Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1193. Fighting On / All Athletes Enter!



「I guess Edie-san is weak at pinning?」

Kuromiya Motoko-san, the young lady knowledgeable in combat, said.

The technique that numbs the enemy body for an instant named Raishouin Raiden, is when one sends a wave of Qi on an acupuncture point, which is integral for the nerve and blood vessels.

Edie’s been using that technique during the qualifiers.

「We’ve trained it a few times so far but Edie’s only done standing throw techniques, and never knocking the opponent down to pin them」

Kuromiya-san’s learning bodywork from Edie and Michi at the joint training session for the young ladies and their guards at the old training hall of Kouzuki SS.

「Edie and my techniques focus on actual combat after all」

Michi said.

「Actual combat isn’t designed for one-on-one combat with a time limit and referees like competitive martial arts. Especially when it’s one versus many, if you try to pin one enemy, others will attack」

Yeah, even when you pin one…

The others can come after your back or head, and that’s dangerous.

「In the worst-case scenario, you have to assume that enemies will flee when you take them down one after another. Furthermore, our roles are bodyguards, and so, we must always know the position of our Master who we are supposed to protect. Therefore, we need to fight standing when possible」

「When pinning a person, you can beat one, but it takes time for your next action」

Michi said. Kuromiya-san nodded.

「Edie is new to this kind of competitive fighting」

I muttered.

One-on-one mixed martial arts fight with rules.

Inside a ring, with a time limit and a referee.

「When fighting against someone who’s primarily a standing fighter, MMA fighters will basically tackle you down and win by pinning you」

Kuromiya-san said.

「And so, when Edie’s pinned down…」

「Yes, I think that she’s using Raishouin Raiden before the opponent can pin her down」

「I think that’s what I’ll do in that kind of fight too」

Kuromiya-san’s bodyguard Mikuriya-san looked at the ring and said.

「I learned the Raishouin technique from Michi-san too, and it’s convenient. If it’s a perfect it, you can stop your opponent from moving for a few seconds. That’s enough for a counterattack」

Even if you’re tackled and rolled over, you can use Raishouin before the opponent tries to roll you over.

You can get up while your opponent is numbed.


「But, if that’s really the case, then won’t it be a hard fight for Edie?」

She will be tackled down and pinned unless she heavily uses that technique.

「I guess the fights inside the ring is different?」

「I think the texture of the ground is also different」

I see. Kuromiya-san might be right.

The ring’s mat is made of material that absorbs shock so it might not be harder of a step than a regular floor.


「Nufufu~ Don’t worry about that Yo-chan!」

Nei laughed.

「I watched the qualifiers this morning but Edie never got down to the mat」


「I mean, she defeated all of them in an instant. She knocks out her opponent right at the start of the match」

「I see」

「Yes. Or should I say that she’s been using her Qi technique on her first shot? She numbs the opponent and then knocks them down on the second shot」

Nei explained.

「No, if that’s the case, Edie can win even without using her Qi technique, right?」

If she can move like usual even in the ring, and she could knock down her opponents before they tackle her, then.,…

「I think that Edie’s just purposely getting bad rep」

Nei said.

「I think she’s purposely using her Qi techniques so her enemies spread out the rumors saying “She must be doing something against the rules”」

Where your body gets numb like it’s electrified.

Athletes aren’t subjected to such techniques normally so…

“This is weird!” “I’m sure that she’s hiding a stun gun or something,” or so they’ll believe.

Of course, everyone can see that Edie can’t hide something like that during the match, but…

If one of the people who played against Edie says that it’s weird, the story will continue to grow until it becomes “I’m sure that she did foul play.”

That’s why we were surrounded by the European Fujiwara group.

Remy Fujiwara must’ve thought that it really was since several of her students testified with a straight face that it was foul.

「But, why would Edie do that?」

I don’t get it.

She could win normally and not spread any bad reputation, and yet…

Why is she making herself hated by her opponents?

「I think that bad reputation is also an effective way to gain popularity, right?」

Megu said.

Sure, Edie will become popular if she spreads rumors that “she’s definitely breaking the rules.”

They’ll probe to see what kind of foul play she’s doing and then…

「That’s not enough」


「Edie isn’t a martial artist」

That means…

「I think that Edie’s just fighting her own battle」

「I can understand. If I’m to fight in this place, then it would be very much like “me”」

Kinuka said.

「Of course, I’ll strictly observe the rules, but, I have no need to have the athlete mind」

「Oh, I see. So it’s that kind of resolve」

Kuromiya-san said.

「I can understand that」

Mikuriya-san said.

