Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 368. The second wife war



Now then, Agnes finished eating her stew
Then, Edie takes out her hand…
Agnes thought that she’s planning to collect the plates…so she handed hers to Edie.
Edie heads towards Katsuko-nee and had Agnes’ refill.
Then…she gives it to Agnes, saying『Now, eat more』
Along with a smile…
Edie who’s a glutton seems to have judged that the stew wasn’t enough for Agnes.
Agnes takes the dish reluctantly and eat it.
As for Tacos, she hasn’t taken the rest of the dish aside from the first bite she had.
Edie seems to have thought that this is spicy so it didn’t suit her tastes.
She doesn’t force the tacos anymoer.
Well…it’s something miss Cordelia made.
In addition, when she thinks that Agnes’ bottled water is getting low…she immediately goes to Megu.
She’s really very caring.

「Somehow…this gives a pleasant vibe」

I tell Nei.

「Yeah…Edie’s very expressive after all. I also think that her having no malice and only refreshing feeling is being conveyed to Agnes too!」

Nei said.

「But…she was educated as an assassin for the cult, isn’t she? Is it okay for her to such a frank character?」

I ask…Nei.

「That’s why her grandmother only taught her the skills but didn’t train her heart to be an assassin. She doesn’t want her granddaughter to be the tool of the cult after she died, I guess?」

Even when picking a fight with Kyouko-san, she goes upfront…she never tries to attack through opportunities.

「I think she’s purposely raised to fail as an assassin. That’s why, the cult decided Edie can’t be used and sold her to miss Cordelia, don’t you think?」

So that’s how it is.
Meanwhle…Kyouko-san, Eenie & Meenie, and Margo-san are talking in German.
When there’s something funny, they laugh out.

「Margo-san seems to be having fun」
「Yeah. Kyouko-san’s an absolutely reliable mentor for Margo-oneesan…and Eenie-san and Meenie-san are actually good people. Miss Cordelia also seems to understand that Margo-oneesan isn’t Kyouko-san’s『lover』but a『little sister』instead…」

Miss Cordelia was hostile at Margo-san because of jealousy and selfish conviction as expected.

「Nee-san…do you know German?」

Megu and Katsuko-nee are present so I’ll call her『Nee-san』

「I only know Japanese and English!」
「Well yeah. Margo-san said that she’s studying a lot of languages so I thought Nei could do at least three. 」
「I’m not as smart as Margo-oneechan! Even English was only because I’ve been living in US all this time…but I’m not good at reading or writing difficult words!」

Nei looks down.

「Just because a Japanese person can speak Japanese language, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s got good grades on『native Japanese words』right?」

…True. That’s right.

「I can read and write when it comes to normal life but you see…I haven’t been in school for a long time」

Nei had a time where she was confined by Cesario Viola./

「Therefore…I’m not that smart」

Nei says looking lonely.

「No, Nee-san’s smart. You’re very tact…and you have good wisdom. I think that you’re way smarter than me」
「That’s not it…I don’t know things like a normal Japanese student knows. Even on high school entrances…I was forcibly passed due to Sensei’s power you see? I can’t enter with my real academic ability」
「Eh…things normal students know?」
「For example…I have no knowledge about Japan’s history at all. I’ve gone to school back when I was in primary, that’s why I know elementary school things. Like『Emperor Tenji』and『Oda Nobunaga』 But…I don’t know anything when it comes to Arihara Gyouhei or something like that」

…Arihara Gyouhei?
Is it the writer from the Meiji Era?

「…Yoshi-kun, I think she’ stalking about『Ariwara no Narihira』」

Megu who’s listening from the side participates on our conversation.

「Oh yeah, that one!」

Nei smiles.

「Anyway, I don’t know the names when it comes to Kanji! Also, world history having katakana notations. They should just write it in the alphabets. If it’s Japanese, there’s a lot of times where the patterns are getting weird」
「Getting weird?」
「For example…why does Japanese write『モザート(Mozaato)』as 『モーツァルト(Motsaruto)』?」1


「That’s how the English US speaks it…I think」

Megu says.

「In Japan, there’s a rule to express the foreign name in concordance to their home country’s pronunciation as much as possible. It’s『モザート(Mozaato)』in English speaking countries but it’s『モーツァルト(Motsaruto)』in German」

…I never knew.
I thought that the『モーツァルト(Motsaruto)』was common in the world.

「That’s fine but…『ジュリアス・シーザー(Juriasu Shiza)』becomes『ユリウス・カエサル(Yuriusu Kaesaru)』, I can’t agree with that!」2
「If I recall…『シーザー(Shiza)』is an English reading too.3 『カエサル(Kaesaru)』is pronounced in Latin, I think」
「…Nobody uses Latin nowadays!」
「That’s true but…that’s the rule in Japan. Even the racer『ミハエル・シューマッハ(Mihaeru Shimahha)』becomes『ミヒャエル(Mihiyaeru)』in newspapers.4 That seems to be the correct local pronunciation」
「Eeeh, isn’t that person『マイコー・シューマッカー(Maiko Shumakka)』?」

Nei’s pronunciation of『マイケル(Maikeru)』is『マイコー(Maiko)』

「That’s also an English reading…I think」

Megu said.

