Pure Love x Insult complex Chapter 1144. Approaching the Night / A Strange Face


Going outside…

There are two cars parked at the entrance.

The usual minivan, and a normal car.


Oh, right, Momoko-neechan forced that she’s coming, so…

Shou-neechan, Anna-san, Ruriko, Michi, Tsukiko, Nei, and Me, if it’s just us…

Then, we can ride just one minivan, but…

We’re adding Momoko-neechan and Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san,) so that’s nine people now.

We need a Minibus to fit everyone here.

「 What’s this? If we’re going to use two vehicles then Sebastianus and I can just ride in a separate car as I suggested earlier, can’t we? 」

Momoko-neechan’s huffing.

Yeah, she wanted Tsukiko, the girl with the Miko power to go out on a different exit, get in a different car.

「 We already mentioned that it’s a problem of security 」

Shou-neechan replies.

「 We need Kaan Momoko-sama and Ruriko-sama in the same car Both of you need bodyguards 」

Kaan and Kouzuki house, we have two young ladies of the big families, and so there will be bodyguards from Kouzuki SS following us in the front and behind.

If that’s the case, we only need one car for bodyguards.

「 If that’s the case, get this girl on the other car! 」

Momoko-neechan points at Tsukiko and said.

「 No, Momoko-neechan, if you think about security, then it’s better to have Tsukiko in the same vehicle 」

I said.

「 Why, Kou-chan? This girl can read minds, right? 」

「 That’s the reason why. Tsukiko can sense anyone approaching with ill intent. Even criminals with professional acting skills are exposed in a second 」

「 But 」

Then, Tsukiko-san.

「 Why are you so afraid of me? 」

The girl wearing a shrine maiden outfit speaks softly.

「 You’re peeking in my mind, aren’t you? 」

Momoko-neechan gets sullen.

「 I don’t need to read your mind, I can see it in your face. Especially since Kaan Momoko-sama expresses her emotions honestly, anyone can read your thoughts 」

Tsukiko said.

「 And what we sisters see in people’s minds isn’t so different from what others see in your face and expression with your eyes 」

If you look at their face, you’ll somewhat understand how they feel.

Being close to them lets you see their minds.

The range of the Miko power and the distance you need to see the expression of the other party is basically the same.

「 But, your power isn’t just peeking into the minds, isn’t it? 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 I never use them unless Kou-sama gives me his permission 」

「 That’s what I don’t get! You could just influence Kou-chan’s mind and have him order you to use your power 」

「 I will never do that 」

Tsukiko looked straight at Momoko-neechan.

「 If we manipulate someone’s mind with our power, we may destroy their mind. We’re forcing them to do something they don’t want to do, so the repression can spiral out of control and have terrible consequences. And, we can see the whole process of someone’s mind-breaking because of our power. That destroys the heart of the shrine maiden. Many in our bloodline died that way 」

Tsukiko’s parents, Koyomi-chan’s parents, all got swallowed up in that power and died.

「 And so, I’ll never manipulate Kou-sama’s mind. I want Kou-sama to stay the Kou-sama that he is 」

Tsukiko looked at me.

「 We were saved from the fate of becoming a toy shrine maiden for the Yakuza. He’s a man with a generous heart that we’re indebted to, we will never bring filth to that feeling. As the eldest of the Takakura house and the next shrine maiden, my sisters and I swear to keep that vow 」


「 If you’re going that far, then I believe you 」

She sighed.

「 You sure are also madly in love with Kou-chan, just like all the other girls in this house 」

「 Kou-sama’s heart doesn’t have two sides. He’s got no selfish desires either. He only thinks of keeping the family safe 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Right…but isn’t it better if a man’s a bit more ambitious? 」

Momoko-neechan looked at me and smiled.

「 Do you think that it’s not ambitious to have so many people accepted in the family one after another? 」

「 Right, Yo-chan still accepts even troublesome girls that will make ordinary people give up already 」

Tsukiko said. Nei added.

「 Looking at the girls around Yo-chan now, and what they will do in the future 」

「 Right, you have a very charming group. You have talents from both sides of society. Kou-chan even took Mariko to your side 」

Momoko-neechan smiles wryly.

「 Above all, they’re all cute girls 」

「 Momoko-oneesama, you should join our family too 」

Ruriko speaks with a straight face.

「 Stop the jokes. Kaan and Kouzuki may be friends, but we can’t be together that way. We come from different families 」

「 Lady luck will take your hair away if you remain imprisoned in that concept 」

Nei laughed.

「 Anyway, you also belong in Kou-chan’s family, right? 」

Momoko-neechan goes back on topic and talks to Tsukiko.

「 Yes. We all entrust our futures to Kou-sama 」

「 Okay. I see that you’re serious. Sorry if I was harsh earlier. I trust you now 」

「 It’s Takakura Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, best regards 」

Anna-san watches Momoko-neechan and Tsukiko reach compromise dumbfoundedly.

