Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1160. Erica and Marika’s first time / Marika Creampie + Erica in High Tension



「 You okay? 」

My erect penis is buried deep inside Marika’s vagina.

Marika’s sweating all over, breathing heavily.

「 Yes. It’s a little painful, but I can endure it 」

Marika looked up at me and replied.

Large drops of sweat gather around Marika’s huge cleavage.

Her soft body is burning up.

Holding her skin feels pleasant.

「 I’ll start moving slowly 」

I pull out my hips and then push it in.

「 Nguu 」

Marika frowns in pain.

My tensed-up glans is scraping off Marika’s remaining hymen.

「 Uuuu, uuuuuu 」

Marika’s body sways, matching with my hip movement.

Her voluptuous breasts shake.

Marika’s in her first-year in high school.

She’s the same age as me.

But, she’s different from the girls of the same age I slept with.

Unlike the sporty Megu, or the American Edie. They all have different firmness in their body.

Even Ai, who loves making pastries is different.

Marika’s gorgeous body too.

Unlike Yukino that the more you have sex with her the better she tastes.

Marika’s hips and limbs are thin, and yet, her breast and ass are voluptuous.

She doesn’t have much muscles, but that’s because she plays piano, so her nerves are modest. It’s not thick.

She’s not like Erica, her sister, who has a lot of lewd knowledge. I think that she has a normal disposition.

However, her body is quite sensitive. Just like Erica.

Anyway, she has a good reaction, gets wet easily, moans quickly.

「 Aaah, uuuu, aaaaa 」

She moans while in tears each in each thrust.

「 We’ll end this as soon as possible 」

I said. Then;

「 I’m okay, so… 」

She tells me.

「 How am I? Do I make you feel good? 」

「 Yeah, it feels good. Marika 」

「 I’m glad 」

Marika’s insides pour more warm love nectar when I replied to her.

She’s very emotional.

I’m convinced that she’s a kind girl.

「 You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. I’m your master now. Marika, leave the rest to me 」

「 Yes, please take care of me 」

I kissed Marika.

Then, groped her sweaty breasts.

Kneading her stiff nipples with my fingers.

「 Marika is already mine 」

I whispered to Marika’s ears, and…

Marika’s vagina clamped me.

「 Aaah, Kuromori-sama’s taking my everything!! 」

Let me correct my statement earlier.

Marika’s also like Erica. She’s very much a masochist.

「 Onee-sama, please endure it. The pain will only be for the first times 」

Erica says while holding her elder sister’s hand.

「 You’ll become like Erica soon. I’m going to fill up Marika’s womb with my semen too 」

「 Yes, please 」


「 Please make me the same as Erica-san too 」

These sisters just discovered that they are siblings.

It hasn’t been thirty minutes since they met.

They have the same face and atmosphere, so they can sense their blood relationship intuitively, but…

They still don’t have that actual feeling that they’re sisters.


Their experience as sisters has to accumulate together from now on.

Truly, to become real sisters…

Their first step was to offer their virginity to the same man.

Both sisters watch each other have sex with me.

「 Kuromori-sama, Marika-oneesama looks like she’s in pain. Please end it as soon as possible 」

Erica asks me to ejaculate inside her sister’s womb.

「 Yeah, it’s coming… 」

Hot stuff is rising from the inside.

「 Marika, endure it 」

I spread open Marika’s thighs and then speed up my hips.

「 Aguu, aguu, uu, uu, uuu, uuu, uuu, aaah!!! 」

Marika gasps from my last spurt.

My abdomen slams with Marika’s pubis and it makes a nice slapping sound.

The sweat from my forehead splashes into Marika’s naked body.

「 Aaah, Marika!! 」

It’s coming! Coming! Cumming!!

「 P-Please do it inside of me!! 」

Marika shouts into my eyes.

At that moment!!!

「 Cumming!!! 」

I push in my penis to the deepest part of Marika, and…

The tip of my glans touches Marika’s uterus.

「 Aaah, so hot!!! 」

Marika can feel the spray of semen in her womb.

「 I-I can feel it! It’s coming in! It’s spreading 」

Second shot. Third shot.

My penis pours in more smelly liquid like a pump.

「 M-Marika!!! 」

I look at Marika. Marika’s looking at me too.

「 Uuuu, uuuuuu 」

I grind my hips and poured it until the last drop.

「 Aaah 」

Marika’s tearing up.

Parting from her virgin time, Marika is now my sex slave.

She became one

「 Haaa, haaaa, haaaa 」

I pile my exhausted body on top of Marika.

「 Erica-san, your hand 」

Marika told her sister.

「 It’s okay now. Thank you for holding it all this time 」

「 No, Marika-oneesama also held mine earlier 」

The sisters smile at each other.

「 But, my hands are.. 」

「 Ah, yes, I see 」

Erica lets go of her sister’s hand.

Then, Marika;

「 Kuromori-sama, thank you 」

She embraces my head with both her arms.

