Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1174. And Now, A Bright Morning / Good Night, Good Morning.



「 Well then, take Erica-chan, Ruri-chan 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 Nagisa-oneechan and I are in charge of Yo-chan tonight! It’s about time we go back, Nagisa-oneechan’s waiting in the room 」

「 Oh, so that’s it 」

Ruriko agreed.


「 Erica, let’s go back to my room 」

「 Huh? But I want to feel Kuromori-sama more 」

Erica rubs her naked body to me.

「 Don’t be selfish, Erica 」

「 I know, it’s “Everyone gets along,” right? I just wanted to say that 」

Erica said with a smile.

「 Erica’s turn will soon be decided, besides, if you really can’t hold back, then just tell me 」

I said.

「 Yes, we can just change who’s in turn, or ask the girl who’s in turn to serve Yo-chan together! 」

Nei said.

「 Yes, I understand. Ah, it hurts! 」

Erica gets up from the bed and holds her hips.

「 Don’t push yourself too hard. Take it slow and rest tonight 」

「 Yes, certainly! Ufufu 」

Erica looked at me and smiled.

「 Erica will say “Certainly” only to Kuromori-sama!! 」

「 It makes you happy, doesn’t it? The reality of the special relationship with Onii-sama is sinking in, doesn’t it? 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yes, Ruriko-oneesama! Erica is Kuromori-sama’s sex slave! Kyaha! I’m so happy! 」

Our bonds become stronger, thicker when we had more sex.

「 Come here Erica, I’ll put on your bathrobe on you 」

Ruriko puts on the bathrobe Erica took off, as Erica’s still feeling pain in her crotch and hips.

「 I’m sorry, do I smell? 」

Erica’s body is sticky from sweat, love nectar, and semen.

「 It’s okay, I like this smell too. It’s the smell of sex with Onii-sama 」

Ruriko replied with a smile.

「 Then, let’s go to my room. Erica, we’re going to talk a lot about the future 」

「 Discussing with me? 」

Erica’s surprised. Ruriko;

「 I’ll set up team Ruriko. Will you join my team, Erica? 」

Those words were encouraging.

「 Yes, if you’re okay with me 」

Erica consented immediately.

「 Ufufu, Ruriko-oneesama 」

Erica embraced Ruriko.

「 Erica’s so happy that Ruriko-sama became my big sister 」

「 Yes, my best regards 」

Then, Ruriko;

「 Nei-oneesama, Onii-sama 」

「 I got this. You can go ahead, Ruriko-chan. Yo-chan needs a bit of rest 」

Nei fans me with her hand.

「 Hey, Ruriko-oneesama, while you’re at it, why don’t you scout Nei-oneesama in your team too? 」

Erica said something unthinkable.

「 Erica, that’s not allowed? 」

「 Why? Nei-oneesama’s kind, beautiful, lively, and she loves Kuromori-sama, and I think that she’s going to be welcome to enter our team, but… 」

「 Unfortunately, but you know, I’m that no feelings, no-life, needless rush girl. I’m originally a one-man army. Because this life is worth three billion Guilders 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 What’s Guilders? 」

Erica asks.

「 It’s the currency of the Astragalus Galaxy! 」

「 Astra? 」

「 That’s Leo’s brother. That’s not Astragalus Galaxy but it’s L77 Leo! 」

「 Haa 」

Erica looked at Ruriko’s face.

「 It’s okay. Nei-oneesama’s free, so that’s why she’s our big sister. I’d feel sorry if she joins our team 」

Ruriko speaks gently.

「 That’s how it is 」

「 Putting that aside, I’ve been under Katsuko-oneesama’s care for the past half-year, forgetting my duty as the daughter of the Kouzuki house. I’m truly sorry, Onii-sama 」

She bows her head to me.

Misuzu is Jii-chan’s granddaughter from his second son.

Misuzu has Michi, her loyal servant.

Ruriko doesn’t need to compete with Misuzu, but still, Ruriko should make her own team.

It’s to carry the huge Kouzuki house.

「 No, it’s okay. I think that your experience for the past six months is necessary to you Ruriko 」

Ruriko lived in a world where it’s just her and Yoshiko-san, her attendant, but…

But, when Katsuko-nee guarded her, she’s able to experience various things by herself.

From a life where everything is done by her servants, to being able to do housework by herself.

「 You can accumulate anything and so there’s nothing futile 」

「 Yes, it is as Onii-sama says 」

Ruriko said.

