Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 367. Dinner with Agnes (Part 2)


Translator: Pun

Editor: Blaze


「Guys…can we do something about that?」

Kyouko-san looks up at『Shirasaka Sousuke’s naked statue』above the partition near the skylight then said.

「Looking up at his erect dick while eating is quite」
「Should I climb and break it?」

Miss Cordelia said calmly.
I don’t know how she would climb such a high place, but…
Besides, I think that’s made of metal…
I don’t think that it’s that easy to break.
But, miss Cordelia’s physique tells me she can do anything.

「Eh, it’s troublesome if the dust and debris scatter around though」

Kyouko-san looks at the food in front of her eyes.
True, it’s troublesome if debris falls towards our food…

「Well then, I’ll let him wear pants or something」

Miss Cordelia picks up one of the extra place mat.

「I’m going to borrow this」

After telling Katsuko-nee…she speaks to her two subordinates in German.
Eenie and Meenie stood up.

「Does anyone have a rubber hair band?」

Miss Cordelia said…Megu

「Ah, I have one」

She takes out a rubber ring from her pocket.

「Thanks…now then」

Miss Cordelia bent lightly…turning her knees.

「I’ll dance like a feather…there won’t be a dust falling down…!」

Eenie and Meenie are standing by where miss Cordelia points them.


Miss Cordelia runs lightly!
She’s heading towards Eenie & Meenie!
Miss Cordelia jumps lightly before the two of them…
Eedie and Meenie hurl her up into the air.
There’s not even a sound from all of those movements.
Running without making any footsteps, and the two subordinates throw up their master silently
Miss Cordelia and the two subordinates have formidable physical ability far beyond their appearance.
Miss Cordelia who jumped to the air flew up to the height of Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue.


Agnes who’s been closing her heart all this time felt startled.

「It’s okay. She won’t break it」

Kyouko-san tells Agnes
Miss Cordelia lands on the pedestal of the statue…wrapped Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue’s erect penis with a place mat…and then fasten it with a rubber ring.

「…What do you think?」

Miss Cordelia asks from above.

「Looks good, I guess? Somehow, getting erect while wearing underwear looks shameless. But this is better than having it exposed」

Kyouko-san replies.

「Oh right…I’ll bring in Shouji tomorrow then」

… What?

「Let’s go with the opposite…hide the statue itself with the Shoji paper then have only the penis exposed by piercing the paper」


「Kyouko, is that some abracadabra only on Japan or something?I know that shoji is used on Japanese architecture though…?」

Miss Cordelia asks from the high ground.

「Oh I see. No way you would know about that」

Kyouko-san laughs.

「Even Japanese youngsters don’t know it」

Katsuko-nee tells Kyouko-san.
Un, I don’t know what they’re talking about after all.
Megu and Nei are also dumbfounded.

「Of course, it’s an old-fashioned best selling novel. Children these days won’t know it. I know it because it was on a bookshelf of my Brazilian grandfather」
「What? Was there a novel where there’s an erect dick piercing a Shoji door?」

Miss Cordelia asks.

「Un, there was」
「What the hell, is that an erotic novel?」
「Well, something like that」
「To think that would be a best seller…as expected, Japanese are perverts」
「No no, it’s a transient. As you can see, these kids don’t know about it at all. Hey, Katsuko, is that novelist still writing? Or rather, is he still alive?」
「He’s alive but…I don’t know whether he’s writing novels or not. I know that he’s working on other things though」

I don’t even know who they are talking about.

「Well, all of his novels until now aren’t for young ones to read after all」
「Hmm…well, that’s how it is」

Kyouko-san’s convinced of what Katsuko-nee said.

「I’m getting off…《Come On!》」

Miss Cordelia calls Eenie & Meenie
The two subordinate await at the drop point.


