Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1186. Short Series B / Allies on TV Part 1 (Sex with Mana)



「 Iyaaaaan! Aaaahn! Onii-chan! Onii-chan! 」

I’m violating Mana, who’s crawling on all fours on the bed, from behind.

Her young pussy is accepting my penis to the depths.

「 Aaah, Onii-chan, do you want to violate Mana? Do you want to do it more? 」

「 Of course, I’ll violate you Mana 」

I slap Mana’s thin ass with my abdomen.

Mana’s vagina is leaking out hot love nectar while clamping on my penis tightly.

「 Aaah, yes! I love it! Mana loves it when Onii-chan rapes her! 」

Mana’s thin body is spraying her sweat around the sheets.

「 Mana, I want to cum while looking at Mana’s face 」

「 Okay! I want to see Onii-chan’s face while cumming inside too! 」

We let go of each other for a moment to change into the missionary position.

「 Haa, haa, haa, hurry, put it back inside Mana Onii-chan, violate Mana again 」

「 Sure 」

I held Mana’s thin legs up and went inside Mana’s pussy again.「 」

「 Kahaa~ It’s in again!! 」

Mana’s face warps.

「 Mana 」

We stare at each other and then I move my hips intensely.

「 Aaahn~ Onii-chan! Onii-chan!!!! 」

Mana’s cute breasts sway around.

「 Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave! Violate me! Do what you want with me Onii-chan! 」

This young beauty is getting aroused from what she says.

「 I’ll be your slave forever, don’t leave me! Onii-chan! Aaaahn! Onii-chan!! 」

「 Mana, I won’t let you go! Mana! 」

「 Aaahn! Aaaah! Kuuun! Yes! That feels good! Onii-chan’s penis is rubbing on the best parts! 」

「 Here? 」

「 Yes, there! Tease me more there! Please bully your slave more! Onii-chan! 」

「 Yeah! 」

I enter my last spurt.

「 Aaaah, aaaah, I’m feeling weird! I’m becoming weird! Mana’s getting crazy from Onii-chan’s penis! I’m turning mad!! 」

「 Go ahead! Turn mad! Mana! 」

「 Aaaah! Onii-chan! I love, love, love you!! Aaaaah! Mana’s being violated and yet…I’m cumming! I’m cumming Onii-chan!!! 」

「 I’m cummin soon too! 」

「 Go on! You can cum inside Mana whenever you like Onii-chan! It’s okay if we make a child! Cum inside your slave Mana!!! 」

「 Yeah, Mana! My Mana!! 」

「 Yes, I belong to Onii-chan!!! 」

Mana’s eyes are melting, wet.

「 Aaaaah! Onii-chan! Mana’s cumming! Cumming! Look at Mana’s embarrassing face! 」

「 Yeah, I’m watching! 」

「 Aaaaaaah! Aaaaah, kuuaaaaaaa!! Onii-chan! Onii-chan! Aaaaah! Cumming! I’m cumming!!!! 」

Mana’s body twitched.

I screwed my penis in the deepest part of Mana’s vagina.

「 I’m also cumming! Mana!! 」

「 Aaaah! It’s so hot!! 」

Byrurururu, byrurururu, byrurururu!!

I’m pouring my white liquid into Mana’s womb.

「 Aaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah!!!! 」

Feeling the hot liquid blow out deep inside her body, Mana came even more.

Her young body bends an arc multiple times.

She’s clamping on my penis tightly, trying to squeeze more.

Her womb is drinking in my semen in big gulps.

「 Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Onii-chan!!! 」

Mana’s diving into the sea of ecstasy for a while.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

I fell exhausted on Mana’s flushed body.

My hand gropes her cute breasts, kneading her nipples with my fingers.

「 Aaahn~ 」

Mana reacted from the after play, clamping her vagina.

「 I love you Onii-chan 」

Mana kissed me and asked for my tongue.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 That was amazing. Thanks, Onii-chan 」

After recovering from her climax, Mana smiled at me.

Her young body is sweating a lot. That beads of sweat are running across Mana’s body.

「 It felt great for me too 」

I licked the sweat on Mana’s nose.

