Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1169. In the Dark of the Night / Last Girl Standing



「 Yoshiko-san, who’s been left hanging around has no place unless Ruri-oneechan creates an independent force 」

Mana said. I…

「 Ruriko! 」

I called Ruriko who’s eating ice cream on the other side of the table

「 Yes, what is it Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko comes to me right away.

「 Let’s talk over there 」

I brought her to the sofa on the back of the room, away from the dining room

If we speak softly here, the girls at the table won’t hear us.

「 Onii-chan, can I? 」

Mana and Michi come over.

「 Sure, let’s go 」

I want to hear their opinion too.

The four of us sat on the sofa.

「 Well, it’s about Erica 」

I speak with a small voice.

「 What do you think, Ruriko? 」

「 Haa, nothing in particular 」

Ruriko replies with a blank face.

「 What should we do with Erica right now? 」

「 Well, Onii-sama can make her to your preference 」

She replied immediately.

「 Erica-san is just like me, Onii-sama’s sex slave 」

Well, about that…

Compared to her sister, Marika(Jasmine) who’s blending into the family slowly…

Erica still looks like she’s confused.

「 Yo-chan, what’re you worried about? 」

Nei comes over, and she embraces me from behind the sofa I’m sitting in.

Nei’s voluptuous breasts are pressed at the back of my head.

「 Want Onee-chan to fix it? 」

Nei whispers to my ear.

「 You know what’s up, Ya-chan? 」

「 Of course, I mean, I saw that from the beginning 」

Sure, Nei came with us to meet with Erica’s parents.

She should know the changes in Erica’s state.

「 I already mentioned that her image of being a sex slave is different from what she imagined 」

Michi said.

「 Yeah, of course, that’s a big reason, but there’s another big point to look at 」

Nei lowers her voice so it’s just us hearing her.

「 First of all, when Erica-chan shouted that she wants to become Yo-chan’s slave when she came here for the first time, that was just because her emotions bursts out because of all the things she’s burdened with 」

Erica discovered that she isn’t her parent’s daughter.

But, she can’t talk to her parents either.

Besides, if her father took away the shares that she received from her Grandfather’s inheritance, the pension paid to her mother and sister would stop. Marika and her mother will have problems with their expenses.

To resolve that problem, she came here to ask Ruriko and me a favor.

「 That girl’s interest in sex is true, but still, saying that she doesn’t mind becoming a sex slave was just because she’s reaching a standstill with her emotions 」

I think so too.

Erica isn’t stupid.

She’s impulsive, and her emotions drag her, but she’s an intelligent girl.

「 The deal was that the Kouzuki house and Kuromori house will use their powers to solve her family problem, in exchange for becoming my sex slave, right? 」

Erica doesn’t think that people do things for her free of charge.

That’s why she presented herself for the transaction.

「 Well that’s that, but that’s not all 」

Nei said.

「 I think that there’s also escapism involved in here. Now that she became Yo-chan’s slave, she thinks that she can leave all the decisions for her to Yo-chan, maybe that’s how she thinks? 」

Leaving everything to me as her escapism?

「 That girl thought that she can’t go back and live with her parents anymore after coming to this place. She’s not their real child after all 」


「 But, she’s still 14, and the inheritance she received from her grandfather won’t be free to use until she reaches 20, and she has no place to go when she leaves her parents 」

「 That’s why she came to us 」

「 Yes, she was in escapism mode thinking of self-abandonment “I don’t care whatever happens next.” She hasn’t decided on what she’ll do in the future, and so her thoughts are filled with the idea that Yo-chan can decide everything for her because she’s your slave now. Basically, she stopped thinking 」

Self-abandonment, Escapism mode.

「 Well, Ruri-chan’s here, and so she reckoned that there won’t be hell for her, but still 」

「 You mean that she won’t be killed, mutilated, forced to sell her body, or sold off to a foreign country, right? 」

Mana said.

Minaho-neesan planned to kill Mana after I raped her.

And it’s also true that she planned to sell off Yukino to a foreign slum brothel.

「 But since Erica-chan’s raised as a young lady, she’s still naive in that sense. She’s forecasting that Yo-chan will surely treasure her from the beginning. That’s why, she thinks that becoming Yo-chan’s slave is just a play, reenacting the world from the porno she’s read 」

「 Oh, I get it. Erica-chan doesn’t feel desperate, or should I say that she’s more of a lived-in feel 」


「 I was the same when I was still Shirasaka Maika, I had no sense of reality, despite Onii-chan raping me multiple times. I thought that I just have to endure what’s happening, talk appropriately, then if I manage to smooth things out, I can go back to my home and things will return the way they used to be 」

Back then, Mana pretended to be friendly, and yet, she was thinking of escaping.