「 But, it’s about time for Ruriko to wake up or I’d feel sorry for Yoshiko-san 」

「 Yes, I can understand that 」

Ruriko replies with a straight look.

Ruriko went to team Katsuko, and so Yoshiko-san had no place to go, she was alone.

「 I’ll talk to Yoshiko-oneesama tomorrow 」

「 Yeah, you should 」

「 Yes, then if you’d excuse us. Good Night 」

Ruriko hugged me and kissed me on the lips.

「 Ah, Erica too. Good night, Kuromori-sama! 」

Erica kissed me too.

「 Well then, Ruri-chan, Erica-chan, good night 」

Nei smiled at the two.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ruriko and Erica left the Mirror Room.

As soon as the door closed down;

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I’m so tired!!! 」

I sprawled down on the bed.

So sleepy. I might go to sleep now.

「 Hey, Yo-chan, get yourself together. We’re going to Nagisa-oneechan 」

Nei massages my shoulders.

「 If you sleep in between Nagisa-oneechan and me then you can sleep even more soundly! 」

Well, that’s true.

Both of them compete for the first and second most glamorous bodies among my women.

「 You can make me your body pillow 」


I want to sleep wrapped in Nei and Nagisa’s breasts.

「 Okay, let’s hold out for a little longer! 」

I fired myself up and get up.

「 Yep, that’s great. Yo-chan! 」

Nei puts on my bathrobe.

「 Ya-chan, water 」

「 Here, Yo-chan 」

She handed me the bottle from earlier.

I drank it in one go.

I resupply myself with water and sweat out at the same time.

Man, my body feels heavy.

I’ve had too much sex this weekend.

「 Yeah, let’s go 」

After drinking up water, I get up from the bed.

「 Yes, Onee-chan’s with you. Let’s go! 」

Nei holds my hand with a smile.

We walk out of the room and to the corridor.

Nagisa should be waiting in my room.

Nagisa’s leaving early tomorrow so it should be okay for her to sleep early, but…

She’s been waiting for me.

Nagisa’s that kind of woman. She’s my wife after all.

「 Here, here, Yo-chan, walk steadily 」

I don’t need to have sex with them tonight, just sleep.

Furthermore, thinking that it’s okay to show my improper self to Nei and Nagisa;

My body loses strength, turned unsteady.

Oh, when Ruriko and Erica were present, I was straining myself so I won’t betray their expectations of me.

「 It’s okay now, let’s go, Onee-chan’s guiding you 」

Nei’s watching me attentively as we walk through the dark corridor at night.

I go to my bedroom.

「 Okay, we’ve arrived 」

After some time, I managed to arrive at the room to my door.

Nei knocked to let Nagisa know from the inside.

The door opened.

「 Nagisa-oneechan, thank you for waiting. I brought Yo-chan! 」

And inside;

「 Wow!! 」


Nagisa doesn’t say “wow,” right?

The girl who says “wow” in our family. I mean, this voice;

「 Agnes? 」

「 That’s right, desuno! 」

Looking inside the room, Nagisa and Agnes are sitting in the chair, reading something

「 What’s wrong? 」

I asked.

「 I studied a lot today so I can’t sleep yet! 」


「 So, I came to Papa’s room! 」

「 Yes, I was teaching her arithmetic 」

Nagisa smiled.

「 Oh, right. Err, Agnes… 」

I ask timidly.

「 Could it be that you want to have sex? 」

Agnes half a year ago was so mentally unstable.

She’d come to me and ask “Papa, sex” right away.

We had sex nearly every day.

But recently, she’s calmed down, but…

「 Hmm, it’s okay if we just sleep together. 」

Agnes replies.

「 Agnes will surely sleep soundly when sleeping together with Papa! 」

She smiled like an angel.

「 I see me too. I feel like I can sleep in peace when I’m with Agnes 」

「 Yes, let’s go to sleep! 」

「 Nei-chan, do you mind? Instead of three, now it’s four of us sleeping 」

Nagisa asks Nei.

「 No problem at all! 」

My bed is extra-large, because I use it to have sex with multiple people, so there’s no problem fitting four people in here to sleep.

「 Yeah, let’s go to sleep 」

I flopped in the middle of the bed.

It’s my bed, I won’t move until morning.

「 Papa! 」

Agnes jumps next to me.

