Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1083. Deflowering the Tiny Princess / Karen Loses Her Virginity While Hearing Her Family’s Voice.



「 There’s no need to worry 」

Misuzu’s having a phone call with Mizushima Karen’s father and on her side…

-Is Karen who has her white Japanese clothing spread out.

「 Look, now you put your fingers here and here, and spread it out 」

「 Yes… 」

Opening her legs and then spreading her slit.

The pink insides are shining from the wet love nectar.

「 Spread it further. I can’t see your hymen like this 」

「 Certainly 」

Karen’s face is bright red from shame, yet, she spreads her legs further and opens her slit wider.

「 Yep. I can see it now, Karen

「 T-Thank you 」

I confirmed the white film deep inside Karen as she trembles.

Katsuko-nee takes photos.

「 Yes, yes. Please have faith in me. I think that my Grandfather’s anger won’t clam down for a few years. However, if we let Karen-san under our family’s care, then I will be with her going to school. Yes, she will still attend school. As for Karen-san continuing her education to university…yes, that’s right 」

「 Aaaaaaah! 」

Misuzu continues to talk to the phone, and meanwhile, I exposed Karen’s small clitoris.

「 T-That place is?! 」

「 I’m licking it Karen 」

「 Hiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

I started licking it.

Her red clit is getting stiff.

It shines like a tiny gem.

「 Kuhaaaaa! K-Kuromori-sama!! 」

The sour love nectar coming from the young virgin spreads in my mouth.

「 Hyaaaaa!!! Aaaaaah! 」

「 This is just my hypothesis, but our family would likely have Karen-san marry into the Kouzuki house. Yes, of course, as a daughter of the Kouzuki. She will be adopted from Mizushima house to Kouzuki house. In that case, yes. That’ll create ties with the Mizushima house, and that would eliminate the punishment Grandfather gave to the Mizushima house 」

Mizushima house had their status as nobility stripped from them and so Mizushima Karen has become Misuzu’s retainer.

If she stops being a retainer and becomes an adopted daughter of the Kouzuki house. Then Mizushima house can make a comeback.

Mizushima house creating a relationship with the Kouzuki house, the noble among nobles. It’s not a bad deal

「 I’ll give the phone to Karen-san 」

Misuzu puts the phone to Karen’s ear.

However, Karen is just right before the moment I violate her.

My erect penis, shining from pre-cum, is rubbing on Karen’s soft entrance.

Karen could ask for her Father’s help at this point.

However, if she does that. Mizushima house will lose their chance to return.

「 H-Hello, Father? 」

Karen speaks to her father with wet eyes and hot sighs.

「 I-I’m okay. I’ll be sure to overcome any challenge. I’ll live to fulfill my duty in Kouzuki-sama’s house 」

This cute girl is proud to be a princess of the nobility.

Therefore, she won’t escape, she won’t yield to her fate.

「 I don’t think I can return home for a while. No, I will grow up in Kouzuki-sama’s house, and when I return home in the Mizushima house…F-Father, you will be seeing the face of your grandchild 」

Karen’s ready.

Ready to get pregnant and bear my child.

「 Please don’t say that…It will come in a blink of an eye 」

Karen’s father thinks that it’ll take at least ten years before his daughter gets married and give birth to a child.

However, Karen;

She’s confronting the truth of becoming pregnant right away.

Her legs are spread open as she talks to her father.

My erect penis is approaching Karen’s slit.

「 Karen will become an adult in no time 」

Right now, her virgin soil is split open, she’s becoming a woman.

「 Karen, give the phone to Ruriko 」

Misuzu orders.

「 F-Father, Kouzuki Ruriko-sama wants to talk to you 」

As soon as Karen said, she gave the phone to Ruriko.

「 Mizushima-sama, it has been a while. It’s Kouzuki Ruriko 」

Ruriko talks to Karen’s father.

Meanwhile, I get on top of Karen.

「 It’ll hurt, but endure it 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Karen looked up at me with teary eyes

「 Yes. Karen-san is well behaved 」

While Ruriko’s talking to the father in such a bright voice, Karen’s losing her virginity.

「 If you want, we can still stop it now. Just shout and ask for your father’s help 」

I said.

Karen took a deep breath.