The bodyguards, Michi, Kinuka, Kuromiya-san…

Then, Kuromiya Motoko-san who practices Kuromiya spear arts…

Those who know martial arts can understand Edie’s feelings.

「Yoshi-kun, do you?」

Megu looked at me.


Arisu looked at me confused too.

Nei’s going on with her usual smile.

「Well, you’ll get it when you see what Edie’s been thinking!」

Nei seems to understand how Edie feels during the preliminaries.

「Oh, it’s starting!」

The match venue lights up.

Oh, the audience seats are already fully occupied.

Then, the announcer speaks.

『Thank you for waiting. We will begin the main round of the 48Kg class!!!」

Then, beans of spotlight fall over the ring along with the music.

An old man is standing there.

The old man held the microphone then…

『Everyone, we’ve met again!!!!』

He shouts.

『Today is the day where we see who’s the strongest woman in Japan! The sky outside is blue! It’s a beautiful day today! A perfect day to die!』

The old man smiled happily.

「That’s the organizer of today’s contest」

Nei whispered to me.

「Edogawa Nagaharu, he’s a chairman of a large food company, but he also loves martial arts and organizing these tournaments」

I see.

『Let’s not talk about anything unnecessary and I’ll introduce the athletes as soon as possible. I want to watch them too. Well then, that’s enough time. Let’s start with the lightest class! Let’s enjoy!」

The announcer continues.

『All 48kg class athletes, enter!!』

Female athletes come to the ring from the side one after another.

『The first one is the professional killer in the black tracksuit! The Master of Stateless creative Martial arts! Line Haruko from the Golden Balm Gym!』

That was Rodulfo Seiko-san’s disciple earlier.

A cool and beautiful girl.


She looks up at the audience with a blank look.

『Next, the Three Musketeers! The striking specialist, Karasuyama Chihiro, a member of the European Fujiwara clan of Brazilian Jui Jitsu!!』

Oh, it’s one of those pink training wear girls.


She shouts out loud.

『Next, another from the Three Musketeers! The pinning specialist! Koganei Hana! Another member of the European Fujiwara clan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu』

I met her too.

『I’ll do my best!!』

She salutes the audience.

『And the final of the Three Musketeers, this one is okay with anything so she’s the scariest! Yasai Mashi Mashi, Nikuniku Karame, European Fujiwara Clan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu member, Shinmachi Sakura!』

『We run a ramen restaurant at home!!』


『Then, someone you never expected to be here, MMMA Junior Champion! The youngest and highest expectation among the women wrestlers, and the combat princess from the grappling academy of muscle docking! Robin Musk!!』

An athlete jumps in wearing a gown.

Huh? Mask? A female wrestler?

「The time hath come!!」

A masked female wrestler raised her fist to the sky.

『Following, the one with no fighting career until this tournament, the blonde-haired black panther from New Orleans! The youngest fighter at age 16! Edie Sexton from Team Kuromori!』

Edie waved her hand to the audience with her usual smile.

「Edie’s still 16!!」

Then, a group from the seats booed.

It seems that the rumor that Edie broke the rules has spread out.

『There’s more! She’s an assassin from the underworld!! She’s a woman yet, she’s the gang leader!! She will show us a professional fight!! The leader of the super-A class Kansai Gachi Toraichi』 clan! Denjin M-ko’s here!!』

So that’s one of the harassers Kansai Yakuza sent over.


For some reason, she’s wearing a tattered boy’s uniform, a torn school cap in her head, and a toothpick in her mouth.

「Shut it! Too quiet! Do it again!」

Hmm, still, since it’s in the 48kg class, she’s a small and cute girl, but…

Underneath her schoolboy uniform, there seems to be a sarashi on her skin, but she has no chest.

Also, for some reason, she has a rosary on her neck.

Oh, since her schoolboy uniform is too big, her sleeves are flabby, and the hem is dragging as she walks.

I mean, Why is it Denjin M-ko?

『And the last participant was last year’s champion! We’ve been waiting for you, the heart of Harmony! Super Combat Karate Tomy Ashida Dojo’s assistant! Monkey Mimi has appeared!!!』

A girl wearing pink karate clothing jumps in.

「Thank you for the hospitality!!」

This girl was the champion last year.

『That’s the eight players for this tournament!』

The order of the matches is displayed on the monitor.

First match is Edie 『Team Kuromori』 VS Koganei Hana 『European Fujiwara』

Second Match: Line Haruko 『Golden Balm Gym』 VS Karasuyama Chihiro 『European Fujiwara Clan』

Third Match: Denjin M-ko『Kansai Gachi Toraichi』 VS Robin Mask 『Grapple Academy Muscle Docking』

Fourth match: Shinmachi Sakura 『European Fujiwara Clan』 Vs Monkey Mimi 『Tomy Ashida Dojo』

The matches go in order, then after that, the semifinals.

