Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1202. Fighting on / To achieve Results



「 Then, Master, I’ll excuse myself temporarily 」

Now that the finals for the 48kg class are over.

Michis’ going to have a strategy meeting with Haruka, her sister, in the waiting room.

「 Edie, please take care of Master 」

Michi told Edie who came out of the ring.

Seems like the awarding ceremony is done when all the matches are finished.

On the ring, they’re having a hard time carrying out Monkey Mimi who passed out in her match with Edie.

「 Got it, ufufu, Darling! 」

Edie hugs me.

As expected, she’s happy that she won the championship.

「 You did great, Edie. Congrats 」

「 Yes, let’s celebrate 」

Edie smiled.

「 While at it, could you coach Kendou-san? 」

Kudou Haruka told Edie.

「 No, uhm, I… 」

Kendou Maria’s confused.

「 You’re the type who gets scattered around from tension so take Edie-san’s advice. I wanted to stay with you but since it’s come to this, I want to be the champion of my class too. I can’t watch your fights 」

Kudou Haruka said.

「 Sure. I’m free now so I can be your coach if you want 」

Edie said with her usual smile.


「 Participants in the 60kg class, this way 」

An official called out.

They finally cleaned up the ring.

Now they’re going to introduce the 60kg class.

「 Go on 」

Edie urged Kendou Maria.

「 We should go too 」

Michi took her sister to the waiting room.

Edie took my hand and we backed off from the path.


「 What are you doing? 」

That was definitely Mikuriya Kurumi-san

The cute bodyguard of Kuromiya Motoko-san.

After all, she’s wearing a schoolgirl style wedged hakama, matching her Master.

It’s just that Mikuriya-san…

She’s hiding her face with Stealth Kinuka’s black veil.

And she’s holding a spear on her arm.

Well, it’s still in the cloth bag so if you don’t know that she’s skilled in Kuromiya spear arts, then you’ll think that she’s just holding some kind of strangely long stick.

Mikuriya-san looked up at me.

「 Well, I was also thinking of doing the “You’re the enemy of my parent, prepare yourself” 」


Oh right, there’s also another participant in the 60kg class that belongs to the Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan, which was the harassment team sent by Kansai Yakuza.

In the 48kg class, there was Denji M-ko, who was able to enter the main competition, but Monkey Mimi beat her before she could face Edie.

For the 54kg class, there’s Genjin L-ko, who Kinuka attacked and she collapsed during the introduction of the athletes.

Then, for the 60kg class…Oh, there’s one there too.

A girl who’s wearing a school cap and a delinquent leader style.

「 Don’t do that, Kurumi 」

Edie told Mikuriya-san with a smile.

「 Why not? 」

「 That was Kinuka’s skit. Doing the same thing will just be boring. They’ll think it’s a rehash 」

「 I see 」

Mikuriya-san nodded.

「 If you’re going to start the call, then use a different method 」

「 Certainly! 」

She took off her black veil.

「 Kuromori-sama, please hold my spear for a moment 」

She hands her spear and Kinuka’s veil to me.

「 Well then, I’m going 」

Then, she goes to the third delinquent girl who’s waiting to get called.

I-Is it going to be okay?

「 Hello 」

She called out the delinquent right away?

「 I’m Mikuriya Kurumi. Yours? 」

The third assassin the Kansai sent seems suspicious, but…

「 Kansai Gachi Toraichi Yajin L-ko 」

Denji M-ko, Genjin, L-ko, and Yajin LL-ko, the heavier their class gets, the bigger the size.

Following the trend, the Super Unlimited Class will be XL-ko.

「 My, can we shake hands? 」

Mikuriya-san sticks out her hand.

Yajin LL-ko is hesitating.

She doesn’t know anything about Mikuriya-san herself but she’s seen us with the target of their Kansai group, us.

The odds that she’s an enemy of hers are high.

Even so.

「 You don’t want to shake hands? 」

Mikuriya-san’s smile is innocently charming.

Yajin LL-ko seems to feel that this slender and cute girl wouldn’t do anything, and even if she did, it would be no big deal.

She held Mikuriya-san’s small hands.

At that moment.

「 Achoo!! 」

Mikuriya-san trembled and sneezed loudly.

That motion is conveyed to Yajin LL-ko’s hand she’s gripping.

「 Oh my, excuse me. Ufufu, thank you. Good luck in your match! 」

Mikuriya-san said, bowed, and went back to us.

Yajin LL-ko watches Mikuriya-san go away with a dumbfounded expression.

