Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1117. Sex Training with the Virgins / Nozomi 5 – Post-training Shower



「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

I fell exhausted on Asahina Nozomi’s flushed and sweating body.

I feel the squishy sensation of her cute breasts on my cheeks.

「 Haaa, haaaaa, i-is it over? 」

Nozomi whispers to my ear.

「 For now, yes 」

My penis doesn’t wither after just one ejaculation, but…

It would be impossible for Nozomi, who just lost her virginity, to go for more.

「 Did you let out a lot? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Did it feel good? 」

「 Yeah, Nozomi’s body is amazing 」

I grabbed her breasts then knead her still stiff nipples.

「 Iyaaan~ But, that’s great. You were pleased with it 」

Nozomi said happily.

「 Kuromori, let’s kiss. Kiss 」

「 Sure 」

We kissed each other’s sweaty face.

Nozomi seeks my tongue.

「 Let’s stay like this for a little longer. 」

Nozomi’s smile is cute.

「 I want to stay connected for a while longer 」

「 Okay 」

If I pull out my penis, it’ll hurt her wounded vagina.

So, let’s stay still for a while.

「 Then, stay still, I’ll take photos. Okay, look at the lens 」

Katsuko-nee continues taking photos of us.

Nozomi looked up and smiled at the camera.

「 I had sex! Nozomi graduated from virginity! I mean, I received a lot of semen so Nozomi might be pregnant already! Kuromori-kun’s still pouring more inside my stomach 」

「 Dear, get up a little 」

Katsuko-nee said, so I raised my upper half.

Yeah, my dick’s still inside Nozomi.

Blood drips from the connected part.

It’s dying the white sheet to red.

「 Sorry, it still hurts, right? 」

I asked instinctively.

「 Why are you apologizing, Kuromori-kun? 」

Nozomi said with a smile.

「 It’s obvious that it hurts. I was a virgin. But, I know that Kuromori-kun tried to make it hurt less as much as possible. Thanks 」

Nozomi pats my face with both hands.

「 Normally, Nozomi would’ve lost her virginity in a worse way, but, Kuromori-kun made it a good memory. I won’t forget it 」

「 Me neither 」

This girl will become a prostitute.

I can’t do anything with her fate.

This girl won’t become a woman only for me.

「 I’ll do my best. I found my confidence. After all, if I have worries or problems, I just need to talk to Kuromori-kun about it 」

Nozomi’s vagina tightened.

My penis can feel her resolve.

「 Yeah, just talk to me anytime. 」

「 Yeah, I know that Kuromori-kun will be on my side, I’ll be fine. I can endure anything 」

Nozomi forced a smile.

「 You won’t just give me advice but kisses too, right? 」

「 Of course 」

「 And you’ll have sex with me again, right? 」

「 Of course, Sometimes, I might come here and call you Nozomi 」

「 Okay, anytime! I mean, just come here. Nozomi wants to do more with Kuromori-kun 」


「 You see, I stand out a lot, right? I have Foreign blood in me, and so my hair is curly and brown, but it was lighter back then 」

She looked at me, touching my face, and said.

Yeah, Nozomi’s quite a beauty. She has a beautiful face, and her body proportions aren’t very Japanese like.

She’s got a different appearance from the ordinary girls.

「 They bullied me saying that I’m a foreigner when I was a kid, and then when everyone went to the upper grades, they called me “unfair,” since they all want to look fashionable 」

「 Unfair? 」

「 I mean, look, my hair’s offending the ordinary girls 」


「 Then, boys didn’t like it either. The first guy who asked to date me was when I was in fifth grade, and the guy was a big brother of a friend in school, a man in his second year. That guy was disgusting 」

Nozomi tells me.

「 That guy only looks at my face and my body. He has no interest in what kind of girl I am, what I like, what I think. He just looks at my appearance, and so he says that he likes me. I thought that he’s stupid 」

She pinches my cheeks.

