Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1184. Short Story A / Human Success Part 7



「 So, what do you think of Kou, Kira? 」

Jii-chan asked the old man Kira, who’s the head of the Kaan house, with a smile.

「 Umu, he’s a very interesting boy, but… 」

Old man Kira looked at me and as soon as he said that…

『 Hey, you! Come down here and let’s talk! 』

The laptop on Jii-chan’s table brings out an angry voice.

『 We can’t go back home like this! Listen to us! 』

『 That’s right! Have a proper conversation with Murata-sensei! 』

Oh, even the secretary’s shouting.

「 Why are they still here? Why can’t they go back home? 」

Jii-chan asks curiously.

『 Hey, Kouzuki house! I know you’re watching! We’re not done talking yet! 』

『 That’s right, Murata-sensei hasn’t told you everything yet! 』

「 There’s nothing to talk about anymore, is there? 」

「 That’s right. The discussion clearly broke down, and they were told to go home already 」

Kaan Kira and Jii-chan don’t understand why governor Murata’s still making a fuss.

「 Kakka, I’ll go 」

Then, Yazawa-san told Jii-chan, but…

「 No, I will 」

「 You will? 」

Yazawa-san stared at me.

「 Yes. If we don’t tidy this up right away, they’ll just bring more trouble. Yomi, come with me 」

I called Yomi who’s at the table near the window

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi stood up.

「 Also, Shou-neechan, come with us as our bodyguard. Do you mind Jii-chan? 」

「 Kakka, is that okay? 」

Shou-neechan asks Jii-chan.

「 Umu, sure. Let Kou take care of it 」

「 Are you going again? But we have parfait ready here? 」

Agnes asked, but…

「 Don’t worry. I’ll be back right away, it won’t take five minutes 」

I told Agnes.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 If it’s just those old men, then I would be enough 」

Yomi says while we’re inside the elevator.

Recently, Yomi’s learning martial arts from Michi and Edie, so…

She seems dissatisfied that I had to bring Shou-neechan as our security too.

「 Well, this is a job from the Kouzuki SS so we can’t settle it ourselves 」

I said.

Shou-neechan has to be present as personnel of Kouzuki SS.

If it’s Yazawa-san, he might not see my intentions.

「 Besides, we can let Shou-neechan take care of our security so Yomi can focus on her job, see? 」

「 Well, true, but still 」

「 That’s not all. If they’re to start an electronic war, then the door won’t open unless I’m there 」

Shou-neechan smiled.

「 I have the master key that can open up any of the electronic locks in this hotel 」

Shou-neechan took out a gold keycard from her pocket and smiled.

This hotel belongs to the Kouzuki group, so it’s often used for secret meetings with people who want to visit Jii-chan, like today.

So, Shou-neechan has that.

「 Yeah, let’s finish this right away 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

「 There’s also the parfait that Agnes-chan wants to eat 」

The elevator drops to the same floor as earlier.

I walk at a faster pace, heading to governor Murata’s room.

「 !!! 」

Shou-neechan unlocked the door and I opened it.

I entered without announcing.

「 Ooh, it’s you?! 」

「 No, not you. It has to be Yazawa-san or someone above 」

Governor Murata saw my face and as soon as the secretary said that.

「 Yomi 」

「 Yes! 」

Yomi jumps out from my back.

「 Hey!! 」

She clapped her hands.

「 Mumumumu?! 」

「 Mupi?! 」

Yomi released her Miko power and Governor Murata and his secretary are captured.

「 Yomi, carve this into their minds 」

「 Okay 」

「 Your negotiations with the Kouzuki house were a complete failure. The cause is… 」

First, I talked to governor Murata.

「 Your secretary said too many unnecessary things that angered Kouzuki house 」

「 Mumumu!! 」

Governor Murata looked at his secretary.

「 Your secretary’s done something so rude and unsightly that it can’t be undone. That’s why you can’t negotiate with Kouzuki house anymore. Your secretary brought you to shame 」

A false memory that never happened is written into governor Murata’s mind.

「 On the other hand, you’re going to think that the failure in negotiations happened because of Governor Murata 」

This time, let’s carve it into the secretary’s mind.

「 You always thought that he’s a selfish and stupid politician but today, Murata-san made such a blunder that’s beyond your expectations. You never thought that he was this stupid until today. You can’t work for him anymore 」

「 Mumumu!! 」

The secretary’s mind is also becoming altered using Miko power.

「 You two can’t forgive each other. You don’t want to see each other’s faces anymore. You can’t even stay in the same room. So, you’re going to leave the hotel and part ways 」

「 Fugugugu 」

「 Nununu 」

They stare at each other.

Their faces show hatred.

「 As time passes by, your anger on each other grows further. 」 Therefore, Murata-san and the secretary, you two will collide your anger over the internet. Twitter, blog, anything will do, you’ll write about all the bad things they’ve done and the things you’ve heard from their mouth, especially those that’ll bring them in danger when exposed, you’ll write them all. You two will be exposing each other 」

Perhaps, this secretary knows a secret that could be fatal to governor Murata.

