
Even punishments make them happy.
So, what do I do?
「 I want it 」
「 Ruriko too 」
「 Master, I want to smell your scent 」
The three of them flips their skirt, showing their wet panties to me.
This is definitely bad.
「 Dendenden! Dedededen den den! 」
「 Excuse us 」
「 We’re barging in 」
The door slammed open.
Nei and the twins come in.
「 Okay, that’s enough for you girls! 」
「 That’s enough! 」
「 Break time! 」
The three of them barged in the room, then…
「 Yo-chan secured! Guard the bed! 」
「 Gotcha! 」
「 Onii-san! This way! 」
The twins pull me to the bed.
On the other hand, Nei stands in front of Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi.
「 Nei-oneesama…why are you here? 」
Ruriko asks.
「 Isn’t that obvious? You girls don’t know how to deal with me 」
Nei smiled.
「 And the twins also follow a different set of rules compared to Mii-chan, Ruri-chan, Mitchan, or me 」
Separate rules.
「 You see, I’m not the type who thinks about the Kouzuki house, the nobility, how to get along with them, or how to gain value from them. After all, I don’t need anything as long as Yo-chan’s with me. When push comes to shove, I’ll just steal the march from the other family members, take Yo-chan, and escape, and force a double suicide with Yo-chan. After all, I’m mad. Yo-chan’s my only purpose on living 」
Nei speaks so suddenly.
「 T-That’s…I also… 」
Misuzu tries to reply, but…
「 Hmm, really? I don’t think so. I know that Mii-chan loves Yo-chan, but I’m the only one here who loves him so much that my head turned crazy I believe 」
Nei’s not budging an inch.
「 And so, you fear my potential, don’t you? You can imagine how the others would act, but you don’t know what I could do because I’m beyond crazy 」
「 That’s… 」
Ruriko hesitates to speak.
「 The three of you are quite smart. That’s why you can guess what Katsuko-oneechan, Megumi-chan, or Mana-chan would do next, right? But you can’t understand mine 」
Nei’s true nature is…
Najima Yasuko, a weak and kind girl…however, Natou Nei, is a borrowed personality from Kyouko-san’s who’s strong and always joking, and it coats her.
However, Nei doesn’t turn back to Yasuko except for me and the early members of the Kuromori.
Therefore, for Misuzu and Ruriko, she’s an incomprehensible being.
「 You don’t know anything about us either, don’t you, Onee-san? 」
「 You weren’t here for a week so we hardly talked 」
The twins holding my arms from both sides speak.
「 You girls are weak when it comes to people you can’t predict. That’s why it’s our turn now 」
Nei said and smiled.
「 Maybe it would’ve been better if Tsukiko-san and the girls, who can read minds, have come here, but they’re gentle. They can’t crack you down 」
「 And we’re ill-bred in that regard 」
「 We can do whatever harsh actions we need 」
Saying that the twins cling to me on the bed.
「 U-Uhm, why did you take Onii-sama to bed? 」
Right, this is the room Ruriko uses.
This is Ruriko’s bed.
「 What you ask? Onii-san’s been tired because of the events this day 」
「 We’re giving Onii-san a shoulder rub 」
「 Me too, I’m massaging him 」
Then, the twins started massaging my shoulders.
「 Yep, it’s stiff 」
「 I’m sure it’s because of the people who give you unnecessary worries 」
「 Right, Rie-chan…some people think that when you take someone to bed, it’s sex 」
「 Eri-chan, don’t you think so? If you can’t imagine anything other than lewd things, then your head is filled with nothing but perversion, right? 」
The twins nag Ruriko with their criticisms as they massage me.
「 Onii-san, lie down, I’ll massage your back 」
「 I’ll do the legs 」
「 We are Onii-san’s slaves after all 」
「 We’re useful in things other than sex too 」
「 Yo-chan, let them. You’re tired, aren’t you? 」
Nei said.