「 It smells like Papa. Sniff, Sniff. You had sex with Erica-chan, haven’t you? 」1

Agnes noticed the smell of sex in my skin.

「 Yeah, I wanted to wash it off, but today 」

「 It’s okay, just do it tomorrow 」

Nagisa also lies down on the bed.

「 We don’t mind it at all. We know that you’re just doing your best 」

She embraces my back tightly.

Ooh, Nagisa’s soft body and warm skin heal me.

「 Agnes will also give a tight hug! 」

Agnes embraces me in front.

「 Well then, I’ll turn off the lights! 」

Nei turns off the lights.

Then, she goes to bed too

「 Good night, Yo-chan 」

「 Yeah, good night, Ya-chan 」

「 Good night, Papa 」

「 Good night, Agnes 」

「 Good Night, Dear 」

「 Good night, Nagisa 」

Feeling the warmth of my three women…

My consciousness fell asleep.

◇ ◇ ◇



The windows are already bright.

It’s morning now.

Pecha, pecha, pecha.

Chiro, chiro.

Huh? What’s this sensation?

「 Good Morning Papa 」

Agnes looks up at me while licking my dick.


「 G-Good morning 」

Another girl is fellating me.

It’s Marika in her Pajamas

「 W-What’s up, Marika? 」

「 Uhm, I have to go back to the dorm before school begins, so.. 」

Oh right, Marika’s living in the music high school dorm.

She’s staying over yesterday, but since it’s already Monday today, she has to go back to the dorm before the opening.

「 And uhm, I can’t go back here until the next weekend, so… 」

「 That’s right. Jasmine-chan said that she can’t come until Friday night! 」

Well, dorm students aren’t allowed to stay overnight somewhere unless it’s the weekend.

「 Jasmine-chan, you should just live here 」

「 That’s complicated 」

Marika said.

「 Once your sick mother is discharged from the hospital, you can come here with your mother and live in this mansion 」

Looking around, I see Nei lying on the bed, watching us with a smile.

「 I wonder about that? I don’t think that Marika-san’s mother sees it as a good idea 」

Nagisa’s already out of the bed, changed her clothes, and is doing make-up.

Oh right, she mentioned that she’s shopping in the flower market today.

「 If that’s the case, you can pick an open house around the mansion 」

Nei said.

The plot around the mansion all belongs to the Kuromori house.

It’s a place for us to evacuate when the mansion is under attack from the outside.

Several of the houses are connected by an underground passageway.

The house Megu and I are living in together is one of those.

Margo-san’s house, Nei’s house, Morimoto-san, the clerk of Kuromori tower, and his wife, is also living in one of the houses there.

「 If Jasmine-chan needs to practice piano, you can do it in the mansion. I mean, in the mansion, the piano doesn’t have a queue, and you can play as much as you want 」

The music school piano can’t be used for private practice unless you reserve it.

「 But, it’s still impossible right now 」

Marika said.

That’s right, Marika’s mother doesn’t know anything yet.

Later afternoon, Nagisa’s going to meet her in the hospital. Together with a former prostitute Marika-san’s mother knows well.

She can’t just leave the dorm that simply either.

「 I get that, but why is Marika licking my dick right in the morning 」

I asked straight.

「 Yes, I will not come back until Friday night so… 」

Marika speaks bashfully.

「 I want to have Kuromori-sama’s semen inside my stomach again 」

「 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, I feel sorry for her since she can’t have sex with Papa for four days 」

Agnes smiled.


「 Err… 」

Looking at the alarm clock on the side of the bed;

「 It’s okay, it’s only 20 minutes before the usual time that Yo-chan’s waking up 」

Nei said.

Meaning, it won’t have any effect on our work in the morning pastry.

If I ejaculate inside Marika within 20 minutes.

「 Please take care of me, Kuromori-sama 」

Marika unbuttons her pajama.

She’s not wearing a bra.

Oh, women with huge breasts are quite lewd when undressing their pajamas.

「 Is your body okay? It was your first time yesterday 」

I worry about Marika’s body, then.

「 It still hurts a bit like there’s something inside 」

Marika presses her crotch and said.

「 Then, don’t push yourself too… 」

「 I want to feel Kuromori-sama and carve it in my body 」


「 I’d like to spend the whole day feeling Kuromori-sama’s heat in my belly as I take my lessons, so please ejaculate inside me 」

Oh, Mariko’s pajama’s already wet on her crotch area.

Marika wants me to violate her.


  1. Wangy, wangy