Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1214. Lewd Photo Session / Misuzu→Michi→Karen, and detonation.



Tenth. Misuzu’s already taken off her sailor uniform too.

「 Misuzu, what pose do you want to photograph? 」

I asked.

「 I want the usual 」

She said, then she lies down on the couch and spreads her legs.

「 I want Danna-sama to violate me below 」

She smiled at me.

「 Danna-sama’s my Master after all 」

I see.

Mariko and Erica’s possibly thinking that in Misuzu and my relationship, Misuzu, the young lady of the Kouzuki house has the stronger status, and so…

She’s asking me to get on top of her and violate her in that pose to assert my dominance.

「 Sure, let’s go 」

I slide my body inside Misuzu’s widely spread legs.

「 Ah, but, please kiss me before putting it in 」

「 Sure 」

I kissed Misuzu.

Then, I grabbed Misuzu’s breasts and sucked on her nipples.

「 Did your breasts grow bigger? 」

I asked.

「 It’s growing bigger. Danna-sama’s making love with it once every three days after all 」

Misuzu replies with a smile.

「 You grope my breasts a lot, and you let out a lot of semen inside me 」

So it’s natural that her body will overflow in sex appeal.

「 Danna-sama, please put it in already 」

Misuzu spreads her pussy bashfully and welcomes me.

Her charming pink insides are shining from her love nectar.

「 Yeah, I’m putting it in 」

I put my erect penis in.

「 Aaah, it’s amazing 」

Misuzu’s insides welcome me.

「 Aaah, I want it deeper, deeper please! Danna-sama 」

The young lady seeks me.

「 Guu 」


My penis goes inside Misuzu while pushing out her warm love nectar.

「 Aaaah, I love you Danna-sama!! 」

Misuzu looks at me with moist eyes and said.

It’s been half a year since I practically raped her.

Misuzu’s pussy is mine only and I develop it every day.

「 Danna-sama’s inside me, I’m so happy 」

Misuzu says with tears of joy in her eyes.

「 Okay, let’s take a photo 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of us having sex.

「 Aaaah, haaa 」

Each time Misuzu breaths, the pressure in her vagina clamping my penis also synchronizes.

Misuzu’s breasts also move up and down.

Misuzu’s body is aroused from sex, from a foreign object entering her, she’s sweating.

「 Danna-sama, recently, I’ve been thinking… 」


「 I wanted Danna-sama to violate me like Agnes-chan when my body was still growing. If that happened, I would’ve enjoyed sex much sooner 」

Misuzu’s lost her virginity at 17.

Agnes is younger.

The difference is five years.

「 But, if Misuzu was 12, I would be 11 you know 」

I would be in fifth grade.

「 Oh my, that’s wonderful. I wanted to have sex with Danna-sama in that time 」


「 Dann-sama, you already had your first ejaculation at age 11, right? 」


「 I think that it barely marks that. I’m already masturbating at sixth grade 」

「 Then, when I was 13 and Danna-sama was 12, we could’ve had sex 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Between that and middle school, yeah 」

「 Isn’t that great? I’m in my sailor uniform, violating Danna-sama wearing his shorts 」

So it’s me who’s getting violated in elementary times?

「 Uhm, Misuzu-chan 」

Agnes shows up with a sullen face on the couch.

「 Huh, what? 」

Misuzu looks at Agnes while still linked to me.

「 Agnes is happy to have sex at this age. 」 But, it doesn’t matter if it’s 13, 14, 17, or 20. It’s the same. Agnes is born to have sex with Papa. Even if we didn’t do it at my age, I’ll still have sex with Papa someday 」

She said with an innocent smile.

Seeing that, Misuzu;

「 Indeed, I’m also born to love Danna-sama, so I should be grateful to God that I met Danna-sama even at 17 」

She smiled back to Agnes.

「 That’s right, after all, we will be with Papa forever. We’ll have sex with Papa for a hundred years! 」

「 Hey now, I’ll be 116 by then 」

「 It’s okay, science will advance in the future 」

Agnes puffs her chest and said.

「 Right, I’ll continue to love Danna-sama for the hundred years to come 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’ll serve you, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu speaks to me with moist eyes.

Misuzu’s pussy leaks love nectar, squeezing my penis.

Katsuko-nee captures that moment with her camera.

「 Okay, Misuzu-chan’s photos are done 」

Katsuko-nee tells Misuzu to swap.

「 I’m reluctant to part. But, we still have a hundred more years 」

Misuzu says and I pull out my penis from inside Misuzu.

Man, I want to go hard at it and ejaculate already.

My desire to ejaculate is rising up from my abdomen.

「 Eleventh, Michi 」

Yeah, I know.

Michi’s already naked too.

「 Master, what do you think of this? 」

Mich said, then raised her leg while standing.

Wait, huh?

「 Wow, Michi-san’s body is so flexible 」

Mariko’s surprise isn’t unreasonable.

Michi braced her right foot on the ground while her left is raised up to her head.

She’s standing with her legs spread on 180.

