Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1080. Pastry Filled Adventure / QED



「 Kuromori-sama, if you’d please. I, Mizushima Karen, want to become your slave, willingly 」

The young lady of the Mizushima house speaks to me with a straight face.

How do I decide when she says that?

Half of it is just the momentum of events, and the other half is self-abandonment.

I don’t think this girl truly understands what sex actually is.


The memory that she made the decision herself will remain in Karen-san, and it’s a good thing for her.

Compared to the negative memory where she let me do what I want with her body because Misuzu and Ruriko forced her.

If she etched the idea that she’s done it willingly, then she won’t regret it later.

Even if it’s a humiliating and painful memory, if she remembers that “she took it willingly to protect the pride of her family,” then she can continue living with pride. She won’t be ashamed.

And for Karen-san to live in this mansion…

She’ll need to have sex with me.

Without a male-female relationship between us, the young girls will not accept Karen-san as family.

Especially since no one’s familiar with her.

Eri and Rie are twins, and they’re always together. Luna and Koyomi-chan have the other sisters and cousins from the Takakura house. Even Arisu has Mitama and Kinuka, her former bodyguards. They have girls who are intimate to them before becoming my woman, and so it reassures them, and they can talk to each other.

However, Mizushima Karen-san…

She sees Misuzu and Ruriko as the scary beings that one-sidedly controls her.

Tendou Otome, (Now Kendou Maria,) her memories of Karen-san is erased.

Karen-san is currently alone, without anyone to rely on.

「 Once you become my slave, that means that the women in this mansion will become Karen-san’s sisters. You will not receive special treatment because you’re the young lady of the Mizushima house. Everyone is equal before me. Are you sure you want that? 」

I said, considering Karen-san’s pride.

「 Are you sure you want vulgar girls like me as your big sis? 」

「 We accept you, but what about you? 」

Eri and Rie purposely said that.

「 Naturally. I’ve made this decision, so please guide me 」

Karen-san bows her head.

「 I’m an ignorant girl. I do not know if I could fulfill my duties as Kuromori-sama’s slave properly. However, I’ll serve with all my best as a daughter of the Mizushima house. I’m incompetent, but please grant me the lowest seat 」

Oh, this girl…

She’s properly trained as a daughter of nobility.

「 Arisu, Luna, Eri, Rie. Take Karen-san to the bathroom 」

I ordered.

「 Once she’s done, I’ll take her 」

I jumped over Misuzu and declared.

I’m the center of this family.

It shouldn’t be just Misuzu who approves of Karen-san, the pet she brought here.

All of my women have to come together, or the family will have strange relationships.

「 Also, Katsuko-nee, could you prepare Karen-san’s clothes? Something suitable for the young lady of the Mizushima house 」

「 I understand. I’ll give her a look of a young lady in her first night 」

I said. Katsuko-nee approved with a smile.

「 Well then, I’ll let you take care of this. We still have something to talk about 」

I want Karen-san to be away when we talk to Misuzu and the girls.

「 Yes Nii-san. Karen-san, let’s take a bath 」

Luna read my thoughts, then talked to Karen-san.

「 Yes, let’s go. Karen-sama 」

Arisu’s also a young lady of the nobility. She smiled at Karen-san.

「 Let’s go! Go! I’ll wash your back! 」

「 Onii-san loves licking your sweat in your skin, so we have to get you squeaky clean 」

「 Yes, please take care of me 」

Karen-san stands up.

「 I will be preparing 」

She bowed her head to me

Prepare. To give her virginity to me.

「 Yes, I’ll be waiting 」

I looked at Karen-san again.

She’s thin because she’s still young, but…

Her face has been anxious as fate has played her for the past few days.

But, she has a prominent nose and big eyes.

She’s young, and yet, she’s raised to be elegant as a young lady of a prestigious family.

She’ll become a beauty after a few years.

「 Karen-san 」

「 Yes? 」

I called Karen-san who’s about to go with Luna and the girls.

「 I’m happy to have a beautiful girl like Karen-san as my sex slave 」

I speak out my honest opinions.

「 I believe that I have caused great trouble for Kuromori, and for that, I’m very sorry 」

Karen-san says, but…

「 No, it’s no trouble. Karen-san is worth enough 」

I said.

