Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1146. Approaching the Night / AO


「 Okay, I get it. I understand. That means, we have a lot of misunderstanding 」

As everyone gets in the room, and Anna Erica-san, Ruriko, and Momoko-neechan sit down.

Anna-san’s “Fiance candidate,” Madohori Tadashi, started talking to Anna-san’s parents.

Anna-san’s father already told him to shut up and yet…he doesn’t get discouraged, that’s amazing.

「 Oh, yes, right. I’m sorry for the late introduction. I’m Madohori Tadashi, a sociologist at LO university. You write it as “revolution,” but read it as “Tadashi.” I’m the revolutionary child from birth…just kidding 」


「 By the way, why can’t I access the internet in this room? I thought of reporting this incident over the internet and gather opinion from my followers, but… 」

Madohori takes out his phone and said.

「 We’re sorry for that, this room is used for important meetings, and so we isolate any radio waves 」

Shou-neechan said.

True, this hotel is on the 25th floor and yet, there are no windows.

「 Oh well, I’ll just record the whole conversation and upload it on the internet later 」

Madohori said sullenly.

「 I’m currently broadcasting a live show on the internet every week to share my thoughts and report on my daily activities. Oh right, recently, I’ve been appearing on various media more and more lately, so of course, you know me, right? 」

What’s with this guy’s self-confidence?

「 Sometimes, I show up on TV or even in magazines. I’m also included in this year’s list of “30 young men who are shining.” Also, I often appear as a representative of today’s youth at events where people talk about social issues and politics. 」

He speaks boastfully.

「 I’m also the president of a non-profit organization called “The Young Revolutionaries Who Turn the Earth! I also organize various events every month as a project. Last month, Mr. * of the *party, Mr. * of the *newspaper’s political department, Mr. *, an essayist and critic, and I had a panel discussion called “Which way to go for Japan and Asia? And my opinion was favored very well. It was also featured in * newspaper 」

Are you sure that it wasn’t published in the newspaper because you have a reporter from that newspaper?

「 Oh, by the way, my combat power is currently 『 10021, 』 of course, that means my followers. Uhihihi! It’s my dream to have 10000 followers 」

What the hell is he even talking about?

「 Well, I came here today because of Erica-san’s case, but to think that I can become friends with the Kaan and Kouzuki group’s young ladies. I’m so lucky! It’s got to be a mutual follow, both over the net and in real life 」

「 Madohori-kun, calm down 」

Anna-san’s father tries to calm down Mad Hori who’s getting ecstatic.

「 No, Anna-san’s father, now that we’re here, we should deal with this problem first 」

Momoko-neechan smiled wryly and said.

「 I prefer to deal with the troublesome problem first after all 」

「 Yo-chan too, right? 」

Nei asks me.

「 We’re going to have a serious conversation about Anna Erica-san, so we have to kick him out right away, right? 」

「 Well, yeah, we should do that 」

No matter how you look at it, this guy is only thinking of selling himself to Momoko-neechan and RUriko.

He’s only putting Anna Erica-san as a secondary.

If possible, I want him to disappear already.

「 Then, we should take him out as soon as possible, right? 」

Nei said.

「 Kaan-san and Ruri-chan, you can stay quiet. If you talk to guys like this, I’ll dirty your mouth. We got this! 」


「 Still, Yo-chan, you should know that there are strange people like him in this world 」

Nei smiled.

「 Err…uhm, what are you doing? What are you talking about? Aren’t you being intrusive here? I’m talking about something important here 」

Madohori says, unwavered by Nei’s beauty.

Is this guy uninterested in women?

「 I don’t really care about you! Speaking of which, you mentioned that you’re a sociologist in LO academy, but the truth is, you’re just a student, aren’t you? 」


「 Normally, you’re not allowed to call yourself a “scholar from the University of *****” unless you teach at that university or have a doctorate from that university, right? You should at least write a proper thesis and get a Master’s degree in graduate school or it’s quite embarrassing to call yourself a “scholar,” when you’re just a graduate student, isn’t it? 」


「 Ooh, that. All my antagonists often criticize me that way. But you see..man, it’s this again 」

He shows a crude smile.

「 」”Common sense dictates that anyone who aspires to be an academic and conducts research at a university should be able to call themselves a ‘scholar of ****** University. Because there is no law anywhere that says you can’t call yourself a scholar unless you teach at a university or have a doctorate or master’s degree. It’s a fact that I’m currently doing research at L.O. University. There’s no lie in that. There’s only one truth! 」


「 Of course, I am a constitutional sociologist who believes that ‘freedom of expression should be protected, so I do not deny your ‘narrow-mindedness. People think differently, so it doesn’t matter how biased your opinion is. Well, it’s healthier to live in a society where people are allowed to say what they want to say, than in a world where they can’t say what they want to say 」

The fact that he can come up with words like that makes me think that he’s always being told the same thing, and he’s always trying to argue back.