「 Just relax with the twins and leave these three salves who forces their Master to have sex despite being slaves 」
「 If you feel sleepy, then you can sleep 」
「 I’ll let you lay on my lap 」
「 Then, I’ll be your body pillow 」
The twins smiled.
「 Yeah. Then I’ll take the massage 」
I lied down on the bed.
Nei knows, and so she came to help me out.
That’s why I’ll let her take care of this.
「 Well then, why don’t we begin our conversation? Although, I don’t know if it’s going to be a conversation or not. I now get that you girls have a much lower comprehension compared to what you think you have 」
Nei said while pulling a nearby chair and sitting down.
「 Uhm, what do you mean? 」
Misuzu replies offended.
「 Oh, I guess you won’t even understand if I don’t explain. It’s about Mizushima Karen-san and Yoshiko-san 」
Nei replies.
Karen-san, and Yoshiko-san too?
「 Oh right, Yo-chan, everyone’s helping out Karen-san so you don’t have to worry about her. She’s a little too nervous, unstable, so Luna-chan used her power to calm her down. That girl’s great at using her power to heal the heart but never leave any after-effects. Then, there’s Nagisa-san in her “Mommy mode,” and Arisu-san, a face that she knows. They’re doing their best to build relationships with her 」
They’re already moving.
「 Yo-chan gave the green light so they’re all doing what they can. So far, Karen-san has been Mii-chan’s pet, and she hasn’t been Yo-chan’s woman, so they’re holding back, but it seems that Yo-chan’s instructions had them going now 」
It’s because I pulled her.
They see Karen-san’s relationship with Misuzu, and so they took distance.
That’s why the other girls also approached Karen-san one step away from being family.
That was my fault.
「 Also, as for Yoshiko-san, I believe that Kouzuki Ojii-chan and Shou-oneesan’s taking care of her in the Kouzuki mansion. Well, we can’t do anything with Yoshiko-san so we have to let them take care of her 」
「 Nei-oneesama, what do you mean by that? 」
Since Yoshiko-san’s the topic, Ruriko asked.
「 Oh man, to think that I have to explain it to girls like you who lacks understanding 」
Nei said.
「 You left this mansion, and lived in the Kouzuki mansion for a week, and Yoshiko-san fell hopeless because she couldn’t reach an understanding with you girls 」
「 I mean, you only think of yourselves, and so it’s useless no matter how much she talks to you. You don’t even want to reach understanding with Yoshiko-san 」
「 That’s not true! 」
Ruriko’s angry.
「 Misuzu-oneesama and I have been treating her with great sincerity for the past week and we’d never do anything to make light of Yoshiko-oneesama 」
「 Indeed. We had earnest conversations. Nei-oneesama, you weren’t there, and so I can’t agree with your criticisms! 」
Misuzu’s also offended.
「 Mitchan, what about you? 」
Nei asks for Michi’s opinion, but…
「 I was in the conversation for the past week however, I believe that Misuzu-oneesama and Ruriruri do have sincerity in what they say 」
「 Okay, get it, then that’s the limit of your understanding 」
Nei said.
「 People are selfish creatures, and so they think of themselves as the basis. Their way of life, their value judgment, their rules 」
「 The problem with you three is that you girls aren’t aware that you put the standard of this world on a special base 」
Nei’s words echoes inside Misuzu and the girls.
「 Mii-chan, Ruri-chan, you two can’t actually come to a mutual understanding with us. After all, the two of you are essentially Queens. You were raised from childhood as someone who stands above others, someone who rules people 」
Misuzu and Rurikoa re Jii-chan’s granddaughters.
They were trained to become a suitable successor of the Kouzuki house.
In fact, the cousins weren’t on good terms until last May.
Each of them has their place, and hate making contact with each other.