「 However, I no longer have the backing of the Mizushima house 」

「 I don’t care that you’re a daughter of nobility. To me, I see Karen-san’s elegance, pride, and splendid. I don’t care about the other things, I want Karen-san. So, I’m taking you as my slave 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

「 Since Karen-san willingly decided her fate. I have decided to have sex with Karen-san willingly too. It’s not because I’m being considerate to Jii-chan, Misuzu, or Ruriko. I care not about the world of nobility. I see Karen-san’s worth, and so I want to make it mine 」

「 Thank you 」

Karen-san bows her head to me again.

「 Then, we’ll be going to the bathroom now 」

Luna took the lead and the girls left the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Well, I’m also heading out to look for her clothes 」

Katsuko-nee stands up.

「 Mizushima house formerly belonged to the court nobles, right? I wonder if Wafuku will do? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Misuzu and Ruriko are still depressed, and they haven’t replied.

Michi on their side is the same.

「 Michi, come here 」

I called out the petite combat beauty who’s a year younger than me.

「 Me? Master? 」

Michi looked up in surprise.

「 Is there anyone else named Michi here? Hurry. Sit on my lap 」

「 Ah, yes, right away! 」

Michi comes to me like a kitten.

「 Excuse me 」

She sits on my lap.

I embraced Michi’s small body from behind.

「 Hmm, somehow, Michi got scolded together with Misuzu and Ruriko, although 」

I whispered to Michi.

「 To tell the truth, Michi did nothing wrong. So don’t get depressed 」

「 M-Master? 」

Michi’s body loosens in my arms.

「 Michi’s been serving Misuzu ever since childhood, I mean, you love serving her, right? You’ll do anything Misuzu tells you, and you’ll also do anything to make Misuzu like you, and so… 」

This girl feels happiness from serving us.

「 Isn’t that why Michi only wanted Karen-san to become Misuzu’s obedient servant, just as Misuzu wanted it to be, right? I know your situation, and Michi, you didn’t do anything wrong 」

Michi had no right to say how to treat Karen-san.

Sensing Misuzu’s will, Michi only ceased thinking and followed her.

「 Auuuuu, Master 」

Michi turned her body to me and embraced me.

「 But, you know, to Karen, you were together with Misuzu who one-sidedly attacked her. That’s why I can’t help you out when Karen-san’s present. Sorry, Michi 」

「 Uuuuu, hauuuu 」

Michi cries on my chest.

「 Misuzu-chan, Ruriko-chan 」

Margo-san looked at the two.

「 You girls are essentially carnivores, so you won’t ask someone to dominate you. You girls have inherited the blood of rulers, the Kouzuki house 」

Misuzu and Ruriko have the desire to rule.

At the same time, they also want me to control them, it’s troublesome, but…

「 But, from now on, be sure to choose your company, okay? 」

Margo-san speaks kindly.

「 If it’s like Michi-chan, she feels happy serving others, so it’s okay. But, someone like Karen-san who sees herself as a princess won’t be able to accept it 」

「 Right, in the end, that girl’s got a personality from how she’s raised! 」

Nei said.

「 Girls who are raised as young ladies can’t be pushed. You need to accept their pride, the princess has to be handled like one. Isn’t that why she declared herself as Yo-chan’s slave, right? 」

「 Girls are all flowers. All flowers bloom. However, each flower is different, they have different places where they bloom the most beautiful, lovely, and shiningly 」

Margo-san said.

「 There are flowers that bloom in private. Flowers that increase their beauty when bundled together. If there are flowers that look beautiful in a bouquet, then there’s also large flowers that are best when placed in a vase 」

「 I get that. It’s the right person in the right place. Or should I say that you should think of how to make it shine the most 」

Nei smiled.

「 Like Mii-chan, she shines the best when she’s a bodyguard serving her Master 」

Yeah, Michi’s beautiful because she’s by Misuzu’s side.

She shines beautifully because she’s next to the person she protects.

「 Meaning, stop making the girls you like as your pets, not caring who they are. You need to look at the other party, think of their nature and that’s when you decide 」

If the natures fit, it will be just like Misuzu and Michi’s relationship.