「 Ufufu, I’m back 」

「 Kurumi, where did you learn that? 」

Edie asks immediately.

「 That’s an application of Kuromiya arts. It’s called a 300-second kill. Normally, it shouldn’t be a handshake, but the tip of the spear touching the opponent body, but… 」

Mikuriya-san said.

「 Darling, do you know what this girl did? 」

She whispered to me.

Nope, I didn’t get it.

Kendou Maria’s also listening to Edie talk with earnest curiosity.

「 Kurumi pretended to sneeze when she sent over a shockwave 」


「 It happened in an instant. It’s just a vibration wave, but that wave is conveyed through the handshake, and it’s focused to hit the back of her waist. That’s why… 」

「 Yes. The shockwave displaced on the bone connecting her back and a bit is a little off 」

Mikuriya-san tells me with a smile.

「 I sent over a wave that only focuses on a point on her waist 」

Then, looking at Yajin LL-ko..

「 She hasn’t noticed anything out of ordinary yet. However, if left untreated, the misalignment of her bones will get worse and worse 」

The bone misalignment will grow worse?

「 It takes about 300 seconds after the technique is applied to affect the body, hence the “300-second kill” 」

「 If she fights in the ring with that misaligned bone, it’ll take 300 seconds before her back gives out 」

「 Yes, it’ll snap 」

Oh god.

What a scary technique.

「 Now she’s going to be knocked out on her first fight 」

Edie laughed.

It helps that she’ll destroy herself before she could harass us.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Welcome back Yo-chan! 」

In the end, Mikuriya-san and I returned to our seats.

Of course, Mikuriya-san’s spear is left back to the old man from the Kuromiya house who is in the lobby.

Edie remained to coach Kendou Maria.

「 Thanks 」

Kudou-papa, who is guarding us, speaks to me.

「 I didn’t do anything 」

Right, it wasn’t me.

Michi took it upon herself to repair her relationship with her sister which had rifted for so long.

「 No, it was thanks to you that Michi changed. Back then, her head only has nothing but the young lady of the Kouzuki house, that she’s reckless, but now, she’s caring about her surrounding people 」

「 Well, that’s not my doing. I think that Michi realized a lot of things on her own as she lived with the various girls in our home 」

「 Michi-oneesama’s always caring for us 」

「 I began practicing with her every morning too 」

Arisu and Kinuka said.

「 She’s caring for the younger girls and straightforward with us elders. She’s a good girl 」

Megu told Kudou-papa.

「 Really, she wasn’t that kind of girl before. I guess it’s true that people grow in a good environment 」

Kudou-papa smiled wryly.

「 Haruka has also calmed down a bit and is willing to admit that Michi’s stronger than her 」

「 I wonder about that? Haruka-chan is still the type of girl that will get in a good mood if she gets a little carried away 」

Nei joked.

Well then, the first matches for the 60kg class are;

Match 1: Comando Sanbo God Higuma’s Kira Kenko VS. Bebop Rebellion League’s Nakayama Mihoko.

Match 2: Meisei Gakuen team Nanpu’s Asakura Minami VS. Kansai Gachi Toraichi’s Yajin LL-ko.

Match 3: Team Kuromori’s Kendou Maria VS. Sengoku Majim’s Go Shoko.

Match 4: Anaheim Wrestle Gym’s Kristina Makenshi VS Andro Choudojo’s Fleur Otsuki.

Those were the matches.

The first match is Kira Kenko’s win. She’s a Toushi Dan’s athlete.

As for the second match, the 300-second kill worked in the middle of the game and Yajin LL-ko couldn’t move her hips. She abandoned the match and Asakura won by default.

Kendou Maria won the third match, following Edie’s advice.

And for the fourth match.

「 Oh, this Otsuki’s a famous wrestler along with her brothers 」

Nei said.

「 Look at the coach area, the big brother is Otosuki Merose, and the younger brother Otsuki Mars. The two of them have experience as Japanese delegates 」

「 I see 」

「 As for her opponent, Kristina, she usually works at a shoe store. I heard that she’s a certified shoe fitter 」

Nei knows a lot.

She’s probably researched beforehand if there are any good players of today’s match, and if they want them to participate in the martial arts exhibition in the United States.

「 Still, it’s that you know… 」

Kudou-papa mutters.

「 There’s impressiveness in her huge body, but, don’t you think the matches are dull? 」

「 It can’t be helped, even those who should be fighting in this weight division are confident in their skills so they’re competing in the super unlimited class 」

Nei said.