「 I’m the one who should say that, thanks for giving me your virginity. Marika, Erica, it felt amazing 」

I told the sisters.

「 No, I know that I’m still a long way off. So I’ll do my best to please Kuromori-sama 」

Erica said with a smile.

「 Erica-imouto, that’s a good attitude 」

Michi told Erica.

「 Onii-sama, Michi and I will be taking care of Erica-san 」

Ruriko, who’s in charge of the camera, tells me.

「 Oh, yeah. Ruriko was the one who invited Erica in the first place 」

Ruriko and Michi are in their third year in middle school and Erica’s in her second year. They’re senior and junior.

If I leave her to them, there shouldn’t be any problems.

As for Marika.

「 I’ll take care of Marika 」

This girl is much closer to Megu and Agnes.

Daughters of the former prostitutes of the Black Forest.

She’s not born in the mansion like the two, but…

When Marika’s born, her mother, Takahata Youko-san already retired from prostitution.

But, Morimoto-san, Black Forest’s clerk, brought together Marika’s mother and the previous head of the Anna house.

Kuromori house has responsibility for Marika.

「 Yes, I’m leaving it to you 」

Marika replies while caressing my cheeks.

◇ ◇ ◇

From there on…

Ruriko’s done her usual photo session like usual.

Taking photos of the connected part, and the scene after I pull out my penis.

She took photos of Marika’s vagina that has her virgin blood oozing with my semen.

Then, Michi wipes off my penis with another clean towel.

「 RUriko-sama, please take a photo of us together 」

Erica’s still wearing a red collar and a straw rope on her breasts.

Even so, she took a photo with her naked sister with a smile.

She embraced Marika’s naked body, held hands, and then the two deflowered sisters take photos.

「 Erica-imouto. You two shouldn’t just take commemorative photos, you should also take photos of yourselves having fun serving Master later 」

Michi says with her usual straight face.

「 Oh, right! If that’s the case, Marika-oneesama 」

Erica and Erica spread their legs to a pornographic pose and display the genitals that were just violated.

Marika smiled with her sister.

「 Err, also… 」

Erica raised her legs up high, trying to point her crotch to the camera with that pose, but…

「 Ah, ouch!! 」

「 Don’t push yourself too hard. I just tore your hymen 」

I warned Erica.

「 Yes. I’m sorry. But, Kuromori-sama 」

Erica looked up at me.

「 I can still do it. This time, Marika-oneesama and I will serve you 」

She smiled.

Err, that’s…

Then, the phone started ringing.

「 I’ll do it 」

Michi answered the phone.

Oh right, this floor’s cut off any reception to make sure that there’s no wiretapping.

Therefore, you can’t contact outside unless you use a wired telephone.

Also, this is on a separate line from the phones on the other floors of the hotel.

This floor is used exclusively by Kouzuki SS as the hotel belongs to the Kouzuki group.

「 Master, it’s Nei-oneesama 」

Michi hands me the receiver.

「 Hello? 」

I answered the phone;

『 Oh, sorry to barge in the fun Yo-chan but it’s about time to retreat 』

Nei’s watching the status in this room together with Momoko-neechan in the other room.

She contacted me since Erica and Marika’s deflowering ended safely.

『 We can’t stay over the hotel tonight so we have to go back to the mansion 』

Right. I already left Ai and the girls to prepare the pastry we’re to sell tomorrow.

『 Erica-chan’s coming with us tonight, right? 』

Err. Erica’s already setup to learn manners in the Kouzuki house.

She’ll be at home three days a week, and the rest is with us.

As for Marika.

「 Marika, you already told the dorm that you’re staying out, right? 」

「 Yes. That’s right 」

So, she can come to the mansion tonight.

She probably wants to talk to Erica more.

She’ll leave the dorm later, and go to school from the mansion.

Or we have to discuss if she wants to come to the mansion from the dorm every weekend.

No, we also have to consider Marika’s mother, who’s in the hospital due to her physical condition.

I should talk to her about it later.

「 We’re going to move out. Erica, and Marika, you’re coming with us to our home 」

I explained.

『 Ah, we don’t have time for a bath so just wipe off your bodies and put on your clothes! 』

Nei said.

Right. We can go back to the mansion to take a slow bath.

「 Got it. We’re coming 」

『 We’ll be waiting 』

Ruriko and Michi are already done tidying up the cameras before I could hang up.

They’re already accustomed to this that the cables are already bundled and the tripods are folded.

「 We don’t have the time it seems. Put on your clothes and get ready to come home 」

I told Erica and the girls, and then;

「 Just your clothes. It’s so Onii-sama can make love with you anytime 」

「 You don’t have to put on your underwear 」

Ruriko and Michi said.

「 Ah, yes. I understand 」

Erica didn’t take off her red collar or the rope on her breasts and just put on her clothes.

「 Are you sure about that Erica-san? 」

Marika asks her sister in surprise.

