Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1161. In the Dark of the Night / Catharsis Wave!



「 Why don’t you try having sex with Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko said. Kaan Momoko-neechan;

「 Ruriko, do you understand what you’re saying? 」

She says sullenly.

「 I’m Kaan Momoko! I have a responsibility of carrying myself for my family 」

Momoko-neechan’s born as the daughter of the Kaan house, one of the most prestigious families in the world.

She has brothers who are the male heir so Momoko-neechan’s set to be politically married off to another family for her house’s sake.

「 I’m aware of it 」

Ruriko speaks politely.

「 But, Momoko-oneesama, do you intend to have sex with only your future husband for the rest of your life? 」

She smiles.

「 Meanwhile, the men of nobility all enjoy various pleasures 」

「 Like, going to our brothel for example 」

Nei smiles.

Right, the Black Forest brothel will only entertain the big names in politics and business.

Naturally, that also means the nobility is included.

The heads of nobility, will purchase young prostitutes to enjoy sex, and yet…

The ladies of nobility remain indoors and protect their chastity, it’s just unfair for them.

「 But, I don’t want the children I’ll give birth to think that I’m a loose woman 」

Momoko-neechan replies.

「 Yes, that’s after you are married. But, Momoko-oneesama, you aren’t married yet. You’re not officially engaged yet, aren’t you? 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 T-That’s true, but… 」

「 If that’s the case, now’s the only time for you to enjoy sex, right? 」

「 Yes. Just now! Once you get engaged, it’s in the same level as getting married, so it will count as adultery 」

Nei laughs.

「 Well, that’s true, but… 」

「 Don’t you want to experience sex? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 That’s… 」

Momoko-neechan shows a confused look.

We know that Momoko-neechan has a great interest in sex.

That she even pushed Sebastianus to me so I could violate her.

To Momoko-neechan, watching Yamada-san have sex is a simulated experience for her.

It’s because she thinks that she’s not allowed to experience it as she’s a daughter of the nobility.

「 Our Onii-sama can keep secrets. Naturally, we do the same 」

I’m publicly Misuzu’s fiance.

It’s already unusual for a commoner to be chosen as the partner of a young lady of the Kouzuki house, and yet…

Nobody can imagine me having a relationship with the young lady of the Kaan house, the other big family.

「 Momoko-oneesama’s keeping our family a secret too 」

That it’s not just Misuzu.

But I’m also having relationships with Ruriko and other women. It’s a secret that must not be revealed.

Among my women, Mariko, Karen, Arisu are girls involved with the nobility.

「 It’s because I know how amazing your organization is. Your family has a unified strength, and you have a lot of extremely talented people with you 」

Momoko-neechan recognizes us.

「 It’s not just the Kouzuki house. It’s not just on the surface, but also on the other side as well. You have powerful escorts too 」

「 And the food was delicious too, right? 」

Nei smiled.

「 Right. Dinner was indeed delicious 」

「 We also have specialists in housework 」

「 Besides, you also have people with such dangerous powers 」

Momoko-neechan looked at Tsukiko.

「 It’s no danger. Kou-sama’s managing it 」

Tsukiko replies calmly.

「 Right. You girls have Kou-chan as your center 」

「 That’s right. Yo-chan’s our weight in the middle, so we gather around him! That’s why we want Kaan-san as our friend here too 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 But, I’m from the Kaan house. 」

「 That’s irrelevant. Yo-chan doesn’t care about that! Right?! 」

Nei looked at me.

「 Even if Kou-chan doesn’t mind, I do 」

Then, Ruriko speaks.

「 You don’t have to worry about pregnancy 」

She slips it in.

「 Kuromori has the ideal contraceptive. Misuzu-chan and I drink it 」

「 Me too 」

「 I don’t. I’m already in my third year in high school, and I want to give birth to Kou-sama’s child by next year 」

Tsukiko’s the only one who said that.

「 Everyone plans to give birth to Yo-chan’s child, but we need to schedule the time. We have things we want to do before giving birth 」

Nei’s preparing for the martial arts show business with Margo-san.

「 Me too, I’m not allowed to become pregnant now so I’m drinking contraceptives and enjoy having sex with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko said.

「 Having sex with Yo-chan is a complete secret, and you don’t have to worry about pregnancy either. You can experience sex safely, and you can even enjoy it! 」

Nei tells Momoko-neechan with a smile, but…

「 But still, I… 」

Even so, she’s opposed to having sex with me.


「 Uhm, Kaan-sama, can I say something?

Erica who’s been quiet all this time, speaks.

「 Yes, what is it? 」

Momoko-neechan replied. Erica smiled.