「 So, do you know why you two get along now? 」
Nei asks. Misuzu;
「 That’s because Ruriko and I both received Danna-sama’s love 」
「 Yes, our meeting with Onii-sama changed our lives greatly 」
「 Is that all? 」
Nei speaks with a fed-up tone.
「 See? You don’t even get anything about yourselves 」
Then, Nei looked at me.
「 Yo-chan knows, right? 」
「 You girls didn’t become like that just because of your relationship with me 」
I reply while letting the twins massage my back.
「 Jii-chan’s the biggest person when it comes to Misuzu and Ruriko 」
The head of the Kouzuki house. Jii-chan has weight in his influence and presence.
「 Misuzu and Ruriko born daughters of the Kouzuki head house, and you two received an education that you stand above others. But Jii-chan’s always standing above absolute control over you two. Jii-chan’s overwhelming power dominates Misuzu and Ruriko, but his love is also overflowing 」
No, Jii-chan’s love sure is plenty, but…
His love was quite distorted.
That’s why Misuzu and Ruriko also have some fetishes that are out of the ordinary.
「 That’s why, above Misuzu and Ruriko’s nature of giving orders to plenty of people, the education received to succeed the nobility, there’s also a conflicting desire, of having someone control them with an overwhelming power 」
Jii-chan’s distorted education made that happen.
Jii-chan wanted Misuzu and Ruriko to become girls who only love him.
Especially Ruriko.
If Jii-chan was a little younger, he would’ve trained Ruriko to become his sex slave.
「 The princess of the Kouzuki house, someone who is about to become the Queen, and yet, they’re also masochists who want someone to take control of them, that’s Mii-chan and Ruri-chan’s true nature 」
Nei said.
「 That’s why it has to be Yo-chan. Yo-chan has no interest in taking control of the Kouzuki house at all. To the public, the Kouzuki house, the nobility, the world, you can stay as the princesses, but during private times, you can have Yo-chan control you as his sex slaves. And that’s why Mii-chan and Ruri-chan are happy. Yo-chan accepts that contradiction without complaints 」
「 Really, Onii-san’s got no greed 」
「 What are you talking about Eri-chan? Onii-san has a lot of sexual greed. He’s always erect 」
「 Yeah. I love that perverted part of him 」
「 But it’s just lewdness, he never does anything selfish, and he always dotes on us 」
The twins converse on top of my back.
「 Meaning, Yo-chan can fill up that heavy presence of Kouzuki Ojii-chan that’s in your heart, and also, it’s convenient for you. And that’s why Yo-chan’s an essential person to you girls 」
I’m replacing Jii-chan as someone ruling Misuzu and Ruriko.
And yet, I’m not as heavy as Jii-chan.
My control is only in private, only during sex.
Most of the time, Misuzu and Ruriko remain as princesses.
「 Furthermore, you girls are quite perverted, aren’t you? You girls are deviants who can’t be satisfied with ordinary sex. Do you get it? 」
Nei told Misuzu and the girls.
「 Yo-chan’s okay with anything so he’s playing along. If this was an ordinary guy, he’ll find it troublesome, and they won’t even try to play along with every perverted act you want to do, right? 」
「 T-That’s… 」
Misuzu falters.
「 Also, you girls keep on forcing some perverted sex and yet, you feel dissatisfied that Yo-chan’s not asking for an equally perverted kind of sex 」
Nei speaks with a straight face.
「 Yo-chan’s an upright type of guy and so that’s why he doesn’t escalate to the perverted plays. If Yo-chan was just as perverted as you girls, people would’ve died already. It could reach the state of when Shirasaka Sousuke was on the loose. Using the powers of Kouzuki house from the front and back, following his desires, controlling people through sex 」
That’s right.
It can turn the Black Forest when Shirasaka Sousuke was in control into a small deal.
With the backing of the Kouzuki house, I can take the freedom of any woman, no matter how noble they are, rape them, and force them to have the kind of sex I want.