「 You have to greet off your Father and Mother before leaving the hotel, don’t you? 」

Erica’s parents are still talking to Shou-neechan and the lawyer.

「 Yes, and so this is okay 」

Erica replies brightly.

「 I’m going to send off Father and Mother with this body that became Kuromori-sama’s sex slave! Kufu! This is so thrilling! 」


「 It’s okay! Since we have the shrine maiden Onee-san with us, so Father won’t notice even if Erica’s naked 」

It’s easy to make that illusion using Tsukiko’s Miko power.

「 Oh, I see. If that’s the case, I don’t have to be wearing clothes at all 」

Erica said.

「 If I remain naked and just wear this collar. It looks like I’m being trained by Kuromori-sama to show off in an embarrassing look 」


「 Erica, Tsukiko’s Miko power has a range. It doesn’t reach those who are far, and it has no effect through cameras and monitors either 」

I said.

「 So, it’s okay to be naked in this room, but there are staff from the Kouzuki SS in the hotel corridor, and there are cameras in the corridor 」

「 It’s also our ironclad rule to never show off our embarrassing parts to any other men but Master 」

Michi said.

「 Our bodies belong to Onii-sama, and so only Onii-sama has the right to enjoy our naked bodies with his eyes 」

Ruriko told Erica.

「 I understand. Erica’s going to put on her clothes 」

Erica followed obediently.

「 Indeed. We have to show it to nobody but Kuromori-sama 」

She puts on her clothes on her bare skin and a straw rope around her.

「 Onii-sama too, please put on your clothes 」

「 Yeah, I should 」

Sorry for the girls but I’m putting on my briefs.

I put on my clothes in a hurry.

「 Then, the underwear you took off goes here 」

Michi collects Erica and Marika’s underwear and puts it in a bag.

Erica and Marika are overflowing with love nectar that their panties are drenched.

Either way, it might be unreasonable to change clothes.

Michi and Ruriko fixed their clothing.

Ruriko pulls out the storage from the camera and puts it in a case with care.

「 Mitchi. Please take care of the rest 」

「 Roger that 」

Those are images that can’t be exposed so Michi puts the case into the hidden pocket of her clothing.

Michi can sense other people’s presence so nobody can steal it away from her.

「 Kuromori-sama, take a look 」

I turned around and Erica’s flipped her skirt and show her cute naked ass to me.

「 Marika-oneesama too! 」

「 O-Okay 」

Marika also lifts her skirt bashfully.

She sticks out her ass towards me too, but since her legs are thin, it’s not her anus that’s exposed but the slit I just pierced earlier.

「 Yeah, you girls have nicely shaped asses 」

I say while comparing their asses.

「 Yes, that’s because we’re sisters. Right? Marika-oneesama? 」

「 Yes, Erica-san 」

The two looked at each other and smiled.

「 Now, let’s go 」

Everyone’s ready now so we left the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I knew it. It feels chilly in my butt 」

Marika holds her ass bashfully and walks into the hotel corridor.

「 I’m okay 」

Erica seems okay. She’s smiling.

「 Quiet 」

Michi’s gaze looks at the Kouzuki SS bodyguards.

「 Don’t be too noisy when in public spaces. It’ll cause trouble to Master 」

「 Ah, right. I’m sorry 」

Erica bows her head as Michi scolded her.

We go back to the waiting room where Momoko-neechan is.

I knocked on the door.

And it opened immediately.

「 Yes, get in, get in 」

Nei invites us in

Momoko-neechan, Yamada Umeko-san, and Tsukiko. Everyone’s here.

Then, Michi who entered last closed the door, and then;

「 Reporting. Anna Erica and Marika-oneesama became Kuromori-sama’s woman! 」

Erica reports cheerfully.

「 We saw it all 」

Momoko-neechan points at the monitor and said.

「 But, you’re completely different from what you were earlier, weren’t you? No, you sure came back looking the same, but… 」

「 Yes, it’s the same cheerful Erica-san we see at school all the time 」

Ruriko looked at Erica and said.

「 Indeed. Her mind’s cleared up now 」

Tsukiko saw Erica’s heart and smiled gently.

「 Amazing. I wonder if it’s the effect of having sex with Kou-chan? What kind of effect is that? 」

Momoko-neechan smiled wryly and asked me.

I don’t know that even if you ask me.

「 Sex with Yo-chan is a catharsis 」

Nei replies instead of me.

「 It blows away all of the exhaustion you had so far, right? You get naked and make love with Yo-chan. Then, while having sex, you can only see yours and Yo-chan’s mind and body 」

「 You forget about everything, and focus only on sex with Kou-sama. That refreshes my mind too 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Oh, really? Sex is amazing 」

「 Yes! Sex with Yo-chan is the best! 」

Momoko-neechan tells Nei.


「 Momoko-oneesama, you should try it out too 」

Ruriko shows a carefree smile as she says that.

「 Why don’t you try out having sex with Onii-sama too? 」