Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 365. Is it dinner yet?


Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze



Suddenly, the speaker wall rings.
Miss Edie’s body trembled.

「My…someone’s here」

Katsuko-nee operates the laptop.
The feed shows the state of the entrance of the mansion.
A blue Maserati is shown on the screen…
It’s Margo-san…
I see the person in the passenger seat as well.
It seems Nei’s with her…

「I was told that they’d come to the salon but that’s quite early」

Katsuko-nee opens the iron door via a remote control while speaking.
Blowing the horn only once…the Maserati enters the Mansion’s site.

「They’ll be heading here soon. Seems like we’re all going to eat dinner together…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles at me.

「Is Mana and Reika going to eat at Nagisa’s place?」

Mana and Reika are helping out in the flower shop.

「Let’s see. Nagisa’s shop is open until 8:30 PM… Reika-oneesan has to bring Nagisa, Mao-chan and Mana-chan here」
「Nagisa and others are coming here too?」
「We should be careful for a while. I think we better gather around at night as much as possible」

Katsuko-nee answers worriedly.
True, Cesario Viola and Shirasaka house’s dangers are gone, but…
Kouzuki security service and the public police have begun monitoring…
Shirasaka house’s scandal is still being covered.
…We shouldn’t let our guards down yet.

「Reika-oneesan’s with them today but tomorrow…we’ll have another person to guard them. Nagisa’s shop is the most likely to be targeted…but she can’t take a break from it 」
「Who are the other side we have to be wary with?」

I asked.
If I recall, 『Kuromori』becomes Japan’s『Top Secret』due to Jii-chan’s power, right?

「…The first would be the gangs Shirasaka Sousuke is affiliated with. The top should have heard about Kouzuki-sama but…people like those hold grudges. They intended to make a profit by threatening the political and financial world by taking『Kuromori’s』customer list from Shirasaka Sousuke, didn’t they?」
「That all just disappeared…so there’s a possibility that they’d harass us for revenge. Of course, they’ll use only the thugs instead of the higher ones. They intend to make an excuse saying『Those below did it on their own』」

So they’re thinking of that.

「It’s good that up until now our identity wasn’t clear but…with Kouzuki-sama notifying the『underground society』and the information leak from the police would be traveling around. I think that the gangsters who know『Kuromori』through Shirasaka Sousuke would get angry. We jumped over their level and entered Kouzuki-sama’s protection. They’d think of harassing us with everything…」

The gangs were making fool of Shirasaka Sousukea after all…
They’d think that『Kuromori』belongs to Shiraskaa Sousuke…
Either way, they intend to take over the operations of『Kuromori』
If women of the brothel took it all over…of course, they’ll get angry.

「Well…that’s right after yesterday… I think it was around this afternoon Kouzuki-sama’s official announcement came up. Then, the outline of the case is somehow known to the underground world…given the passage of time, I think the top members of the gangs are having a meeting. Therefore, if there would be some action…it would be tonight」

Katsuko-nee assumes.

「And if they’re going to make harassments…Nagisa’s shop is the best candidate you see? That girl’s job is a surface business after all. The mansion is currently closed after all…」

This Mansion has the security and surveillance…attacking here won’t become a harassment.
On that note, anyone can enter Nagisa’s shop…just sticking in some gunshots to it would cause enormous damage.
If they use a thug that’s not a direct member, they’re not violating Jii-chan’s『Don’t make a fight with them』…

「…That’s bad」
「Ojou-sama’s already working on gathering information. I roughly know which side those thugs would use so we’ll be crushing them before they come to harass」

As usual, Minaho-neesan works fast…

「Ah, Katsuko, we’ll do that one…」

Kyouko-san shows up from the kitchen.,

「While at it, I’m going to crush the boss of that gangs as a whole. That way, we would make an example for others…!」

Make example…?

「We just have to show a bad reputation that 『Kuromori』is dangerous to pick a fight with even without Kouzuki-jiisan’s backing, right?」

Err…Kyouko-san, what do you intend to do?

「Katsuko, would there be a trouble if we crush those gangs? Are they necessary for Japan’s future?」
「…No, I don’t think so」
「Then that’s decided. Hey, Cordelia, we’re going to crush a gang tomorrow…!」

Kyouko-san tells miss Cordelia in the kitchen.

「You’re free anyway, aren’t you? Help me out then!」
「I intend to take a vacation though」

Miss Cordelia shows her face.

「Don’t say that…I’m going to give you lots of love tonight!」

Miss Cordelia brightens up.

「Geez…we just have to slaughter them all right?」
「No…make them regret that they were born!」
「…Kyouko, I love that part of you!」

These two are out of standards so…if I think about them I will lose my mind.

