Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 1225. Sakurako – The Young Lady That Wants to do Prostitution / Prostitution Model – Fellatio and Face-to-Face Sex



「 Well then, excuse me 」

Misato shows an elegant smile of a grown-up young lady and kneeled before me, who’s sitting on the sofa.

She shows no fear, and reached for my pants like natural, and unhooks my belt with the flow, and lowers my zipper.

「 Kurama Misato-sama… 」

Shiranui Shie-san mutters in a daze.

Of course, she will.

The Kurama Misato Shiranui-san and Kanou Sakurako-san know was an introverted woman, that she’d never take the initiative.

As a member of the Nobility, and a senior in the school where there are hardly any students.

The Misato they knew from childhood is gone.


Misato now is a beauty who just learned sex, and it shows her charm.

「 Ufufu, Kuromori-sama 」

Misato’s long fingers caress my dick through my briefs.

「 Please wait for a moment, I’m going to make preparations 」

Misato said and unbuttons her blouse, exposing her skin.

Her light blue bra is a front hook.

She unhooks the metal fixtures with a snap and shows me her breasts.

Her pink nipples that nobody but I have licked.

「 When doing fellatio, you must expose your breasts 」

Misato told Sakurako-san.

「 You can enjoy my breasts from watching or you can touch them too. Kuromori-sama loves them after all 」

Yeah. I love breasts.

Looking, touching, and licking.

「 Well then, I’ll let Kuromori-sama’s penis free 」

Misato said, and she gently takes out my dick.

It’s already half-erect.

「 !!! 」

It’s their first time seeing a man’s dick probably.

Sakurako-san and Shiranui-san’s gasping.

Ignoring their reactions, Misato gently caresses my penis.

「 Ufufu, so cute 」

Misato’s fingers rub my glans.

My dick stretches and grows bigger.

it’s now bulging and pointing to the sky.

「 !!!!! 」

Ruriko, Mariko, and Michi look at it like it’s normal.

Sakurako-san and Shiranui-san’s eyes can’t look away from my erect penis.

「 I’ve come to love this smell 」

Misato said, and rubs her cheeks to my glans.

Then, she licks it with her tongue.

「 I love this taste too 」

She puts my penis in her mouth.

Ooh, Misato’s warm and moist mouth is stimulating my whole glans.

Then, she used her lips and tongue to stroke my penis.

Then, she lets go of my penis for a moment.

A string of saliva spans Misato’s lips and my glans.

Misato shows a bewitching smile, and then.

「 That was fellatio. It’s a necessary skill for prostitutes 」

「 You do it even when you’re not a prostitute 」

Michi said.

「 It’s normal for women to have the desire to serve with their mouth when they see their beloved man’s genitals 」

「 I’m sorry, you’re right. Even if I’m no longer a prostitute, I would love to suck and lick on Kuromori-sama’s penis 」

Saying that Misato crawls her tongue on my penis again.

She’s gotten better at it.

I’ve only had about four “training” sex with Misato since her deflowering, but…

But she’s intrinsically smart, and so she’s getting better.

She’s finding up new ways for her fellatio.

「 Does it feel good, Kuromori-sama? 」

Misato holds my penis with both hands, using her tongue to lick the surface of the glans as she looks up at me.

「 Yes, that’s great, Misato 」

「 Ufu, I’m happy. I feel happy seeing Kuromori-sama’s face of pleasure like this 」

Misato smiled.

「 When doing fellatio, you must look up to your customer, and find which part you should like to give pleasure. Men are sensitive, and so you must be gentle 」

Chupa, chupa, chupa.

The young lady prostitute who knew nothing just a few weeks ago is now showing off her tongue skills.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, Tamayo-san, and the other former prostitutes teach her every day.

However, I’m the only one who can experience Misato’s fellatio.

The texture of her tongue, the warmth of her mouth, my dick feels them all.

「 I can also do this 」

Misato lifts her chest and rubs my glans on her nipples.

Misato’s nipples are already stiff.

The stiff texture sliding across the surface of my sensitive glans which is wet from her saliva feels great.

「 Misato 」

I stretched my hand and groped Misato’s bouncy breasts.

I’ll hold these squishy breasts of hers for the rest of my life.

「 You finally touched them, ahn, amazing 」

Misato licks the tip of my glans while letting me grope her breasts.

Ruriko’s taking photos of that situation.

「 Ruriko-sama! 」

Shiranui-san’s surprised by the sound of the shutter.

As a bodyguard, she reflexively thought that it would be bad if the young lady of the Kurama house, Misato, had her photo taken.

「 These are Onii-sama and Misato-san’s precious love memories 」

Ruriko said and continued taking photos.

「 Yes, I’m a prostitute, and so it’s part of my job to have embarrassing photos taken too 」

Misato’s line is justifying the recording of Sakurako-san’s deflowering.