Miss Cordelia descends towards the floor.
The two subordinate waits from below…
No, the two jumps towards miss Cordelia’s fall.
Of course, no footsteps.
Miss Cordelia’s body falls down and the two people push her up in the air.
The falling momentum is offset by the force upwards.
Then, the three of them jump in different directions…
Then they landed on the floor without making a sound.

「Un…well done!」

Kyouko-san applauses.
Me, Megu…Nei & Margo-san, and Katsuko-nee too…
Agnes is relieved because her father’s statue is only clothed around his groin.
Miss Edie stopped eating stew and gazed at miss Cordelia.
She looks very frustrated.
Her eyes say『I can do that much』
But, she doesn’t like to talk to miss Cordelia and Kyouko…so she begins devouring the stew again.
Agnes’ dish is still in front of her.
She hasn’t taken a sip yet.
Edie finished her meal in a blink of an eye.
Then…she looks at the large pot of stew again.

「Do you want a refill?…Come here, hand me your plate. I’ll give you another」

Katsuko-nee smiles…showing a gesture to Edie while holding her laddle.
She approaches the large pot while being wary of Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia…
She offered her empty plate to Katsuko-nee.


Katsuko-nee prepares the dish.
When she received the dish…miss Edie returns to her original position.
Close to Agnes.
She takes a firm sit…then eats stew once again.

「Edie, there’s Tacos too」

Megu picks up taco on a small dish and showes it to Edie.
Edie stares at the plate…
She puts the stew besides and closes up to Megu slowly.
She seems to be wary of Kyouko-san all the time.
However, Kyouko-san and others are…
Happily talking in German with miss Cordelia, Eenie & Meenie, and even Margo-san.
There are laughter coming out sometimes but of course, I don’t know what they’re talking about.
Edie takes the taco dish from Megu and then returned to her original position in a hurry.
In the end, even if Kyouko-san suddenly attacks Edie…she’s in a position she can’t escape.
That’s not it.
Kyouko-san is purposely putting pressure on Edie so she goes closer to Agnes.
That’s why Edie’s over there.
Or rather…Every time she receives food, Edie seems to be approaching Agnes bit by bit.
This is…Kyouko-san casually increasing the amount of pressure to Edie.
Should I also think of the jump on Shirasaka Sousuke’s naked statue a performance to stimulate Edie…?
Edie smells the taco.

「It’s okay…we’re eating it too」

Nei eats the taco in a way Edie could see.


Megu picks up taco from the same platter too.
Everyone else is eating the same thing.
She seems to know that Megu’s not a spy or an agent from her body.
It’s impossible for her to mix poison on the food she gave Edie.

「Come on, eat it, it’s delicious!」

The smiling Nei seems to have put Edie at ease.
She eats the taco.


…My my.
It seems that it’s spicier than expected.

「Ah, here’s water!」

Megu takes out a 500mL water bottle.
Edie runs towards Megu and takes the water bottle.
She opened her mouth and gulped it down at once.
Then, she returned to her original position with the bottle…alert.

「But still…you can’t get tired of watching that girl」

Katsuko-nee said.

「True…she’s rich of expressions」

Megu said.

「Somehow…it looks like we’re observing an animal though!」

Nei’s words are…a bit harsh.
Edie returns to her original position…
No…it’s even close to Agnes.
She returned to eating.
Eating the stew…biting the Taco…drinking water.
She looks in pain but she seems to be able to deal with it.

「…Yo-chan, look at Agnes」

Nei whispers to me.
Agnes still hasn’t eaten yet…
But, she’s staring at Edie who continues to eat greedily.

「…Un, looks like it’s going well」
「What do you mean?」

Nei smiles at me.

「Yo-chan…do you know what’s the best way to make sure you don’t panic in the entrance exams?」
「Eh…I don’t know」

Megu also listens to our talk.

「You just have to find someone that’s more panicked! Humans feel more calm when they see a person that’s more desperate than themselves!」


「In this case…Agnes is wary of us who suddenly intruded her『own world』?」

Agnes is just staying still on the bed.