Even if they suddenly announce that the public won’t think that it’s strange because the two are in a middle of a fight.

They’ll think that a politician and his secretary had a discord, and so the secretary’s exposing all the bad things.

「 Listen, from now on, you two will curse each other and expose secrets. You’ll use every conceivable way you have and not care about anything else 」


「 Well then, go home already. You can remember Yazawa-san or my face, but our faces and our conversation will become fuzzy 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

Yomi did as I ordered and manipulated the two.

「 Oh, Sensei. This guy’s got a recorder 」

Yomi points at the secretary

「 Oh, he was trying to record this conversation. Yomi-chan, make him take it out 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Okay, please take it out 」

「 Uuu 」

The secretary takes out a pen-shaped recording device.

「 Okay, this is confiscated. Make him remember that he misplaced it somewhere 」

「 Okay, Shou-oneesama 」

「 Are there any other recording devices left? 」

「 Err seems like it. No, there’s none 」

「 Let’s confirm it just in case. They might not know but someone could’ve placed it on them 」

Shou-neechan moves forward and performs a body check on governor Murata and his secretary.

Then, she checked their bags too.

「 Seems like there’s nothing else. This room’s shielded from reception so any wiretap would be useless 」

「 Okay, then let’s release them in turns 」

I sent them home.

「 Goodbye for real this time, Governor Murata. I don’t think we’ll meet ever again 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

「 Okay, you can go home first 」

Yomi opens the door and governor Murata left the room.


「 Secretary, leave the room in five minutes 」

I said.

「 By the way, secretary, do you know anything that could end governor Murata’s political life? 」

「 I-I do 」

The secretary replied.

「 Then, make sure you post that information to the internet 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Welcome back! Let’s eat the parfait! 」

Oh, Agnes.

「 Huh? Were you waiting for us? 」

「 Of course! 」

「 We just ordered Misuzu-chan’s share too 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Hurry! Hurry! It’s parfait desuno! 」

「 Wait, I still have to give my report to Jii-chan 」

I go to Jii-chan and Kaan Kira.

The two are making a complicated expression.

「 Why did you finish them off? 」

Jii-chan asked me.

「 Yes, if you ask us, we could’ve just let them off alive 」


「 That’s just impossible with people you can’t reason with. If you don’t kill them off, they’ll surely cause harm 」

I replied honestly.

「 They’re a hundred times more stupid and childish than Jii-chan and Kira-san think. They’re the type of people who believe that they’re always right and privileged by the people around them and you can’t control them. They’ll let their emotions take control and act irresponsibly 」

「 Hmm 」

「 It’s not normal for them to stay in that room and demand another conversation even after being beaten so much. If they go home like that, they’ll bear a grudge on the Kouzuki house, who knows what they’ll do. Naturally, they’ll try to slander us with lies and slander. But, we don’t want to deal with each and every one of them, right? Even Kouzuki SS has more important work to do 」

I feel sorry for the people who’ll be in charge of doing all the countermeasures on governor Murata over the internet.

「 They’re not people that can be reasoned with, like how you’re saying that you’re letting them off, not killing them. At the very least, looking at it from the profit-and-loss view, they have to be able to hold off their emotions and listen to reason. Murata-san can’t do that. That man doesn’t listen to other people, and when his opinion doesn’t go through, he’ll get angry 」

「 Is that why you finished him off? 」

Old man Kira asked me.

「 Yes, they’re the kind of people you need to finish off immediately 」


「 I recalled something after hearing your point 」


「 Before the age of discovery, the Venetians controlled the spices imported into Europe. At that time, spices came from Southeast Asia, and so Venice had no choice but to buy spices through the Ottoman merchants, and they were expensive 」

Oh, it’s about pepper and spices.

「 Spain was able to buy spices directly from Southeast Asia by opening up shipping routes around Africa. That way, they can sell spices to the market cheaper than Venice because they don’t go through the Ottoman merchants. It’s said that the Venetian merchants at that time were prepared to say that “we’re going to lose our spice business to Spain in the future,” that they reached an economic crisis that would almost bring their country to collapse 」

Spain sells spices cheaper than them since they can buy directly from Southeast Asia.

Venice who had no choice but to buy from the Ottoman merchants can’t afford to drop the prices.

When all of Europe started buying the cheaper spices from Spain, the expensive spices from Venice won’t sell.

「 However, Spanish merchants didn’t understand business. They didn’t notice that they could sell more than Venice if they monopolize 」


「 They thought that they’re at a handicap if they sell the products cheaper than Venice. They thought of nothing but the immediate profits 」

So they sold at the same price.

「 Oh. The cost of the product is cheaper, and so if they sold it at the same price as the Venetians, they’ll make more profit 」

Kaan Kira understood.

