Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1203. Fighting on / Hate Socializing



The tournament program has finally entered the main event, the super unlimited class.

『 We’ve made you wait a lot. We’re now starting our first super unlimited class tournament for the Japanese women martial arts tournament with a prize money of 30 million yen!!! 」

The announcer declared excitedly.

「 Oooooh!!! 」

The venue gets energetic.

「 We’re on the main event now 」

「 The ace from each gym and dojo are going to fight in this class 」

「 The prize reward is huge after all 」

「 All the athletes are going at it seriously 」

I hear voices from the spectators.

『 Well then, let’s introduce the eight female warriors who made it through this morning’s preliminaries 』

The lights were dimmed.

There wasn’t any music like the previous entrance of the athletes in their weight class.

Only a strong light on the corridor leading to the waiting rooms.

『 First of all. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu user, European Fujiwara’s Remy Fujiwara!! 』

「 Oooh!! 」

Remy Fujiwara comes to the light jogging.

I’ve seen her quite a lot so we know her.

Remy, who has a firm physique, and hair tied up on the back, goes up to the ring and waved at the audience.

「 Remy-sensei! 」

「 Remy-san! Do your best!! 」

「 Go for it! Remy-sensei!!! 」

Oh, the group that’s wearing the same European Fujiwara training wear cheered together.

European Fujiwara team has a lot of students.

「 She has three Gyms in Tokyo, one each in Osaka, Nagoya, and Sendai. She’s quite the successful gym owner 」

Nei told me.

『 Following, The leader of creative martial arts from Golden Balm Gym, Rodulfo Seiko!! 』

「 Seii!!! 」

Rodulfo’s not running and just entered normally.

She’s wearing a tracksuit that clearly defines the figure of her tall body.

Showing a smile of composure on her face.

「 Empress!! 」

「 The most beautiful in Japan!! 」

「 Seiko-sama!!! 」

Voices fly from all over the venue.

「 Rodulfo Seiko-san has the most female fans because she’s beautiful. She’s top among the “female martial artists you want as your ‘onee-sama'” 」

I see.

『 Next. Command Sanbo “God Higuma” Dan Toushiko!! 』

「 Ushaaaaa!!! 」

Dan enters the venue with a great fighting spirit.

She’s got a crazy physique and look.

She’s wearing a flashy wrestling suit painted in colors white, pink, and blue.

Oh, she’s bowlegged. She’s walking heavily.

「 There’s the bear killer! 」

「 The strongest man in the female martial arts industry! 」

「 Toshiko!!!! 」

Voices come from the audience.

『 Next! Tomy Ashida Dojo’s combat karate specialist, Daiporon Karisman!! 』

「 Yes~ 」

A slender woman wearing a karate uniform appears.

Showing a smile on her face.

「 Poron-san! Good luck! 」

「 Poron-san so cute! 」

「 Seiya! Seiya! Seiya!! 」

The girls who seem to be her juniors from the same dojo shouted in unison.

She’s also beautiful so she’s popular with women.

「 I’ll do my best to live up to the expectations of my lively little birds 」

Poron said happily.

『 Following that is the president of the international women’s sumo league, Bougainvillea. Remulia Maki!! 』

「 Yo!! 」

A huge woman wearing a T-shirt and shorts appeared.

Women’s sumo?

「 Go for it prez! 」

「 Prez! Good Luck! 」

「 Dosukoi! Dosukoi! 」

And she’s the president?

「 That woman recently started a professional women’s sumo league. But, she can’t get her business run smoothly 」

Nei said.

「 So that’s why she wants the prize money 」

「 I think so 」

I see. Margo-san increased the prize money from the back and these people came to the tournament.

『 Next! Dynamic Pro Wrestling’s Grace Marinka!! 』

「 Hi!! 」

A woman heavyweight wrestler shows up

She’s wearing a red costume in black.

She’s a tanned body beauty but, she’s muscular. A macho girl.

「 The grand champion!! 」

「 Show us your burning willpower!!! 」

「 Grace Go! Marinka Go!! 」

The spectators cheer for the wrestler.

「 Haaaaaa!!!! 」

She runs to the ring and jumps over the rope.

「 It’s her debut just today. Robin Musk who fought in Edie’s 48kg class was a professional wrestler, but this girl’s a heavyweight, and she’s fought and won against male wrestlers 」

I see.

『 Next, Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan’s Haijin 3L-ko!! 』

「 Shekenaabeebi!! 」

Oh, I knew it. They have one from this class too.

