Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1187. Short Story B / TV People Part 2



『 Err, first, we’re walking around the dressing room of the television 』

Eri says while looking at the hidden shots reflected in the monitor.

Oh, Eri and Rie, then Mitama wearing nothing but a micro bikini shows up.

Kinuka’s hiding behind, recording the video.

Mitama’s ass eating her underwear. Lewd.

That’s a nicely shaped and tight ass.

No, Eri and Rie’s young ass is squishy and cute too.

『 Mitama-san, you have to walk like this so your butt sways 』

Rie on the screen walked swinging her ass.

『 Right, we’re fishing right now 』

Eri followed, walking while swinging her hips

『 L-Like this? 』

Anjou Mitama’s been the bodyguard of the Kurama house ever since she was born and so she knows nothing but how to fight.

She doesn’t know how to walk other than in martial arts, and so she’s doing it poorly.

The heavy sword on her hand must have its effect too, but…

『 I wonder if this goes well…I feel like this way of walking has a problem with the center of gravity 』

Mitama said, then…

The camera shook for some reason.

『 Kinuka-chan, you don’t have to do the same 』

Rie turned around and told Kinuka who’s holding the camera.

『 Right. Kinuka-chan, you have to be steady, since you’re recording

Eri said.

『 Kinuka, it’s time to show the results of your daily training in the Art of Tranquility. Hide 』

『 Yes, Onee-sama 』

The screen turned stable.

『 Hmm, there’s not much traffic at times like this 』

Mitama’s right, there’s hardly any people in the dressing room.

『 Recently, the shows aren’t just on the TV station’s studio, but other studios too 』

『 But, there should be some studios that are recording at times like this 』

Eri and Rie said.

『 Yes, that. The same shows that are always recording at the same time we’re on backstage 』

The same show?


『 Hey, you!! 』

A threatening voice of a woman is heard.

『 Do you need something from us? 』

Looking at where Mitama’s speaking, there are three women in their 20s in their stalls in the dressing room.

They’re all wearing motorcycle-delinquent looks.

Their chests are coiled with a white bandage, their navels exposed, and a long jacket for the lower half.

They have short hairs, red, blue, and yellow dyes.

And the three of them are holding wooden swords.

『 Yeah, we have a business that’s why we called, come to our dressing room! 』

The red-haired woman said.

『 If you have a business then we’ll hear it 』

Mitama said calmly.

Eri and Rie hid behind Mitama.

『 What’s with that? Cold feet? 』

『 That’s lame you know 』

The blue and yellow-haired girls behind the red one glared at Mitama and the girls.

『 Cold Feet? Me? 』

『 That’s right, got cold feet, don’t you? 』

『 Hey! Hey! 』

Mitama ignored the delinquents and asked Eri.

『 What does that mean? 』


Right, Mitama is also a student in that school as Misato and Arisu’s bodyguards.

She doesn’t know the street language.

『 Oh, cold feet means that the person is afraid, trembling from another person’s threat 』

Eri explained it clearly.

『 Am I trembling in fear? Also, were they actually making threats? 』

Mitama looked at the three curiously.

『 What’s with that bitch?! 』

『 Don’t fuck with us!! 』

The blue and yellow head glared at Mitama, but…

『 That was their way of threatening 』

Rie smiled wryly and said.

『 I see. Interesting 』

Mitama said and faced the three.

『 Either way, if you’re going to call out someone, shouldn’t you name yourself? If it’s not trees and stone, then what’s your name? 』

『 ‘didyousaybitch?! You don’t know us?! 』

『 You’re f’king kidding me! 』

The blue and yellow made even more noise, but…

『 Stop it. Don’t get into their pace 』

The red stopped the blue and yellow.

『 We’re the Kanto Kyakuren Renmei Ladies, the Peking Natives of Fuer You 』

The red smiled.

『 I’m Rosakinesis Fouko, the leader. And these girls are; 』

『 Sub-leader, Rosagigantia Aoko! 』

『 Deputy leader, Cinanthropus Pekinensis Yuko! 』

『 And the three of us are Pekingenjin! 』

『 Fuu! 』

『 Aah! 』

『 Yuu! 』

The three made some kind of pose.

『 Wait, you actually know who we are don’t you? 』

『 If you know who we are then don’t make us introduce ourselves! 』


『 As you can see, we’re comedians. 』

『 Celebrities! Talents! 』

『 Don’t look down on female talents!!! 』

Oh, they’re not actually delinquents.

I mean, you don’t see motorcycle delinquents nowadays.

『 Talents? 』

Mitama doesn’t know anything about show business.

『 You see, a comedian is a person who does something funny on TV to make them laugh and have fun 』

Rie explained.

『 I see. So that’s it. I see 』

Mitama looked at the three closely.

