Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1136. Before Sunset / Evident / Negotiations 1


「 Oh, this is delicious 」
Kaan Momoko-neechan says as she picked up the trial product pastries Ai made in school.
「 Yes, this girl is good at her pastries 」
Yukino who’s been hiding behind the other girls during the serious conversation comes out as soon as we started our break time.
She’s still wearing the turban and that mysterious bearded Indian look.
「 Uuuuuuu…I baked them for Yoshida-kun to try out 」
Ai said like she’s about to cry, but the two stuffing their mouths with the bread can’t hear her small voice.
「 Speaking of which, it’s my first time meeting you…this weird girl too 」
Momoko-neechan looked at Yukino and Ai and said.
「 Oh? I’m not weird at all. My intent is to look normal though 」
No, Yukino…whatever you say while wearing that is futile.
「 Oh well, I already received reports on the various girls that are sheltered in Kou-chan’s mansion…this isn’t all of them, right? 」
Momoko-neechan asks me.
「 Yeah, true 」
I looked around the room.
「 Oh, Megu-oneechan’s secluded in her room since she doesn’t want to meet with Kaan-san who’s a young lady of nobility 」
Mana comes from the kitchen and brings in more sweets.
Katsuko-nee’s coming out of the kitchen.
Shou-neechan went to another room, investigating something.
「 Geez, Megumi’s such a wuss 」
Yukino complained.
「 That’s irrelevant. This is our home, so if you’re not being bold in your home, how can you win against those from away? 」
What are they even fighting at? I don’t get it.
「 But, this pastry is indeed tasty. You’re going to start a bakery business with Kou-chan, weren’t you? I don’t mind investing in this 」
「 Err…aaaa…uhm 」
Momoko-neechan said. Ai looked at me confused.
「 I’m thankful for the offer, but, we don’t have problems in the capital, Momoko-neechan 」
I said.
「 Oh? You don’t want me to join your business Kou-chan? 」
Momoko-neechan said in discontent.
「 Yes, the bakery is…our dream…so…we’ll start it ourselves… 」
Ai speaks in a small voice.
「 Oh, you can actually speak out your views. I guess I can’t do anything about that. I’ll give up on investing 」
「 That’s right, Momoko-oneesama should invest in my business instead! 」
Mariko smiled.
「 Oh? I see 」
In the corner of the room, I see Nei and Edie looking at the monitor to see the conversation while they were absent.
They look at several cameras in succession to see who’s saying what and how others reacted.
「 Seriously, there’s a lot of women in here 」
Momoko-neechan looked around the room again and said.
The people enjoying the break time with tea and bread in the dining room are;
First, in this table, are Misuzu, Ruriko, Yukino, Mariko, Michi, Momoko-neechan, and me.
On the other table, Arisu, Karen, Eri, Rie, Mitama, Kinuka, and Sebastianus(Yamada Umeko-san,) who Momoko-neechan brought with her.
And then, Nei and Edie’s on the edge of the table
「 There are girls who aren’t home yet, and some are in the other rooms 」
I said.
「 Oh, you don’t have to bring along the you-know-who girls who can read minds. They don’t need to greet me. I don’t want to see them 」
Momoko-neechan fears the girls who have the Takakura shrine maiden powers.
「 You know, those girls won’t be fiddling with Momoko-neechan’s mind as they please 」
「 Yes, Takakura-san won’t use their powers without Danna-sama’s orders 」
Misuzu and I said, but…
「 Oh? You seem to to be a long way to go 」
Momoko-neechan smiles wryly.
「 For someone in my status, many people do something unnecessary because they’re taking me into consideration. It happens a lot. I didn’t give any instructions, and yet, they change the interior design of the restaurant I’m visiting, scolding the maids or servants, and at worst cases, they dismiss them without reason 」
「 That happens? 」
「 It happens! For example, during dinner, I just happen to be thinking of something, and so I didn’t comment on the dish they gave me, and then; they said “Momoko-ojousama’s displeased,” and then, they switched the cook without me knowing 」
「 That’s why I always have to comment that “It’s delicious,” or “I like it” when I eat something. If it doesn’t suit my taste, then I have to say “I expect better next time,” because I feel sorry if I don’t give them the chance 」
Momoko-neechan said lonely.