「 I also want to take as many photos as possible while I have time 」

As much as possible? While you have time?

「 Kuromori-sama, where do you want to let it out today? 」

Misato looks at me with a curious expression.

「 Would you let out your semen in my mouth? Or? 」

She touches her abdomen.

「 Would you prefer inside? 」

「 Which do you prefer, Misato? 」

I asked her back.

「 I love drinking Kuromori-sama’s semen. I love the taste. I’ve come to love it 」

She’s putting emphasis on her words, she must be thinking about Sakurako-san.

「 But, Misato wishes for Kuromori-sama’s semen in my womb all the time 」

Misato smiled at me.

「 I feel happy when having sex with Kuromori-sama 」

If that’s the case.

「 Shall we go to the bedroom? 」

I said.

「 No. Aren’t the pillows there set up for someone else? 」

The bedroom next to this is already set up for Sakurako-san’s deflowering.

Misato came to this room after hearing the situation to some extent.

「 I’m a prostitute. I can have sex with the customer, anytime and anywhere, as long as they ask for it. Therefore, we can do it here too 」

Right, instead of using the flow to go to the bedroom.

I think that it’s better to show Sakurako-san how sex with a prostitute, Misato looks like.

I want Sakurako-san to see what does a prostitute does.

「 Okay, then take it off, Misato 」

「 Yes, certainly 」

Misato stood up and undressed elegantly.

She removes her blouse, dropped her skirt, and is now in her underwear.

「 Beautiful 」

Misato’s always been a beauty, but…

After receiving the exercise and meal program from the Black Forest, her body becomes more charming.

The lines of her body are glossy and curved, and tight where they should be.

No, her breasts and ass, are much tighter and toned due to her daily muscle training to get the ideal shape. It’s not sagging at all.

「 Maybe I should do that training too 」

Mariko touched her breasts and said.

「 If you ask Katsuko-oneesama, I’m sure that she will give a program for Mariko-san too 」

Ruriko said with a smile.

「 Ruriko-sama and everyone lives together in the same place so it’s okay, but I’m… 」

Mariko’s the granddaughter of the founder of Torii Electronics and the daughter of the president, she’s not allowed to live in our mansion.

Her family’s using the Laissez-faire principle, or should I say that they don’t mind if they get close to the Kouzuki house, and so she stays for a few days out of the week, but…

If she’s in the mansion, Katsuko-nee’s the housewife, and so she can manage the meals, but…

It might be hard to follow Katsuko-nee’s program if it’s in Mariko’s home.

「 Are you giving up then? 」

Michi asks Mariko with her usual blank look.

「 I-I won’t give up! O-Okay, I’ll work out what I can do to make my body more attractive! 」

Mariko, who hates to lose, said.

「 Mariko’s already charming 」

I said.

「 But I want to get even more charming! Besides, if I have a much more beautiful body than before, then I won’t lose! 」

Mariko’s right, Misato’s body is polished and improved.

「 The brothel will open soon so everyone’s competing 」

Misato speaks a little lonely.

I see, the other prostitute candidates are doing their best too.

「 Are you getting along with the other girls? 」

I asked.

「 Yes, we’re getting along. I’m still not close to Tokuda-sama and Kurosawa-sama, but… 」

Well, even if they’re all the same prostitute cadets.

The girls who watched each other have sex, Sumitomo Momoka, Shirahata Setsuna, and Asahina Nozomi are getting along with her, but…

The daughters of Yakuza, Tokuda Sonoko-san, and Kurosawa Naoko can’t…

No, Minaho-neesan’s probably doing that on purpose.

It’s weird to have all the prostitutes of the brothel get along.

It might be good for businesses to have factions and rivalry.

I’m in charge of training them once or twice until the opening, but…

I won’t have sex with Tokuda-san and Kurosawa-san.

Meanwhile, I’m going to train the three girls who I already deflowered.

「 I feel sorry that I’m the only one in training today, but… 」

Misato removed her bra and lowers her panty.

Misato’s crotch is already wet, it’s making stains on her blue panty.

「 Yeah, I should undress too 」

I stood up and took off my clothes.

If this is a normal situation, Sakurako-san and Shiranui-san would look away in a hurry, but…

My dick is already exposed.

Ruriko, Mariko, Michi, and Misato are creating an atmosphere that there’s nothing weird going on.

And so, the two virgins are watching me undress in a daze.

「 Hmm? 」

As I undress my pants, the coins in my pocket made a ring.

「 Oh, now that you mention it, we’re training for a hotel trip prostitution, and yet, I haven’t paid Misato yet 」

I said.

「 Kuromori-sama, if you have a 5-yen coin, then can you give that to me? 」

Misato tells me.