Minaho-neesan knows her real intention, and so she’s been made to prostrate naked multiple times.

「 After discovering that I can’t go back to Shirasaka Maika’s life, that it’s over, Mana was so desperate. Mana was spared because of Onii-chan, and I know that it still hasn’t changed. If Mana were to betray Onii-chan, Minaho-san will surely kill me off 」

「 No, you don’t have to think of that anymore. Mana’s our family, and you’re the next homemaker in the family 」

Mana smiled.

「 Thanks, Onii-chan. But, Mana really gets carried away easily. Therefore, I must not forget caution. Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave, I live to serve Onii-chan. If I deviate from that, Mana will kill Mana. I’m unqualified to live if I betray Onii-chan 」

Saying that she looks at Yukino who’s sitting a bit further than the table.

「 Yukino-oneechan and I know well the horror. Therefore, we never get conceited 」


Yukino and Mana saw Shirasaka Sousuke’s execution.

They know that the Black Forest is a criminal syndicate and that they have a fearsome power through their skin.

「 Jasmine-chan too, she knows. Her mother came from the Black Forest, so she should’ve told her a lot. She’s found a resolution that she has to stay with this family after everything that’s happened. In return, she knows that we’ll never give up on her and her Mother when she joins us. That’s why she’s trying her best to blend in 」

Nei looked at Marika who’s having a conversation with Nagisa and the girls.

「 Even when the twins were bumping into Erica-chan in the bath earlier, she shows no desperation 」

Eri and Rie’s parents died, and even if they go back to Kansai, the Yakuza will get them.

「 If you stay here, there’s hope in safety in the future. Those girls will work hard so they don’t lose the benefit that Master gave them 」 」

Michi said.

「 We’ve all been through hard times in various places, put together by fate, and so we don’t want to lose this happy place 」

「 I feel the same way 」

Ruriko said.

「 Me too. Onii-sama purchased me as a slave, and now my life is filled with roses. 」 Therefore, I won’t do anything that will make Onii-sama hate me, I can’t 」

「 That’s why the law of everyone getting along has been established. Nobody wants to lose their happiness. And we all know that we can preserve that happiness when we cooperate. That’s why we don’t accept any selfish girls, and we know that protecting the harmony of the family is above all else 」

Nei said.

「 But, Erica-chan still doesn’t understand that. Even when knowing the rule about getting along, she doesn’t know how much we’re desperate in following that rule 」

「 Yeah, that girl hasn’t experienced anything scary 」

Mana muttered.

「 Then, as for Erica-chan’s biggest problem, it’s all resolved 」


「 She found out that her father, mother, and her late grandfather were not hiding the truth of her birth from her out of spite. I mean, her father and mother didn’t even know the truth. Furthermore, her father and mother still believe that she’s their real daughter, not knowing the truth. So, Erica feels a little awkward since she’ll remain family with her parents 」

If they discover that Erica is her Grandfather’s child, then her parents will be shocked.

Anna Kenichirou’s still blood-related to Erica, but, his wife, Anna Kazumi-san has no blood relation with Erica at all.

If she discovers the truth, that family may collapse.

「 Her family’s good now. Her stock problem is solved too. Far from that, she also met her sister she never met before. It’s the greatest result for Erica-chan 」

「 I see. She said something like “I’ll become your sex slave” so suddenly because she’s cornered, and yet, all of her worries are blown away 」

Mana nods.

「 That’s why she’s feeling disappointed. She became Yo-chan’s sex slave out of the momentum, but now she feels “huh, is this actually okay?” “Should I really be here?” 」

「 She’s grateful that Onii-chan saved her, but, she can’t find the determination to live off as a sex slave form here on 」

「 What a miserable topic 」

Hearing Nei and Mana say that Michi added.

「 Master, shall I motivate her? 」

「 Motivate? How? 」

「 I will teach her how to live as Master’s slave from the beginning 」


「 Don’t. It’ll only confuse Erica 」

The masochist Michi will only recite the pleasures of being punished to her.

「 Mitchan shouldn’t talk to her. Erica-chan has no sense of reality that she’s now Yo-chan’s slave. 」 It would be like reading porno, where she’d accept Mitchan’s story as a different world from her reality 」

I think so too.

Anything we tell Erica will just float around her head.