「 But in your case, your “Studying in LO Uni,” is just career laundering! 」

Nei said.

What’s career laundering?

「 Oh? There it is, the usual slander 」

Madohori said.

「 If I sue you right now, I’m going to win for sure you know? You’re going to pay me 20 million yen, get it? It’s that level of hate speech you’re doing right now 」

What’s with this guy? Why is he in such high spirits?

Nei ignores what Madohori said, and…

「 “Yo-chan, he’s only in graduate school at a top-notch university like L.O. University, but the university he was at before that was Asano University, which is a little lower level! 」


「 He graduated from Asano University, which is easy to get into, and then moved into L.O. Uni for graduate school, and now, he names himself as Madohori from L.O uni. 」

「 What’s the problem with that? 」

Madohori said, but…

「 Huh? Are you really from Asano Uni? 」

Anna-san’s father didn’t seem to know.

「 Furthermore, he got inside Asano Uni through AO 」


「 Well, to explain, AO is a system that allows students to enter the Uni without taking entrance exam like other normal students, and only with an application form, interview, and an essay 」

So there’s that kind of system.

「 Meaning, this guy didn’t even take a proper exam! 」

Nei said.

「 Okay, okay, okay, you always bring the same low-level criticism, thanks 」

Madohori replies.

「 AO entrance exam is often misunderstood. First of all, it’s an abbreviation for “Admissions Office Entrance Exam,” It all started with the fact that the university was looking for students who fit the ideal image for the person they wanted. Meaning, I was the ideal student in Asano University’s mind.

「 However, the number of students at many private universities is decreasing due to the declining birthrate, so there is criticism that they are simply using AO entrance exams to attract students 」

Nei retorts.

「 Yeah sure, well, a portion of the universities may have that custom, but Asano Uni, while it’s not in the same level as L.O. It’s still a decently high-level university, see? You can’t enroll stupid people through AO. That’s why, if you ask me, this criticism misses the point 」

「 It hits the point 」

Momoko-neechan said.

「 Oops, excuse me. That was a slip of the tongue. Liberation, I’m a sociologist and so I’m bad at Japanese. Tahahahaha 」

No, it’s got nothing to do with being a sociologist.

「 AO entrance exam is different from the so-called “single skill entrance exam”, right? For example, if a student has an outstanding record in sports, or is a traditional performer, or has other special abilities that ordinary students don’t have, they can be admitted without an academic test. 」

Momoko-neechan asks Madohori.

「 Yes, in Asano Uni’s case, it’s not what they do. First of all, I’d like to correct you on that, even in AO entrance exams, they check your minimum academic abilities. They won’t enroll idiots you know. In addition to that, there is the student’s own relationship with society, right? They put more emphasis on things like study abroad experience, volunteer work experience, and participation in activities that contribute to society at NPOs 」

Madohori answers in high spirits.

He was very critical with Nei earlier, but…

When Momoko-neechan asked out of curiosity about the AO entrance exam…

He suddenly got in a good mood.

「 To put it bluntly, if you’re not at the level of Asano University, it’s very difficult to pass even the AO exam. From what I’ve seen, I think it’s more difficult than passing the general entrance exam 」

I wonder about that?

「 In my case, by the time I was in the third year of middle school, I had already decided to enter university through the AO exam. No, it was really hard. Anyway, to pass the exam, you need to have a thick “activity record”. So I paid a lot of money from the first year of high school to go to a prep school specializing in AO entrance exams, and they introduced me to organizations doing volunteer work and social activities that would help me pass the university’s screening, and I also studied abroad for a short time in Canada and the Philippines. In fact, I didn’t even step out of my English school in the Philippines, but I pretended that I worked with a local volunteer group. In my personal recommendation to Asano University, I said that my experience in the Philippines made me think hard about the problems of inequality, but that was a lie. But, you know, it’s more popular to write about such things 」

What’s with this guy?

「 When I was in the second year of high school, my mother and I created a non-profit organization that I am now the president of, called “Young People’s Revolutionary Group for Turning the Earth Around. which I now represent, was created with my mother when I was in the second grade of high school. And that’s 100% I needed to pass the AO exam. There are not many students who would go that far. However, I have had more opportunities to meet and talk with politicians, newspaper reporters, lawyers, social activists, and other people who were introduced to me at the AO entrance exam prep school. The photos of us shaking hands together can also be used for “self-recommendation,” so I made every effort to do so. I really worked hard you see. I wanted praises for what I did back then! No, even now I’m amazing, great, a hard worker! 」


「 In other words, to become the kind of person that the university wanted me to be, I dedicated my three years of high school and my precious youth. I used a lot of money too. Ten million yen wasn’t enough. Of course, it’s not my money, but an investment my parents gave for me, their brilliant child. It’s a promising investment! That’s who I am, that’s why I took the AO exam! 」

「 Why can’t you just study normally, and take an exam normally? 」

Ruriko asks in a reclusive tone.