However, Karen-san doesn’t have that nature.

Thus, it has been painful for her for the last week.

「 I’m very sorry, I believe Onee-sama is right 」

Misuzu apologized.

「 Right. If Misuzu-chan wanted a cute pet by all means, then you should look at the girls from families serving Kouzuki house for generations. If not, it would be hard to look for one. If it’s from an ordinary family, then there will be a lot of trouble, much less with the young ladies of nobility, it would be too much for them 」

Nagisa added

「 Yes. You’re right. Karen also has her pride as the daughter of the Mizushima house, and I ignored that 」

「 Yo-chan faced that girl as a princess, and so she starts to shine like one, right? That’s Karen-san’s natural beauty, and I think that she’ll become useless if you force her from above 」

「 It is as you say. We were mistaken 」

Ruriko admits their fault.

「 On the other hand, Yoshiko-san’s heart remains a servant. You can’t become a princess like Misuzu and Ruriko, right? 」

I asked Yoshiko-san.

「 Yes, I understood that it’s impossible for me 」

Yoshiko-san replies.

「 But, that just means that Jii-chan’s going to decide your future, are you sure about it? 」

「 I do not mind. If Grandfather gives his order, then I will marry into another family, and I’ll serve my husband in that family for the rest of my life 」

Yoshiko-san says with resolve.

「 No, I get that, but, are you sure it’s just that? 」

「 What do you mean? 」

「 Yoshiko-san, what’s your worth as of now? What do you think is it? 」

I ask, purposely stirring her up.

「 My worth is that I have the blood of the Kouzuki main house, Grandfather’s blood 」

Yoshiko-san is the son of Jii-chan’s late first son.

She’s one of the three grandchildren of Jii-chan, the head of the Kouzuki house.

「 Right. Meaning, you have no other merit apart from ‘Yoshiko-san’s marriage partner can tie up a blood relationship with the Kouzuki main house, right?’ 」

「 Yes, it is as you say 」

Yoshiko-san replies.

「 Yoshiko-san, does that mean that Yoshiko-san lacks in effort? 」

「 Effort? 」

「 That’s right. Not your relationship with the Kouzuki house, or Jii-chan’s blood, but a value-added to marrying Yoshiko-san apart from those. Why don’t you put some effort into making one? 」

「 That’s… 」

Yoshiko-san hesitates.

「 If this goes on, you’ll be nothing but a girl with the blood of the Kouzuki house. I mean, if Yoshiko-san doesn’t work for it, that’ll be your only worth. You know, you should make it a good value to get married to you or else it will be hard to find you a marriage partner, even for Jii-chan 」

I speak exaggeratedly.

「 Yoshinobu-kun’s right 」

Margo-san agreed with my opinion.

「 Building a blood relationship with the Kouzuki house is a privilege, but it’s also likely that other families will become jealous. The family that accepts Yoshiko-san as a bride cannot treat the daughter of the Kouzuki house unreserved, and they will be quite cautious 」

It’s harder to get married if you’re a daughter of the family above the nobility.

「 Furthermore, marrying into another family means you’ll leave the Kouzuki house. Misuzu and Ruriko will inherit the head status and the fortunes of the Kouzuki house. It doesn’t mean that Yoshiko-san won’t get anything but you won’t get priority on the most important assets of the house 」

Without the shares of the group company, or the status as the head of the family.

Not even the hidden treasures passed down by the ancestors.

「 Meaning, even if Yoshiko-san creates a blood relationship by marrying you, they will continue to bow their heads to the Kouzuki house for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of branch families and related families in the lowest seats, and they will join in there 」

Oh right, Kouzuki Subaru or Kouzuki Satoshi, the branch families, or the relative families.

They will be bowing their heads to those noisy group once they’ve become new kin.

「 I still think that there will be a family that will want Yoshiko-san, but at least, I think that it’s the right choice to add some worth to yourself 」

Margo-san said.

「 But, I can’t do anything 」

Yoshiko-san hanged her head.

「 Earlier, Mizushima Karen-sama called herself ignorant, but I believe that I’m much more of an ignorant than her 」

Yoshiko-san had been living in isolation together with Ruriko until May this year.