「 Well, Father talked to that guy, and father’s lawyer sent a protest to that guy’s family, and so nothing happened, but ever since then, I was scared of men, and so I went to an all-girls’ school since middle school 」

「 I see 」

「 Yeah. Even so, when in the train station, I suddenly get confessions, love letters, and such, but still, they only look at my appearance so I rejected them all 」

Nozomi’s got insecurities on her beautiful appearance.

「 Men, I hate all of them. No, women too. They look only at my appearance, and then they say “Asahina Nozomi’s got such a flashy look, I’m sure that she has a bad personality,” making decisions by themselves. I just lower my guard a bit and they start bullying me, and that’s why I… 」


「 I never believed anyone, never did 」

So that’s why.

Nozomi in the investigation files always had that same forced smile.

She created a wall against all people.

「 Father too, he’s just told that “If you give us your daughter and we’ll make her a prostitute, we’ll shoulder your debt,” and then he just sent his daughter without care. In the end, Father only values me for my looks 」


「 I hate them. I hate them all 」

Nozomi’s vagina clamps.

「 And so, I thought that when I come here, the judgment will only be that I’ll be marketed for my appearance anyway, so nobody will save me. Thinking that nobody understands me 」

Tears gather in Nozomi’s eyes.

「 But, Kuromori-kun didn’t care about my appearance. You always try to understand Nozomi’s heart, what kind of girl Nozomi is. You look for the words on how Nozomi accepts her fate. You wanted me to become your friend, your accomplice 」

The crystal-like tears drop from her beautiful eyes.

「 You even waited until Nozomi’s convinced to have sex. So I… 」


「 Thank you, Kuromori-kun 」

I embraced Nozomi again.

「 Don’t say that Nozomi, I’m the one who should… 」

I can’t help you.

I can’t save you from the fate of becoming a prostitute.

「 We’ll always be friends. We’ll be accomplices forever 」

「 Yes, yes, yes, Kuromori-kun I… 」

Nozomi whispers to my ears.

「 I like you, Kuromori-kun 」

「 Me too, Nozomi 」

I also tell Nozomi, without making the microphones hear it.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Then, I’m pulling out 」

「 Yeah 」

I pull my penis from Nozomi’s insides.

「 O-Ouuchhhh!!! 」

Nozomi’s in pain.

I pull my glans out, and then…

Virgin blood and my semen spill out.

My dick is also smeared in blood.

Katsuko-nee takes photos of Nozomi’s body post-sex, and then…

「 Okay, Asahina-san, that’s the end of your training 」

She turns off the camera.

「 You’re already bleeding today so we’re ending it here. Actually, you’ll have to train with him three more times before you can entertain a customer. Okay, Asahina-san? 」

「 Y-Yes, please take care of me 」

Katsuko-nee looked at me.

「 Next time, we’ll teach you about the various positions. Then, you’ll also need to do some training in fellatio and drinking semen. Then, after that, you’ll experience outdoor, and then car sex. Lastly, I’ll teach you the soapland techniques in the bathroom 」

「 Okay 」

I’ll train her with various experiences until she works as a prostitute.

「 Here, towel, wipe off the blood 」

Katsuko-nee gives a clean towel and then Nozomi pressed it on her crotch.

「 The shower is in that corridor, Dear, wash Asahina-san 」

「 Yeah got it. Can you stand, Nozomi? 」

I stretch out my hand to Nozomi while still naked.

Nozomi grabs my hand.

「 I-I think. There we go-ouch! 」

Her hips and crotch seem to be in pain.

「 Come here, I’ll stick with you, let’s go together 」

「 Yeah, thanks. Kuromori-kun 」

I hold Nozomi’s body and we go to the shower room.

Then, behind me…

「 Dear, which will you pick next, Sumitomo-san or Shirahata-san? 」

Katsuko-nee asks.

She sounds bright, but it’s a strict tone.

We’re not done with the girls I’m training.

