Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1205. Fighting On / Eating Ramen and Return Home



Lastly, the 60kg class tournament happened and Otsuki Fleur won.

That’s the end of all the women’s martial arts tournament today.

The tournament sponsor Edogawa held the microphone and gave the review.

「 I think everyone already knows that I love martial arts, right? That’s why people come to me with a proposition. It’s mostly money, wanting to open up a martial arts tournament and becoming a sponsor, and such. Also, some want to open up their gyms so they need money. Of course, I back those who are promising and lend money. That’s why I’m the sponsor of today’s tournament 」

The small old man wearing sunglasses said with a smile.

「 There are a lot of people who come to me with various ideas. Some ask nicely, saying “I want to fight that athlete from the organization.” Others demand the same thing but horribly. It’s cruel. They’re stupid. They even ask “Ask them to lose the match,” to which I respond with “tell them that yourself” 」

So there are fighters like that.

「 Well, I can understand it. Everyone has their own martial arts organization and they’re struggling to make their ends meet and they want to make a living from martial arts alone and want to make their skills known in the world. I can understand that everyone has their life and they’re desperately busy with it. But you see, I’m getting tired of that situation recently. Because you know, nothing is exciting with that kind of talk. Just scraping by with your life doesn’t make martial arts exciting, does it? 」

Edogawa says while looking at the organizers of each group, like Remy Fujiwara and Remulia Maki and the others.

「 And so, about three months ago, I met this athlete from an acquaintance, Margo 」


「 After hearing her story, I found it amusing. Margo-san says that she’s a woman, but she’s going to fight against the best male athletes in the world. Yes, she already said that she will win from our first meeting. She doesn’t want to fight, she doesn’t want to win. She will win, she says 」

Margo-san looked at Edogawa and smiled.

「 That was shocking to me. Now that she mentioned it, there are hardly any women fighters who spar with men in the martial arts industry. The stamina and physique are different, so in a normal fight, everyone knows that a woman won’t win against a man. That’s why, aside from the children class, you don’t see man vs woman in adult martial arts matches. Usually, the games are separated by gender. That’s natural, but.. 」

Yeah, I never heard of mixed gender matches in the Olympics or anything.

「 But, Margo-san says “I’ll fight men and win.” Then she said that “It’s one of the dreams I want to achieve as a woman” Hearing that, I understood her. Men dream to become the strongest men in the world, but, in women’s case, before becoming the strongest woman in the world, they also want to become stronger than men. That’s fundamental 」

Edogawa speaks to the women athletes in the tournament today.

「 Weren’t you the same? I believe that when you started martial arts, you had that feeling somewhere in your mind. It wasn’t just “I want to become stronger,” but “I want to win against men” 」

The women athletes listen to Edogawa in silence.

「 However, when you started actual martial arts, you found how strong men are. Women can’t win against reality and so the matches are separated by gender. Before you know it, it’s become normal for women to fight against other women. You’re so convinced that fighting against male athletes isn’t realistic that you don’t think about it anymore. Well, that’s just normal 」

Margo-san is different.

「 But, never have a woman who said “I want to win against men” appeared before me. Much less a woman who says that she will win. To be honest, it got me excited. It’s been a while since I got thrilled. After all, Margo-san’s plan is quite detailed, and I sensed that she can make it work 」

Margo-san’s plan.

『 What’s crucial are the rules. For example, in boxing rules, women can’t win against men. They can’t win against a man in a fistfight with gloves in their hands. That also applies in Judo, the bigger the body the higher the advantage when it comes to Judo rules 』

Edogawa said.

『 But, when it comes to striking techniques, a sharp and quick punch and kick that can accurately hit an opponent’s vitals for a one-hit knock, then women can beat men too. Margo-san focused on that, and I found it amusing 』

That’s the combat Kyouko-san taught Margo-san.

A single hit to knock your enemy out. Never give the enemy the chance to counter, and disable them immediately.

『 That’s why I gave her my word, “Try it out to your heart’s content. I’ll cooperate with you,” but you can’t just say OK that easy on something like that. That’s why I said; “Show me your true strength first.” I want her to show her strength, not tell me. That’s why I referred her to this tournament. Before she could say “I’m going to fight the strongest men in the world,” she should become the top female martial artist in Japan first 』

Edogawa smiled wryly while talking.

『 I didn’t understand it at all. Margo-san wasn’t just a female martial artist. It’s her contribution to creating the super unlimited class with the prize money of 30 million yen so that the strongest women in the martial arts world would join in the tournament, even more than usual. Margo-san gathered the sponsors and brought the money in. She’s someone who can do that. And since the prize money grew bigger, all of the strong women who represent Japan today have come to this tournament 』

Edogawa exposed the internal state.