「 Oh, so that’s why. The prize money’s on a different level, right? 」

「 Yes. The super unlimited class has 300 million yen prize money after all 」

That’s why the strong ones are participating in the super unlimited class.

I believe that the athletes who can’t represent in the super unlimited class at their martial arts gyms or dojos have no choice but to participate in the weight divisions.

「 If the field of competitors in this class is so thin then I somehow hope that Maria-chan wins too 」

Nei said, but…

Kendou Maria lost in the second semifinal match against Fleur Otsuki.

「 Oh my, that’s unfortunate 」

Nei smiled wryly.

「 I guess the dream of the team Kuromori winning all the classes didn’t happen 」

「 That’s wishing for too much, her opponent is mature in this sport. That Edie girl won the lightest class and that’s already a big win 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 Honestly, it’s also amazing enough for Haruka to reach the championship 」

「 It’s Haruka-san’s match next, right? 」

Megu asked me.

「 Yeah. 」

After the semifinals of the 60 kg class tournament are done…

The finals for 54kg class, Kudou Haruka will fight with Musashi Tomoe from Daisetzuan Judo club.

「 Oh, she’s back 」

Kudou-papa’s right

Michi and Kudou Haruka went to the ringside.

The TV crew is also with her.

Edie went together with Kendou Maria who just lost her match.

『 Well then, our finals for the 54kg class is here 』

The announcer’s voice echoes in the hall

Musashi Tomoe had a firm physique, typical for someone who does Judo.

She has that image of an unyielding tree that’s deeply rooted.

「 The opponent is using Judo and Haruka-san’s using Karate right? I feel like she has bad compatibility 」

Megu asks Kudou-papa.

「 Haruka is at a disadvantage. Since both of them are fighting with their martial arts uniform on. the Judo user can grab her collar and throw or put her down as usual 」

Yeah, it’s bad for Haruka since she’s wearing Karate clothing.

「 Furthermore, Musashi Tomoe’s the champion of this class last year, and she’s 28. She’s 10 years older than Haruka. She’s losing in experience in fights 」

「 Kudou Haruka-san wins only in her youth, doesn’t she? 」

Kuromiya-san asks.

「 I don’t know about that either, if you’re a professional fighter at 28, I think that you’re still in your prime. Even if she’s in the humble status, her stamina and resilience is still better than Haruka who’s 18 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 Haruka will confront her with someone who has less skill 」


「 It’s going to be okay. Haruka-san will win 」

「 How can you be sure? 」

Kudou-papa stared at me.

「 Haruka-san isn’t alone there 」

I look out of the ring.

「 Michi and Edie’s with her so she won’t lose 」

The deciding match is ready to play.

『 Round 1 』

The gong begins the game.


「 Seyaaaaa!! 」

Both athletes shortened their distance.

「 Saa!! 」

She tries to grab Kudou Haruka’s collar, but…

Haruka twisted her body calmly.

She brushed away Musashi’s hand reaching for her collar and brushed it away with her right hand.

This way of deflecting your opponent’s fighting spirit is Kudou style.

Using the same momentum, she thrusts her fist at her opponent.

「 Guh!! 」

As soon as Musashi’s momentarily distracted by the hard hit.

Kudou Haruka’s roundhouse kick bursts to Musashi’s head side.


Musashi’s head is blown away.

「 It’s a fast, sharp, and accurate kick 」

Kudou-papa watched his daughter’s combo and muttered.

「 To think that Haruka could do that kind of attack 」

Of course.

Michi’s with her.

Her speed has been enhanced in the previous practices.

She had a feeling about how to get the timing right.

Kudou Haruka can do it now.

「 !!! 」

Musashi’s crouching, holding the back of her head.

She’s not getting up.


The referee stopped the match.


『 Twenty-seven seconds in the first round, the referee stopped the fight! Winner! Kudou Haruka!! The champion of the 54kg class is Kudou Haruka!!! 』

The announcer declared Haruka’s victory.

「 Haruka won? My daughter won? 」

Kudou-papa’s surprised.

「 Haruka-oneesama! 」

「 Michi!! 」

The father gazed at the sisters from the spectator’s seats as they rejoice with each other.

「 I see. If Haruka’s karate wants to win against judo, then she’ll have to keep the fight short. As expected of Michi, she knows. Haruka’s also great for doing Michi’s plan. You two did well 」

Kudou-papa’s eyes have tears.