「 We’re going with the plan, Sumitomo-san’s next. 」

I faced Katsuko-nee and said.

「 Oh? We’ll leave the problem child last I guess 」

Katsuko-nee smiled wryly.

「 Yeah, we have to accumulate those one-by-one 」

Minaho-neesan’s making the prostitute cadets watch us have sex.

Even when I was speaking my criticisms on Shirahata-san and Sumitomo-san, they should be watching that.

We’re to use that to accumulate our ways to deal with those girls.

「 It has to be Sumitomo-san next or Shirahata-san won’t make it 」

I feel.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Here, I’m pouring hot water 」

Nozomi managed to stand up on the narrow shower stall.

I checked the temperature of the water, then…

First, I’ll pour it on her shoulder.

Wash off her sweat.

Then, to her crotch smeared with blood, sweat, love nectar, and semen.

「 Hiiiii! 」

Nozomi raised her voice, it seems that the water soaks in her wound.

「 Does it hurt? 」

「 No, I’m okay, I’m okay. The warm water feels good 」

Nozomi said.

I squat down and wash even Nozomi’s thighs and her ass.


As expected of Katsuko-nee, there’s a medicinal soap bottle prepared here.

I pushed the bottle and then made my hands soapy, then I rubbed Nozomi’s body.

「 Wow, Kuromori-kun, you’re used to this 」

Nozomi said laughingly as I wash her body with familiar skill.

「 Yeah, well, I do wash my girls. I don’t know why, but they do the same to me anyway 」

I gently wash Nozomi’s legs.

「 So, Kuromori-kun washes a lot of girls? 」

「 Well of course, after I have sex with them. It’s something I do. I don’t leave it to others, and besides, women can’t wash their bodies when it’s post-deflowering 」

「 So that’s your view 」

Nozomi said.

「 Huh, isn’t that normal? 」

「 Nozomi don’t know what’s normal. I mean, it’s my first time in here, ufufu 」

Nozomi suddenly laughs.

「 It’s Nozomi’s first time taking a shower together with a man, and it’s Kuromori-kun again. Even having a man wash my body 」

「 Your father never gave you a bath? 」

I asked.

「 Father doesn’t count, it’s normal. I mean, I don’t even remember having my father wash my body before. Father’s busy at work, and when he’s on a trip, Mother and I were with him 」

「 Right. Speaking of which, mother never washed me either. If it was Grandma, then she did 」

Even before talking about taking baths together, we hardly had conversations.

「 That’s… 」

「 Well, I hardly had communication with my mother so that’s why I’m like this. I’m a breast lover 」

I probably suck other women’s breasts for the spoiling my mother never gave me.

「 Now, our connection’s cut, or should I say that I cut it down? Either way, we’ll never meet again. Minaho-neesan adopted me to her family already 」

「 I knew it, You weren’t real siblings 」

Nozomi noticed that we’re Minaho-neesan and I were not blood-related.

「 Well, a lot happened. You’ll know about it soon 」

「 Yeah, I guess. We don’t have time for now 」


There are still two more girls.

「 Give me the showerhead, this time, I’ll wash Kuromori-kun 」

Nozomi kneels before me and gently whisks soap on her hand.

「 Does your hips hurt? 」

「 I’m okay, besides, this is also part of my training, right? I’m training to wash my customer’s body after sex 」

Nozomi said with a bright face.

「 I’ll get used to Kuromori-kun’s penis 」

「 Then, please do 」

「 Yeah 」

Nozomi washed my body.

「 You know, Kuromori-kun 」

「 What? 」

「 As for Sumitomo-san 」

The next prostitute candidate I’m about to have sex with.

The short cut hair, a sporty girl from the lacrosse club.

「 What about Sumitomo-san? 」

「 Well, she’s not a bad girl. She’s actually a good girl, just a little stupid 」

Nozomi said.