『 But, the three of them haven’t done anything interesting so far. I can’t seem to find it funny or fun 』

『 W-What did you say bastard?! 』

『 You’re denying our talents?! 』

Mitama ignored the two who raised their wooden swords as intimidation.

『 If you have the skill then I’ll see, show it 』

『 You…picking a fight with us… 』

The red leader glared at Mitama.

『 What are you talking about? You’re the ones who are picking a fight here! 』

『 That’s right! To think that three adults are picking on children like us, that’s not nice! 』

Eri and Rie said.

『 Well, why not. Now that you’ve named yourselves, I’ll name myself too. I’m Anjou Mitama, practicing Anjou arts 』

『 Of course we know that! 』

『 We called you out because we know that! 』

Blue and Yellow shouted in return to Mitama’s graceful introduction.

『 You have some business since you called us, don’t you? What do you want to tell us? 』

Mitama talked to the tree calmly.

『 Oh well. I’ll get straight to it then

Leader Red speaks up.

『 We’ve checked on your show. You seem to be getting a good reputation 』

『 I’ve no interest in that. I’m only doing my role as the “cover girl” as my Master ordered me 』

Mitama replied without emotion.

『 It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking while doing that show. Or rather, it’s troublesome. Your appearance, your existence itself 』

What does that mean?

『 Leader’s right. Look, you’re just overlapping with our character, don’t you? And it’s annoying that you’re outshining us 』

『 We’re the seniors in this industry, and so shouldn’t you the one who changes the character for us? 』

Blue and Yellow said.

『 Overlapping character?? 』

Mitama found something she didn’t understand again.

『 Well, overlapping characters means; 』

『 The appearance, acting, and ambiance is so close that it could be confused for the other 』

The twins explained.

『 But, does Mitama-san and these girls resemble each other? 』

『 From my eyes, I don’t see any overlap at all 』

No, I don’t think so either.

Mitama’s a beautiful escort, and the three talents have the motorcycle delinquent character.

What’s similar?

『 You’re kidding me! Take a good look!!! 』

『 That swimsuit! We’re exposing our navels here! 』

『 No matter how you look at it, you’re going with the sexy route! 』

『 Furthermore! You’re also copying our wooden sword, holding a katana 』

『 You know which parts of our character pops out don’t you?! 』

Blue and Yellow shouted at Mitama.

Leader Red;

『 With that said, you have to apologize to us. Let’s see, from now on, when you’re on your show, wear something less revealing. Oh right, put on some padded kimono or something 』

『 Also, don’t bring your Katana 』

『 Also, while at it, you have to shave your head as your apology to us!

The three said something selfish.

『 I’ll tell you beforehand, our leader is really the former president of the Ladies 』

『 You too subleader, you’re a judo black belt, weren’t you? 』

『 And I’m also a professional Mahjong player who won a few tournaments! 』



『 Hmm, overlapping character. I see 』

She’s thinking something.

『 Meaning, Eri and Rie, your relationship is basically an overlapping character? 』

『 No, Mitama-san, we’re twins. 』

『 We have the same face and physique, but Eri-chan and I are different from each other 』

『 Right, Rie-chan 』

『 That’s right. I’m much more graceful than Eri-chan 』

『 Huh? I wonder about that. I feel like I’m much more of a woman than Rie-chan 』

『 That’s where you’re wrong. I’m the better woman 』

『 We’ll ask Onii-san when we get back home…we need to know which one is much more womanly 』

『 Sure, we’ll let Onii-san pick 』

I’m the one deciding now?

『 If these twins don’t have overlapping characters, then… 』

Mitama looked at the three talents.

『 I guess this is just a false accusation then 』

The talents;

『 W-What?! Are you trying to call us false accusation?! 』

『 Wrong, we’re teaching you the common sense of show business! 』

『 You girls came out later than us, and so it’s your fault. Naturally, you apologize to us! 』

At that moment, Mitama took out her katana.


『 Eeeii!! Toooaaaa!! Iyaaaa!! 』

She slices the wooden sword the three of them are holding right in half.

『 W-What? 』

『 Eeeeeh?! 』

『 That was real?! 』

Seeing the sparkle of the blade, the talents sank into the floor.

『 What part of me resembles you again? 』

Mitama glared at the talents.

『 How dare you equate your soft and flabby bodies to me, a model of Anjou arts! Thus I will punish you three!!! 』

Mitama points the edge of her blade to the three talents.

『 Hieeeeeeeee!!! Help me!! 』

『 I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! 』

『 Hey, that’s dangerous! You’re going to hurt us! 』

Seeing the three panic, Eri;

『 Mitama-san, that’s enough 』

She stopped Mitama.