「Meenie and Eenie will come too. These girls are getting bored already
「Bring that『monkey』over there too. She’ll come charging at me unless we let her vent out her energy」

Kyouko-san says while looking at miss Edie.
She’s struggling with the puzzle ring at the corner of the room.

「Katsuko and others are going to Kouzuki-jiisan’s son’s funeral tomorrow right?」
「Yes, that’s the plan」
「My…is it okay for me to go too?」

Miss Cordelia asks.

「Since it’s the funeral of the man I killed, right?」
「Tahahaha! If you come in, the number of guards would triple!」
「Eeeh, I don’t intend to make a fuss though」
「That’s not it…if Kyouko Messer and miss Cordelia appears side by side, the security officers would panic you know. Don’t you feel a bit sorry for them?」
「True…then, fine. Crushing gangs looks more fun…」

Megu comes in with the wagon where the dishes are on.
She’s amazingly nervous.
Well…being alone in the kitchen with those people is scary.

「…Y-Yoshi-kun. Dinner’s ready」

She cuddles towards me.
True, there’s a scent of delicious food coming from the kitchen.
Miss Edie sniffs.
She throws the puzzle ring away.

「Oh…we came home at the best timing!」

Nei and Margo-san comes inside the room
Her hair’s dyed black…

「My, you returned to black…that’s great. Cute!」

Kyouko-san tells Nei.

「Right, Right?! See」

Nei smiles at me.

「Un…it’s beautiful」

It’s not on the cute level…
The artificial blond hair and colored contacts hid Nei’s natural beauty.
The black haired, dark brown eyes Nei…is naturally beautiful.
She’s an amazing beauty…

「That’s nostalgic, you returned to back when I met you…though the Nei back then wasn’t smiling that much」

Kyouko-san looks at Nei’s face.

「Un. I’m finally able to smile from the bottom of my heart…thanks to Yo-chan!」

Saying that, Nei hugs me from behind.

「Ufufufu…Yo-chan, I wuuuuuv you!」

Kyouko-san shows that spectacle to miss Cordelia…

「You see, that girl’s a『Hetero』…that’s why don’t make a move on her. She’s my 『sister』after all」
「I know!」

Miss Cordelia grabs Kyouko-san’s arms.


I asked…

「It means『Straight』」

Kyouko-san answered.
I don’t get it…
Megu’s looking gloomy…
Is she shocked seeing Nei-san coming back with a black hair?
I try to call her but…Nei stopped me.


Megu’s surprised as Nei doesn’t call her『Megu-chan』like usual but rather『Megumi』

「You aren’t thinking that『I lost』just because of this?!」
「T-That’s not…what I’m thinking」

Nei smiles at Megu as she hugs me.

「Megumi…do you think that if you get serious, you can be ten times more beautiful than now?」


「If you seriously study about beauty…do you think you could polish up your fashion sense and become more beautiful than you are now?」
「…I’ve never thought of it」

Megu answers gloomily.

「Then, think about it now! 5 more? 6 More? Can you even do 2 or 3 times?」


「At best, I think I can do at least three」

Megu stares at Megu’s face.

「…You can be 30% more beautiful than now?」
「But, no matter how hard I work…I can’t be as beautiful as Nei-oneesan」

Megu says…Nei;

「Don’t give me that bullshit, Idiot!!!」

Megu’s surprised.

「You won’t know that unless you do it seriously! If you give up from the start, what are you going to do!?」

Nei smiles at Megu.

「I’m going to teach you from now on! I’ll teach everything I know to make Megumi beautiful! Let’s do calisthenics together! Let’s aim for that 30% more! We’re going to polish the『women』even more! We don’t have time to feel depressed!」

Megu’s stunned.

「Since I declared war on Misuzu, I’m going to do the same to Megumi! I think that we sisters need to help each other! If it’s left as it is, we’ll only become lazy women who only rely on Yo-chan. In that case, Yo-chan would be exhausted and abandon us」

Nei pats my head gently.

「We, Yo-chan’s women have to compete, polish each other and become a better woman. This is all for Yoshi-kun…」
「…For Yoshi-kun」
「That’s right! There’s no time for us to be depressed!」

Nei smile is like an angel.

「Let’s become better women, together!」

Kyouko-san calls Margo-san, impressed.

「Ooh…she’s grown up. To think that the always small Nei, hiding behind us, say that」
「…Nei’s growing up. She’s now an『onee-san』with a lot of『imouto』」

Up until we came here…Nei’s been the youngest girl of『Kuromori』
Nowadays…she’s a splendid『Onee-san』among the line of the young girls.

「Megu…Nei-oneesan’s saying『I look forward working with you』」

I tell Megu.

「Or…would you just admit defeat without fighting? That’s not Megu-like」


「…Please take care of me. I’ll do my best. I don’t think I’ll be as beautiful as Nei-oneesan, but…I’ll do all of my best!」
「Good! Come at me! Nufufufu!」

Nei laughs.