『 And thus, Margo-san kept her promise and proved that she’s already the strongest woman fighter in Japan. It was as you have witnessed 』

Margo-san fought against seven of the women who qualified in the super unlimited class in a row and defeated them all.

Furthermore, all of them are knockouts or tap-outs. A flawless victory.

The seven of them accepted her overwhelming power.

『 If my eyes are right, she can definitely fight against men. I don’t know about the top-level athletes in the world, but I’m sure that she’ll be able to compete against Japanese men 』

Edogawa declared.

『 Therefore, I’d like to use all my power to help Margo-san in her challenge. I heard that Margo-san’s already negotiating with MMA organizations in the US, and so I will fully support her financially and in human resources! I would love to watch Margo-san fight against male fighters! I want to see women fighting against men. I want to see her achieve her dream of winning against men 』


「 May I? 」

Rodulfo Seiko-san raises her hand.

『 Yes, what is it? 』

Edogawa told his attendant to hand over a microphone to Rodulfo.

Rodulfo Seiko took the mic.

『 I don’t disagree that she’s the strongest female fighter in Japan today. I lost to her. Everyone else also lost to her. We admit that. You’re the best, but… 』

Rodulfo Seiko looked at Margo-san.

『 I don’t want you to be the only one who thinks it’s fun to go to America to beat up men. Take me with you!! 』

You mean?

『 Of course, I’ll re-train myself until I’m strong enough to convince you, so let me join in 』

「 Me too, if possible, I want to join 」

Poron Karisman said.

Then, Grace Marinka told Seiko;

「 Let me have the mic 」

『 Go on 』

Rodulfo Seiko handed the mic with a smile.

『 When I was born, my body is big and strong, so my junior high school teacher told me that wrestling is my calling, so I’ve wrestled women until now, but… 』

Grace squirms her big body.

『 But, putting that aside, I also want to beat men up. I want to join you 』

The three athletes want to join Margo-san in America.

『 What about the others? 』

Rodulfo Seiko looked at the remaining three, Haijin 3L-ko’s on the sickbay.

「 I’ll pass 」

Remy Fujiwara shook her head.

「 I don’t think I will 」

Remulia Maki replied.

「 I also am already busy with my gym 」

Dan Toushiko said.

「 Well, I also want to fight against men and win. But, fighting world level males isn’t something possible for me right now 」

「 I understood with my body how strong Margo is after all 」

「 I won’t go. It’s frustrating to say though 」

Remy, Remulia, and Dan said.

『 Or so they say, but Poron-san, Grace-chan, and I want to catch up with Margo-san right away. So please, take us 』

「 I implore you 」

「 Please 」

Rodulfo, Poron, and Grace looked up at Margo-san and said.


「 I can’t promise to allow you to fight, but if you’re okay with that 」

Margo-san is still negotiating to fight with male athletes, so…

She can’t make a firm promise that Rodulfo and the others can enter a tournament either.

『 I don’t mind, it’s just that winning against men is a dream that I forgot about 』

「 Me too, I want to win 」

「 I want to beat men 」

And thus, Margo-san gained three allies.

『 Hmm, a straight and thrilling dream. A dream of women winning against men 』

Edogawa said with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

After that, the awarding ceremony.

Edie won the 48kg class.

Kudou Haruka’s awarded for winning the 54kg class.

「 I did it, Darling! 」

Edie shows her certificate of commendation happily to the audience seats.

Kudou Haruka’s facing the camera as usual.

「 Thank you. I managed to win the tournament thanks to the help of various people 」

Her sister, Michi is on Kudou Haruka’s gaze while making a comment.

The documentary of which a beautiful high school karate girl champion challenging an adult tournament will air as scheduled.

Then, another one will be Margo-san’s desire to fight male athletes in the US.

Kudou Haruka and Kendou Maria will be better off going to and living a life as a female martial artist.

The competition today has given them the opportunity.

『 That’s the end of today’s tournament. Thank you for coming everyone 』

Now that’s all over.

The spectators leave their seats.

People going home, and those who are going to watch the players they know in the waiting rooms.

Some are taking photos with the athletes on the ring since they’re still there.

「 For now, everything went smoothly! 」

Nei said from my side.

「 We obtained everything we wanted to get today 」

Edogawa’s support.

Rodulfo Seiko and the others.