「 And that’s why even if Kou-chan doesn’t instruct the sisters who have that mysterious power, they can make decisions by themselves and use their power on me. I mean, I’m Kaan Momoko you know!! Many people would want to manipulate my mind as they please! 」
Kaan house is a clan that has the same political and business influence as the Kouzuki house.
「 Misuzu and Ruriko, you should be careful with those sisters too 」
But, Misuzu;
「 I’m thankful for your advice but there’s no need to worry about that in this mansion 」
「 Yes, Takakura-san are also family to us 」
Ruriko said.
「 If ever they try to use their powers on us or anyone else in the family, Onii-sama will scold them 」
「 It’s strictly forbidden in this mansion to make Danna-sama feel sad after all 」
「 But, those girls could modify Kou-chan to listen to whatever they tell him, right? 」
Momoko-neechan refuted.
「 That’ll never happen you know. So stupid! 」
Yukino told Momoko-neechan.
「 Oh? Why? 」
「 You see, using some weird powers to make someone you like belong only to you is lifeless, see? Stupid, isn’t it? They won’t do that 」
「 I wonder? If it was me? 」
Edie stops Momoko-neechan.
「 Wrong, those girls are not you 」
The tanned combat girl smiled.
「 They already have a mutual relationship of trust with Darling, they’re already in a comfortable situation, so, why would they use their powers to break that trust? A relationship made from that power is too one-sided that it’s no fun 」
「 Oh. I see. I’ll keep that view in mind 」
Momoko-neechan smiles.
「 But, I still can’t trust those sisters. Therefore, don’t bring them to me. Okay? 」
「 Yeah, I know 」
I replied.
「 Speaking of which, it’s not just her, but Misuzu’s also wearing some intriguing clothing. That topic just got lost because Anna-san suddenly talked about running away from home, but…
Momoko-neechan changes the topic to the Arabian Harem look that Misuzu’s wearing.
「 Yes. This mansion is Danna-sama’s harem, so… 」
「 There’s no hierarchy between women in the harem, and so everyone’s wearing the same clothing 」
Misuzu and Ruriko reply.
No, they’re lying.
The women in this mansion don’t wear these harem-like clothing all the time.
「 Hmm, really? Hey, do you have any extra costumes? 」
「 You do, don’t you? The girls who came back are going to change to that, right 」
Edie and Nei are still wearing their school uniform from school, then Mana and Kinuka are wearing plain clothing.
「 Yes, we still have some more of this clothing, but… 」
Ruriko replies.
「 Then, Anna Erica-san and Sebastianus put on these clothes! 」
Momoko-neechan told the two.
「 Anna-san, you want to be Kou-chan’s slave, right? If that’s the case, why don’t you try to look like one? As for Sebastianus? You know how it is, right? 」
Momoko-neechan wants to have her bodyguard, Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san…)
She brought her here today to have me rape her as punishment for her loss against Edie during their spar last time.
「 If that’s the case, why don’t you put on the same clothes too, Momoko-neechan? 」
「 What are you talking about? I’m not going in Kou-chan’s harem okay? 」
No, if Minaho-neesan’s analysis is correct.
Momoko-neechan wants to experience sex.
She’s compensating her sexual urges by making Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san) have sex.
「 I know that. But just try to dress up 」
I said.
「 The other girls are already wearing the Arabian Nights clothing so don’t you think that it’s a little kill-joy that Momoko-neechan’s the only one wearing plain clothes? 」
「 Really? 」
Oh, she’s getting in.
「 Yes. Besides, I want to see Momoko-neechan in a sexy outfit too 」
I’m stirring up Momoko-neechan’s pride.
「 Oh geez, you’re so hopeless Kou-chan. If you say that you want to see it then I’ll change 」
「 Sure! I want to see it! I really want to see it! 」
If I want to stir up Momoko-neechan’s lust, then a man has to look at her with lustful eyes.
「 Okay. If Kou-chan says that, then I’ll go change 」
Good, she got in.
「 Then, I’ll guide you to the dressing room 」
Ruriko said.
「 Oh, no need. Mana will take them. Mana has to wear the same clothing as everyone too, right? 」
Mana said.