The mystery army of delinquent women that the Kansai Yakuza sent over.

Denjin M-ko on the lightest class was cute despite the delinquent look, but…

The one from the super unlimited class is so rugged that she’s almost a guy.

「 Another one 」

「 Seriously, what’s with that look? 」

「 Their body just gets bigger every time they move up a class don’t they? 」

The truth is, they seem to be underground martial artists who the Kansai Yakuza sent over.

They should be strong, but…

Denji M-ko from the 48kg class was only doing some dumb fight.

Kinuka beat up Genjin L-ko from the 54kg class before she could fight.

As for Yajin LL-ko of the 60kg class, Kuromiya-san shifted her hipbone and so she lost greatly in the match.

There’s no good impression of the Kansai Gachi Toraichi clan from the audience.

『 Lastly, Team Kuromori’s athlete, Margo Starkweather Kuromori!!! 』

「 !!! 」

Then, Margo-san enters.

Margo-san’s wearing a black tight-fit sports bra and leggings.

Her tall body is well trained and toned.

She has black gloves on her hands.

Margo-san smiled and made her way to the ring with a firm step.

「 Who’s that? 」

「 Cool 」

「 She’s different from the others 」

Voices of women come from the audience.

「 Rodulfo-sama’s cooler! 」

「 Remy-sensei! 」

「 Poron Karisman’s the coolest! 」

The fans of each athlete speak out, but…

「 But, there’s something different from her 」

Yeah, even from my eyes, Margo-san’s different from the other athletes.

I wonder what is it?

You can feel the strength of all eight athletes.

They all have the same burning desire to fight.

Rodulfo-san and Poron both show composure, they’re not nervous either.

「 It’s her atmosphere I guess. She’s the only one different 」

I heard some opinions from the spectator from the rear seats.

「 I think so too 」

「 I wonder what is it 」

「 I guess it’s a little weak? 」

Margo-san enters the ring.

『 That’s all the eight participants in the tournament. Let’s find out who’s the strongest of them all this year!! 』

The ring announcer declared.


「 Hey, give that mic to me 」

Dan Toushiko took the microphone.

『 Hey, listen to me! I’m mad! Real angry!! 』

She begins her mic performance.

『 Just so you know, spectators have been watching us so far and I’m embarrassed!! What’s with the results?!! Out of the three classes, two of them were taken by team Kuromori or whatever, but what’s with them letting the newbies take the win?! Those girls are slacking!!! 』

Dan Toushiko is clearly complaining about Edie and Kudou Haruka’s win in their class.

『 There’s nothing to ask “what’s going on” about. Those girls are strong so there’s no other outcome, isn’t there? 』

Poron Karisman replied in a Kyoto dialect to the microphone Dan Toushiko’s holding on stage.

『 Oh, your Monkey lost in the finals didn’t she? Wasn’t that foreigner girl a high-school student? 』

Dan Toushiko said maliciously.

『 Yes, that. That girl’s in her first year of high school. To think that there are girls as strong as her 』

Receiving another microphone delivered to the ring, Poron replies.

『 Our Line Haruko also lost to that girl, I wonder if she would join my gym. I’m sure that girl will grow stronger if I guide her 』

Rodulfo Seiko-san faced Poron’s mic and commented.

『 Hey hey, don’t change the subject! Your girls lost to her! To a high school girl that joined at the spur of the moment. What I mean is it’s your teaching’s fault! Your useless Dojo’s lost to the talent of that girl who entered!! 』

Dan Toushiko speaks in her microphone.

『 Those who have talent, come to me and I’ll cherish you a lot! Compared to their Dojos, you’ll become stronger in mine! You’ll see the results! 』

『 Oh, oh, oh. I see it now Toshi-chan. You’re the only one who has someone who made it to the finals in the 60kg class so you’re doing that? 』

Poron said.

Oh yeah, the finals of the 60kg class have Dan’s student’ Kira Kenko against Otsuki Fleur.

Kendou Maria from team Kuromori lost to Otsuki Fleur in the semifinals.

『 That’s right! My girl’s going to win. She will show the results!!! However, Remy, Rodulfo, and Poron’s pupils all lost halfway!!! You see, they’re that bad 』

Dan is showing off.

『 As expected, karate and martial arts are outdated! From now on, it’s time for my command sambo! 』

『 Oh, so that’s how we’re doing it? Well, it wasn’t from our dojo but wasn’t it a karate user who won the 54kg class? 』

Poron from Tomy Ashida’s combat karate gym speaks.