「 Oh, you don’t get it. You don’t get it. You don’t get it. Listen, If you pass the entrance exam, it only means that you are a smart student! 」

Madohori talks big.

「 But if you enter through the dense AO exam, you’re chosen as the ideal student in the university. It’s not just about being smart, it’s about being interested in society, actively involved in society, recognized by society for your excellence! I know a lot of politicians, newspaper reporters, journalists, and social activists now! I can recommend those people to you if you ask politely. If you have at least 200k yen, then I’ll write you a recommendation! 」

Why is he so full of himself?

「 But those are just politicians from small political parties, right? Even your newspaper reporters and journalists are becoming less and less trustworthy. I don’t even know what social activists do 」

Nei said.

「 You really don’t get it. Japan is a society of titles. If you meet a young person, just check the internet if they have a good reputation. The older generation doesn’t have that skill, so just saying that “I know **-san,” or “**-sensei praises me highly,” is already enough to make them bite! As for me, I just say “**-sensei from ** Party,” they start flocking me. No, sometimes, I talk about some Livestream event and say “**-sensei is amazing,” so it’s a “give-and-take relationship” 」

「 Speaking of which, when we first met, you mentioned ** from the parliament 」

Anna-san’s father said.

「 Yes. I use it all the time. In fact, I’ve only met him three times for five minutes, but…well, I’m good friends with the fifth-highest person in **-sensei’s secretaries. Therefore, my NPO is involved with ***-sensei’s party by appealing to the younger audience 」

Madohori continues to talk.

「 As I mention on the internet, I’m a graduate student, but I don’t plan on becoming a researcher. Well, I call myself a “sociologist” because it’s a good name, but I want to continue appearing on TV until I’m in my thirties, sell my name to the public, and then eventually become a politician. You see, if you want to be a politician from the beginning, but you are unknown, you will be forced to work in the lower levels of the political party. I don’t like that kind of groundwork, and I think it’s pointless. If you have a big name and a lot of followers, that can lead to a vote of strength, so you can go to the Diet with a big face right from the start. You have to have a well-known face and name, so until you are in your thirties, you have to sell yourself as a “sociologist” with an intellectual image. Well, I’ll make some connections at the university, but you know, when politicians are not elected, they become university teachers to survive until the next election, right? No, I’m not going to lose the election. I don’t play games that I think I’ll lose, so if I’m running for office, I’m sure to win. But if I have connections at universities, whether it’s L.O.U., where I’m in graduate school, or Asano University, where I graduated, if I can say, ‘I have connections and I can recommend an unsuccessful professor as a part-time lecturer,’ then I’ll be in a better position than other politicians 」

Madohori continues to speak like he’s gone crazy.

「 So, what will you do when you become a politician? 」

Nei asks.

「 I want to be president, to amend the constitution, to make Japan a presidential country, and to be the first president of this country! 」

Madohori smiled.

「 Nonononono, What do you want to do as a politician, not as a president? 」

Nei asks again.,

「 I don’t have anything in mind except that I’m going to be president. When it comes to individual policies, I have the bureaucrats and policy brainiacs propose, “How about this? And then I’ll say, “Adopt it! I’m going to adopt it!” It’s not up to me to decide. There’s no need for me to think about every little detail like that. I’m the president you know? I’m the boss. Furthermore, I’ll stay as the president until I die, and so I’ll reform the constitution to make it that way 」

「 That’s not presidency, that’s just dictatorship 」

Momoko-neechan gets angry.

「 Oh, oh, there it is, you don’t get it? A bad democracy will only lead to mobocracy. After all, people are stupid by nature. A dictatorship of talented people should be able to run a nation more smoothly. After all, I’m outstanding. This is common sense! Paripaarira!! 」

Something’s weird.

No matter how you look at it, it’s not normal.

「 It’s a revolution! We’re literally going to have a revolution by way of the window moat revolution! I can do it! I can do it because I’m great. I’m a great hard worker. I’m a persevering person. Really, I’m so amazing. Someday, I’ll have a hundred twenty million Japanese people following me! They’ll obey me! Tarirariran! 」

「 I never thought that you think that way 」

Anna-san’s father, Anna Kenichirou said.