「 Mii-chan and Ruri-chan, you have to understand it…you girls are hopeless, beyond saving, perverted lewd women 」
Nei said. The two gasped.
「 While at it, Mitchan’s also one of them. You’re an actual masochist. Furthermore, you have the personality of a show-off like your father, and so you can’t show your masochistic side to anyone but Yo-chan, right? 」
「 I think so too 」
Michi accepts it obediently.
「 Now, do you understand that the three of you are the ultimate lewd girls in the history of Japan at an unprecedented level? 」
Nei smiled.
「 Am I that perverted? 」
Ruriko shows a frightened look.
「 You are. A pervert among perverts. Super pervert. A complete pervert of fighters, batroids, and gawks in tree transformations 」
Nei corners them.
「 Ordinary girls don’t share their lovers with their cousins, much less forcing their lover to have sex with them 」
Oh, Ruriko and the girls…
They kept on recommending Yoshiko-san to have sex with me for the past week.
「 You girls, Mii-chan, Ruri-chan, and Mitchan, you girls are perverts, and so you think that it’s okay for people to ask for such perverted sex like you 」
Nei said.
「 Yoshiko-san is very much an ordinary girl! She was a servant of the Kouzuki house until recently! She never received education to become the princess who stands above people, and Kouzuki Ojii-chan’s presence on her is different from his presence on you girls! 」
Yoshiko-san wasn’t aware that she’s Jii-chan’s granddaughter, and so…
She may feel Jii-chan’s heavy presence, but it’s only a relationship between the head and a servant.
She didn’t feel the distorted love that Misuzu and Ruriko had.
Jii-chan had no dark lust towards Yoshiko-san as he did with Ruriko.
「 Don’t you think it’s a bit too harsh to force an ordinary person to join your extremely perverted kind of sex? You girls are sexual deviants! 」
「 I may have been extremely impolite towards Yoshiko-oneesama 」
Ruriko speaks with a straight face.
「 Indeed. I think so too 」
Misuzu and Ruriko are perverts, but they have an honest personality.
「 Well, putting that aside. It seems that Yoshiko-san finally blew up after one week 」
「 That girl’s been thinking that she has to be a princess like Mii-chan and Ruri-chan ever since May, and so she’s been struggling. But, after one week, you finally convinced her. That she’s different from you girls. She finally understood that she can’t become like you girls, who are selfish, egoistic, and perverted women. That’s why she didn’t come with you girls to here 」
「 Do you know why? Of course, this week’s thorough conversation you had was a big factor, but still, Misuzu! You were just horrible to Mizushima Karen-san! 」
Nei called her Misuzu, not Mii-chan.
「 Mizushima Karen-san was still 12, but she’s also a young lady of nobility. She was raised a princess 」
Right. She’s also raised a princess.
「 Furthermore, there was no person that brings a heavy presence in the Mizushima house like Kouzuki Ojii-chan. That girl is raised purely as a princess 」
They’re not raised with distorted love like Misuzu and Ruriko.
「 In Yoshiko-san’s eyes, she’s the ideal young lady. She wanted to grow like Karen-san 」
Yoshiko-san carries the blood of the Kouzuki house yet it was hidden from everyone, and she was raised as a servant.
Karen-san, an ordinary young lady of the nobility, would be too dazzling to her.
「 This ordinary young lady isn’t like you, girls! She’s raised to be pure! Despite that, Misuzu, Ruriko, and even Michi, you think that your perverted knowledge is the right one, and so you were forcing all the perverted knowledge on Karen-san, haven’t you? 」
「 You even trained her on what to say after coming back here, begging Yo-chan to take her virginity in a vulgar tone, right? 」
Oh, they just did that.
Misuzu ordered Karen-san to beg me to have sex with her.
「 Seeing what you were doing from the sides, Yoshiko-san completely runs out of patience. She can’t stay with such perverts like you girls 」
「 T-That’s!!! 」
Ruriko, who has the closest relationship with Yoshiko-san, exclaimed.