「 As for Shirahata Setsuna-san, she’s really a wicked woman, see? But, Sumitomo-san doesn’t notice that Shirahata-san’s a bad girl, so, she’s dragged by that evil woman, and so that’s why she’s that high tension 」

「 I know that 」

I replied.

「 Sumitomo-san’s the type that’s easy to influence 」

「 She’s got no confidence, so that’s why 」

I see.

「 But, she’s a good person inside. That’s why, be kind to Sumitomo-san, Kuromori-kun. She’s a girl who keeps on complaining, and she’s a lot of trouble, but… 」

「 You want to get along with Sumitomo-san, don’t you? 」

I looked at Nozomi’s face.

「 Well, yeah. Sumitomo-san’s family is just like mine, they’ll be in trouble if you send back the girl they offered as a prostitute. Thus, Sumitomo-san will work together with me for the next five years, so I want to get along with her 」


「 I’ll deal with Sumitomo-san. I already have an idea what to do in my head 」

I’m already accustomed to dealing with troublesome girls.

「 I’ll deal with Sumitomo-san, so Nozomi 」

「 What about me? 」

She looked at me blankly.

「 Try to get along with Misato too. That girl’s quite the young lady, and she’s been sheltered, she’s a good girl at heart 」

「 Yeah, I get that, but, as for the evil woman 」


「 She’s made her group, then she’s opposing Tokuda-san and Kurosawa-san, so after taking in all the gust, Kurama Misato-san became alone 」

Oh right, Nozomi, Sumitomo-san, and Shirahata-san did make their three-person group. So…

Shirahata-san, then Sumitomo-san, who she brought in, vs. Tokuda-san and Kurosawa-san, that was the composition.

Nozomi somehow managed to stand close to the Shirahata group, but Misato couldn’t join either group, so she floated around.

「 Even so, Misato-san looked calm and collected 」

「 No, she’s forcing herself I think. Today, when she met her little sister Arisu, and Mitama and Kinuka, her former servants, she was happy 」

「 She was also happy seeing Kuromori-kun. I’m sure 」

Nozomi said.

「 Well, okay. Since Kuromori-kun asked me, I’ll try to get along with Kurama Misato-san. Therefore, do something with Shirahata-san. Or should I say that if you’re able to keep Shirahata-san in control I think she’ll be able to get along with Tokuda-san and Kurosawa-san too 」

「 You think they can do it? 」

「 Shirahata-san looks down on Tokuda-san since they’re poor girls, but, we have been living a good life until now but we’re sold off as prostitutes due to our Father’s debts. We’re not in a place to laugh at others. If she understands that, she’d try to get along with the girls in here

「 Yeah. I guess. Getting along is important 」

I replied.

「 So, I want you to do something with Shirahata-san. That girl’s the cause of the tense mood we have among us 」

Shirahata Setsuna.

「 Yeah, I guess I’ll have to go with Sumitomo-san first, I have to take away Shirahata-san’s influence on her 」

「 Yeah, true. Good luck, Kuromori-kun! 」

Nozomi kissed my glans.

「 Wow, it tastes like soap 」

「 You fool 」

Now Nozomi’s mouth is filled with soap.

「 Come here, let’s wash that off 」

「 Okay~! 」

We wash each other’s bodies and then rinsed off the soap.

「 Weird, I wonder why we get along so well? 」

Nozomi laughs.

「 It’s because we’re accomplices. We get along because we do bad things together 」

「 Bad things? Ah, sex?! 」

「 Yeah. Sex is such a bad thing 」

「 I did something bad! 」

Nozomi speaks to me.

「 Kuromori-kun, want to lick Nozomi’s breasts? 」

She smiled.

「 Obviously 」

I replied.

「 Then, lick it, why don’t we do more bad things while we’re bathing? 」

「 We should 」

I suck on Nozomi’s freshly cleaned nipples.

I enjoy the nicely shaped and soft breasts of hers.

「 Ahn, it feels good! Kuromori-kun, my breasts feel good!! 」

Nozomi’s voice of pleasure echoes in the shower room.