「That’s an interesting talk」

Katsuko-nee joins in.

「I just remembered…in the past, when the pope’s name is pronounced as 『ヨハネ・パウロ2世(Yohane Pauro Nisei』but…when I was watching the CNN broadcast, they were pronouncing it as『ジョン・ポール・セカンド(Jon poru sekando)』, I was surprised」5

『ヨハネ・パウロ2世(Yohane Pauro nisei)』turns to『ジョン・ポール・セカンド(Jon Poru Sekando)』
Somehow, the divinity’s gone and he became a normal person.

「Then, 『ジョージ・リンゴ3世(Joji Ringo Sansei)』is also fine!」

Nei said laughing…I don’t get it though.

「『ジョージ(Jooji)』is『ゲオルギウス(Georugiusu)』…But『リンゴ(Ringo)』is a name that comes out of the Bible, I think」

Megu answers seriously

「Then, 『ジョージ・アップル(Jooji Appuru)』is good!!」

Nei laughs.

「That’s how it is…I don’t even understand things if it’s written in Katakana or in textbooks. You’ll know it right away when spelled in English though」

Nei’s got some hadrships too.

「Physics and Chemistry books too…酸化(Oxidation) something or リウム(Rim) something, I can’t remember the words. When I bought an English textbook with the same content, I understand it well」
「True, logical texts are easier to understand in English. If it’s Japanese, it’s a combination of Kanji」

Megu said.

「Megumi…there’s no need to prolong this talk!」

Nei look sat Megu.

「How about coming here and be pampered by Yo-chan?」


「You don’t have to mind me…!」
「But…Nei-oneesan is already at Yoshi-kun’s side」
「Could you stop that subtle honorific! We’re sisters, aren’t we?」
「Well…I know that, but」

Nei changed after losing her virginity.
She’s actively trying to be involved with the little sisters as an elder.
But, Megu…
She seems to be puzzled by Nei’s sudden change.

「Or rather…it would be hard for you if you don’t get pampered by Yo-chan by now!」

Nei purposely turns her hand on my hips and press her body closer.

「Mana and Nagisa-san would be coming in later. Reika-oneesan too. Your rivals would increase!」
「I…don’t mind」

Megu looks down.

「Either way, since it’s Megumi…she’ll give up her seat next to Yo-chan when Mana comes in, right?」

Perhaps that would happen.

「Mana’s a girl who doesn’t hold back so…if that happens, she’ll probably monopolize Yo-chan all night!」

Nufufu, Nei laughs at Megu.

「…I don’t mind either way」
「Hmmm, is that so?! Tomorrow, Misuzu and Michi-chan would also show up. I’ve seen her during lunch earlier but…Ruriko’s quite stubborn too」
「I’m fine…. Doesn’t bother me」

Megu bluffs.

「Could it be that you think…『The school will resume after the holidays are over so I can have that』? Megumi’s in the same class as Yo-chan after all…!」
「I-I don’t」

Megu answers.

「But you see…I also go to the same school…Megumi’s busy with her club activities.」 I can monopolize Yo-chan after school!」

Hugging me from behind…Nei kisses behind my ear.


Megu panics.

「Also…the classroom won’t be Megu’s heaven anymore! Edie’s probably going to be transferred to the same class as you?」

…I see.
Edie’s going to our school, right.
Edie’s the same age as me and Megu.

「Then…who would look after her inside the school…?」

I think that will be.

「True. Yo-chan’s got to teach her attentively about Japan’s high school rules!」

Nei looks at Megu mischievously.

「I’ll do that instead. I don’t want the burden to increase only for Yoshi-kun!」

Megu speaks in a slightly strong voice.

「Hmm…then, how about deepening your relationship with Edie starting now?」

Nei says in a deliberate blunt tone.

「Megumi’s a tactful girl, right?!」

Megu gasps.

「How about you think various things ahead of time? Or rather, if you’re just going to sit there and watch me flirt with Yo-chan in hate then go sit next to Yo-chan! Yo-chan’s opening his right side for you! You didn’t even notice that?!」

Nei said with a smooth smile.
Her words are harsh but there’s no thorns.
I think this is also Nei’s expression of love for her sisters.


Megu drops down and lowers her head to Nei.

「Megumi…you’re more expressive than you think yourself. Your face shows what you’re thinking. Though you may be self-controlling and suppressing yourself…」

…I see.
I think Nei’s analysis is correct.