「 I mean, it’s inevitable, right? You girls are perverts who don’t even know how abnormal you are. Yoshiko-san can’t imagine how much pain you induced on Karen-san, an ordinary girl, with a week of your sexual harassments! You pervert! Deviants! Lecher! Vulgar women! 」
Nei scolds Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi.
「 Oh my, they’re perverts 」
「 They’re too perverted that their perversion caused problems to the people around them 」
「 Onii-san’s generous, and so he’ll accept them without a problem, right? 」
「 But, people with ordinary sexual disposition, furthermore, virgins…it’s a sin to force virgins to such perversion 」
The twins said.
「 I’ll call Yoshiko-oneesama and apologize. If I don’t receive her forgiveness, I’ll return to the Kouzuki mansion 」
Ruriko said.
「 I’ll also apologize to Karen 」
Misuzu speaks with a gloomy face.
They’re earnest girls, and so they took it gravely.
「 I think you should stop before doing that 」
Eri said.
「 Right. I don’t think those girls would want to see your faces anytime soon 」
Rie said.
「 I mean, they would be putting themselves on guard, wondering what kind of perverted act you’ll force on them next 」
「 I think it’s too late for you girls to improve relations with them? 」
The twins are cold.
「 Then, what do we do? 」
Misuzu shouts.
「 What do you do? Is it wrong to first accept that you, Onee-san, are actually mad perverts? 」
「 Yeah. Eri-chan’s right. If you try to show off now and apologize while showing a condescending attitude, your apologies won’t reach them
「 I’m…trying to show off? Condescending attitude? 」
The twins.
「 See? What are you again to Onii-san? 」
「 That’s right. Onee-san, what are you again? 」
「 I-I’m Danna-sama’s pet 」
Misuzu replies.
「 And what about you, Onee-san 」
「 Ruriko is Onii-sama’s sex slave 」
「 I am also Master’s slave 」
Ruriko and Michi reply.
「 What a coincidence. I’m also Onii-san’s lewd slave. 」
「 Onii-san’s sex slave 」
The twins say while rubbing my back.
「 Meaning, we all have similar standings when in front of Onii-san, right? 」
「 Everyone belongs to Onii-san. That’s the relationship 」
「 But, Onee-san… 」
「 You girls…you think that you’re better than us, don’t you? 」
「 I mean, you’ve been looking down on us since earlier 」
「 Well sure, we’re just daughters of some dumb Yakuza, and we’re now orphans. We have no choice but to depend on Onii-san 」
「 Compared to your splendid family, we’ve got nothing 」
「 But, you can’t look down on us 」
「 We never considered being inferior to you 」
「 Don’t make fun of us!!! 」
The twins roared.
「 And sorry to tell you but I’m not Yo-chan’s slave. I’m his big sister. I’m just a crazy big sister who loves her brother. That’s why I’m poor at dealing with pets and slaves like you girls 」
Nei said.
「 I don’t want Yo-chan to dominate me. Even without it, we love each other, and so I live to snuggle with the lonely Yo-chan 」
「 Also, Yo-chan also snuggles with my loneliness. We cuddle together, but that doesn’t mean that being together makes us less lonely. Human loneliness only belongs to them 」
「 Just like how I cannot meddle with Yo-chan’s loneliness from his parents abandoning him, Yo-chan can’t meddle with my loneliness from having my brother killed. After all, it’s a lovely memory from our experience, and we can’t do anything with that sense of loss anymore. But, we can cuddle our lonely hearts together. Even without entering the deepest part of our heart, our past, we can feel each other’s warmth now. Therefore, we’re family, siblings who love each other 」
Nei speaks with a clear mind.
「 But, you girls always have someone nearby. Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, you never knew true solitude. That’s why you take away Yo-chan’s warmth, seek it, and you never offer yours 」
Misuzu and the girls listen to Nei dumbfoundedly.