「 I’ll go too. Come, Sebastianus-san, let’s go 」
Mariko tells Sebastianus(Yamada Umeko-san) with a smile.
Sebastianus-san is hesitating to change her clothes.
「 Oh? Sebastianus doesn’t want to wear the same clothing as me? 」
Momoko-neechan calls her bodyguard.
「 No, I was just thinking that…wearing the same clothing as Momoko-ojousama’s…uhm… 」
Oh, she thinks that servants shouldn’t be allowed to wear the same clothing.
「 I don’t mind, this is an order. Sebastianus 」
Momoko-neecan insisted.
「 Y-Yes, then together 」
If her Master gives an order, then Sebastianus-san has no choice but to change clothes.
「 I’m going too 」
「 Me too! 」
「 Hey, Onee-san, let’s go 」
「 Let’s go right away! 」
The twins told Anna-san
「 Err…uhm 」
Anna-san looks confused.
Then, Mana;
「 You’re 14, aren’t you? Mana’s also 14, in their second year of middle school! 」
She called her out with a smile.
「 So, come with me 」
「 Ah, eh? 」
Anna-san’s not convinced yet.
「 Anna-san, what are you worried about? 」
I asked.
「 Well, uhm, I’m just wondering if it’s really okay with me 」
「 No, that…I was wondering if it’s okay for me to stay with everyone, drinking tea, dressing up and such… 」
This girl…
「 Uhm, Kuromori-sama, in the end, what do you plan on doing with Erica? Is it okay for me to stay here? Err? I already left a note at home that I’m leaving so I think that it’s already noisy at home. If I can’t stay here, then maybe I should leave before I could cause more troubles 」
「 Hmm, you’re being polite, but, what you mean is… 」
「 You don’t want to be teased, and so you want him to decide what he wants to do with you as soon as possible 」
Nei and Edie said.
「 Hmm, I see, I get it. 」
「 Yep, I get it 」
Nei and Edie finished watching the past footage and then they looked at Anna-san.
「 Anna Erica-san, you’re a really smart girl, aren’t you? 」
「 You think too fast…that’s why you want an answer right away 」
「 You’re assuming that people with the same speed as you already came up with an answer! 」
「 There are only two ultimate answers for Darling, to accept you or to reject you 」
「 And so, you want the answer now, right? 」
「 Y-Yes…I don’t understand why it’s being put off for later, like this tea time, or dressing up with everyone!! I need to know the decision on how I will be dealt with or I can’t decide on what’s next! I-It’s a waste of time! 」
Then, Edie.
「 Nei, this girl is like that. You know the Japanese movie? 」
「 That…what was it? Akira! 」
「 Huh? Wait, that “Kaneda!!!” “Add -san to it or I’ll bonk your head asshole!” 」
Nei imitates something while laughing.
「 No, not Kaneda, Akira 」
「 Wait, Edie’s not talking about the Anime? 」
「 No, it’s not the Anime 」
「 If it’s not Anime, then it’s got to be the real thing? 」
「 Yes, the other movie titled Akira 」
「 Then, Edie’s talking about the 150ton Dynamite Akira? 」
「 What’s that? 」
「 The Ginza whirlwind! Might Guy Kobayashi? 」
「 No, I’m talking about Akira! 」
「 Uhm, if it’s a foreigner talking about it, then maybe it’s Kurosawa Akira from the movies? 」
Anna-san said.
「 Yes, yes, that Akira! Kurosawa Akira! Sanjuro!! 」
Edie smiled.
「 You’ve seen that? 」
「 Err, no 」
Anna-san replies.
「 Then, let’s watch it. We have it in the LIBRARY of this mansion 」
Edie said.
「 Oh, I get it. This girl’s a naked sword with no scabbard! 」
Nei said.
「 Yes. She’s sharp and got nowhere to touch, and so she hurts the people around her 」
「 I-I… 」
Anna-san tries to refute, but Edie;
「 Nei, what do you think will be her reaction if it’s not Akira, but Araki instead? 」
「 Eh? There are more if you change Akira to Araki. Like, Araki Mataemon, Araki Doufun, Araki Hirohiko, and then the photographer Araki, or Araki Ichirou 」
「 By the way, if you look up the name Araki nowadays, the top result would be Araki Masahiko 」
「 Who’s that? 」
「 Uhm, please take this seriously! 」
Anna-san is angry at the two.