「So the European Fujiwara clan are broken up so they don’t have to face each other」

Megu said.

『The referee is Abe Jiro. The judges for this game are Gold Sugai, Silver Maeda, and pearl Ozawa』

It doesn’t seem that the matches will start right away.

They leave only the athletes for the first match and the others are going back to their waiting room.

Edie and Koganei get up the ring.

「Hana, calm down」

Oh, Remy Fujiwara-san seems to be going in as the trainer.

Based on the situation with Margo-san…

She wants to check if Edie’s breaking the rules as close as possible.

Edie has nobody on her side.

Margo-san’s probably with Kudou Haruka and Kendou Maria.

The hoodlums Kansai Yakuza sent over to harass could hurt them before the match begins.

If that’s the case.

「Edie! Go for it!」

I shouted from the audience seats.

「We’re watching you!!」


「I know!」

She waved her hand to me happily.

「Both participants, to the center」

The referee called Edie and Koganei.

「Referee, please give them a body check」

Remy Fujiwara shouts from below the ring

「That girl could be hiding something」

That said…

Edie’s wearing a sports bra for the match and knee-length spats that’s fit tightly

Her nipples aren’t sticking out but you can see her body line.

She’s barefooted, and nothing bandaged on her.

If she brings anything unnecessary, then you can see it at a glance.

「Go ahead, body check」

「That’s some lewd hands」

The old man inspects Edie, but…

「See, nothing」

「Okay, do it on her side too」

The referee took off the pink training wear and she’s now wearing a tank top and shorts.

Oh, the chest has a huge logo of European Fujiwara.

「Good, now both of you fight fair and square」

The referee was looking only at Edie when he said “fair and square”

Then that means, the rumors from the qualifiers have already reached his ears.

『Round 1』

The Announcer begins the match.

「Not yet, Yo-chan」

Nei points at the side of the ring.

Oh. They ring the gong to begin the game, right.

「Listen, watch closely! Take her down! Take her down!」


Her teacher, Remy Fujiwara tells her, Koganei replies with a sharp tone.


Finally, the gong roars.



Edie closes up to Koganei in an instant.


Koganei couldn’t react to Edie’s fast movement.

Edie smiles and touched Koganei-san’s elbow lightly.


Raishouin Raiden.

The numbness from high voltage current spreads throughout Koganei’s body.


Edie’s high kick cleanly hits Koganei-san’s temporal regions.


Koganei fell to the mat like that.

「Hey, doctor!!」

The referee stopped the match in a panic.

「Hana! Koganei! Get yourself together!」

Remy Fujiwara-san tries to get inside the ring.

「Don’t worry, I kicked her gently that there won’t be any prognostic symptoms」

Edie said with a smile.

「Bitch, you’re looking down on her!!」

Remy Fujiwara’s in rage tries to punch Edie

「What’s wrong? Why are you angry?」

Edie dodged Fujiwara-san’s attacks while smiling.

「Hey, stop it Fujiwara!」

The referee stops Fujiwara-san.

「You still have a match later, don’t you? If you make a fuss now, who will go there?」


Fujiwara-san stops her attack frustrated.

「Putting that aside, no matter how you look at it, that foreigner was breaking the rules」

「But still, the first attack was weird. There’s no way that light attack could damage Koganei that much」

Fujiwara-san told the referee.

「Yes. It’s weird. Definitely, even us referees think that way. I’ve been watching the foreigner since this morning」

The referee looked at Edie with hate.

「But you see, I don’t know how she’s doing it」

They can’t disqualify her unless they have proof of foul play.

「Who cares about that…is that a win?」

Edie asks with a smile.

「Yeah, it’s your win. What choice do we have?!」


Remy Fujiwara appeals to the referee.

「Your girl is down, and this one’s still healthy. What choice do I have but to call it her win?! Isn’t that right?」

The referee asks the three judges in the front row.

The three judges nodded while showing a complicated look.

『The first match win goes to Edie Sexton!!』

Edie’s win is formally called.

「I won!!」

Edie shouts while facing us, but…

Half of the audience is confused.

While half already started booing Edie.

「They all feel unpleasant for the strength they don’t understand」

Edie smiled wryly.

「Still, this is the kind of win Edie-san wanted」

The combat young lady, Kuromiya-san said.

「Edie-san’s amazing」


「She doesn’t fear making enemies out of so many people」

Edie’s showing her usual smile in the ring.

「I respect the strength of her heart」

Kuromiya-san mutters while looking at Edie.