Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 371. The night sex tournament (Part 1)



「Now then, I’ll be taking Mao」

Nagisa pulls up the sleepy Mao-chan.
Miss Edie; She doesn’t seem to have played enough, yet…
She got quiet after being told by Nei.

「…What did you say?」
「『Small children have to sleep a lot』 Then『Aren’t you her elder sister?』and she was convinced」

Nei smiles

「Nagisa-san, do you want me to put Mao-chan to sleep? I intend to leave this place…I want to see Minaho」

Margo-san said.
There will be a big sex tournament going on so she would like to take a leave as well.

「Nagisa-san wants to do it with him too, right?」

Margo-san smiles at me but…

「It’s a rare chance but…I think that Mao would feel lonely if she wakes up in the middle of the night and didn’t find me. Therefore, I’ll sleep with her for tonight」

Nagisa said.

「This isn’t the usual home so I think she’ll wake up at strange times」

Nagisa’s worried about her daughter.

「Nagisa…let’s do it tomorrow. Definitely」

I promised Nagisa.

「You see…these next three days would be my ovulation period…! So take care of me! Dear!」

Nasigsa tells me smling.

「Yeah…I’ll definitely get you pregnant!」
「Also…take a bath with Mao tomorrow morning. She got asleep before taking a bath today too
「Sure…Nagisa too, join us」
「Yes. But…we shouldn’t do lewd things in front of Mao. I think it’s still too early for her to know about those things…」

Said Nagisa, Mana answers.

「It’s okay. We’ll squeeze him out till morning that when we hand him to Nagisa-san, Onii-chan’s penis won’t stand anymore!」

…Hey, Hey. Mana

「Then, we’ll be going」

MArgo-san and Nagisa who’s carrying Mao-chan tries to leave.

「Wait…I’ll be going too」

Reika tries to stand up, but…

「What are you saying Reika-oneechan…you’ll be staying here!」

Mana said.


Imagining the strange things that will happen here…Reika’s blushing to her ears.

「Reika-oneesan doesn’t need to participate…you can just watch as a study!」

Nei said laughing.


Reika’s confused.
Yesterday, when she was watching my sex with Michi…she was bright red and trembling.

「Besides…this girl’s got to be detained too. If ever this girl got too excited and rampages…Reika-oneesan’s has to stop her…!」

Nei points at miss Edie.
Edie looks dumbfounded
She doesn’t know what we’re talking about.

「Listen everyone…the purpose of the sex today is to destroy the values of Agnes!」

Nei tells everyone.

「Agnes…has seen Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex multiple times, making her think that it’s her happiness to be raped by Shirasaka Sousuke. Therefore, let’s show how we have sex with Yo-chan! Make her understand that Shirasaka Sousuke isn’t everything!」
「Don’t go for it selfishly…Mana」

Megu tells Mana.

「I know. I’ve got to make Agnes-chan think of wanting to have sex with Onii-chan too, right?…!」

I-I see.

「It’s okay. Shirasaka Sousuke’s sex is forcing himself on the girl…or a sex slave he made to succumb ordered around. Both of them have girls with eyes that are already dead. Therefore we just have to do『Sex filled with love』!」

Katsuko-nee said.

「True! We just have to show ourselves happy from being embraced by Onii-chan!」

Mana shouts.

「But…Why miss Edie too?」

If that’s the case…we don’t want Edie to watch as much as possible.
It’s unknown when that girl gets excited.

「It can’t be helped! If Edie’s not there, Agnes would just be more cautious!」

Nei said.
True…throughout the mealtime, I think that Agnes’ wariness to Edie has diminished.
Edie has a very open personality…
She’s not showing any hostility towards Agnes.
Edie herself too…
『What are these people talking about?』She looks at us with that kind of expression.
She’s hurt because precious Mao-chan has left…
And on top of that, with Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia left, she’s gotten relaxed.

「Speaking of which…miss Edie was watching my sex with Yukino last night」

Detained by miss Cordelia in the small theater in the hotel…
Edie’s still wearing a mask…at that time, I don’t know her identity.

「Eh, Yoshi-kun, you had sex with Yukino yesterday?…When?」

Megu reacts.

「No, uhm…that was ordered by Miss Cordelia when we were caught by her…」

I see, the video on that room wasn’t transmitted anywhere.
Everyone doesn’t know.

「That’s right! It was only forced! Yo-chan’s the victim!」

Nei managed to follow up.

「I see…then that’s fine」

No, you don’t have to be that irritated.
Yukino’s hungry now…she only had three『Umaibo』

「Then, I’ll be taking my leave…!」

Nagisa who was watching our state…said while looking at us with warm eyes.

「Katsuko-san…contact us via extension if anything happens」

Margo-san inserts the key to the box attached to the wall and open it.
Inside, is an extension phone.
It seems to be covered and locked up so Agnes won’t break it by messing around.