「Therefore…we prepared a child who’s even more wary than Agnes」


「Furthermore…that girl seems to be left out by Kyouko-san for some reason. She’s taking distance…trying not to approach us. Don’t you feel like she’s getting closer to Agnes?」

…I see.
That’s why Kyouko-san purposely…

「Our leader is Kyouko-san so…she purposely appeals exaggeratedly. From the start. Then…Kyouko-san shows that there’s a gap in relationship between her and Edie. Kyouko-san shows up carrying Edie on her shoulders after all」

From Agnes’ sight…she can only be seen as an abducted child.
The first musical also forces Edie to participate…

「And…Edie’s extremely cautious of Kyouko-san and others, right? Her expressions are more rich than Agnes」
「Is Edie too alert?」

She looks very comical but in fact…there’s no conjecture to that.

「She’s in a horrible state. That’s why she’s eating so much…eating everything that’s food… !」


「Edie’s the type that eats out her stress!」

Nei shows a mischievous smile.
Oh…I see.
She’s actually not a big eater.

「Then…Edie’s eating out the food a lot…so I think that Agnes is about to eat her food too!」


「A girl like her eats just fine under Kyouko-san’s pressure…she doesn’t have to be vigilant about food. Look」

Agnes approaches the dish in front of her.
Edie’s eating right beside her.
The second serving is also empty…she goes in front of the big pot with Katsuko-nee warily.

「Yes…a refill」

Katsuko-nee fills in the stew.
Edie approaches Agnes while still being cautious.
She gobbles down the stew.
She looks at Agnes.
Edie and Agnes look at each other’s eyes.

「Look, Edie’s eyes are telling Agnes 『Why are you not eating』…!」

Nei explains.
Agnes…takes the stew and spoon in front of her.
She puts the spoon in the stew…
Then scoops some out.
Edie eats the stew while looking at Agnes.
Then…she smiled.
It’s as if she’s saying『This is delicious!』…!
Seeing that…
Agnes also puts the stew in her mouth.
The stew made by Katsuko-nee.
This is…delicious!


Agnes confirms that the thing in her mouth isn’t poison.
Then…that it’s delicious.
Edie’s eyes say『…Right?』at Agnes.
Edie eats the stew again.
Seeing that, Agnes also eats the stew.

「That’s good…Agnes has to start from eating the same thing with everyone!」

Nei sadd.


Nei calls Agnes.
Nei eats the stew in front of Agnes who turned to her.

「It’s delicious! Agnes!」

Me too…
I eat the stew so Agnes could see.

「Yeah, delicious!」

Megu followed.

「If you want more, there’s a lot of refills here!」

Katsuko-nee shows Agnes the big pot of stew.
Then showing once again that everyone’s eating the same stew from the same pot.
Agnes’ face still looks cautious but…
Still, the hand eating the stew doesn’t stop.
Well of course…
This is her first time eating human dish ever since she gained consciousness.
Edie seems to have come up with something…
She goes to Megu once again…still cautious.

「…What’s up?」

Edie knows that Megu can’t speak English.
Therefore, she conveys her will via gestures.
It means…『A small plate of taco for that child too』


Megu puts a taco in a small plate and hands it to miss Edie.
Then, Edie…
Gestures…『Hey, hey, it’s going to be a problem if there’s no water』

「Ah, yes…water」

Megu takes a water bottle from the wagon and hand it over.
Once again, Edie comes back to her position while being wary of Kyouko-san and others.
She put the small plate of Taco and water bottle in front of Agnes.


Agnes is wary of the new dish.
Edie takes her own plate of Taco and eats it in front of Agnes.
To show that『This is spicy』she breathes out『Hoo, hoo』
No…She’s saying《HOT, HOT》 I think.
But still, Agnes doesn’t eat…
Edie tells her something in English.
She’s nervous? She spoke extremely fast…
I can only hear「Hochan, Ho, Ho, Hoaaa! Hoaa!」1
I think she’s saying…『It’s very spicy but, it’s delicious so try it』…

「It’s okay! That’s also delicious!」

Nei shows herself eating Tacos.
Megu and me too…

「Wow, spicy…!」

The chili feels like it’s slapping my head.