「 You’re like a ballerina 」

Erica speaks her admiration.

「 It’s like when you throw the big league ball number two 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Huh, do you not know that? In anime, it shines as soon as the foot of the person raises straight up, but… 」


「 When the star pitcher’s right leg rises high a blue worm flies and stops on a blue leaf, right? 」

Huh, Yomi?

「 We had a watch party with Nei-san before so I know about it 」

This mansion has a huge amount of manga and videos left behind by past prostitutes.

It’s coming from the postwar period up to the present age.

「 But, Michi-oneesama, this is amazing. 」 You’re keeping the same pose without any shake from the axis 」

Erica said.

「 I can keep this pose for an hour. Also, Edie can do it too 」

These two combat girls have some scary flexible bodies.

「 And so, Master, please violate me like this 」

Michi said, and opened her slit with her right hand.


The white liquid drips down her thighs instead of her love nectar.

「 T-This is…well, Master just came inside me a few hours ago 」

Michi said bashfully.

「 That looks fun so try it out Dear 」

Katsuko-nee told me.

「 You can’t get that kind of sex that easy 」

Well, that’s true, but…

「 No, if Master wishes for it, then I can do it every day 」

Michi speaks with her usual blank face.

Even so.

「 That’s beautiful, Michi 」

「 What? 」

Well, she’s already a Japanese doll beauty from the beginning.

Her chest is flat, but she has a nice proportion.

「 This appearance of yours is like a work of art 」

That straight look with her legs at 180 while naked…

「 Right, it’s like you made a standing image from a 3D printer 」

Katsuko-nee added.

「 But, perfect beauties like this have to be destroyed. It increases its charm 」

Yeah, I want to shove my dick inside Michi’s body

「 Michi 」

I approach the naked Michi with my dick swinging around.

「 When in that pose, I think the angle is better if you put it in from the side instead of the front. 」

Katsuko-nee’s right. Her right leg is raised up high that her body’s a bit twisted,

So, this should be good.

I know the angle of Michi’s pussy so let’s go diagonally from here.

「 I’m putting it in, Michi 」

「 Yes, Master 」

I hold Michi’s hips.

I lowered Michi’s hips so I can enter, then…

「 Kuu!! 」

My glans pushes through Michi’s lower lips.

From here, scrape diagonally upward, and then slam.

「 Aaaaaaaaah!! 」

Michi’s vagina is twisted a bit because of her pose.

It’s gripping on my penis.

「 Uuuugh 」

Michi’s vagina tightens. It’s too tight.

Even so, I push my erect penis further.

「 Kuu!! 」

「 Does it hurt, Michi? 」

I asked the frowning Michi, then…

「 The pain feels amazing. More, please violate me! 」

If that’s the case…

I shove my penis up to the root in one go.

「 Kahaaaa!!! 」

I embraced Michi’s body.

Even so, she keeps her 180-degree legs.

「 Okay, I’ll take photos right away!! 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of us while we’re connected standing.

「 Katsuko-nee, hurry 」


「 If it’s me then I’m still okay 」

Michi says while sweat flows from her forehead.

「 Sure, you’re fine, but not me. Michi’s really tight down there 」

Furthermore, if we have sex in this posture…

My penis is clamped harder than usual.

Ugh, I can’t hold back from this.

「 Okay, yes, I get it, Michi-chan’s just having this as a bonus. We’re done. Okay, you can pull out 」

「 No, just a bit more 」

Michi said, but I pulled my penis out of Michi’s insides right away.

「 Michi, you already had two creampies today, haven’t you? 」

Misuzu stands from the couch and smiled.

「 So, hold yourself 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-oneesama 」

Michi said, and lowered her legs.

「 You don’t have to hold back anymore, this one’s the last 」

Katsuko-nee told me.

Finally, the last girl.

「 You can now pour everything you gathered so far into this girl. It’s okay to get wild

So, who’s the last girl by the way?

「 The last girl is Karen-chan! 」

Luna shouts.

I turned around and there I see the naked Karen pressed by Luna and Yomi to the couch.

「 I-I… 」

Of all the girls, Karen’s the last one.

She’s not like Koyomi-chan, but Karen’s body is barely fit for sex.


「 Now, just as we practiced earlier. 」

「 Yes, tell Onii-san 」

Yomi and Luna said.

「 P-Please violate Karen. And pour Kuromori-sama’s semen inside Karen! 」

Karen tells me while looking afraid.


I can’t hold back anymore.

「 Karen!! 」

「 Kyauu!! 」

I spread Karen’s thin legs forcibly.

「 It’s okay, Yomi-oneesama and I will pour a lot of lewd waves to Karen-chan 」

「 She’s already drenched 」

Yeah, Karen’s small vagina is dripping wet with love nectar.

「 Karen!!! 」

I push my penis into her entrance in one go.

「 Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

I push through while listening to Karen’s scream.

「 Kuhaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Karen’s eyes opened wide, she endures the invasion.