「Thank you very much…I’ll take care of the rest」

Katsuko-nee said…
Suddenly, the extension phone rang.

「…Yes, hello」

Margo-san who’s just right beside the phone, answers it.

「Yes…what’s up, Minaho? …I see, got it」

Margo-san speaks after hanging up the phone.

「Reika-oneesan, there’s a delivery from the『Kouzuki security service』」
「…To me?」

Reika’s surprised.

「Yeah…Reika-oneesan’s clothes and personal items at the headquarters of Kouzuki security service got delivered

Reika’s luggage…all of it?

「…Am I fired off from Kouzuki security service?」

Reika’s shocked.

「I think it’s the opposite」

Margo-san smiles.

「Chief Yazawa’s in troubled if Reika-oneesan’s transferred to Kuromori. If you’re transferred fully…you might become their enemy. Yazawa-san wants you to become a security officer of『Kuromori』while still in『Kouzuki security service』」

Chief Yazawa wants Reika to be a line connecting from him and Kuromori.

「Perhaps, Yazawa’s order would be included along with your luggage. Isn’t that good? Reika-oneesan can move with us and yet still be paid by Kouzuki security service」
「That’s…I can’t do that」

Reika says, but…

「No, do it, Reika」
「If Reika stays here as a member of Kouzuki security service…Chief Yazawa can have an insurance. That person doesn’t trust us as much as Jii-chan. It’s better if we don’t do something that would raise suspicion」

Margo-san supplements.

「Besides…we also can make a route from Reika-oneesan to Kouzuki security service to check the internal situation. Either way, Kouzuki-san would be retiring, Shiba-san would become the top…and at that time, we don’t know how『Kouzuki security service’s』interior…」

Un…we want Reika to stay in there.

「Understood…I’ll do as Lord says」

Reika’s also convinced.

「I’m glad! With this, Reika-oneesan doesn’t need to return to pick up her clothes!」

Nei said happily.

「Speaking of which…Reika, where do you live?」
「I’m renting a room at the women’s dorm of『Kouzuki security service』…!」

Haa…that’s solid.

「I was scouted back in high school…as soon as I graduated, I came to Tokyo. I’ve been living in dorm ever since」
「Then, you need to move out!」

Katsuko-nee looks at Margo-san.

「Could you ask Ojou-sama’s permission to use the vacant room on the second floor?」
「Roger…I’ll talk with her. We’ll help out on the moving too…it’s good if I make in time with my white van though」
「You don’t have lots of baggage since you’re living at dorm, right?」

Nei asks.

「No…there’s books and clothes?」

…Books and clothes?

「Uhm,…I have used all of my salary to research about『British gentlemen』look…」

Reika doesn’t seem to have any other hobby…
It’ll be『British gentlemen』 books…and men’s clothes. The remaining ones are just shoes and canes…

「How much do you have?」

Mana asks Reika…

「One whole room of books. Then, another room for clothes and items…」

If I recall…Seki-san said that the top elite of Kouzuki security service has a good salary.
Seki-san’s riding on a big American car and said that she also has a cruiser in Hawaii.
Reika’s throwing her salary only to her『British gentlemen』hobby…

「Well, we’ll manage somehow with a few roundtrips. We can rent a truck too」

Margo-san said.

「Yeah, I’ll help out too」
「Yo-chan’s only going to wait outside!」
「Eh…why? Isn’t it better for men to carry stuff?」

Nei smiled.

「Men are forbidden on women’s dormitory. I think」

Ah…I see.

「There’s still a lot of work to do now…so we’ll be moving at the end of holiday, okay?」

Margo-san said.
…Work to do.
I have to open up her heart…else, Minaho-neesan’s revenge will never be done.

「Yes…thank you」

Reika bows to Margo-san.
She no longer hesitates to live in our family…

◇ ◇ ◇

Margo-san, Nagisa and Mao-chan are gone.
Inside the room is…
On top of the thick carpet…Me, Katsuko-nee, Nei, Megu, Mana.
On bed…Agnes, Edie.
On the wall far from both…Reika.

「Keep the door open…!」

I said.
I want Agnes to feel the sense of openness…
Of course, it would be troublesome if she really got out of the door.

「Now then…what should we do?」

I ask Katsuko-nee.

「We also have air mats used from at school yesterday in this mansion. Also, I have to bring blankets」

Oh, the air mat where everyone slept side by side in the room under the principal’s office.

「Then, should we bring that first?」

I said…

「We can do that later! I can’t wait anymore!」

Mana takes off her clothes.

「Hey…let’s do it. Onii-chan…!」

Mana’s eyes are already moist.

「Ah, sly! I’ll take it off too!」

Nei also strips.

「Hey, Megumi, hurry up and strip too…!」
「Eh, Ah…okay」

Without knowing why…Megu also takes off her clothes.