It’s a little bitter and salty

「 Ehehe, Mana too 」

Mana also licked my face.


「 Haaa, thanks to Onii-chan having sex with me, I now feel refreshed 」

Mana said, then hugs me from below.

After dinner, Mana went to me and asked me to violate her while having a gloomy face.

It wasn’t Mana’s day, and there was a time before sex before bed, but…

I felt that I had to hurry after looking at Mana’s expression.

That’s why I made time to have sex with Mana like this.

「 As expected, I’m also a woman. I feel down and uneasy at least twice a month 」

Mana said.

「 And having sex with Onii-chan, and feeling Onii-chan in my stomach makes me feel at ease. I feel that I’m here, that it’s okay to stay

My penis is still inside Mana’s young insides.

「 I can feel that I’m gradually changing. Sometimes, I look at the mirror and ask myself “wait, is this really me?” 」

Mana’s program is going smoothly.

She’s in her growth period, but still, her height’s growing really fast.

She’s controlling her diet and exercise so she can gain the model body.

Her face is starting to feel more adult among the childish face.

Furthermore, she’s beautiful.

「 But look, Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave, so when having sex, Onii-chan looks at Mana, and I can see it. Mana’s face is reflected in Onii-chan’s eyes 」

「 I know. I also see my face in Mana’s eyes 」

I replied.

「 When having sex, the Mana reflected in Onii-chan’s is the real Mana. Yes, Mana’s here. Onii-chan is inside Mana. I feel happy 」

Mana rubbed her cheeks with mine.

「 I’m also happy, Mana 」

「 Onii-chan 」

Mana and I kissed.

Then, I pulled my penis out of Mana’s insides, and then…

We lie down on the bed and caress each other’s naked bodies for a while.

I caressed Mana’s breasts, stomach, and ass.

Mana’s giving my penis cleanup fellatio.

「 I love intense sex but I also love this laid-back flirting 」

My slave said with a cheerful look.

Seems like her unease is gone now.

「 Let’s do it again on Sunday night.  Even Monday morning if you want to 」

I told Mana.

Next week, Mana and the girls will attend a new middle school.

I noticed that’s one of the causes of Mana’s unease.

Mana fears that her identity will become exposed.

There was so much fuss half a year ago throughout Japan…and she’s the daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke who died mysteriously.

Mana’s appearance changed over the past six months, but Mana herself fears going to a new school.

「 Mana’s going to be okay. Look after Agnes 」

Agnes and the girls’ first school attendance will also be on Monday next week.

「 It’s Agnes-chan who’s going to school for the first time 」

Agnes had always been confined in the basement of the mansion, so it’s her first time going to school.

「 But, Agnes has the three shrine maidens with her 」

Yomi, Luna, and Koyomi-chan are all there to make sure that Agnes doesn’t feel mentally unstable

「 They’ll be in Karen’s class, and also, Ruriko, Michi, and Erica are in the middle school, which is just the next building 」

Furthermore, Misuzu, Yoshiko-san, and Mariko are in the other building.

They have a lot of backups.

「 But, Mana’s going with Arisu, who’s raised as a young lady, Kinuka, who’s ignorant of the world, then Rie and Eri who I don’t know what they’ll do 」

「 Ahahaha, true, it’s all troublesome girls 」

I’ve considered sending the calm Haiji into Mana’s school too but…

Haiji is Mariko’s bodyguard, and she’s attending that school.

It would be a waste to throw away that registration.

「 Mana’s the only second year and all the other girls are in their first year 」

That’s why Mana’s the one looking after the problem children.

「 Well, in that regard, we’re just going to an evening middle school and gather in just one classroom so I feel at ease 」

Though it’s a new middle school, they can’t enroll in ordinary ones.

Mana and the girls will be in a special class.

However, I don’t think that they’ll mingle with the students in that school.

「 It’s okay. Mana’s the big sister so I’ll look after them. 」 But in exchange, Onii-chan 」

Mana smiled…

「 When I feel worried again 」

「 Sure, anytime 」

「 Yes, thank you 」


『 Okay, it’s about time for Yukino-chan’s show! Everyone, gather in the dining room! 』

Katsuko-nee’s announcement can be heard from the ceiling speaker.