「You think that『I just have to put up with it』but…that’s, not patience. What’s in your heart is fully exposed to others…putting up with it arbitrarily and showing a bad mood…is quite detestable」
「…I’m doing that?」
「You do! Try to learn from Misuzu! That girl’s quite aggressive but she never do anything vulgar like leaking out her bad emotions inside her!」
「Misuzu-san’s a lady of Kouzuki house」
「Are you an idiot? What part of Misuzu are you looking at…?!」

Nei scolds Megu with harshness different than before.

「Misuzu’s elegance got nothing to do with her house. Yesterday, you’ve seen the men of Kouzuki clan, didn’t you? They’re all children of decent family but…was there elegance in them?」

Megu answers.

「Misuzu’s always concerned about the people around her! Making sure that she doesn’t offend someone. She’s got that kindness and sensibility…that’s why she has elegance…!」

That’s right…Misuzu is.
She’s constantly concerned about the people around her.
Even her own family…Jii-chan, Ruriko, and even Michi.
It’s quite a bit pushy, but…
She thinks what’s the best choice for everyone and acts accordingly.

「Misuzu’s a girl who doesn’t put herself as the first」

I murmur.
Hearing that…Megu’s shocked.

「True. Even today, she was thinking about Michi and Ruriko that she suggested a lot of things. Her believe is a bit strong so she speaks impertinently, but…Misuzu’s always thinking of other girls first」

Nei said.

「Therefore…Misuzu is completely spoiled when she’s alone with Yo-chan. She can get her mind and body naked only to Yo-chan. She trusts Yo-chan from the bottom of her heart…she loves him. Her usual self-control is blown away and she gets herself spoiled by Yo-chan to the fullest. She’s cute, isn’t she…Yo-chan?」
「…Yeah, well」

Misuzu…true, she’s releasing her mind at full throttle when she’s alone with me.
I can’t help but think, that Misuzu is so cute.

「Michi’s the same, you see? For Michi, Misuzu’s the role model for everything. She’s usually firm as a guard but…when making love with Yo-chan, she’s fully pampered. She’s no longer holding back when it comes to Yo-chan」

Yes…that’s true.

「Both of them are so honest and cute!」

Nei laughs.

「That’s why…I decided to do so as well!」


「I decided to be honest in front of Yo-chan! Because…I love Yo-chan a lot!」

Nei pushes her rich breasts against me.,
Megu looks at it sadly…

「Like I said…don’t make that kind of face, go ahead and sit next to Yo-chan! Come and fight properly! Don’t you have a pair of boobs too?!」
「I’m not as big as Nei-oneesan」
「Hmm, did Yo-chan tell you that?」


「No, I never said that」
「True! Yo-chan would just say 『Megumi’s breasts are very like hers, I like it』」

Yes…you’re right.

「That’s why…Megumi feels inferiority complex. Alone…by herself」

This troubles me all the time.

「You see…I want Megumi to stand as a rival properly. Don’t go off the course and have Yo-chan chase you worriedly… I’d like you to fight me, Misuzu, and Michi for the『lawful』wife seat!」

Nei confesses her heart.


Megu breaks down crying.

「Okay, that’s enough…Nei」

Turning around…Minaho-neesan’s standing there.

「You came up with a good plan, having a『dinner party』in Agnes’ room…!」

Minaho-neesan smiles at me

「It’s a good choice to bring Miss Edie closer to Agnes」
「That’s Kyouko-san’s plan」
「I see. I’ve been watching from the surveillance cameras but…it’s going good so I decided to come over here…!」

It seems that Minaho-neesan’s gloominess has recovered a bit.
…I’m glad

「Katsuko…give me some stew」
「Yes, Ojou-sama…!」

Katsuko-nee gives Minaho-neesan a stew.

「Minaho! This Taco’s made by Cordelia!」

Kyouko-san says from a slightly further position

「Yes…I’ll take some」

Minaho-neesan sits in between me and Megu

「Ah, use this」

I hand my cushion.

「Thank you」

Minaho-neesan takes a sit.

「Now then…Nei」

First, she looked at Nei.

「Nei, you’re too hasty…you’ve got too many dreams about love afffairs」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Love…doesn’t need you to endeavor so much」


「Why? Isn’t love polishing each other…improving their partners?!」

Nei resists.

「That’s just the ideal. That’s not reality」

Minaho-neesan answers quickly.

「For example…a couple started dating, after a while, the woman felt uneasy about the boy…or, she’s trying to stash away her frustration. Then, the man…reduces it by playing something together, eating, or having sex. But, the girl just collects more anxiety and frustration…and the man gets rid of it. That will continue to repeat for eternity…what do you think about that, Nei?」
「I think that both of them are idiots. They’re not learning from it at all!」

Nei answers.