「 No, Karen will serve Kuromori-sama. Please enjoy my body to your heart’s content 」

If that’s the case.

I spread Karen’s slit and touch it with the tip of my glans.

「 Hauuuu!! 」

Feeling the heat of my penis inside her body, Karen twitched.

「 Here I go, Karen 」

I pushed in my hips.

「 Higuu 」

Her virgin pussy is narrow.

「 It’s okay. Karen-san 」

Luna loosens up Karen’s stiff body with her Miko power.

「 Hauuuuuu 」

My penis slips inside her hot and tight pussy.

Oh, my glans now touch the barrier.

「 Karen, look at me. Open your eyes 」

Karen stares at me in tears.

「 Do you know what’s going on? 」

「 Kuromori-sama is inside me 」

Karen seems to think that it’s all in now.

「 Not yet. I haven’t broken through Karen’s hymen yet 」

I also stared at Karen’s eyes.

「 Say “Please tear it,” That you “offer your virginity” to me 」


「 P-Please tear it. I’ll endure the pain. Please take Karen’s virginity 」

「 Good 」

I grabbed Karen’s shoulder and fixed her, so she can’t run away instinctively.

「 Haaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, uuuuuu, aaaaa 」

Karen’s gasping, taking big breaths. Feeling it.

「 Uuuuuu 」

Karen breathes out. And as soon as she starts breathing in…

「 Migiiiiiii!!!! 」

I broke through her hymen in one go

「 O-Ouch!!! It hurts! It hurts!!! 」

Karen struggles, trying to escape from my tyranny, but, I pursued her.

「 Kyaaa!!! 」

Ruriko covers the microphone on the phone as Karen’s screaming.

「 Noooooo!!!!! No! No! Nooooo!!! 」


My erect penis forcibly spreads out her young insides to its shape.

Swallowing up the torn hymen…

「 Iiiiiiii! It hurts! It hurts! 」

「 You want to ask for your Father’s help? 」

I whispered to Karen’s ears.

Karen stopped screaming.

「 I-I’m okay. Even if it hurts. No, make it hurt 」

Karen told me while crying.

「 I’m Mizushima Karen 」


I screw it in until the root in one goo.

「 Gyauuu 」

The young lady accepted me inside her completely.

「 Now we’re connected. Karen 」

「 Haa, haa, haa, haaa 」

Karen stares at me, in pain, making rough breaths repeatedly.

「 Then, I’ll give the phone back to Karen-san 」

Ruriko confirmed that Karen’s pierced through, so she gave back the phone to her.

「 F-Father! Father! 」

Karen’s eyes spill tears.

Even so, Karen doesn’t tell her father the tragic situation she’s in.

She’s not asking for help.

「 I’ll…I’ll do my best 」

The girl endures the disgrace and pain from the deflowering.

「 I’ll be sure to complete the duty they bestowed to me 」

That means becoming my sex slave.

To answer my requests anytime, anywhere.

To conceive my child and give birth.

「 Y-Yes, I’ll do my best. I’ll do my best 」

It won’t do anything good if I move my hips right now.

Let’s stay still for a while until Karen’s small body grows accustomed to my penis.

But on the other hand, I’ll enjoy Karen’s breasts while still inside.

Stretching my tongue and licking her nipples.

「 Ah, auu. Y-Yes. Please do…tell everyone in the family…that Karen is in…auu…good health 」

Karen’s father might misunderstand that his daughter is just overcome with emotion.

He would never imagine that his daughter is getting violated while in a call with him.

「 Yes, what? Is Grandfather present too? 」

Oh, Karen’s father also returned home?

「 Ah, yes. Yes. Hello, Grandfather. It’s Karen 」

She hears her grandfather’s voice after a long time.

However, Karen’s no longer a virgin.

Her young body has a man’s meat stick inside her.

「 Yes, Yes. Karen will do her best for the Mizushima house…no matter what, yes…uuuu 」

Karen’s tears aren’t stopping.

「 Karen, I’ll talk to your Grandfather, give it to me 」

Misuzu said.

「 G-Grandfather, Misuzu-sama wants to talk to you 」

「 This is Kouzuki Misuzu speaking 」

While Misuzu’s talking over the phone.