It’s Friday today.

It’s Yukino’s program time.

「 Haa, we have to watch that. Yukino-oneechan’s doing her best too 」

Mana stretches her naked body.

「 It’s been half a year and the ratings are still up there, right? 」

「 Yeah, so it’s a big nuisance it seems. You know, Yukino-oneechan’s show has no sponsors after all 」

「 Yeah, it may have high ratings, but the TV station isn’t pleased with it 」

「 I mean, if you look at the other television stations, the existence of her show is just bad 」

It is a no-commercial show where nobody knows who or what objective they have.

Furthermore, the MC is Yukino, who isn’t even an entertainer.

Furthermore, Yukino’s allowed to speak as wild in the show as she pleases.

Because of that show, the ratings of the broadcasting station itself go down…yep, that’ll make them angry.

「 Also, remember, the twins and Mitama-san showed up on her program recently, right? That increased their popularity even more 」

Eri and Rie are just as sharp-tongued as Yukino, and Mitama’s showing off her beautiful body in a bikini as the cover girl.

「 They’re all cute girls, and so the male fans have doubled 」

Oh, back then…

When Yukino’s just talking to the comedian Snatch, and the gay columnist Francie…

Yukino talks to Francie, and then Snatch calms them down, which was fun, but…

Eri and Rie are beauties that have a lot of fans as their Yakuza parents sold them as idols on the underground.

Mitama’s also an imposing beauty.

The three of them are wearing a micro bikini, so naturally, their male fans increases.

「 Anyway, let’s go watch them. Seems like the twins have a plan for today 」

「 Right 」

Mana and I took a light shower.

We put on our clothes and went to the dining room.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Papa! Papa! Hurry! 」

Agnes calls me

Everyone in the mansion, apart from Mao-chan and Nagisa, is in the dining room.

Mao-chan is in her bathing time now, and since she’s a toddler, she sleeps earlier than everyone.

Huh? Kinuka’s not here.

Her big sister’s going to be on TV, and yet…

「 Papa, here’s your seat! 」

Seats are prepared in front of the large LCD display.

「 Also, as for the one to sit on Papa’s lap tonight. Erica-chan! 」

Agnes smiled at Erica.

「 Oh, Erica-chan’s a new girl so you should let Yo-chan hug you 」

Nei said and smiled.

「 But in exchange, when Papa’s penis grew big while hugging Erica-chan, you’ll have to take responsibility and have sex! 」


I just had sex with Mana earlier.

I came inside her once and on her mouth during the cleanup fellatio.

「 Err, then, excuse me 」

Erica comes over.

She sits her butt on my lap and I embraced her from behind.

「 Am I heavy? 」

「 Not really. Just enough 」

「 I’m glad 」

Erica’s still young.

Her nervous body is loosening up from my embrace.

「 Tomorrow, Marika-oneesama’s coming 」

Marika. Erica’s big sister. However, Erica’s parents don’t know about Marika.

She goes to a dorm music school so she can only stay in the mansion during weekends.

「 Marika’s mother has been transferred to a Kouzuki group’s hospital 」

「 Yes, thank you 」

Marika’s mother, whose physical condition is deteriorating, was a former prostitute of the Black Forest.

Katsuko-nee went to her with a retired prostitute from her age and talked to her.

She acknowledged me taking care of Marika and Erica.

「 Also, Kuromori-sama, when Marika-oneesama comes tomorrow 」

Erica told me.

「 I want Onee-sama and I trained together 」

These sisters didn’t know about each other until recently, and so they’re trying to deepen their bonds by having sex with me.

「 Yeah, I got it 」

I promised Erica.

「 Erica wants to be tied up and raped 」

The classic porno novel reader smiled at me.

「 That’s okay for Erica, but since Marika’s playing piano, we need to be careful not to injure her hand and fingers okay? 」

「 Oh, you’re right. Maybe we should not do it outside? 」

「 Yeah, go think of what can we do that’s fun for the three of us 」

「 Yes! 」


「 Oh, it’s starting!! 」

The TV chimes.