「 I thought that you’re a smart, and honest young man. What’s going on? This isn’t the normal you, isn’t it? 」

「 This is usually what I think! I usually pretend to be a good boy. After all, if I don’t act that way, the politicians, journalists, activists, and most of the businessmen will not be deceived to cooperate with me, see? That’s why I usually act like I’m a decent person! After all, I’m the representative of the young people in the modern age! Gechu 」


Suddenly, Madohori.

「 Huh? Why is there a shrine maiden in the room? 」

He suddenly noticed Tsukiko, wearing shrine maiden’s clothes.

「 Huh? Since when have you been here? 」

Madohori’s dumbfounded.

Tsukiko’s always been with us.

He never noticed her red and white shrine maiden clothing that stands out a lot…

That can’t be.

「 Tsukiko-san, that’s enough. Cut! 」

As soon as Nei said that.

「 Hii, gyafuun! 」

Madohori suddenly lost strength and fell on the ground weakly.

「 You used your power, haven’t you? 」

Momoko-neechan tells Tsukiko.

「 Kou-sama instructed me to take him out, so… 」

「 That’s right, that’s why Tsukiko-san and I exposed his true nature! 」

Nei looked at Tsukiko and smiled.

「 I only made him speak honestly of his inner thoughts. There’s no change in his personality, I didn’t use my powers that intensely 」

Tsukiko said.

「 So, that’s his true nature. He looks down on everyone around him and he’s never interested in anyone but himself. His self-esteem is too high that he has a strong need to be appreciated by everyone in the real world 」

Therefore, he took the AO entrance exam to be recognized as an outstanding student.

He’s aggressive on the internet and shows up in public spaces.

He even puts dictatorship as a goal in real life.

「 Either way, when he curried up Anna-san’s father, he was pretending to be an intelligent and decent man 」

Nei said.

「 What do you think Anna-san? Is it okay to engage Erica-san to a man with such true nature? 」

Momoko-neechan asks Anna-san’s father.

「 Is that really his true nature? 」

Anna-san’s father is still not convinced.

「 I think so. This shrine maiden has that strange power 」

Momoko-neechan looks at Tsukiko.

「 Yes, I can guarantee this girl’s special powers 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Is she a subordinate of the Kouzuki house? 」

Anna Kenichirou asks Shou-neechan.

「 No, she’s no agent of the Kouzuki SS. She’s a girl belonging to the Kuromori house 」

「 Kuromori house?! 」

「 Yes. Of course, Anna-sama knows Kuromori house, but… 」

Anna-san’s late grandfather was a customer of the old Kuromori house’s brothel.

He’s the representative auditor for the large enterprise so it would be weird if he doesn’t know the Kuromori house.

「 Since we’re entrusted with some special secrets of honorable people, we had someone with special powers to touch people’s hearts 」

Ruriko said.

「 This is Kuromori house’s Kuromori Kou-sama. He came here with us today 」

Ruriko introduces me.

「 Ah, pleased to meet you. I’m Kuromori Kou 」

I greeted them in a hurry.

「 And so, is it okay if we consider the talks about Anna Erica-san and Madohori Tadashi-san as null? 」

I asked.

「 No, for me, my eyes were clouded, or should I say that if I want to retract it then I will, but will Madohori-kun agree with that? 」

Anna-san’s father asks worriedly.

「 Oh, that’s no problem. Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

「 Erase all the memories about Anna-san from this guy, Madohori’s head 」


「 If you ask me, it’s much better to append instead of removing it. That will leave less impact on his spirit


「 Oh, I get it! He’s Anna Erica-san’s fiance, but, just add the idea that “I didn’t like her, so I decided to leave,” in his memory.

Nei said.

「 That’s right. It will not hurt his pride, and he will accept it without any strong reaction 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Yeah, right. Let’s go with the setting that “He came to this hotel, and then when he saw Erica-san, she’s different than he thought, she wasn’t his type, so he’s abandoning her” 」

Hearing Nei’s suggestion, Tsukiko looked at me

「 Is that okay, Kou-sama? 」

「 Yeah, add that to his memory, Tsukiko 」

I said.

「 Certainly 」

「 Oh right, Tsukiko, while at it, add something that “he has to do right away,” in his memory. Like “Cross over the Death Queen island to defeat all the Dark Saints to get the Phoenix saint clothing” 」

「 Phoenix? 」

「 Oh wait, no, just make it a “sutra that will make India thankful” Then, bring over a dog, monkey, and pheasant as his companions 」


「 Ah, no, maybe not the dog, monkey, and pheasant part. His companions will be Miklas Aguila and Sevengah 」

「 Huh? Ya-chan, I thought it’s Windham? 」

I asked her.

「 No, let’s go with Sevengah 」

Nei says adamantly.