「 Yes. Venice sells spices at a high price, and all of Europe accepts that price. Spain thought that if they could sell it for that much, they don’t need to lower their prices 」

「 So in the end, they couldn’t monopolize the market? 」

「 Indeed. If the price is the same, then European countries will not care buying from Spain or Venice 」

「 They could’ve monopolized the market first, crush their rivals, and then raise their prices 」

「 Spain back then lacked that kind of crafty wisdom. As a result, Venice was able to maintain its influence in the spice market. There was no economic crisis that could destroy their country 」

Jii-chan told old man Kira.

「 Don’t you think we do this a lot? 」

「 Kouzuki, what do you mean? 」

「 Venice was sustained by trade when they were a country of traders back then. So, as a businessman, common sense would tell them that Spain would try to monopolize the market by selling cheap spices 」

「 I see 」

「 But, Spain back then was a religious country, and they were poorly informed in business. They didn’t realize how much profit they could make because of their weapon of directly purchasing from Southeast Asia. The Spaniards didn’t notice what was obvious to the Venetian Merchants 」

Jii-chan looked at me.

「 It’s the difference in thinking, culture, and approach. People tend to think that their thoughts, their culture, are understood by others universally. That if you talk to them, understand them.. 」

「 People with different reason are hard to understand 」

I said.

「 If reason doesn’t go through them, then take them out. You’re just wasting time dealing with them 」

「 But, that man was the prefectural governor, wasn’t he? Shouldn’t he at least be able to account for his own profit and loss? 」

Old man Kira said, but…

「 They couldn’t as they showed. After checking and verifying, and it’s still not good, then just eliminate them 」

「 Is that why you finished them off? 」

「 Yes, before those could turn their malice against the Kouzuki house, I made them poke each other with their malice and destroy themselves 」


「 Yazawa, what do you think? Is that Man someone Kira and I can’t control? Was he that low level of a person? 」

Yazawa-san sighs.

「 If I may be honest, then I don’t think it’s possible, since he’s just an emotional person with no substance 」

「 Hmm 」

Jii-chan nodded.

「 When you’re someone like Kira and me, you tend to think that everything will go your way. That’s not good 」

「 So you accept his actions, Kouzuki? 」

Old man Kira looked at me.

「 It’s not like I approve of it, but he takes the initiative, picks his personnel…Putting the shrine maiden aside, he even commanded Seki-kun. You’ll have to accept it 」

Jii-chan smiled at me.

「 The good side of him is that he’ll never assume self-importance, he will make decisions through his eyes and he has the will to carry it through. Moreover, he never looks down from a high place like we do. He always looks at the other party in the same flat height as himself 」


「 That’s why my house needs him. At least, Kouzuki SS won’t work unless it’s him managing them 」

「 I know that those who had sheltered upbringing can’t use a security company that has too much fighting power 」

「 Papa is our family’s cornerstone! That’s why he’s dignified! That’s why Agnes and everyone never get lost! 」

Agnes speaks from the table.

「 Ojii-chan, give Papa back to us already! We can’t eat parfait like this! 」

「 Oh, she’s right. Go, Kou 」

「 Girls of their age are waiting for him so they could eat 」

Kaan Kira noticed that Agnes hasn’t touched her parfait and is surprised.

「 It’s not just her, look at all of them 」

Jii-chan’s right. Katsuko-nee, Luna, and Koyomi-chan…

They’re not eating, they’re waiting for me.

「 I see 」

Old man Kira’s thinking something but I went to Agnes and the girls now.

「 I’m sorry for making you girls wait. Did Misuzu already order? 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama, our food will also be here in a moment so please, go and eat first 」

Misuzu said.

「 Agnes-chan, Luna-chan, Koyomi-chan, and Yomi-chan passed their exams without problems it seems 」

Ruriko said.

「 Congratulations, everyone 」

「 Thank you desuno! 」

「 Onii-sama, Erica’s going back to her home today, but she mailed us that she wants to come to the mansion to celebrate 」

Oh, so that’s why Erica’s not with them.

「 Danna-sama, wouldn’t it be better for Erica-san to come with Agnes-chan and the girls in their school life to come? 」

Misuzu’s right. Erica’s popular in their school that she’s called the star of middle school.

She’s in the same school year as Yomi and close to Agnes’ age.

「 Right. Then, call her and ask her to come 」

「 Certainly 」

Ruriko replies with a smile.

「 Papa! Parfait! Parfait! Parfait! 」

Agnes is having fun.

「 Okay, let’s eat! Itadakimasu! 」

「 Yes, thanks 」

We started eating parfait.


「 Hey, Kuromori Kou… 」

Old man Kira called us from the other table.

「 What is it? 」

I turned around.

「 I understand you now. Sure, you can have sex with Momoko 」


「 I’ll allow you to have physical relations with Momoko 」