『 Eeh, this week’s no-title show is starting. Good evening, I’m Snatch 』

『 Francie! 』

『 What, we’re already starting?! 』

As usual, the show begins in a goofy studio with no set, and nothing but a pipe chair and a folding table.

That show only as one camera, and not even a close-up shot.

The staff is kept to the minimum.

It’s a horrible program that broadcasts what’s going inside the studio from a fixed point.

『 Hey, do some greetings at least Yukino. You’re the face of this show 』

Snatch said, but…

『 Does it really matter? Everyone already knows who am I since they’re watching my show anyway! 』

『 But you know, that’s the etiquette of show business! You start with a greeting, and end with a greeting 』

『 Let her be, Snatch. Yukino-chan isn’t even an entertainer 』

Francie mediates.

『 But you know… 』


『 Okay, okay, we haven’t done our greetings yet you know 』

『 We’re not done yet! 』

『 Excuse us 』

Replacing Yukino, whose stomach is already standing out, and so she’s now wearing proper clothes, three girls in a micro bikini come in.

『 Good evening, I’m Eri 』

『 Evening. It’s Rie! 』

『 I’ll fulfill my duty as the cover girl for tonight as well. Anjou arts practitioner, Anjou Mitama, announces her visit!! 』

Oh, Mitama’s the only one wearing a micro bikini, and yet, she’s carrying a Japanese sword.

Well, it suits her, carrying a sword gallantly while exposing her tight body.

『 We’re receiving a lot of emails in our show! Thanks! My favorite food is cheesecake! 』

『 No really, thank you guys, as for me, my favorite is miso food 』

『 My favorite feudal lord is Ryuzoji Ikane 』


「 As expected of Mitama-chan, that was harsh 」

Nei, you know who that is?

『 I don’t know why but Mitama-chan’s the only one who received the question asking “Who’s your favorite samurai from the end of Edo period” 』

『 No, it’s obvious why. Mitama-chan’s carrying a sword…but I don’t think that Mitama-chan’s a history buff though 』

『 By the way, my favorite from the three kingdoms is Xiahou Jie 』

Mitama said with a straight face.

『 Oh, I heard that you girls have some kind of project tonight 』

Snatch said.

『 Yes, of course. Mitama-chan, show us that thing! 』

Eri said. Mitama pushes a large monitor for casters in front of the camera.

『 In ordinary shows, the staff would play the video from the editing room above the studio, but we don’t have anyone in charge of that, so… 』

『 The only way we can make a video is to record from the monitor like this. Now, forgive the poor quality 』

『 But in exchange, this is left unchecked for the TV people 』

Eri and Rie are going to show some kind of video?

『 We came over to the TV station earlier than usual tonight for this 』

『 Eri-chan, Mitama-chan, and I did! 』

『 Then, the three of us put on our lewd swimsuits 』

『 The three of us tested out various things in the TV station 』

Eri and Rie, and Mitama walked around the station while in a swimsuit?

『 Then, a lot of people came over to us 』

『 Furthermore, some were loud, some talked to us whisperingly 』

『 And we recorded all of them 』


『 My little sister, stealth Kinuka erased her presence and recorded it in secret!! 』

Mitama said, and Kinuka, who’s hiding her face with black clothes and black hood, appeared briefly.

『 Using techniques from the Anjou arts, I took a recording of big sister and the girls 』

Kinuka’s showing up on TV now too?

『 With that said, we’re going to show some hidden shots! 』

『 To tell the truth, the TV station people are all sexual harassers and pedophiles 』

『 To those who know them, please enjoy watching 』

As soon as Snatch noticed what the twins were planning.

『 Hey, what are you girls thinking about?! 』

He tries to stop the video from playing, but…

『 Kinuka! 』

『 Yes! Onee-sama! 』

Kinuka threw a shuriken at Snatch’s feet.

『 W-What?! 』

Snatch stopped moving.

『 Anjou arts Kenpou, Kage Nui…I’ve stitched your shadow, you can’t move anymore 』

That’s not Kenpou, but Ninpou. 1

『 With that said. Let’s ignore Snatch and play the video! 』

『 Click! 』

Then, the sneak shot video played…


  1. Martial arts, Ninja Arts