「 Earlier, it was mentioned that sex with Kuromori-sama is a catharsis. Then, I just thought that it’s real 」


「 If I recall. Catharsis is a term created in Aristotle’s play, wasn’t it? It’s cleansing the heart to those watching the play 」

「 That’s right. In ancient Athens, it’s a civic duty to see them play in the annual theater festival in the city. There was a belief that watching a play would purify the mind, and it was a rule for the citizens of the city to see them play, even paying for those who don’t have the money for the fee to see the play 」

Nei gets on with Erica’s talk.

「 Meaning, they watch the play, forget about their daily lives, and create a time away from the suffering they worry from at that time and just focus on the play, and then you can look back at yourself and ask “huh, why do I worry about it so much?” 」

Erica said.

「 You know if you have a hard time in your reality, and when you think about it all the time, you just become depressed. I was like that earlier 」

Erica was worried about the secret of her birth.

「 But, after having sex with Kuromori-sama, somehow, my feelings were sorted out. I felt like “things happen, so just accept it.” There’s nothing that I absolutely have to do, I just have to take in what’s happening, and take my time to resolve them one by one, and it refreshed me. That’s what catharsis is! 」

Erica said with a smile.

「 I think, if I just watched a play, I won’t break through this much. No matter how much empathy you use, plays are still another person’s tale. But, in sex, it’s my story with Kuromori-sama, and so it’s one of the best pages in Erica’s life. 」 I lost my virginity together with Marika-oneesama, and Kuromori-sama was very gentle.

「 Why do you think that way? 」

Momoko-neechan asks Erica.


「 What do you lack when you’re born naked? 」

Marika, the elder sister replies instead of Erica.

「 I’m born blood-related to Erica-san, but, we’re born and raised differently, so I was worried that we can’t be frank with each other 」

「 Marika-oneesama? 」

「 In fact, when Erica-san undressed together with me in front of Kuromri-sama, I noticed that my underwear wasn’t as expensive as Erica-san, and so I thought that she lived in a different world than me, but.. 」

「 Onee-sama, that’s not true 」

Erica shouts.

「 Yes, I understand. Erica-san became naked with me in front of Kuromori-sama. I understood that Kuromori-sama loved us the same way when we became naked. That we really are sisters 」

Marika was holding her little sister’s hands, watching her as she was violated.

Erica did the same with her sister.

They watch each other deflowered like they’re looking at the mirror.

「 Yes. So, when I was stripped naked and turned into a woman, then feeling Kuromori-sama’s hot stuff spreading deep inside my belly. I thought, Oh, I’m also a woman. I felt happy when I discovered that my body can do that. Kuromori-sama’s making such a face of pleasure, and when he fell down exhausted on Erica’s chest after ejaculating it all, it was so lovely 」

Erica said.

「 Kuromori-sama went inside me and embraced Erica. Then, Marika-oneesama was holding my hand, and when I look up, I see her face. I felt “Ah, this is good,” This is where I should be 」

「 Me too, I felt that I lack nothing else as Kuromori-sama embraces me and Erica-san was next to me 」

The sisters said.

「 Naturally, I know that it’s going to be filled with hardships. I still haven’t figured out whether it’s right for me to tell my Father that my real father is my deceased Grandfather, and I know that I can’t officially introduce Marika-oneesama as my sister just yet.

It’s a lot of trouble.

Erica’s registered father Anna Kenichirou believes that she’s Erica’s biological father born from artificial insemination of his sperm and his wife’s egg, with the help of Takahata Youko, the surrogate mother.

However, Erica’s registered Mother, believes that she’s born from her egg and Erica’s Grandfather’s sperm.

However, the truth is…

Erica’s born from her Grandfather, and Takahata Youko-san. She’s unrelated to her registered parents.

I can’t imagine what will happen to Erica’s house if it were to suddenly happen.

That’s why we had to keep it a secret for now.

「 But, Erica’s already Kuromori-sama’s sex slave so I don’t have to worry about it. I can’t do anything even I worry about it, besides, I’m more excited about what’s to come 」

「 Excited? 」

Momoko-neechan’s surprised.

「 Yes! Didn’t you also come to Kuromori-sama’s mansion, Kaan-sama? That place will be my new home! I’ll serve Kuromori-sama, and then the beautiful big sisters and cute girls will all become my family! It’s nothing but exciting! 」

「 Marika-san too! We welcome you! 」

Nei talked to Marika.

「 Yes, please take care of me 」

Marika bows her head.

「 And we got two new beautiful, cute, and talented girls in our family! Momoko-san, imagine this; 」

Nei smiled.

「 If it was Momoko-san, what would you do with our family? What can you do? 」

「 What can I do? If it’s your group, then… 」

Momoko-neechan speaks sullenly.