「You think so? but you see…90% of couples in the world are like that. It’s not only girls who have anxiety and dissatisfaction, boys have those as well, but. Anyway, the anxiety and dissatisfaction would accumulate. Then both of them…or, one of them would devotedly reduce it. That way, they can keep their relationship. If the anxiety and dissatisfaction became too much and they can’t do anything with it…it’ll be a catastrophe. Love is over…easy, isn’t it?」

Certainly…that might be true.
Both making effort to learn and love each other…isn’t that common.

「『Love』…what do you think is that state? Nei give your definition」

Minaho-neesan said…Nei.

「I think that it means needing each other!」
「Need? For example…there’s a woman who loves a man who doesn’t work at all?」
「That woman is that…the man also needs her!」
「Why is she needed?」
「Well…he feels empty and void inside…and I think she fills it. Warming up the cold heart…like Yo-chan!」

Nei hugs my body tightly.

「True, Nei right now needs him…but, does he need Nei?」


「By your definition…I know that you love him but, it’s unknown whether he loves you or not. Am I wrong?」
「Well…I don’t know, but. But, I’m useless without Yo-chan. If Yo-chan’s gone…I’m going to die」


「That is only you depending on him…」

Minaho-neesan said gently.

「This is back then…when I was a prostitute, Yuuka-san told me this…」

…Yuuka-san, a former prostitute of the『mansion』
Quite veteran too.

「Yuuka-san was from grandfather’s generation before Shirasaka Sousuke turned this『Mansion』to a mess, you see? Before she became a prostitute and even after, she fell in love a lot」

Minaho-neesan speaks nostalgically.

「Then you see…at one point, she said this. 『Love is, accepting happily no matter how much inconvenience it puts you in』…!」

Even if you’re troubled, you happily accept it…?

「It’s Mother’s love for their children. No matter how troublesome it is, mothers will accept anything for their children. Well, they might get a bit angry but…it’s different from love between couples」

Nei’s listening to Minaho-neesan’s story with a serious face.
Megu too…

「Love between couples…would have a time that make you feel happy being bothered by your partner. Being relied on…being able to help your partner, makes you so happy that you can’t get enough」

Minaho-neesan looks at me.

「This is according to Yuuka-san’s definition…He loves Nei and Megumi. He’s really devoted on serving you two. No matter what inconvenience it is…he’ll accept it, don’t you think?」

Both of them look at me.

「Isn’t that great?…He loves you girls」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

「By the way…are you really in love with him?」

Both of them are startled.

「『Love』and『Dependence』are different…!」

Nei and Megu…reflects on themselves.

「Okay, that’s enough thinking.」 It’s meaningless to think about it…!」

Minaho-neesan said…the two looks up saying『Huh?!』

「Let’s change the topic slightly…a person who wants to be a shogi player, do you think that studying shogi for 10 hours a day is an effort?」

Minaho-neesan asks Megu,

「…Well…I think that’s effort」
「Is that so? If you ask the person himself, he won’t say that. If you want to be a player, then it’s natural for you to be in front of a Shogi board for around 10 hours a day. Or rather, a person who can’t keep playing Shogi normally for around 10 hours can’t be a player」

I-I see…

「Even if it’s a practice…if a person’s unwilling to play shogi then he can’t be a player. You’re a player because it’s a natural part of your everyday life to play Shogi at any time, don’t you think?」


「That’s the same for him. He’ll accept whatever you want, go try his best at all times but…he doesn’t feel reluctant or putting effort on it. He only does it normally because he thinks it’s natural…right?」


「Un…it’s not that I’m making effort.」 I only do what I ought to do at that time… I don’t think of it as painful or reluctant」

Or rather…they’re all beautiful, kind, and the best『women』
I’d be punished if I complain.

「Look…that’s what he’s saying, Nei」

Minaho-neesan looks at Nei…

「Therefore…you should stop being tense and try to exert effort for him or your『sisters』 Just do it naturally. Either way, whatever happens, happens……in the end, he’ll just accept anything」

Nei looks at me.

「Megumi too…whatever happens, he will accept it upfront. You know that, don’t you?」

Megu answers with a serious face.

「He’s never bothered with you at all. Rather, he’s glad that he’s being bothered…!」


「Therefore…what’s left is a problem inside yourself. Think about what you, him…and the other girl’s relationship are. You don’t have to push yourself. Like Nei who’s chasing ideals…reality isn’t that way. First of all, Megumi, you should understand what kind of girl you are」
「It’s troublesome if you over-evaluate, but it’s also troublesome if you belittle yourself like now. Let’s see…how about itemize what you can do for him」
「What I can do?」
「That’s right. Well, Katsuko’s good at cooking, but…there’s no need to compare with others, anyway, write out what you can do anyway. It should be quite enough. List the things that would likely please him…」

Minaho-neesan smiles at Megu.


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  2. Julius Caesar
  4. Michael Shumacher
  5. John Paul the Second