「 Oh, I do, here 」

I took out a 5-yen coin and gave it to Misato

「 I’ve received it, my body is sold to Kuromori-sama for five yen 」

She said and took the coin from my hand.

「 I’ll treasure this coin forever 」

She looks at the coin I gave her with love.

「 Oh, Misato-san, please use this 」

Mariko takes out the pendant from her neck and gave the chain to Misato.

「 Thank you, Torii-sama 」

Misato, who belonged in the young ladies of nobility before, was called with “-sama” suffix by the ordinary students before,

But Misato now isn’t a young lady of nobility, she thinks as a prostitute now.

And so, she calls Mariko with the “-sama” now

「 Mariko will do 」

Mariko smiled at Misato.

「 Now, I’ll put it on you 」

She passes through the chain on the five-yen coin and puts the pendant on Mariko.

Ooh, my coin is shaking on Misato’s beautiful breasts.

「 I’ll be a 5-yen woman only for Kuromori-sama 」

That means she’s selling herself to me for five yen.

「 Well then, I will use my whole body and soul to serve 」


「 Please sit on the sofa, I’ll do the moving 」

Right, it’s Misato’s hip training today.

So, she will be on top and use her hips.

「 Yeah got it, please do 」

I did as told and sat on the sofa.

After sitting on the leather sofa naked, I noticed something.

You don’t sink in this sofa, it’s flexible.

Also, its texture is nice.

This sofa’s used for sex.

I mean, Jii-chan probably had sex on this sofa when he was still healthy down there.

Or should I say that this one’s probably made to order?

Then that means that this room isn’t used for private talks but for him to bring his mistresses to have sex.

「 Excuse me 」

Misato straddles, facing me.

「 Please look from a good angle. I don’t mind at all 」

She told Sakurako-san and spread open her slit.

Misato’s love nectar drips from the inside.

Her insides are already wet enough that it’s loosened up.

Misato rubs her love nectar to my penis.

「 I will take Kuromori-sama’s big rod inside of me 」

「 No way! 」

Sakurako-san thinks that it’s impossible.

「 Well then, I shall put it in 」

Misato puts my penis to her entrance.

The tip of my glans can feel Misato’s hot skin.

Misato’s overflowing love nectar drips to my penis.

「 Uuu 」

My penis spreads out Misato’s insides.

「 Aaaaah! Ahn! Kuromori-sama!! 」

Zuryuryruryru. Misato lowers her hips and swallows in my erect penis.

「 It really went in… 」

Shiranui-san mutters.

「 T-That can’t be 」

Sakurako-san’s eyes can’t look away from where we’re connected.

Misato, the woman is on top, and she’s voluntarily putting it in.

There’s less fear from watching as I’m not on top.

「 Aaah, aaaah, more, deeper, let’s go deeper! 」

Misato said and pushed her hips deeper.

Woah, that’s tight!

I’m getting buried inside her clamping vagina.

「 Aaaaaah! Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

She takes it into the root and Misato fell exhausted on top of me.

Misato’s forehead is sweating as a foreign object has invaded her.

Her skin turned cherry pink.

「 Is it all in? 」

Misato turned to the surprised Sakurako-san, and…

「 Yes, I’ve taken it all in my body. Women can do this with their bodies 」

She said with a smile.

「 Kanou-sama’s body is the same 」

She adds that Sakurako-san can swallow a man’s erect penis too.

「 Misato, that feels great 」

Face-to-face sitting sex.

Misato’s beautiful breasts are in front of me, and the 5-yen coin pendant is on her neck.

I sucked on Misato’s nipples.

「 Aahn, Misato’s feeling good too 」

Misato’s body trembled in pleasure.

I bury my face in Misato’s cleavage and sucked on her nipples in turn.

「 It’s at times like this that I’m the happiest 」

Misato whispers to my ears and then spoke to Ruriko.

「 Please continue taking photos. Please let the memories of Misato who only embraced Kuromori-sama remain forever 」


「 Soon enough, I will sell my bodies to other customers 」

Misato doesn’t know that she’s exclusive to me.

She believes that once the brothel opens, she will be prostituted together with the other prostitute cadets.

「 Misato only knows Kuromori-sama for now, and so please enjoy Misato’s body to the fullest 」

As expected, she’s scared to become a prostitute.

She feels that it’s sad and desolate.

「 But, your lips are mine only, right? 」

I kissed Misato’s lips.

Misato promised to keep kissing forbidden to her customers apart from me

「 And my womb too 」

And I’m the only one allowed to cum inside her.

Although, Minaho-neesan’s brothel will make all the customers use condoms.

The customers will only big names from politics and business, wealthy people.

Those people are also careful to make sure that they don’t make a child by mistake.

Just like the head of the Kanou house who impregnated a college woman who works part-time at a bar.

That alone is fatal for the head of a noble family.