「 Then, please get in the car 」

Shou-neechan opens the minivan door.

「 Kaan Momoko-sama, Yamada Umeko-san, and Anna Erica-san, take the last row seat. Ruriko-sama and Tsukiko-san can go to the second row. Michi-san will be in the passenger seat to support me 」

Shou-neechan picked the seats.

In case we’re attacked on our way, Michi can get out of the passenger seat and create an opportunity with her attack.

Shou-neechan’s driving the car, looking for a way to break out during the critical section.

Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san) from behind is going to escort Momoko-neechan from behind.

「 Then that means, Ya-chan and I will be on the other car 」

「 Yes, I’m sorry to ask but please do so 」

Shou-neechan smiled.

Well, I guess.

I can’t be a bodyguard.

「 Then, Nei-oneesama, Onii-sama, take care 」

Ruriko gets in the car.

「 I got this! Yo-chan, let’s go 」

「 Yeah 」

Nei and I go to the other car.

It’s an ordinary domestic medium-sized car.


「 Yo~ 」

Kudou-papa shows up on the driver’s seat window.

「 I was going to send in my new subordinate, who’s an old man in shorts, but he went out on a motorcycle tour with a girl and never came back 」

Oh, it’s that old man whose bike Iwakura-kaichou is riding on.

「 When I called him and checked on his status, it seems that he’s in Aomori prefecture’s Osorezan 」

Wow, they’re having sex while driving and they reached Aomori?

「 Still, if they go back now, they’ll only reach Kitagami, and tomorrow morning, they’ll reach the Okhotsk sea 」

Just how far are they going?

「 Oh well. Get in. Oh right, get in the passenger seat 」

I was wondering why, but I see someone in the rear seat?

It’s a beautiful high-school girl with long hair.

She looks fragile and docile.

「 Okay, excuse me 」

Nei sits next to the girl in the rear seat.

「 I’m Kuromori Nei, nice to meet you 」

Nei didn’t name herself “Natou,” the one she uses in school, but Kuromori.

「 Kuromori Kou, pleased to meet you 」

I also named myself Kuromori as I get in the passenger seat.

After hearing my name, the girl with long hair;

「 Takahata Marika 」

The girl said with her tiny voice.

「 Oh, I get it 」

Nei smiled.

I also got it from looking at her face.

「 Well, Ruri-chan consulted Shou-oneesan about Erica-chan a while ago, so she had enough time to do some preparations 」

That means?

「 Someone told Takahata-san to get in this car? 」

I asked.

「 Seki-san from Kouzuki SS 」

I knew it. It’s Shou-neechan

「 So, what were Shou-neechan’s instructions? 」

「 To wait for Kuromori Kou in this car, and tell every secret we have so far 」

「 Okay, and I’m that person 」

「 I know. You just greeted me 」

Oh right.

「 Hey, we’re leaving now, following the car in front of us 」

I look forward to hearing Kudou-papa’s voice, and Shou-neechan’s minivan starts to drive to the entrance.

Then, Kudou-papa starts the engine.

The lights flashed and illuminates the night.

「 Then, let’s hear the details until we reach the hotel 」

Nei tells Takahata-san.

Yeah, instead of just Kudou-papa and me, it’s much easier to have Takahata-san talk to the cheerful Nei.

Shou-neechan probably forecasted this.


The second car we’re on goes down the hill from the mansion’s entrance down to the huge iron gate.

There are vehicles of Kouzuki SS outside the gate, and they’re on standby.

◇ ◇ ◇

Our motorcade goes through the night road.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell that they’re security vehicles, cars of different colors, types, and sizes surround the minivan and Momoko-neechan’s minivan.

Our car that Kudou-papa’s driving is an ordinary domestic sedan.

Then, there are big foreign sports cars, mini-cars with stickers that say “Baby on board,” and even minivans that are supposed to be carrying “equipment.”

「 Yeah, the road isn’t packed. We can reach our destination as planned 」

Kudou-papa said while driving.

Then, we…

We listened to Takahata Marika-san’s story while driving.

Takahata-san is a little nervous so her voice is small, but…

She’s intelligent.

It’s easy to understand the contents of her talk.

She explained things smoothly that I don’t even need to ask.

Takahata-san’s birth, and her relationship with the Anna house so far.

「 I see. I get it now 」

I now see the whole picture of Anna Erica-san’s case.

No, I’m not sure if it’s all of it, but…

Anyway, Anna-san was desperate, and that’s the basic reason.

The reason why there’s such a rift between her and her father and that she had to run away from home.

「 In the end, Shou-neechan’s the one who performed the most. Deliberately giving information in chunks 」

I said.