「 We’re taking this really seriously you know? 」
「 Yes, yes, we’re very serious!! 」
The two smiled at Anna-san.
Then, Edie says something in English at a terrifying speed.
That speed is something I can’t even hear.
「 !!!!! 」
Anna-san’s shocked.
Then, Nei also said something in English at the same speed.
「 Do you understand, Huh? 」
At least I understand that last part of what Edie said.
「 Y-Yes 」
Anna-san looked down and replied.
「 Then, why don’t we go? Anna Erica-chan 」
「 Let’s go 」
Nei and Edie grabbed Anna-san from both sides and dragged her away.
「 Hmmm, Kou-chan’s got a lot of talented people 」
Momoko-neechan said with a smile.
「 Then, Kou-chan, we’re going too! 」
「 Yes, this way! 」
Mana takes the lead. Then Kaan Momoko-neechan, Sebastianus(Yamada Umeko-san) and mariko.
Also, Anna-san, Nei and Edie.
Lastly, Eri, Rie, and Kinuka also leave the room.
「 What did Edie and Nei tell Anna-san? 」
I don’t know.
「 It was too fast for us, so we didn’t understand it either. But… 」
Misuzu said.
「 I think that Edie-san demonstrated to Anna-san, a child prodigy, that there are more child prodigies that are better than her 」
「 Edie-san who’s usually playing around is much more of a genius 」
Ruriko agreed.
「 Anna-san had been reading old European books from elementary, so I think that was her first time seeing someone in the same league as her, furthermore, someone with higher skill than her 」
「 Nei-oneesama’s also hiding her talent most of the time, but she’s also a genius 」
Those girls dampened Anna-san’s confidence with just rapid-talking English?
「 You can ask them for the details later 」
「 It’s all we can guess for now 」
Misuzu and Ruriko said.
「 Well then, now that we left Anna-san to Nei-oneesama and Edie-san. I’ll be going to the kitchen and help Katsuko-oneesama preparing dinner
Ruriko said.
「 Arisu-san, Karen-san, do you want to help out? 」
「 Yes, I’m coming 」
「 I’m going too 」
Ruriko, Arisu, and Karen go to the kitchen.
Misuzu watches the three from behind, and then…
「 Ruriko’s beaten me completely today 」
「 I took in Karen to the family to satisfy my desire to control someone, and yet… 」
She speaks sadly.
「 Ruriko brought along someone talented for the family, and also a girl who won’t cut it unless it’s Danna-sama 」
Anna Erica-san is the talent Ruriko looked for.
「 I’m a little vexed 」
Misuzu whispered.
「 Yoshida-kun 」
Ai, who changed clothing but didn’t go to the kitchen, talks to me.
「 Ai…will prepare for tomorrow’s pastries 」
Today is Sunday, and so we have to sell pastries in school tomorrow.
「 Yoshida-kun…you seem to be busy today… 」
「 Yeah, sorry, I’m relying on you 」
Kaan Momoko-neechan alone is already a lot of trouble, then Anna-san also came in.
「 Let Megumi help you out too! She needs to do something more productive than sitting alone in her room. 」
Yukino who wears that Indian look, said.
「 Should Ai call her out? 」
Ai said, but…
「 No, I’ll talk to Megu through the phone 」
Megu’s pride will get hurt unless I request her personally.
「 Ai-chan, you don’t have to hurry, once we’re done with dinner, Mana-chan and I will help you out. The other girls will do the same 」
Katsuko-nee shows up from the kitchen and said.
「 Agnes and the girls are also feeling down from studying, and so we’ll give them two hours of change of pace by making pastries. As for you, concentrate on Kaan-sama and Anna-san 」
「 Don’t worry, Onii-chan. Mana’s going to support them 」
Mana also shows up.
「 Ai, that’s what they said, so be sure to cooperate with them, okay? 」
「 Un, okay 」
Ai smiled at me.
