Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1090. Night of Retrieval / Reverse Rape Play



「It’s always this idiot who’s raping me so doing this is quite fresh to me」

Yukino who looks at my face from above shows a smile

Five girls push me down on the bed, naked.

「Here, Yoshida-kun. Breasts」

Ai lifts her shirt and presses her breasts onto me.

「Hmm~ Me too!」

Kana-senpai also exposes her breasts underneath the shirt and presses them on my face.

I suck on Ai and Kana-senpai’s nipples in turn.

I rub my cheeks in their soft skin.

Yeah, that soft sensation of their skin is different.

Girls are different from each other.

「Ahn, when Nobu sucks on it, it makes you understand that breasts are made for this」

「Ai also wants it sucked」

Oh, their nipples are getting hard.

On the other side, my crotch…

「Like this. You use your tongue like this」

「Oh, I see. That’s informative」

Megu begins teaching Mariko in fellatio.

「Yoshi-kun loves it when you lick him here」

「Oh, you’re right. It twitched. So cute」

Mariko smiles.

「That part…it’s delicious」

Ai mutters as she watches Megu lick the back of my glans.

「Huh? Really? Let me try that out」

Mariko swapped with Megu and crawled her tongue on my penis.

「Hey, Nobu, let’s kiss」

Kana-senpai covers my lips with hers.

She inserts her tongue on me.


Kana-senpai and I entwine our tongues.

Megu and Mariko continue to fellate me on my lower half.

That feels good.

「Hey, we should go lick this idiot’s chest」


Yukino and Ai crawl their tongue on my chest.

「It smells like Yoshida-kun…I like it」

Ai sniffs my armpits.

「Seriously, you’re quite the fetishist」

Yukino smiled at Ai.

「Hey, since there are five of us right now, why don’t we go with reverse rape?」

Kana-senpai said.

「The four of us will pin down Nobu’s arms and legs, then the last one can bang Nobu」

「That seems fun!」

Mariko’s fully motivated.

「It’s Ai and Megumi-san who hasn’t done it yet today, right? Yukino-san won’t have sex if I recall correctly」

Kana-senpai checks.

「Uhm, it’s okay to call me “Megumi” Kana-san」

Megu said.

「Then call me “Kana”」

「But, Kana-san’s a senior」

Megu’s in her first-year just like me, Kana is in her second year.

「That doesn’t matter. We’ll be together for long so it’s stupid to have a hierarchy because of one year difference」

Kana-senpai said, but…

「I can’t let that」

Megu belongs to the track and field club, which is fussy about it.

「Can I call you Kana-chan?」

Ai says while my penis is in her mouth.

「Of course you can」

Kana-senpai smiles gently.

「Megu-chan, you should call her the same」

Ai looked at Megu.

「Kana-chan’s already our big sister」

「That’s right. You should break the wall between us」

Mariko smiled.

「We’re the same age so I’m calling you Megumi. Megumi, call me Mariko. Ai too」

「Yes… Please take care of me…M-Mariko」

Megu is slightly nervous.

She hasn’t relaxed her guard against Mariko, a wealthy girl.

「Likewise, Ai」

Then, Mariko speaks to me.

「This is so splendid! Thanks to Kou, I found a lot of sisters I can get along with!」

「Right. Everyone won’t leave Nobu, and they don’t want Nobu to hate them either…」

「”Everyone gets along”」

Mariko, Kana-senpai, Ai…

「Megumi, you should accept it already」

Yukino said.

「They’re your family, your sisters, and your friends. That’s how it is」


「Kana’s a year older, but I-I’ll call you Kana from now on」

「Sure, Yukino」

Kana-senpai smiled at Yukino.

「But, the other girls, Ai, Mariko, you and I are all 16. Also, Edie’s not here, but she’s also of the same age, although, she’s quite weird」

Edie’s coming from New Orleans, she has blonde hair, tanned skin, and blue eyes.

Also, she’s a genius who’s raised in an assassination cult, learning such murder techniques.