「 So, Yo-chan has two choices 」

Nei looked at me with a straight face.

「 First is to give up on Erica-chan, send her home. Tsukiko-san’s power can still erase her memory right if it’s now 」

Erasing the memories that she’s my slave and her deflowering.

To make her forget about us for convenience.

「 The other one is to make Erica-chan understand the reality she’s in. To give her self-awareness that she’s Yo-chan’s sex slave 」

「 So, which will you pick, Onii-chan? 」


「 We can’t just erase Erica’s memories. That will make Marika said 」

To Marika, Erica is her little sister she finally met.

Marika resolved herself to join the family.

So I can’t just let go of Erica now.

「 Besides, Erica sure had her worries resolved, but still, that girl is feeling in danger 」

I speak what I feel.

「 Erica also can’t live unless she’s in this mansion. I took Erica in because she had that aura 」

We need to support Erica in her instability.

「 Then, that’s decided 」

Mana smiled.

「 Then, please take care of Erica-san, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko says with a smile, but…

「 RUriruri, you’re wrong 」

Michi thought and looked at Ruriko.

「 I think that your attitude is what connects to Erica-imouto’s confusion 」

「 What do you mean, Michi? 」

Michi speaks with her usual dead-pan face.

「 Earlier, when Erica-imouto became Master’s sex slave, she misunderstood that she has to stop thinking and just leave all the decisions to Master, but 」

「 Yes, I can see that 」

Ruriko replies.

「 I feel like Erica-imouto’s mistaken perception is just like Ruriruri 」

Ruriko’s blanking her thoughts and leaving all the decisions to me?

「 Erica-imouto looks at Ruriruri and thinks that she’ll become Master’s slave 」

Oh, yeah.

Ruriko’s the young lady of the Kouzuki house, Erica’s senior in school, and the one she consulted with her problems.

「 I mean, wasn’t it Ruri-chan who recommended that she becomes Yo-chan’s slave, right? 」

Nei smiled.

「 If that’s the case, then I can understand why Erica-chan misunderstands that she can just be a slave like Ruri-chan 」

「 A slave like me? 」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「 Yeah, sorry to say but Ruri-chan, you depend on Yo-chan the most among the slaves. You leave all your requests to Yo-chan and believe that he can do it no matter what 」

「 But that’s because Onii-sama always leads everything to a good direction 」

「 But, Yo-chan isn’t a superman. Ruri-chan relies on Yo-chan too much 」

「 Yeah, even staying on team Katsuko is Ruri-oneechan’s bad way of blocking thoughts 」

Mana said.

「 What’s wrong, Mana-san? 」

「 Well, Ruri-oneechan, you actually should be making your team Ruriko instead 」

Mana speaks with a straight look. Ruriko’s shocked.

「 It’s been half a year already, besides, Misuzu-oneechan and Yoshiko-san are now living in the mansion, right? I don’t think you can keep staying below Katsuko-oneechan anymore 」

「 Right. Girls like Erica-chan should be under team Ruriko 」

Nei said.

「 When you stay under Katsuko-oneechan, you’ll stop thinking and just wait for orders. You don’t decide to do something that will be your responsibility 」

Ruriko criticized Ruriko.

「 I mean, look at what happened now. You didn’t consult Yo-chan and just brought Erica-chan in, and then saying “Then please take care of the rest,” is the worst. It’s okay to believe that Yo-chan can smooth it out but still, that just means that you stopped thinking. 」

「 I don’t think that being a slave means that you don’t think of anything, decide anything, and just wait for the Master’s orders. You’re a slave, so you need to figure out what master wants, and make a move instead of waiting for the order 」

Even Michi.

「 I’m very sorry, I… 」

Ruriko looked down and apologized to us.

「 However, if I make team Ruriko, I might confront Misuzu-chan 」

Misuzu and Ruriko factions have always been fighting inside the Kouzuki house.

There are Ruriko’s father’s sudden death and Yoshiko-san’s introduction as Jii-chan’s third granddaughter…

Also, Misuzu and Ruriko always look like they get along in public places, so…

Currently, the oppositions in the Kouzuki house have calmed down.

「 That’s why I want to stay under Katsuko-oneesama 」

Michi, who’s always been Misuzu’s bodyguard, is automatically in team Misuzu.

If Misuzu and Ruriko were to be a leader in different teams, then there could be opposition in the family.

Ruriko chose to be in team Katsuko because there would be no opposition to Misuzu if she remains there.