Margo-san’s titled as the strongest woman in Japan.

「 We have a press conference and an after-party to attend and Margo-oneechan has to greet the potential sponsors so it’ll get busy, but… 」

Margo-san’s making a lot of moves for her dream.

「 With that said, Yo-chan, go home with the girls ahead of us 」

Oh, I see.

Megu, Arisu, and I can’t join the press conference and after-party.

We can show up as members of team Kuromori, but…

School students like us would be out of place where martial arts organizations, sponsors, and media are gathering.

「 But, are you sure you’ll be okay alone Ya-chan? 」

I know that she’s Margo-san’s manager, but it’s going to be a lot of trouble.

「 I’ll be fine. Margo-oneechan’s with me, and Edie too 」

Well yeah, but still.

Margo-san’s immediately surrounded by Rodulfo-san and the media.

As for Edie.

Oh, she’s coming here with Michi.

「 I’ll take a shower so give me a wait 」

Edie said with a smile.

「 Huh, are you sure you’re not going to the after-party? 」

I asked.

「 I’ll pass on that. Margo and Haruka are the main actresses today. Besides, I want to go home right away 」

She said with a smile.


Monkey Mimi comes over.

「 Hey, you 」

「 What? 」

Edie turned around.

「 Are you coming with your team leader to America? 」

「 That’s not really a question, I’m American 」

Edie replied.

「 That’s not it. What I’m asking is about her plan on beating men in America, was it not just for the super unlimited class but also for the lighter class? 」


「 I’m asking if you’re also planning to fight men in tournaments 」

Monkey-san asks.

「 I have plans, yes 」

Edie replied immediately.

「 It’s still undecided what kind of match will it be but I’m joining Margo in her matches in America 」

It’s to severe Edie’s connections to the assassination cult in New Orleans.

She’s thinking of spreading her face and name as a martial artist.

Once Americans know Edie’s name and face, the Assassination cult won’t be able to contact Edie anymore.

「 Although, it’s undecided whether I’ll fight men or not 」

Edie said.

「 Then, take me with you 」

Monkey Mimi said.

「 It’s unfair that Poron’s the only one’s going to visit America! I want to go too! 」


「 I’m going too 」

Line Haruko’s here.

「 I want to fight in America too! 」


「 Edie, you should stay and talk to these people about your matches in America 」

I told Edie.

「 But Darling 」

「 That’s an order. These people will become your valuable allies 」

Edie needs more friends.

Not family, but close friends.

Edie sighed.

「 Okay, I’ll get along with them 」

She said.

「 Yes, yes, let’s get along. You made me feel a lot of pain after all 」

Monkey Mimi fainted from Edie’s ax kick.

「 Me too 」

Line Haruko also lost to Edie.

「 I want to talk about various things, including that weird technique of yours! 」

Monkey pulled Edie.

「 See you later Darling 」

Edie smiled wryly and went to the waiting room with Monkey Mimi.

「 Well, I should go too. Later, Yo-chan 」

Nei followed Edie and the girls.


「 Yoshi-kun, want to eat ramen? 」

Megu asks.

「 Right. Arisu, Kinuka, what about you? 」

I asked the two.

「 Ramen? 」

「 What is it? 」


This young lady of the Kurama house and her attendant doesn’t know ramen?

「 It’s a Japanese adaptation of a Chinese food 」

「 It’s delicious 」

Megu told the two.

「 If it’s Chinese cooking then I know a nearby restaurant 」

「 Yes, a three stars restaurant 」

Kuromiya Motoko-san and her bodyguard, Mikuriya Kurumi-san said.

「 N-No, let’s go for something more ordinary 」

She’s also a young lady of the nobility so even that 3-star restaurant would be a top-notch restaurant with top-notch prices.

「 Ordinary? 」

「 Well, it’s common for ordinary people to eat at a ramen restaurant on their way back home from watching martial arts 」

I made some random explanations.

「 Is that so? Well then, Kurumi 」

「 Yes, Motoko-ojousama 」

「 We’d like to join 」

They’re coming to eat ramen with us

It can’t be helped.

「 If it’s ramen, then I know a good restaurant. We’re celebrating Haruka’s victory. I’ll treat you all 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 Are you sure? 」

Megu asks.

「 Yeah, I can at least pay for ramen and gyoza 」

Then, Michi returns.

It took her a long time to come back because she’s forced to accompany Haruka on her interview.

「 I’ve made you wait, Master 」

Now everyone’s here

「 Okay, let’s go 」

We stood up from our seats and head to the exit.