「Geez…it can’t be helped!」

Katsuko-nee also takes off her clothes.

「Ojou-sama or Margo-sama…I think that there’s someone watching over, but…please increase the temperature of the air conditioner on this room by two degrees!」

Katsuko-nee knows the position of the surveillance camera
She faces that way and shouts loudly.
The volume of the air conditioner air rises up.

「If we’re staying naked then we’ll catch cold if it’s not warm you see…!」

Then, Katsuko-nee starts stripping.

「…First one!」

Mana’s in her underwear.

「Onii-chan, take off my bra and panty!」
「Mana will take off Onii-chan’s clothes!」

Mana reaches for my clothes.

「W-Wait Mana! I’m the one taking care of Yoshi-kun!」

Megu flies to me as her clothes fall down to the ground.
As expected…she’s on her underwear too.

「Yes, yes, don’t make a big fuss!」

Nei’s also on her underwear.
Katsuko-nee too…
Mana and Megu takes off my clothes.

「Okay, Line up!」

By Mana’s order…the four beauties in their underwear lined up in front of me.

「Uu…Somehow, Katsuko-nee’s underwear is the most gorgeous」

Mana mutters as she look at Katsuko-nee.
True…Katsuko-nee’s pink underwear has laces and it’s gorgeous.

「It may look expensive but I use cheap ones. Nei-sama’s underwear is more expensive」

Katsuko-nee said.
Nei’s blue underwear is simple…but it certainly looks fine.

「Nei-oneechan…is that silk?」

Megu asks.

「Ahaha, I thought of showing it to Yo-chan so I changed to a good one!」

Nei laughs.

「Look…earlier, I wasn’t wearing a matching underwear」

That’s true. Nei’s first time earlier was just decided so suddenly…
Nei didn’t have the time to prepare her winning underwear.

「I want Yo-chan to look at me」

Nei’s blushing.

「Yeah…you’re beautiful, Nei」

Nude’s good but…underwear is also sexy.

「Wow…Megu-oneechan and I are the only ones wearing normal underwear」

Mana’s downhearted.

「No, Uhm…my underwear’s also a fine one. This is the underwear Yoshi-kun bought for me」

Oh right.
We bought underwear at the department store the other day.
Megu switched her underwear after having sex earlier…

「Uwaaa, that’s unfair. I’m the only one who has kids underwear!」

Mana makes a noise.

「I’ll buy Mana’s underwear too…next time」

Mana smiles.

「Also…that underwear is cute too」

A white underwear without any decoration.
It’s probably a school-designated underwear according to regulations.
But, for this 14 year old beauty…I think this suits her best.

「It’s not cute…Mana also want some laces! Like black ones!」
「Sure, sure…I’ll definitely buy you some」

I promised.
Not just underwear…Mana’s daily expenses are also shouldered by me now.
…I’ve got to earn.

「Ufufufu! Onii-chan! I wuuuuv you!」

Mana clings to me.

「Aha…Agnes is looking at us surprised!」

Mana said as she look at Agnes.

「It’s her firs time seeing everyone smile this much when it comes to sex」

Katsuko-nee said.
Beside Agnes…Miss Edie’s looking here with bright, flaming eyes.
She’s originally a girl from an assassination cult, it’s unknown what kind of sex education she received.
It’s unknown how she would react.

「Edie too seems to be interested in lewd things」

Nei said.
By the way…Reika’s.
Reika’s also in her underwear, just be hind us…?!

「No…Uhm. I thought that I must participate since I’m also a member of the family」

Reika says blushing.

「…I-I still haven’t made my resolve…t-to give my virginity, but…I can at least take off my clothes to match with everyone…」

I look at Reika in her underwear.
Slim legs…
A perfect frame…
A healthy body of a sportsman is in there.

「Please don’t look that much. My body’s only muscles, it’s not interesting, is it?」
「That’s not true…it’s beautiful, Reika」

Un…it’s well toned and beautiful.

「That’s right! It’s very beautiful! Reika-oneesan!」

Nei jumps to Reika.

「Hey, come over here!」

Then, she pulls her towards us.

「Now then, what should we do now? From the schedule made earlier…the turns tonight would be Katsuko-onee-chan and Mana’s! Megumi and I will just be support」

Nei leads everyone.

「Ah, wait wait…before anything, that first!」

Mana says something…?

「Megu-oneechan has to show her anus, right? we should do that first!」

Megu’s surprised.

「Then, Mana will go and show it first!」

Mana sticks out her ass in front of me.
Reaching out for her panty…

「Onii-chan…please take a look at Mana’s anus!」

Then…she lowers down her underwear.
Putting her anus aside, her slit’s already wet.

「Ah, I’ll show mine toooo!」

Following, Nei sticks outo her ass.