It’s because of Jii-chan’s distorted love.

「 Isn’t that why I’m telling you to work on it? 」

I said.

「 Yoshiko-san, you’re just 18, right? If you try to learn various things then you should be able to gain something or a lot 」

「 B-But, Kuromori-sama, uhm, what do I? 」

Yoshiko-san looked at me.

「 I think that you should learn business 」

Mariko speaks up.

「 Nowadays, people who aren’t even from the nobility start their business 」

Yeah, people start some company.

「 Yoshiko-sama, I believe you’ve seen the fall of the Kurama house. If one’s business ignorant, even nobility with a long history will fall down. I believe that all the nobility would want a bride that knows a lot in business 」

「 I agree. I think that nowadays, families do think twice taking in a bride who’s ignorant of the ways of the world 」

Nei said.

「 However, I have nothing in business 」

Yoshiko-san tries to refute, but…

「 If that’s the case, why not join us? 」

Mariko smiles.

「 I’m thinking of starting a business myself. I think that you can learn from us, hands-on 」

Mariko and Kana-senpai are teaming up, starting their business.

「 Is that okay? Even someone like me? 」

「 Yes. I do not mind. I’d be glad to accept you as a business partner 」

Mariko replies immediately.

「 If I recall, Yoshiko-sama also attends the same traditional dance lessons as Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama, correct? 」

「 Yes, I also learn from Nadeshiko-sensei’s classroom 」

Yoshiko-san replies.

「 Oh right, Nadeshiko-sensei, the head of the Konpeki style dance. By the way, Yoshiko-sama, are you aware that the business where the “Iemoto system1” began after the Meiji era? 」

「 I thought that the system was older than that 」

Mariko asks. Yoshiko-san asks back.

「 Yes. Traditional arts head of school did exist before that. But, in dancing, singing, and lute playing, the skilled people gather their disciples in a classroom, that’s what a ‘Master,’ is. It was the Masters and Disciples in a small classroom, a narrow relationship business 」

Mariko said.

「 Conversely, though anyone confident in their skills can call themselves the head of the school and recruit students 」

Anyone can become a head-of-the-school.

「 However, reaching the Meiji era, the person with prestige becomes the head of the school, and it integrates all the schools on their scale. That’s when the “Iemoto system business” began to appear. It has become a big business. It’s no longer the “head of the school,” and the “Disciple,” but the “Disciple,” gather more of their kind. By creating classes along the way such as “instructor,” and “accredited master,” you can make more money efficiently as a business. This was a new business model established during the Meiji period. There was a businessman who came up with that realization 」

Mariko smiles.

「 In short, it’s the power of ideas. Without ideas, you can’t start anything. Next, is your drive. You’ll need the drive to establish a business 」

「 Is that so? 」

Yoshiko-san listens earnestly.

「 Yes. Would you like to join me, knead our ideas together, and start a business? I believe that the experience and knowledge you’ll gain from this will be good for any of the family you’ll marry to 」

「 However, Mariko-san, I’m just a hindrance, why would you accept me? 」


「 That’s because we’re family 」

Mariko said.

「 I’ll accompany Kou for the rest of my life. That’s my decision. And so, it may be discourteous to say but Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama are my sisters, my family 」

「 But, I’m 」

Yoshiko-san hesitates.

「 Yes. Yoshiko-sama, you’ve proclaimed that you have no desire to have a relationship with Kou. I understand that. Despite that, it doesn’t change that Yoshiko-sama is Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s cousin 」

That’s right, even if she doesn’t want to become my woman.

Yoshiko-san is still family.

「 1. I am Kou’s woman, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama are my sisters and my family 」

Mariko says smilingly.

「 2. Yoshiko-sama is the young lady of the Kouzuki head house. Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s cousin, meaning, she’s also family 」


「 3. Misuzu-sama and I are family, and Yoshiko-sama is Misuzu-sama’s family, if that’s the case, then Yoshiko-sama and I are family. And, our family has to get along, and help each other 」

That’s right.

「 Therefore, Yoshiko-sama work on learning business together with us. That’s the proof! QED!!! 」


  1. Head of the School