「Then…well, should we eat?」

Katsuko-nee stands.

「…What about Minaho?」

Margo-san looks for Minaho-neesan.

「Ojou-sama is in the room. She’s busy now so I’ll bring meals to her later」
「Yes, yes, let’s eat with everyone in here!」

Kyouko-san says laughing.


I have a bit of an Idea.

「I want to eat in Agnes’ room」

Katsuko-nee’s surprised.

「Agnes always eat alone in the basement, right?」
「Yes…that’s true」
「Then, I want to eat together with her. I think I will start my meetings with Agnes like this」

Confronting Agnes is…
I think we have no choice but to share our daily lives.

「But…when someone else is there, Agnes won’t eat」
「Then, I’ll stay in Agnes’ room all the time. If I stay there, then Agnes would get hungry too and she’d eat, right? As long as she knows I have no intention to attack」
「…It’ll take hours though?」
「I don’t mind Or rather, I’ll spend the rest of the holiday on Agnes’ room except for the funeral tomorrow」

I don’t think there’s another way than to settle this as fast as possible.

「Waking up together…eating. That way, she’ll get used to me. In that girl’s case…」

Katsuko-nee seems worried.

「At first…Katsuko-nee and I enter the room. Katsuko-nee can deliver Agnes’ food and get out of the room. What’s left is an endurance test with me and Agnes…」

I ready myself.

「Yeah…that’s a good idea. If we break that girls’『closed world』then there’s no other choice but to change her everyday life…as expected」

Kyouko-san thinks of something.

「But you see…that basement is Agnes’『Mind world』so to speak. Then, a foreign body like you invades…do you think she’d change that easily?」
「Well…I’ll have her first get used to me entering…and if we increase the number of the people entering Agnes’ room」

That’s what I think, but…

「You don’t have the time to do that, do you? Furthermore, if you do that, Agnes won’t come out of that room herself and just keep secluding herself inside?」

That might be true.
Even if we increase the number of people in Agnes’ basement…that room is Agnes’ world.
Even if she gets used to people being near her…she’ll never come out of that room.

「Rather, she’d make another territory on that basement…for example, just around the bed. Won’t that make her close her mind narrower to her『own area』?」

Kyouko-san said.

「Then, what should we do? Should we force Agnes out of that room?」
「Don’t be ridiculous. If you do such drastic treatment, her heart would only be punctured」

…What should I do?

「…There’s no choice but to change that room itself」

Kyouko-san said.

「We’ll change the『meaning』of the room while keeping Agnes inside」

…Change the meaning?

「You definitely had a good idea of eating with Agnes on her room. That’s for sure」
「However…you can’t go alone」


「…Let’s imagine a transparent water in the cup. Then, let’s drop a black ink in the water. The moment the black grain falls into the glass…it diffuses and disappear. The water will remain as transparent…」


「But…if you pour large amount of black ink into the glass of transparent water? The transparent water can’t diffuse the blank ink. The water would be dyed black gradually」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「The transparent water would be the current Agnes in the『basement』… The black ink are us. If we’re going to change her then we have to pour in all at once. We’ll dye the colorless and transparent『basement』…with『Kuromori』!」

Kyouko-san orders all of us…

「Bring all of the food and plates to Agnes’ room!」

To Agnes’ room…?


Katsuko-nee, Nei, and Margo-san start moving right away.

「That room’s floor is low isn’t it? Should we bring cushions or anything?」

Nei asks.

「No, there’s a carpet that’s perfectly sized so we’ll lay that down. Help me carry it」

Margo-san tells me.

「Let’s see…let’s also bring a lot of cushions afterwards. Let’s sit down on the carpet and eat our meals」

That was Katsuko-nee.

「Ufufufu, we look like nomads in Central Asia!」

Nei laughs.

「Then, should me and my girls bring the food and plates?」

Miss Cordelia asks.
She doesn’t know about Agnes but anyway…she seems to have understood that we’ll be dining in another room.

「I’ll lead the way to the basement room」

Katsuko-nee tells miss Cordelia.

「Then, I’ll bring the Cushions」

Megu said.
I guess that’s way better than being together with miss Cordelia.

「Yeah, come with me, Megumi」

Nei knows where the cushions are.

「We’ll go too」

Margo-san urges me.
We’re going to carry the carpets.

「Katsuko…what should I do?」

Kyouko-san asks Katsuko-nee.

「Kyouko-san…please, take that girl with you!」

Katsuko-nee points at miss Edie.

「Got it…!」

Kyouko-san moves and pulls miss Edie’s neck up.
Miss Edie rages, but…
Kyouko-san carries her to her shoulder without any problems.

「Well then, let’s move right away!!!」

At that time…I forgot an important thing.
It’s the existence of Shirasaka Yukino.