「Here, Yo-chan!」

Taking off her panty, her rich ass sticks out.
Two soft meat mountains…
Between it, there’s a small hole and a slit visible.

「What do you think! Can you see it?」
「Yeah…I can see it! Neesan!」

Nei smiles at me.

「Now that it comes to it…I can’t be left alone!」

Wow…Katsuko-nee sticks her ass right before my face.

「…I’ll show close ups!」

Pulling down her panty…

「How is it…can you see it?」

I can see it, or rather…
I can even smell it.

「Well…it’s Megu-oneechan’s turn now!」

Megu’s dragged to me.

「Uwaaaan…I-I’m embarrassed!」

Megu’s trembling in shame.

「Come, Megu…show it」

Megu’s cutest when she’s embarrassed.

「That’s right, hurry up and do it! Megumi!」

Nei orders strongly.

「I-I get it already」

Megu reaches for her panty.
She turned her butt to me…

「Y-Yoshi-kun…P-Please…take a look at…M-Megu’s butt…!」

She lowered her panty with her trembling hands…

「Uwaaaa…so embarrassing, no moreee」
「Nope, show it properly. Stick your butt out…!」

Though her legs are trembling, Megu still sticks out her butt as I ordered her.
Slender model body, thin and long limbs…
Megu’s lower body is emphasized before me.
And in the middle…a tightened part…

「I-It’s embarrassing…too embarrassing!」

Every time she says『embarrassing』, it tightens…

「I…I can’t be a bride anymore!」

Megu’s half-crying.

「You don’t have to worry about it…you’ll be my bride after all!」

I grab Megu’s fair butt tightly


Reika…what are you doing?

「It’s my turn next…right?」


「I’m also a member of the family…!」


「True! Reika-oneesan, show it too!」

Before I could reply…Nei speaks by herself.

「Reika-oneesan’s tall so could you get on all fours in front of Yo-chan?」
「…Like this?」

Reika gets on all fours, turning her butt to me.

「More, raise your butt higher…!」

Reika’s ass is being pushed towards me.

「I’ll be the one to take off the underwear!」

Nei reaches for Reika’s panty…

「Oh right. Reika-oneesan…we made a vow before showing Yo-chan our anus though」


「What vow?」
「Once you show your anus…you’ll be serving Yo-chan forever. You must never let any man to your heart. You can’t show it to others. It’ll only be Yo-chan until death!」

…Hey hey.

「Yeah, I also made that vow!」

Mana said.

「I also made a vow」


「M-Me too」

…Even Megu.

「Me too…What about you Reika-oneesan?」



Nei’s hand…squirms on top of Reika.

「Okay…then, swear」
「…I-I…Fujimiya Reika…swear to serve you with all my life… !」
「Where’s the “Please look at my ass”?」
「P-Please take a look at R-Reika’s anus… !」
「Okay…exposing then!」

Nei pulls down her panty!
Reika’s secret part is exposed.
Not just her anus…
Her slit below too…
Transparent liquid are dripping down from the slit to the floor…
Reika…are you aroused…?!

「Ufufu…Did you get aroused from looking at Reika-oneesan?」

Katsuko-nee comes to me with her panty half-undressed.

「Mana-chan…can I go ahead?」

Katsuko-nee asks Mana…

「It’s fine…show me how Katsuko-oneechan do it」

Katsuko-nee rubs my crotch…

「Reika-oneesan…you can turn this way now」

Reika turns to me with her panty lowered down.

「Take a look…it has become like this from looking at Reika-oneesan」

Katsuko-nee says while rubbing my erect penis under my brief.
No, it got erect from looking at everyone in their underwear, but…

「Look, this much…!」

Katsuko-nee pulls out my erect penis from my brief.


Reika’s breath is taken away as she look at the flesh spear showing up.
No no, it’s not just Reika…
Agnes and Edie too…
She grabbed my penis…

「Yes…thanks for the meal!」

Katsuko-nee’s plump lips puts my glans inside…

「Ahn…it’s delicious!」

She fellates with lewd noises on purpose.

「It feels good when you do it like this…」

Katsuko-nee licks up my glans with her tongue.


Mana’s watching stickily.

「T-This is a educational…!」

Megu also tries to remember Katsuko-nee’s techniques desperately.
Katsuko-nee continues her fellatio to show it to everyone.
I can feel the gaze of the girls in the room on my glans.

「Men loves to see the face of a woman sucking their penis. Therefore, show it to him. Then, look up at your partner’s face…and confirm which parts makes his face looks like he’s feeling good」

Katsuko-nee looks up at me while using her tongue.

「Ah…that, feels good」

My voice leaks out.

「Ufu…so cute」

Feeling my face…Katsuko-nee watches with love.

「…I want it now too」

Katsuko-nee fawns on me.

「…Let’s take it all off」