「 But you see, if Ruri-chan doesn’t become a leader, you’ll bring trouble to the girls who don’t have a place but under Ruri-chan 」

So is the argument.

「 Please understand those girls too 」

That’s not just Erica but also Yoshiko-san.

Yoshiko-san’s been doing her best for half a year as the third daughter of the Kouzuki house, but…

Yoshiko-san’s been Ruriko’s servant ever since she reached the age of discretion.

As expected, it’s most comfortable for her if she stays under Ruriko.

Yoshiko-san has no strength to be the face of the family as the young lady of the Kouzuki house.

She’s not trained from childhood like Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 Well, give it a thought since you have the chance 」

Nei said.

Looking at the table, Yoshiko-san’s looking at Ruriko worriedly.

She’s always worried about Ruriko all the time.

Even now, Yoshiko-san sees Ruriko as her Master.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, we all ate sweet stuff so make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly! 」

Nagisa tells everyone in the washroom.

Usually, everyone would be washing their teeth at random times, but…

Everyone ate ice cream so we’re all together.

That said, the room we’re using is used by the former prostitutes, so…

Everyone has a bathroom in their rooms and they can brush their teeth there, and yet…

For some reason, everyone’s brushing their teeth in the washroom next to the large bath.

Everyone’s in their bathrobe or pajama. Beauties on all sides.

Somehow, this is a thrilling sight in a sense.

We’re done washing our faces and brushing our teeth.

「 Goodnight, Kuromori-sama 」

「 Good night 」

Arisu and Karen come to me and greets me good night.

「 Yeah, good night 」

I kissed their lips that just finished brushing.

「 Good night 」

「 We’ll be going ahead 」

Kinuka and Mitama. I kissed off the team Arisu.

「 Good night, Onii-san 」

「 Good night 」

「 We’ll be going ahead 」

「 Excuse us 」

Luna, Koyomi-chan, Yomi, and Tsukiko. Team Tsukiko greets goodnight.

I still haven’t had sex with Koyomi-chan, so…

I kissed Koyomi-chan on her cheeks.

「 Good night, Papa! 」

Agnes is also in this group.

I kissed Agnes’ puffed lips.

「 Hmm! 」

I already taught her not to entwine her tongue when greeting good night.

The girls I kissed returned to their rooms.

「 I’m going to have morning training tomorrow 」

I kissed Megu.

「 Are you sure you’re okay, Yoshi-kun? 」

「 I’m fine. I’ll just sleep today 」

「 Who’s in charge today? 」

「 Nei-chan and me, so no worries 」

Nagisa tells Megu.

「 Please take care of him, Nagisa-oneesan. Yoshi-kun, Ai-chan and I decided to sleep together with Marika-san 」

Instead of sleeping by herself, she decided to sleep together with Marika in the guest room so Marika doesn’t feel lonely.

They’re both in the same year so it should be okay.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

「 Ai…will go to sleep 」

I kissed Ai too.

「 Good night 」

Marika too.

After kissing, Marika whispered to my ears.

「 As for Erica-san… 」

「 I know. I’m already considering it 」

Marika felt relieved after hearing my response.

Looking at Erica, she still looks confused.

「 Hey, I want to go to sleep so hurry up! 」

Yukino tells me.

No, you don’t even have to kiss me good night and go back to your room.

Yet, Yukino doesn’t do that now.

「 Just touch my stomach. It’s your child after all 」

「 Yeah, good night 」

I gently rubbed Yukino’s stomach.

「 I still have my night shift so I’ll change clothes and go back to work. Reika, you can stay over tonight 」

Shou-neechan said and kissed me.

「 Don’t push yourself too hard, aren’t you staying over in Kouzuki SS nearly every night? 」

I said.

「 Kouzuki SS now belongs to you, so I just show my spirit of dedication to the company more than I ever did 」

Shou-neechan said with a smile.

「 Me too 」

I kissed Rei-chan too.

「 I’ll go to sleep too. Goodnight Darling 」

「 Good Night 」

I kissed Edie and Haiji.

Oh, Margo-san doesn’t join this event so she’s already done before anyone noticed.

「 Well then, I’ll go ahead and prepare the bed 」

I kissed Nagisa too.

「 Okay, me, me! I’m next! 」

Katsuko-nee too.

「 Uhm, I’ll go ahead. Good night 」

I don’t kiss Yoshiko-san.

She bows to me and goes back to her room.

「 Well then, I’ll go sleep too! 」

Mana kissed me.

「 Then, take care of the rest! 」

The rest;

Nei, Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, and Mariko.

And Erica.