Let’s ejaculate inside Karen.

「 Bite into this 」

Katsuko-nee puts a white handkerchief on Karen’s mouth.

「 That way, you can endure it 」

「 Yes 」

Karen bites the cloth.

「 We’re going all out. I won’t adjust. Sorry to say that 」

Hearing me say that. Karen nodded lightly.

「 Yes. I’ve told Karen-san’s father earlier already, but… 」

Misuzu is doing well talking to Karen’s grandfather.

Even if Ruriko takes the phone after her, it won’t take that long.

「 Karen. Look at me. Don’t you ever look away until I’m done 」

I hold Karen’s hand.

Grasping it tightly.

Karen holds it back.

「 I’m going to move 」

「 Hmmm!!! Hmmmm!!! Hmmmm!!!! 」

I slowly move my hips.

Karen’s face distorts in pain as she bites the handkerchief.

「 Don’t look away. Stay on me 」

Karen desperately stares at me

「 Hmmmmmm! Kuuuuuu! Nnnuuuuuuu 」

It must be painful, difficult for her.

She’s so embarrassed that she’d want to die.

But, she’s enduring it.

The young princess is enduring the disgrace I’m giving to her.

「 Yes, Karen-san is such a cute young lady. Yes 」

Misuzu talks to Karen’s grandfather while watching her violated.

「 Yes. We find her lovely. Ruriko and I cherish her as our little sister… 」

「 Nuuuuuu!!! Kuuuuuu! Kuuuuun!!! 」

Oh, Karen’s body is starting to leak the scent of a woman from her violated body.

Her skin’s moist from the sweat from sex.

Her love nectar smells.

That pure and innocent smell is now gone.

Karen’s ready to accept a man’s semen.

「 Karen, we’re nearly there 」

「 Uuuuu, guuuuuu, auuuuuu 」

The naked girl seems in pain.

The face desperately trying to bite the handkerchief is suffering.

Even so, I…

I entered my last spurt.

「 Uuuuu?! Guuu, ah, uuuu???? 」

Seeing that I went even more intensely and faster, Karen is shocked.

Her eyes tell me “Please stop already”

But, my hips can’t stop anymore.

「 Aaaah, Karen! Karen!! 」

「 Uuuuuuuuu! Guuuuuu! Guuuuuu!!! 」

I shake her small body intensely.

Her cute breasts stick out, swaying.

My forehead sweats, and it drops on Karen’s chest.

It mixes with Karen’s sweat, flowing through her soft skin.

「 Here I go, Karen, I’m cumming inside you. Look at me. Look at me!!! 」

「 Hmmmmmmm!!!! Guuuuuu?! 」

「 I-I’m cumming!!! 」


My penis pulsates inside Karen’s pussy.

「 Nunu, nuuu, guuuuuu!!! 」

Spewing out my liquid in Karen’s womb.

「 Uuuuu, Karen, look. I’m still cumming!! 」

「 Uuuuuuu!!!???! 」

The young beauty had her eyes wide open.

She stares at the man ejaculating deep inside her.

Karen won’t forget this.

The face of the man who took her virginity, who poured his semen inside her.

「 Oooh, that was amazing. Karen 」

「 Uuuuuuu!!!! 」

Karen tears up from the heat spreading inside her.

Now, she’s a woman.

I made her a woman.

Mizushima Karen is no longer a child.

She can’t return to being a child.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

After pouring the last drop, I lie on top of Karen, exhausted.


「 Here. Talk to your Grandfather 」

Misuzu put the phone to Karen’s ear.

Ruriko took off the handkerchief on her mouth.

「 Haa, haa, haa. Grandfather. Grandfather 」

Karen speaks to her Grandfather while crying.

「 I, Karen will do her best. I’ll do my best 」

She didn’t say anything else after that.

I get up and pat Karen’s head.

「 C-Can I talk to Mother again? 」

Karen wants her mother.


「 Mother! Mother!!! 」

Karen cries loudly.

While my semen is inside her.

While my erect penis is still inside her.

While the man who violated her is embracing her naked body.

Even so, Karen didn’t ask for help, from her family, from her mother.

This girl is a proud princess.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Yes. Then, we’ll call again when the opportunity arises. Anyway, please leave Karen-san to us. Yes, then excuse us 」

In the end, Misuzu took the call from the crying Karen.