He wasn’t the head at that time, but he was to become the head of the family as he’s the first child, and so he’s a foolish man who did something that can’t be ignored.

No, still, he could’ve redeemed himself by doing follow-up service to the woman he impregnated, accepting her to the house, showing their generosity, but…

The Kanou house who lost their fortune and is in a poor state treated Sakurako-san’s mother poorly and didn’t follow up on her.

「 My contract will end in five years, and so I want to become pregnant with Kuromori-sama’s child too by then 」

She’s talking about her sister when saying “too.”

We haven’t told Kanou-san that Arisu’s my sex slave now.

Misato won’t tell Sakurako-san unless they ask her.

「 Yeah, I’ll get you pregnant, Misato 」

The successor of the soon revived Kurama house will be my child.

Will it be Misato’s child? Or Arisu’s child? I don’t know

「 I’m happy 」

Misato smiled and moved her hips.


「 Does it feel good? Ufufu, is this good? 」

Misato moves her hips lewdly.

In this movement, Misato’s vagina twists and pleases my penis.

「 You’re getting better at this, Misato 」

「 I’ve been training every day after all 」

Misato stirs her insides using my penis.

「 Aaah, it feels good for me too 」

Misato’s face is melting in pleasure.

「 If possible, I want to stay connected to Kuromori-sama forever 」

「 Me too, Misato 」

「 Aaaah, Kuromori-sama!! 」

Misato swings her hips and slams my penis inside her.

I can feel Misato’s soft and elastic ass on my lap.

Still, this sofa springs a lot.

I knew that this was made for sex.

「 This is sex 」

Michi tells Sakurako-san.

From Sakurako-san’s place, they should be able to see my dick making a piston on Misato’s insides.

Misato’s also sticking out her ass a bit so the girls could see it.

In this pose, Misato’s anus would be visible, not just our genitals.

「 Kanou-sama, you will do the same later 」

「 I-I… 」

Sakurako-san speaks in confusion.

「 Don’t forget that Kanou-sama already agreed in the act and took compensation 」

Michi’s right.

Sakurako-san can’t complain about whatever I do to her for the next six hours.

This beautiful young lady sold her virgin body to me just for 6000 yen.

Although, Misato’s having sex with me for five yen.

「 K-Kuromori-sama!! 」

Misato’s hips are getting intense.

「 M-Misato!! 」

I can’t hold back anymore if this goes on.

I grab Misato’s ass.

Then, I also move my hips from below.

「 Aaah, that’s great. Amazing! Aaaah! Aaaaah! 」

Misato and I are sweating.

「 Onii-sama and Misato-san, it’s beautiful. Don’t you think it’s beautiful to watch people make love? 」

Ruriko told Sakurako-san, but…

To Sakurako-san, it’s her first time seeing a man and a woman have sex.

Furthermore, it’s the graceful Misato who she knew since childhood.

She’s just shocked, her eyes opened wide as she watches us have sex.

Shiranui-san too.

I can sense that these two are quite curious about sex.

「 Aaaah, Kuromori-sama! I’m!! I’m… 」

Misato’s about to reach her ecstasy.

「 Me too, it’s coming soon 」

「 Please pour it inside Misato! Misato wants Kuromori-sama’s child!!! Aaah, I want to get pregnant, impregnate me!! 」

Misato’s vagina starts clamping.

Aaaaah, she’s squeezing me.

「 Aaaaah, Misato! I’m! I’m, I’m about to… 」

I look into Misato’s eyes and shouted.

「 Wait! Aaaah! I’m about to come too!! 」

I tightened my ass, enduring discharge.

「 Kuaaaa! Haaaa, aaaaah! It’s coming! It’s coming!!! The pleasure, the big wave! It’s coming!! 」

Misato’s eyes look at me.

「 Aaah, I’m about to cum! Misato’s cumming! Kuromori-sama! May I cum?!!! 」

Her eyes seek my permission.

「 Yeah, cum! Misato! Aaah! Misato! 」

I can’t…I only see Misato and the pleasure.

「 Aaaaaaah!! Kuromori-sama! I…I’m cumming!!! 」

Misato bounces.

Her sweating body twitched and her vagina squirms.

Me too!!

「 Misato! Cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming inside!!!! Oooooh!! 」

I thrust Misato’s womb from below.

Then, my white liquid blows out like a fountain.

「 Aaaaaah, so warm!!! It’s so warm, Kuromori-sama!!! 」

Misato embraced me tightly and enjoy the feeling of my ejaculation inside her.

I also hugged Misato’s body and grind my hips.

Pouring in my semen multiple times.

「 Aaaaaah, it feels good! It feels good! Misato’s flying away!! 」

Misato’s womb is squirming lewdly, drinking my semen.

Misato’s body has completely developed.