『 These girls probably came over to bully us out of someone’s orders anyway 』


『 Isn’t that right? The guy peeking from the dressing room? 』

Kinuka’s camera looks at the dressing room corridor.

Oh, yeah, someone’s peeking from the door that’s slightly opened.

『 Mitama-san, put your sword back if not, they can’t come out 』

『 They seem to be shy people 』

Rie and Eri looked at the dressing room and smirked.

『 I see 』

Mitama puts back her sword to the sheath.



Two tall men show up from behind the dressing room door.

I’ve seen them before. They’re two of the famous male idols.

Though you call them idols, they’re actually past their thirties.

They’ve been popular for fifteen years that they’re regulars in end-of-year festivals. They’re also active in drama and movies.

『 Oh my, that’s a lot of fuss in the corridor. Didn’t they teach you in elementary not to make noise in the hallways?

The short-haired among the two said with a thin smile.

『 Hm, what are you girls doing? 』

The long-haired one speaks with contempt.

Both of them came out after noticing the noise in the corridor.

And that they don’t care about Mitama and the women talent’s exchange earlier…or so they act.

◇ ◇ ◇

『 Hey, hey, this is bad 』

Snatch, who’s watching the video on the screen, unable to move because of Kinuka’s “Kagenui,” muttered.

『 Those girls belong to Youth Production, you can pass it off as a comedy act, but… 』

『 Right…involving Ken and Gin is definitely bad 』

Francie, the gay columnist, who sits next to Yukino, said.

『 Yeah, Ken and Gin’s office is managed by the Yakuza after all 』

Yukino said seemingly fun.

『 Hey, Yukino-chan! 』

『 Hey, we’re broadcasting live you know, Yukino!! 』

Francie and Snatch tried to stop her, but…

『 What? Didn’t you two tell me that? That Death Star Pro’s upper brass are the Yakuza, and so their talents are always troublesome 』

『 Don’t reveal that on a nationwide broadcast! 』

Snatch shouted, but…

『 What? I knew that even when I was just an ordinary student you know. They’re famous over the internet. I’m talking about that case of a talent who tried to make a move on “Death Pro” a long time ago but got killed and buried in the mountains 』

『 That’s why I told you not to reveal it! 』

Francie tries to cover Yukino’s mouth.

『 Too late 』

『 Yeah, too late 』

Eri and Rie said from the side of the monitor.

『 Mitama-chan and I already got rid of them 』

『 That’s right, it’s already settled off 』

The twins smiled.

Mitama holds her katana without making any face.

『 W-What did you do girls? 』

Snatch asked, the twins;

『 Well, you’ll understand when we continue the video 』

『 Okay, let’s continue! 』

◇ ◇ ◇

『 U-Uhm, Ken-san, Gin-san 』

The leader Red spoke to the two idols that appeared from the dressing room.

『 Shut up, don’t look this way! They’ll think that we’re friends! 』

The short-haired man said.

『 But, uhm, sorry 』

『 Sorry 』

『 We’re sorry 』

The girls bowed their heads to Kentogin saying that.

That’s why it’s clear that it’s them who sent to harass Mitama and the twins.

『 Dammit! You girls sure are useless 』

『 That’s enough, go back to the dressing room 』

『 I don’t want to see your faces again today 』

Ken and Gin said, spitting out.

『 No, but, our shift isn’t over yet 』

The leader said, but…

『 I’m already telling you that it’s enough 』

The long-haired one said.

『 It’s not like you girls are regulars, so don’t show up for a week 』

『 B-But, Ken-san 』

『 If you don’t like that, then don’t show up ever again 』

『 We can ban you not just from our shows but all of the shows connected to “death pro” 』

『 Do you want it to be just yourselves, or do you want to involve your whole office? 』

The men said, the girls trembled.

『 Please spare us from that 』

『 It’ll trouble everyone in the office 』

『 Spare us! 』

The female talents fell prostrate on the floor.

『 Then hurry up and go back to the dressing room!! 』

『 Don’t show yourselves until we tell you!! 』

『 Y-Yes! I understand! Right away!! 』

The girls dashed into the dressing room and closed it up.

『 Who are these people? 』

Mitama looked at the men and asked the twins.

『 Hey now, do you not know us? 』

『 Are you even Japanese? Or were you living in the Borneo jungle until last week? 』

I don’t know why Borneo, but…

These men look down on Mitama and said.

『 The long-haired guy is Kouhata Ginjirou. The other one is Kurose Ken. The two of them are a unit called Ken & Gin 』

Eri said.

『 Unit? 』

『 Oh, it means their job is to sing, dance, appear in drama, or host some variety shows with the two of them 』

Rie explained.

『 I see. So that means these two are also entertainers 』

Mitama looked at the two idols.