『 Oh, Kudou Haruka, that girl has some talent in her 』

Rodulfo Seiko praises Haruka.

『 And that’s why That Kudou Haruka girl is also a participant coming from the newcomer team Kuromori 』

Dan Toushiko said, but…

『 I don’t care about the team. Karate won the championship so it’s our win! Karate is still fit in this era 』

Poron appeals.

『 I wonder? I think my martial art’s creation is pretty cool 』

『 What are you talking about. It’s definitely Command Sambo’s age 』

『 Remy-chan. Are you not going to advertise your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? 』

Rodulfo Seiko, Dan Toushiko, and Poron Karisman have control in the conversation.

『 I’m… 』

Remy Fujiwara’s about to say something but…

『 Put her aside. She’s got a lot of pupils to advertise her 』

Dan interrupted and said.

『 But I wonder what will people do after watching today’s tournament? You okay Remy-san? You have the most number of athletes in the tournament but, they’re all from the lighter class, and they all lost horribly, didn’t they? 』

Rodulfo Seiko stirs up Remy Fujiwara.

『 Yeah, that was horrible, I feel sorry that Remy taught them 』

『 I think that it’s just Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is weak? 』

『 European Fujiwara continues to increase their gyms, but seeing all these defeats, she might lose her momentum 』

Dan Toushiko, Poron, and Rodulfo Seiko said in turns.

These three are the bullies, and Remy Fujiwara’s the bullied, that seems to be the routine.

『 I can just recover all that if I win in the super unlimited class!! 』

Remy Fujiwara took the microphone from Poron and then spoke with a little angry tone.

『 I’m going to defeat you all and show the strength of European Fujiwara’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 』

「 That’s right! Go for it Fujiwara-sensei! 」

「 Remy! Fight!! 」

「 We’re with you in this fight!! 」

Voices from the students of European Fujiwara in the audience come flying.

『 Oh my, I’m the one who will win. I’m going to win for my Haruko’s loss too 』

Rodulfo Seiko smiled.

『 What are you talking about. This Poron will avenge Mimi. I’m going to take the champion!! 』

Poron Karisman said with a smile.

『 Hey, stop it already you all!!! I’m the one who will win! I’m going to take the 30 million yen prize money 』

Dan Toushiko concluded.

『 Okay..oh, you girls want to show off too? 』

Dan handed the microphone to Remulia Maki who has been quiet all this time.

『 Hello everyone, I’m Remulia Maki 』

Remulia introduced herself.

『 International women’s sumo wrestling league is currently recruiting new athletes! If you think that you’re the one, then apply! 』

『 What, recruiting already? 』

Rodulfo Seiko said with a fed-up tone, then…

『 No, I just thought that this opportunity is hard to come by! Eei! I’m sure that I’m the one to win, I’m taking home the 30 million yen 』

Remulia Maki said, then..

『 Hey, you girls try to show off yourselves too 』

Dan gave the microphone to Grace Marinka and Haijin 3L-ko

「 I don’t have anything to say 」

Grace spoke in a deep voice and nothing else.

『 Got nothing to announce, advertise, or recruit? 』

「 No 」

Grace mutters sullenly.

『 Then, what about you? 』

Putting the microphone on Haijin 3L-ko.

『 My superiors told me to make sure that girl has to roll on the ground 』

She looked at Margo-san and smiled.

『 I’m going to take the head at least. Get yourself ready 』

The delinquent woman who’s an underling of the Kansai Yakuza, speaks up.

『 Wow, that’s scary 』

『 Really scary 』

Rodulfo and Poron smiled wryly.

『 That’s what she says, but what about you? 』

Lastly, Dan Toushiko handed the microphone to Margo-san, but…

「 Do you girls always do this kind of show before the match? 」

Margo-san didn’t take the mic and just asked Dan and the girls with a wry smile.

「 You sure get along a lot. Oh right, this is the seventh year of this tournament, was it? Remy-san and Dan-san always fight every year, so I guess it’s natural that you get along, right? 」


『 What do you mean by that? 』

Rodulfo Seiko-san told Margo-san.

「 Nothing, I just said what I want to say. Let’s put that aside, why don’t we start exchanging blows? 」

Margo-san told the other athletes?

「 I’m sure that nothing will get to you unless I beat you up with my fist 」