Earlier, when Momoko-neechan was with us, her face says “That’s all I know,” but…

She already found Takahata Marika-san and furthermore, she kept quiet about the fact that we’re bringing her today.

「 It can’t be helped. Kaan Momooko-san’s the target today 」

Nei said.

「 Since Kaan-san is coming to the mansion this evening, so it’s decided to solve Anna-san’s case today 」

Meaning, Anna-san running away from home…

Ruriko convinced her to run away from home to match the time that Momoko-neechan’s coming here?

「 But, she sure got hooked. Kaan-san already forgot her purpose in coming here!


Momoko-neechan’s purpose for coming is to have me violate Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san) as her punishment for losing to Edie.

「 I feel the most pity for Sebako-chan who already resolved herself, but it’s still good. That girl is unfortunate to have her master order some incomprehensible stuff 」


Even if she lost to Edie while the other young ladies are watching, it’s just messed up to take her virginity because of that.

「 Well, the issue Anna-san brought in lights up Kaan-san’s curiosity. I mean, it’s not a stranger’s problem for Kaan-san I think 」

「 What do you mean? 」

I asked Nei.

「 Well, inheritance problems are quite grave for the nobility, see? 」

I see. So that’s it.

「 I mean, it’s a much more complicated problem than that 」

I look at Takahata-san through the rear-view mirror.

「 I’m sorry for causing trouble to everyone 」

Takahata-san looks down.

「 No, Takahata-san isn’t at fault here 」

「 That’s right, you shouldn’t mind it 」

Nei and I said in a hurry.

「 So, how do you want to resolve this, Takahata-san? 」

Nei asks.

「 Right…we can’t decide on what to do next unless we hear that 」

I also asked Takahata-san.

「 Ruriko and Shou-neechan already know it. Also, we don’t want Momoko-neechan and Anna-san to know yet, so we need to arrange this grouping in the cars 」

It’s already night, so the girls in the car in front shouldn’t see Takahata-san riding on the rear seat.

They may see a figure, but Shou-neechan can say that it’s a female bodyguard of the Kouzuki SS and they won’t be suspicious anymore.

「 I… 」

Takahata-san said.

「 I don’t know. I can’t imagine what would Anna Erica-san think of me 」

I see. They never met before.

「 But to be honest, putting this current encounter problem aside, I wanted to meet her and talk to her at least once. Therefore… 」

She answered Shou-neechan’s call and came here.

「 Err. So, what is that problem? 」

I asked.

「 That’s… 」

「 Now that we’re here, just reveal everything! You know, Yo-chan and I will be facing the Anna parent and child, but to be honest, it’s Yo-chan who’ll do the speaking 」

Nei said.

「 I’m just an extra on this show, but we can use the Kouzuki house’s name, Kuromori Houses, either way, we will intervene. We’ll see if we can do what Takahata-san wants 」

We can’t bring Takahata-san to the meeting as of now.

Therefore, I have to be her speaker.

「 Is that possible? 」

Takahata-san looks at me.

「 Yeah, he can. He has quite the influential voice you see. No, seriously. He’s the practical owner of the Kouzuki SS company. Ojou-chan, tell him what you need, he’s Seki Shou’s boss 」

Kudou-papa said from the driver’s seat.

Jii-chan gave me all the stocks of Kouzuki SS>

I don’t know how that procedure works but Kouzuki SS doesn’t belong to the Kouzuki group, Jii-chan all of the stocks of the company, no, it’s a private army.

Shiba-san, who’s entrusted to manage the Kouzuki group, can’t touch the Kouzuki SS.

I’m the one entrusted with their investigation, defense, and offense power.

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san, it’s to keep his granddaughters safe in the future…

「 Well, you probably don’t believe it but the rich people are often absurd. Therefore, you should tell him everything 」

Kudou-papa laughed.

「 Yeah, Shou-neechan can’t oppose my orders. Although, I’m the one asking for her help most of the time 」

I said.

「 Anyway, talk while you have time. If not, we can’t give out a proper response 」

「 Yeah, talk to us, Takahata-san! 」

After a pause, Takahata-san;

「 I understand. I’ve already gone this far, I don’t want to regret it. So, I’ll tell you everything 」

Then, she began talking…

In regards to the dangers of the current situation.

「 Oh, so that’s why 」

I understand now.

「 So that’s why Anna-san doesn’t want to hand over her Grandfather’s inheritance to her father 」

「 Yes, seems like it 」

Nei nodded.

「 Now I can connect all the things I didn’t understand before… 」


「 Anna Erica-san’s definitely fighting her father for Takahata-san’s sake 」

I said.

「 For my sake? 」

Takahata-san’s surprised.

「 Yeah, if you look at Anna-san, you’ll understand. I’m sure of it. Anna-san wants to save Takahata-san 」

I said.