「 To be honest, I’m jealous after seeing Kou-chan’s family. Even I want to join with the group 」

「 If that’s the case 」

Nei said. Momoko-neechan stopped her.

「 But I can’t. I’m Kaan Momoko. The daughter of Kaan house 」

Momoko-neechan said with a straight face.

「 Even if it’s by a mistake, I can’t be anyone’s ally. I have to be alone, proud 」


「 Kan-sama, even if you’re proud, you can’t help it if Kuromori-sama rapes you, right? 」

Erica said.

「 If it’s rape, then it won’t be Kaan-sama’s fault. If you were taught the taste of sex from being violated… 」

Erica shows an innocent smile.

「 I love porno you see. For example, stories of a proud young lady imprisoned by the charm of sex… 」

Momoko-neechan fell silent, stared at Erica, and pondered.

Then, she looked at Ruriko and me.

Then Nei, Tsukiko. Marika and Michi, then lastly, Sebastianus (Yamada Umeko-san)

Then, she looked at Erica.

「 I don’t hate that kind of story 」

「 Momoko-ojousama! 」

Yamada Umeko-san raised her voice in surprise.

「 If I were to get raped, naturally, you’ll be included too, Sebastianus 」

She said with a smile.

「 That’s great. I already scheduled Kou-chan to violate you tonight anyway 」

「 We’re already retreating tonight so we can’t 」

Nei tells Momoko-neechan with a smile.

「 I know. Kou-chan’s already tired, and it’s bad to do things unplanned. If you’re to rape me, naturally, you have to plan it out first 」

Huh? Wait, we serious about raping Momoko-neechan?

「 I’ll tell you beforehand, you can’t just rape me easily. If you want to violate me, then you have to come another day, and rape me with the full power of your organization! 」

Oh, so that’s it.

“If you want to, then try it”

「 Okay, well then. You good, Yo-chan? 」

Nei smiled at me.

Haaa, can’t help it.

「 Then, let’s go for another day. I’ll come and rape you, Momoko-neechan 」

「 Ufufu, I’m looking forward to that 」

Momoko-neechan’s face shows that some fun event just started.

Is she serious about me violating her?

Or, maybe she’ll use all the energy of Kaan house to oppose us?

I can’t see.

Oh well.

Anyway, we’re withdrawing for tonight.

「 Then, Onii-sama, we’ll greet off Erica-san’s parents 」

Ruriko said in satisfaction.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 We were also just done with our discussion 」

Going to the room where the Anna couple and the lawyer are staying…

Shou-neechan tells us.

「 Anna-sama, as mentioned earlier, Erica-san will stay in our home for tonight 」

Ruriko tells Erica’s parents.

「 Then, she will spend half of the week in our place and the remaining half in your home 」

Erica is established to be learning manners in the Kouzuki house.

「 Yes, please take care of her 」

「 Erica, don’t cause trouble to the Kouzuki house, okay? 」

Erica’s parents say worriedly.

「 Yes, Father, Mother 」

Erica said, then she sends a glance to Tsukiko.

Her Miko power is invoked stronger.

The parents aren’t saying anything about Erica’s red collar, that’s because Tsukiko’s already made an illusion with her power.

「 Erica just lost her purity to Kuromori-sama earlier. He tore Erica’s hymen, and now Erica’s womb is filled with Kuromori-sama’s seeds 」

Erica said and pats her abdomen lovingly.

「 Kuromori-sama also licked Erica’s breasts. I can still feel Kuromori-sama’s tongue in my skin. And my body’s violated here 」

Then, Erica;

Her deflowered body isn’t wearing any underwear below her clothes.

「 Erica is now Kuromori-sama’s slave. I’ve become a slave. I’m going to study lewd things every day so I can become a full-fledged sex slave and serve Kuromori-sama to pleasure as soon as possible! I will be trained 」

「 Yes, do your best 」

「 She’ll learn things she’s taught earnestly 」

Erica’s parents seem to be hearing something else entirely.

「 Yes, I’ll do my best 」

Erica bows her head.

Oh, I can see her naked ass from my spot.

Seems like that was the purpose.

Erica’s a lewd girl.

「 Ah 」

Erica covers her ass in a hurry.

「 What’s wrong, Erica? 」

Her mother asks.

「 It leaked out from the inside 」

Oh, my semen is dripping.

「 Don’t worry about it Father, Mother, I’ll be okay! 」

Erica smiled at her parents.

「 I’m happy right now 」

Marika’s watching from behind as Erica says that.

We can’t introduce her to Erica’s parents right now.

Tsukiko’s power is in work to make sure that the Anna couple doesn’t see Marika.

Even so, Marika;

「 Then, we’ll be taking care of Erica-san 」

Ruriko greets Erica’s parents from behind, then…

We also bowed together with her.