「Ah, Yo-chan, it’s your first time eating Tacos?」
「Yoshi-kun, here, water」

Megu opens up a bottle and hands it to me.
I gulp down the water.

「Ufufufun! You see, when eating spicy things, you eat it alternately with water!」
「Is that so?」

At that time, Agnes finally puts the taco in her mouth.
Taking a bite…


Even though her face looks like it’s a dead expressionless one…
She’s surprised by the spiciness of the taco that her eyes blinked


Edie takes off the cap of her bottle cap and hand it to her.
Agnes drinks the water in a hurry.
Then…she glared at Edie.
『What did you recommend?』…
But, Edie just continues to calmly eat the Taco in front of her.
To show that『It’s also painful for me』she breathes out『Puhaa』after eating.
Then, she drinks water.
After that, Tacos again…
She turned to Agnes, smiling…

「Un…that’s a good trend. It’s not good to have only stew. Isn’t it great to have Tacos to show that there are various tastes in the world?」

Kyouko-san said as she looks at Agnes’ situation.
Agnes tries the Tacos again.
But…as expected, it doesn’t seem to suit her taste.
Stopping after a bite…she returns to stew.

「Katsuko, give her some sweet for a dessert later. We have to teach her the stimulation of tastes…」
「Sure, what about ice cream? It’s cold and sweet, she can experience both at once」
「Oh, that’s a good idea!」

Kyouko-san and Katsuko-nee’s plan to enhance Agnes’ taste is going well.

「But still…I never thought those girls would get along that much!」

Nei said.
Before we noticed…Miss Edie and Agnes are sticking together.
Agnes isn’t cautious with Edie anymore.
She seems to have understood that『She’s not an enemy』
Edie, on the other hand, …wipes the bed with paper napkins as Agnes wet it with water.

「Miss Edie’s surprisingly thoughtful…」

I think so.
I thought that she’s like a wild baby but…she’s keeping a delicate distance so that Agnes doesn’t feel afraid…
I can tell that she’s being amazingly considerate of Agnes.
Hearing my mutter, Kyouko-san…

「My, I know that from the start though…」


「You too, didn’t you see Edie playing with Mao-chan, right? That girl’s kind to people younger than herself」

…That’s true.
If I recall…Edie was playing with Mao-chan.
I thought that she liked Mao-chan, but…
That’s not all.
Miss Edie might have the intuition of『If a girl younger than me is present, I must take the initiative on taking care of them』

「That girl’s raised inside an assassination cult you see…in the cults, the older should be taking care of the younger ones」

Kyouko-san said.

「『Elders have the duty to protect the younglings』or something…those teachings of the cult have taken root in her I think」
「Speaking of which, she’s also kind to Mana. Her attitude is different towards me…」

Megu said.

「If I recall…Miss Edie first asked for my age. She said《HOW OLD ARE YOU?》」

…Asking the age?

「Yoshi-kun was unconscious back then. That was after we got out of the basement room of the hotel. When I introduced myself, miss Edie asked me that」

So that happened.

「True, she first asks your age…and her attitude towards Mana who’s younger and me who’s the same age are different. She was raised with that kind of thinking」

…I see.
…That’s why.
Kyouko-san puts pressure on Edie so she would automatically approach Agnes…
Once they get closer…Edie would take care of Agnes who looks younger no matter how you look at it…!
This is the plan from the start…!

「Anyway…it’s fine that she can open her heart to a single person! What’s left is to just thrust in arms into the opened part and rattle it around!」

Kyouko-san laughs out loud…


  1. Edie’s a monkey, right