   ◇ ◇ ◇
「 Hey, hey, hey, Kou-chan, so, what do you think? 」
Kaan Momoko-neechan went back wearing the same Arabian harem look like the other girls.
She’s wearing a bikini and see-through pants…
And on her arms and neck are bracelets and necklaces.
She’s wearing sandals on her foot.
Her hair is tied up behind her and a thin veil is covering her.
「 This is on that Disney movie, right? Was it Aladdin? The “Trust Me” scene with Princess Jasmine 」
Momoko-neechan’s in a good mood.
Seems like she surprisingly likes the costumes.
「 Momoko-oneesama, it wasn’t Aladdin who said “Trust me,” but “Hatoyama” 」
Mariko comes laughingly.
「 Oh? I’m not that politically incompetent! 」
Momoko-neechan told Mariko with a smile.
「 Putting that aside, what do you think Kou-chan, am I beautiful? 」
「 Yeah, you’re really beautiful. Momoko-neechan has a good body shape, or should I say that your back is nicely developed? Errr… 」
I wonder how do I speak of my comment on Momoko-neechan’s beautiful body?
「 It’s gorgeous. It feels really gorgeous 」
She’s not wearing that much, but she sure has that gorgeous atmosphere.
Momoko-neechan’s charm is that she’s absurdly gorgeous.
「 Ufufufu, thanks, Kou-chan 」
Momoko-neechan smiled happily.
「 Hey! Sebastianus! Show yourself to Kou-chan too! 」
Hearing her master say that Sebastianus(Yamada Umeko-san) comes out bashfully
「 Hey, don’t hide it with your hands! 」
Momoko-neechan scolds her for hiding her breasts and crotch area with her hand.
「 Y-Yes, I-I’m sorry 」
A person who’s usually disguising herself as a man changes to a sexy outfit, and is embarrassed…this is nice.
As expected, her body’s trained suiting for a bodyguard of the Kaan house, but…
Her breasts and ass, it’s got volume.
「 Yamada Umeko-san’s beautiful too 」
I said.
「 Oh, Kou-chan, her name is Sebastianus. I named her that way 」
Momoko-neechan retorts right away.
「 But you know, Momoko-neechan, this isn’t how Sebastianus looks 」
Her skin and womanly charms are all exposed.
「 I guess so. Then sure, she’ll be Yamada Umeko for now 」
Momoko-neechan’s convinced.
「 This girl feels like her body’s lost as a bodyguard right now 」
Momoko-neechan turned around and looked at Edie who’s wearing the same Arabian-look clothing.
As expected, she’s also wearing a bikini and see-through clothing.
However, Edie who is about to enter a martial arts tournament is training to make her body look good for a show.
A body that will show bottomless power just from appearance.
「 What about you Momoko-oneesama? Do you think that you can win against that body? 」
Mariko pointed while smiling and Nei’s there.
Nei’s beauty is out of the norm.
Her face alone is already extraordinarily beautiful, and yet, if you add that super glamorous body of hers, then it’s a beauty that you can’t express in words anymore.
A perfect beauty.
「 it’s better not to compete with someone like that. If Kou-chan says that I’m beautiful then I’m satisfied already
Oh, she wanted me to praise her before Nei shows up.
That’s why she went ahead and returned to the dining room right away.
「 What are those three doing? 」
I meant Nei, Edie, and Anna Erica-san, they seem to be having some dispute.
The three of them are speaking in English at a blazing fast pace.
「 Oh, they’re just crushing the cheeky girl 」
Eri comes over and said.
「 It happens a lot. The big-headed newcomer in the group humbled by the senior’s by defeating them in an argument 」
Rie said and smiled.
「 Oh, I see 」
Nei and Edie are talking to Anna-san with plenty of composure.
Despite that, Anna-san’s getting excited, and her expression’s grim.
「 Geez! I don’t get it anymore! 」
Finally, they reached the breakdown.
Anna-san runs to us.
Yeah, she’s got a good proportion for her age.
Long legs and her hips are starting to tighten.
Anna-san has a mature figure.
「 Misuzu-sama! Ruriko-sama! Kaan-sama! Kuromori-sama! 」
Anna-san talks to us.
「 Uhm, I feel like it might be rude to say this but still… 」「 Yes, what is it? 」
I also take it in with composure.