「We’re the ordinary girls」

Mariko smiled.

「I have a problem with the young lady of the Torii electronics calling herself ordinary though」

「Oh? Yukino, aren’t you also from the Shirasaka house?」

「I’m not from the head house. Just a branch family of a branch family. I’ve long realized that I’m not special ever since I saw Misuzu and Ruriko」

Yukino said.

「Me too. I was yearning to become nobility, but I was different」


「Hmm, just my thoughts here. You know, our approach towards Nobu is different compared to Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san, right?」

Kana-senpai said.

「Misuzu-san and the girls are stressed out because of their ordinary life as a young lady, right? That’s why they seek healing from Nobu. Like, when they spend their time with Nobu, they can vent out what they’ve amassed and so they can go back fighting in their harsh world, or something like that?」

「I get that. It feels like you can digest all your various emotions when you spend private time with Kou」

Mariko nods.

「That’s right. The young ladies have to show their front side to the world of young ladies, while they can show their other side to Nobu」

「And so they come to this idiot spoiled」

Yukino also agreed.

「But you know, Nobu’s the main part of our daily life. We go to the same school, spend time making pastries, and so we enjoy our high school life」

Kana-senpai embraces my head.

「To Misuzu-san and the girls, Nobu’s that gentle harbor they can return to after crossing the stormy seas…And Nobu knows that and so he’s kind to those girls, but to us, Nobu’s not like that」

「That’s right!」

Mariko’s getting somewhat excited.

「That’s why I’m here. I’m with you girls! I’m not here to have Kou heal me like Misuzu-sama and others. I want to walk together with Kou. Facing the same objectives together


Megu’s surprised.

「That’s why, I want to start up a business with you girls, not with Momoko-oneesama, not with Misuzu-sama. That’s what I understood today. I belong to this group」

Then, she speaks to Megu.

「Megumi too, right? You want to walk together with Kou, right?」

「Me? Yes. I want to follow Yoshi-kun」


「So that’s why I can’t open up to Misuzu-san. Their approach on Yoshi-kun is different」

「It’s okay for them to stay like that. They’re always setting sail to stormy seas after all. As for us, we’re always with Nobu, we view things from the same angle, and we look at the same things」

Kana-senpai said.

「This idiot doesn’t know what’s ordinary, or should I say that all his life has never been ordinary. That’s why he’s pushing himself hard when dealing with Misuzu and the girls. Well, this idiot has some loose screws so he hasn’t noticed that he’s growing」


「Yeah. I was also at the hotel party before…Nobu’s standing next to Misuzu-san without problems, but the truth is, it’s quite a lot of pressure, right?」

「Me too, when I saw Kou at the party last week, I was so interested that I kept sending glances. I wondered what kind of person is it to be Misuzu-sama’s partner, that even Kouzuki-sama accepted him. All the young ladies and their servants have the same thoughts. Well done enduring the pressure. Kou」


「Well, even in our school, there’s that uproar about his engagement with Megumi, and then suddenly, there’s this “bread-technique learning course,” that’s obviously made for him, so, Nobu’s quite suspicious in our school but he just takes it calmly」

「He’s a little thickheaded. This idiot lacks in brain cells」

「But… that’s what’s good about Yoshida-kun」

Sure, I’m slow. I admit that.

「Uhm…it’s just my thoughts…but…tonight…Katsuko-san…made Ai and everyone spend…the night with Yoshida-kun…」


「It’s because…Yoshida-kun had…a lot of trouble…today…and so he’s rattled…」

Oh, the delicious bakery tour…

Turned into a dispute…

「I think…tomorrow…will be troublesome too…」

Tomorrow. I…

I’ll go to Minaho-neesan’s new brothel, and I have to train the new prostitutes.

Then, by night, Momoko-neechan’s coming over to the mansion.

「That’s why…spending the night with us…resets his “ordinary” senses…so that’s it…I think」

Reset the ordinary.