Then, she gave the farewell greetings.

The call ended.

「 That’s good enough. Karen. 」 You can now shout 」

I said it on purpose.

She’s kept her pride as a daughter of nobility.

Therefore, it’s okay for Mizushima Karen to return to her senses.

「 Aaaaaah! Nooooo! I don’t want this! I hate this!!! 」

The emotions Karen has been desperately holding off explodes!!

「 I…I..Nooo! Nooo!!! Nonononoonooooo!!! 」

Yes, this is good.

Let it all out.

All of the emotions you’ve been holding off.

「 I’m also going to let it out too 」

I start moving my hips and ready myself for the second round, no pulling out.

For the second round, I would not care about her and just ejaculate everything I have.

「 O-Ouch! It hurts! Please stop it already! 」

「 Can’t do. Onii-san’s unstoppable here 」

「 He’s going to do it until Karen-chan falls 」

Eri and Rie said.

「 The first one is always like that! But now, Papa’s doing it to make it feel good as soon as possible 」

Agnes said.

「 This won’t feel good! 」

Kren shouted.

「 It only hurts! My crotch hurts! 」

「 Hold it for a little longer 」

Arisu told Karen.

「 No. It doesn’t hurt that much. I’m actually dulling your sense of pain 」

Luna said.

「 It’s painful because you think it is. The truth is, it actually doesn’t hurt that much. It doesn’t hurt 」

Kinuka also said, showing her consideration.

「 But it still hurts. I don’t want this anymore! I… 」

I still continue to thrust my hips.

Rubbing Karen’s breasts roughly.

Kneading her nipples with my fingers.


My desire to ejaculate rises up in no time.

I don’t intend to hold out. I’m going to let it out now

「 Here, I’m cumming inside Karen again 」

「 Noo! Nooo! Noooooo!!! 」

「 I’ll make you pregnant! You’re going to bear my child 」

「 I-I’m scared! Noo!! I’m scared!!! 」

Now that her restriction of which she’s in a call with her family is gone…

Karen’s heart is now bare.

The true feelings of this young girl…she screams her fear of sex and pregnancy.

「 I’m scared! I’m scared! Mother! Mother!!! 」

Karen screams.

「 You don’t have to be afraid 」

「 Yes. Everyone in her will bear Onii-san’s child sooner or later 」

「 Don’t be afraid. The feeling of Papa’s hot stuff spreading in your baby room makes you feel happy 」

「 You’ll get used to it…soon 」

「 It’s okay, it’ll turn to pleasure 」

「 Believe us 」

Eri, Rie, Agnes, Arisu, Luna, and Kinuka

The young girls watch over her.

「 Uuuuu, I’m cumming again. Karen! Karen! Karen! 」

「 I-I’m scared! Mother!!!!!!!!!!! 」


I embraced Karen’s small body…

Then, ejaculate while rubbing my penis to her uterus.

「 Aaaaah, it’s so hot!! 」

Karen receives my second ejaculation.

「 Uuuuu, Karen!!! 」

I continue to ejaculate while grinding my hips.

「 Noo, no more 」

She looks at me while tears fall from her eyes.

She watches me ejaculate inside her.

Good, now it will be a habit.

Karen will always stare at me when I’m cumming inside her.

「 Karen, you’re now my woman! You’ll bear my child! You hear? 」

I print it on Karen’s heart while ejaculating.

「 You’re going to stay by my side forever, do you understand? 」

Karen’s eyes look at me.

「 Y-Yes 」

Karen replies as she looks at me.

Karen’s expression has changed.

Is it despair, or?

「 I’ll serve you throughout my life 」

The young lady looked up at me and replied.

「 She has fallen 」

「 As expected of Onii-san 」

The twins muttered.

「 In the end, I’m no match against Danna-sama 」

「 I want my friends to fall the same way too 」

Misuzu, Ruriko.

「 Karen-chan is now a friend! Agnes’ sister. 」

Agnes smiles happily.

「 It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. We will be with you too 」

Arisu is delighted by the creation of a new sister.

「 Karen, you’re cute 」

This girl, I just poured my semen on her…

I gave her a kiss.