「 Aaah, aaah, aah!! 」


It’s like a hot kitchen knife cutting through an ice cream cake.

My erect penis pushes through Karen’s insides.

「 Iyaaa, aaaaaah!! 」


My glans knocks on Karen’s puffed uterus.

「 Haa, haaa, kuhaaaaa 」

Karen’s body starts sweating.

I’m violating this young girl.

「 That’s cute, Karen 」

I kissed Karen forcibly.

「 Ngugugu 」

I pushed my tongue in and slurped on Karen.

「 That’s wonderful, I wanted Danna-sama to violate me that way too 」

Misuzu says.

「 It can’t be helped, this was the result of the lottery 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 He’s been holding back for eleven insertions, so he’s in his wild beast mode after a long while 」

Katsuko-nee says while pressing the shutter.

She’s right.

My lust can’t be stopped.

「 Kyaaaa!! Aah, uugh, Ah, uu, aaaah!! 」

Karen groans to each of my intense thrusts.

Aah, Karen’s vagina’s squeezing me.


「 Michi-oneesan, hurry 」

Luna calls Michi.

「 Everyone else, please hold our hand 」

Yomi told the other girls.

I’m violating Karen.

Yomi and Luna are holding Karen from both sides.

Michi holds Luna’s back.

Then, all the other girls held each other’s hands, enclosing us.

The ends of each one have Misuzu holding Yomi, Ruriko holding Luna’s hand.

「 Let’s share the pleasure Karen-chan’s feeling 」

As soon as Luna shouts…

「 Aaaahn! 」

「 Iyaaaan 」

「 This is too intense!! 」

「 Wow! Amazing! 」

「 Aaaah! 」

「 Kuuu!!! 」

「 Yes! Yes!! 」

「 More! More!! 」

「 Aaaah, shove it! Gouge it!! 」

「 Yes! I love this!! Aaaaaah 」

「 Kyauuuu!!! Auuuu!!! 」

Apart from Katsuko-nee, who’s taking photos, and Yoshiko-san, who’s spectating, the eleven naked beauties moan at the same time.

The pleasures from sex with Karen go through Yomi and Luna’s Miko power, and it rushes through the naked girls amplified.


I can’t hold back anymore!!!

「 Aaah, cumming! Cumming!! 」

I went for my spurt.

I shake Karen’s small body with each thrust.

Her cute breasts sway, spraying her sweat around.

「 Aaaah, I-I can’t!!! 」

Karen looks up at me with her wet eyes.

「 Let it out! Pour it inside me!! 」

She shouts with the thoughts of the eleven women included.

I’m about to blow off.

「 Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! Aaaaaah!!! 」

Dobababa, my hot liquid pours into Karen’s womb.

「 Aaaaah, so hot!!!!! 」

s soon as Karen felt the hot semen poured inside her.

「 Shingetsu!! 」

Michi amplifies the sexual sensation for the girls in the circle.

The wave of pleasure goes into everyone in the room.

「 Kyaaaaa!! 」

All my women are attacked with pleasure from sex.

They’re getting swallowed by the wave.

They’re drowning.

「 Aaaah, cumming! Cumming!!! 」

The girls who are already in ecstasy arrived at their climax.

The waves of pleasure are amplified, and the girls who hadn’t cum yet reached the same pleasure.

「 What’s this! Iyaaaa!! Aaaah!! 」

「 I’m flying!! 」

「 It’s becoming white!!! 」

I hear the screams from the girls while I continue to ejaculate inside Karen.

Dopyu, dopyu, dopyu.

That’s a lot.

I’m not stopping.

Aaaah, aaah, aaaah.

Karen’s staring at me with an expression of her heart-melting.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Everyone’s unable to speak.

I mean, everyone’s exhausted.

I’m sweating all over, my heart is beating fast. I can’t move.

I fell limp on Karen’s body for more than ten minutes.

「 Haa, haa, haa, auuu 」

I finally managed to calm down my heartbeat.

I got up.

Oh, they’re all knocked out.

Misuzu, Mariko, Erica, and everyone, they’re all exhausted, their faces, melting in pleasure, and they’re all holding hands.

「 Aaahn, Michi-chan’s Shingetsu is too strong 」

Katsuko-nee, who wasn’t in the ring also got hit by the ecstasy wave of Shingetsu.

「 I’m glad that the camera’s safe, but… 」

Katsuko-nee gets up.


「 Oh my, this girl peed herself 」

Katsuko-nee, who peed?

I turned my heavy body to where Katsuko-nee is, and then…

「 Out of everyone, it’s the girl who’s still wearing clothes. 」

The last girl who’s still wearing her sailor uniform. Yoshiko-san.

She fell on her back and peed herself.

「 Oh my, your skirt is drenched. 」

Katsuko-nee said. Yoshiko-san;

「 Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry 」

She replies with a face of shock.

Everyone’s still drowning in pleasure from Yomi and Luna’s Miko power and Michi’s Shingetsu amplifying the sexual pleasure.

It’ll take ten more minutes before those girls recover.