「Don’t forget…no matter what happens…Yoshida-kun is an ordinary boy…don’t push yourself too hard」

「That’s right, if you keep on dealing with Yuzuki and Mizusu and the likes, you’ll burst. They don’t understand your limits」


「Oh, I see. I get it」

Kana-senpai agreed.

「Katsuko-san was also an ordinary person back then, right? That’s why she asks us to pull him back before Nobu breaks the limit without him knowing」

「Oh, now I understand why someone like Megumi is Kou’s fiance」


Megu looked at Mariko.

「Megumi’s the most suited to reset Kou’s heart to its original state. You’re-it might be rude to say it but an ordinary girl, right?」

「I think that “ordinary” isn’t the word. Megumi has a life lower than the average. All because of me」

Yukino said.

「But, now she’s suited to this idiot. She’s raised in a dangerous kind of life where people oppress her. That’s also my fault」

Megu and I are alike.

「You know, when I look at Nobu and Megumi most of the time, I ask myself “Why is Megumi always nagging Nobu angrily?” or “Why is Nobu still holding back even though she keeps on nagging?” and I kept wondering, but…」

Kana-senpai said.

「Maybe, Nobu, did you have someone in your family who’s always angry?」


In my family?

I hardly had a conversation with my father.

Mother, she ignores me.

I hardly had any contact with my other relatives.


「My late Grandma」

But, was Grandma that angry at me?

Even now, my memories of her were that she’s kind, but…


Now that I think about it, she does get angry.

「As expected, someone’s experience resistance from their birth, or should I say their environment from childhood is crucial to people」

Kana-senpai said.

「Megumi’s mother and father, one of the two has to be nagging the other, right?」

Hearing that, Megu;

「My foster father and foster mother were kind people, but, you’re right. They’re a married couple, but my foster mother often complains to my foster father」

「Haa, so you started copying it before you know it」

Yukino smiled.

「Children are often raised watching their parents」

Mariko said.

「No, it’s not like Megu’s giving me trouble. It helps me that she tells me a lot」

「Or so Nobu says, but Megumi…if you keep accumulating stress inside Nobu, he’ll burst someday. You have to be careful」


Megumi’s dispirited.

「Can’t talk about it with anyone but this group. Yuzuki and Katsuko are quite soft on Megumi. Therefore, you should talk to us instead」


「Oh well. If Megumi’s intervention is moderated, then it could relax this idiot. It’s just enough stimulus to untangle him from the mental strain from dealing with Misuzu and the girls. It’s like shock therapy」

「The nobility and the Kouzuki house are quite huge concerns, and so Kou has to return his consciousness to his ordinary life」

「That’s it」

Yukino, Mariko, and Kana-senpai all looked at Megu.

「Uhm, I’m sorry for a lot」

Megu bowed her head.


「Megumi-chan… Yoshida-kun’s penis is getting tasty」

While everyone’s talking seriously, Ai had my penis in her mouth.

She licks the whole glans.

「Megumi-chan…you can go first」

Ai smiled kindly.

The girls also smiled.

「Then, let’s go with the plan. We’re going to hold Nobu’s arms and legs」

「I’ll hold Kou’s right arm」

Mariko embraces my arm and lies down on the bed.

「Then, I’ll take the left arm」

Yukino sits down on my left arm.

「Ai will take Yoshida-kun’s right leg」

Ai clings to my leg.

「Then, I’ll take the left」

Kana-senpai turns my left leg as a pillow.

I can’t move, my arms and legs are spread over the bed.

「Okay, Megumi, you can use Nobu’s penis as you wish. Everyone’s going with the reverse rape!」

「Err. I-I…」

「You won’t say that you’re embarrassed to have everyone watch you this late, right?」

Yukino said.

「It feels good when everyone watches. It’s exciting…Megumi-chan」

Ai said.

「If Megumi won’t do it then we will. So, will you?」

Mariko asks.

「I’ll do it! I’ll do it, geez!」

Megu gets on top of me.