「 I came here ready! I had my determination settled 」
「 Yes, I know 」
「 So, I can’t endure the fact that we’re wasting so much time here!!! 」
「 I think that Father’s looking for me now 」
「 True 」
「 Therefore, all these dress-up meetings or something…I… 」
「 Why do you think that we’re not doing anything? 」
I interrupted Anna-san.
「 I-I mean, you’re doing nothing!! You haven’t given instructions, nor do something yourself at all!!?! 」
Oh, Anna-san sees it that way.
「 I don’t need to give orders since everyone’s doing what they have to do 」
I said.
「 Shou-neechan, how’s it? 」
I looked up at the ceiling and asked.
『 Anna-san’s father, Anna Keiichiro’s current location is already known. Madohori Tadashi-san too. They’re bot under surveillance. Also, we’re already looking at the financial circumstances of the Anna house 』
Shou-neechan’s voice comes from the speakers.
「 See? Do you really think that Shou-neechan, the top of the Kouzuki SS won’t do anything? 」
I told Anna-san with a smile.
「 So, what did you discover, Shou-neechan? 」
『 We found proof on everything Anna-san talked about earlier 』
「 You were doubting me? 」
Anna-san’s surprised.
「 No, it’s not like we’re doubting you. We feel that Anna-san talks about her feelings honestly, but… 」
I looked at Anna-san.
「 It’s likely that Anna-san’s perception is slightly off from what’s real, right? Maybe, Anna-san misunderstood your Grandfather’s will and about your Father. Therefore, we have to check all of the facts twice just in case 」
「 That’s what I kept on telling you earlier 」
Edie speaks to Anna-san from behind.
「 You don’t know how to plan things out. The only thing you can do is bring out the thoughts that come to your head 」
「 That’s right…if you move carelessly, you might fall into a pitfall 」
Nei tells Anna-san with a smile.
「 So, is it a good time now, Shou-neechan 」
I asked. Then the voice from the speaker;
『 Right… Anna Keniichirou-san noticed the letter Anna-san left behind around 3 o’clock. Knowing that his daughter ran away from home, he contacted some acquaintances of his and he has no clues as of now. I think that he might start to get impatient by now 』
「 Then that means, we have to contact her 」
I concluded.
『 Yes, I believe it’s best to contact Anna Keniichirou before he could contact the police for his runaway child 』
「 W-Wait 」
Anna-san shouts.
「 A-Are you telling Father where I am?! Are you giving me to Father?! That’s a problem!! 」
As usual, her thoughts are too forward.
「 No, we won’t 」
「 But, if you contact Father… 」
「 Calm down, Anna-san 」
「 ???!!! 」
Kaan Momoko-neechan suppresses Anna-san with a tough tone.
「 Kou-chan, Misuzu, and Ruriko, and of course, I won’t do anything that will be that bothersome 」
「 If that’s the case?! 」
「 Why don’t you listen until the end of the conversation? 」
Momoko-neechan insists.
「 Look at it this way if your father contacts the police to search for a missing girl, and then he discovers that you’re in here, don’t you think that the police will be coming to this mansion? 」
「 T-That’s… 」
Anna-san falters.
「 It’s a problem if Kuromori, Kouzuki, and Kaan become involved with the police because of your home. It sure will be an annoyance 」
Momoko-neechan speaks gently.
「 You’re smart, but you’re ignorant of the ways of the world. That’s why the simulations that you have in our conversation has a lot of holes 」
Edie said.
「 Yes, that, basically, you’re overthinking that the situation will go conveniently your way! You have a poor endgame 」
Nei said.
「 I mean, Anna-san; 」
「 Anna-san, you came here wanting to rely on us, right? 」
「 Y-Yes, but… 」
Anna-san replies with a small voice.
「 Then, let us deal with it. If you keep on complaining then I’ll start spanking you 」
After that, I ignored Anna-san;
「 Shou-neechan, come to this room. We want to be there when you contact Anna-san’s father 」
『 Yes, I know 』
   ◇ ◇ ◇
Shou-neechan comes back to the dining room.
She’s already holding a phone, ready to contact Anna-san’s father.