「Yoshi-kun, this is embarassing」

Megu’s wearing nothing but just my white T-shirt over her naked body.

When she straddles over me, her lower half is completely visible.

「But seriously, Megumi has such a tight body」

Mariko says while looking at Megu’s naked lower half.

「It’s not muscular, but it’s moderately slim, and your legs are quite smooth and beautiful」

「Why don’t you try out sports too, Mariko?」

Kana-senpai smiles.

「Look at me, I’m doing club activities just moderately but it has effects」

「But, Mariko-chan…you’re not fat…and you’re beautiful」

「You too! You make bread every day and yet, why are you not getting fat?! You always sample food, right?」

Yukino told Ai.

「It’s my constitution…no matter how much I eat…I don’t get fat」

「Oh really? Now that’s envious」

「And hearing you say that Yukino, you should be careful. I feel like your body type would get really fat after your childbirth?」

「Hey, Kana? Don’t scare me like that!」

Yukino gets angry.


Megu looks at me from above.

「Yeah, Megu. This is fun」

I said.

「Everyone’s here, and everyone gets along with Megu. It’s fun」

This group is peaceful. That’s good.

It’s different from the young group or the Kouzuki group.

「That’s right, you don’t have to show us unnecessary worries, okay, Nobu?」

Kana-senpai says while pinning my leg.

「Come at me, Megu」


Megu adds her body-

to the four girls who are pinning my arms and legs.

「I don’t care anymore if I’m seen」

She kisses me on the lips.

「If they want to watch, then do it, geez!」

She rubs her abdomen on my stomach.

「Wait, I’ll get myself wet a bit」

She grinds her secret place on my stomach, giving her stimulation. It seems.

「Megu, let me lick your breasts」

「Okay, Yoshi-kun」

Megu lifts her T-shirt and presents her naked breasts to me.

I lift my head and sucked on Megu’s nipples.

「Aaahn, don’t suck on it that hard!」

「Let him. This idiot starves in motherly love」

Yukino said.

「When the milk comes out of my breasts, I’ll let you drink it first. Look forward to it」

Yeah, I’m looking forward to that.

「Hyaaan! Ahn!」

Megu’s nipples turned stiff in no time.

My stomach is getting wet from Megu’s love nectar too.

「I think… that’s good enough」

Ai said.

「Eh, just a little more. I think it’s too early to put Kou inside yet, right?」

Mariko thinks that Megu’s vagina hasn’t loosened that much yet.

「It’s best…when you push it in…a bit too hard」

Ai smiled at Mariko.「」

「But, it hurts, right?」

「That much pain is good」

Ai’s a little bit of a masochist too.

「Yoshi-kun, I’ll do everything. Just lie down there…」

Megu gets up.

She holds my penis with one hand and touched her opening with it.

「Can I? Yoshi-kun, can I put it in?」

Megu’s hot nectar drips down on my glans.

「Yeah, I also want to get inside Megu right now」

「Okay. Yoshi-kun. I love you!」

Megu lowers her hips.


My erect penis…

It’s slipping inside her hot, moist, and narrow meat pot.

「Aaaaaaaah, Yoshi-kuun」

We’re connected in a cowgirl position.

「Wow, amazing. It’s inside」

Mariko’s watching the union of a man and a woman from point-blank range.


As soon as she took everything inside.

Megu trembled and her back curved.

「Geez! Megumi’s usually so cheeky, and yet, you make such a cute face at times like this」

Yukino smiled.

「You have the same face as Maika when having sex. I guess it’s because you’re sisters」

Megu’s earnest face.

「Yukino makes the same face too」

I said.

「Agnes too」

Yukino, Megu, Mana, and Agnes.

Shirasaka Sousuke’s four daughters.

「Ahn, it feels good. Yoshi-kun, it’s all inside me」

Since I can’t move my limbs, she must feel like she’s conquering me.

「Ahn~! Yoshi-kun! I love you! I love you!!!」

Megu begins to move her hips slowly.