「 You’re not allowed to talk without permission. You have to keep your mouth shut until you’re told to 」
Edie told Anna-san.
「 If you try to say something, I’ll cover your mouth 」
Anna-san is sandwiched between Edie and Nei.
「 Hey, you too, come here to make sure this girl doesn’t struggle 」
Edie called Yamada Umeko-san
「 Ah, okay, certainly 」
Yamada-san also joins in to guard Anna-san.
「 I’ll put it on speakers so everyone can hear it clearly 」
Shou-neechan said.
「 Then, I’m calling 」
Shou-neechan takes the receiver, and then pressed the switch on the telephone and the number on the screen…
Tsuuu, tsuuuu, tsuuu…
Purururururururu, pururururururur, purururururu…
The call connected.
「 Is this Anna Keniichirou-san? I’m Seki, from Kouzuki SS 」
『 Yes, it’s Anna 』
A hoarse male voice comes from the speaker.
「 You have contacted our company earlier, but… 」
『 Erica. Is Erica there? 』
The voice of a father worried about his daughter comes from the speaker.
「 Yes. We have her in our custody 」
Anna-san looked down as she listened to her father’s voice.
『 Then I’ll come and get her. Where is she? Is she in Kouzuki-sama’s home? 』
Anna-san’s father said, but…
「 No. There’s no need to pick her up 」
『 T-Then, a-are you going to send my daughter to our home? 』
「 We’re not going to do that either. Currently, the young lady said that she doesn’t want to go back home to her father 」
『 Please wait a moment. This is our home. Domestic matters have to be settled in the family! 』
「 It is as you say, but, we cannot send the young lady to Anna-sama’s home as of now 」
『 W-What do you mean by that? 』
Anna-san’s father’s voice is nervous.
「 I’ll be direct. Your young lady asked Kouzuki Ruriko-sama for help. Currently, we’re acting under Kouzuki Ruriko-sama’s management 」
「 The matters about Anna-sama’s young lady running away from home hasn’t reached Kouzuki-Kakka’s ears yet 」
Anna-san’s father’s tone is confused.
『 No, uhm, but this is a problem between Erica and me, a family problem, so, there is no need for Kakka to discover this…yes 』
The auditor representative of a major company doesn’t want the head of the Kouzuki house to discover his family problems.
「 This is all Ruriko-ojousama’s decision. In case that Ruriko-sama can’t reach a conclusion, then we will have to consult with Kakka 」
Shou-neechan replies coldly.
『 No, Seki-san…t-that’s a problem 』
「 Shou-oneesama. I’ll take it from here 」
Ruriko told Shou-neechan.
「 Yes…Anna-sama, you will be talking to Kouzuki Ruriko-sama 」
『 Huh? 』
Ruriko takes the receiver, then…
「 It has been a while. It’s Kouzuki Ruriko 」
『 Y-Yes, I-It’s Anna 』
The voice on the other side is now even more nervous.
「 Anna Erica-san came here asking for Kouzuki house’s help 」
『 Y-Yes 』
「 Meaning, Erica-san will be under Kouzuki house’s custody 」
『 No, but that’s… 』
「 I’ll ask Anna-sama, does Anna-sama intend to take away the inheritance Erica-san rightfully received from her grandfather? 」
『 !!! 』
「 Also, were you trying to force Erica-san to marry against her will? 」
『 E-Erica, you told Ruriko-sama that much?! 』
「 I’m the one asking here. Anna-sama 」
Ruriko speaks flatly.
「 Ruriko, give it to me 」
Kaan Momoko-neechan lends Ruriko a hand.
「 Anna-sama, I’ll give the phone to Kaan Momoko-sama 」
『 K-Kaan-sama?! 』
「 Yes. This is Kaan Momoko. It’s been a while. I came over just by chance, but, I heard the story from Erica-san 」
Momoko-neechan speaks with a strong tone.
「 Depending on Anna-sama’s answer, I might have to report this incident with Erica-san to Grandfather and Father 」
『 That’s…not just Kouzuki Kakka, but also Kaan-sama!??! I-If that happens…my…my corporation… 』
「 It will fall to ruin…trust is what auditors value the most after all 」
Momoko-neechan laughed.