Pure Love x insult Complex 374. We’ll be a『family』




Mana fawns to me.
We’re still hugging each other…with our lower halves connected.

「Please kiss me」

I overlay my lips on Mana’s.

「…I’m pulling out」
「…Un. It feels a bit sad though」

I pull out my penis from Mana.
At the same time I pull out my glans from the vagina…white semen overflows from the opening.
I ejaculated this much.

「Look, Agnes…I got this much!」

Mana scoops semen from her fingers and lick it up.

「You don’t have to force yourself」

I said, but Mana…

「It’s Onii-chan’s thing…next time, release it in the mouth. Mana would drink it!」
「I think that Onii-chan would be happy if Mana drinks it. Mana wants to do anything to please Onii-chan」

Mana raises up her body full of swear.

「…I’ll clean this up then!」

Mana puts my half-erect penis inside her mouth.
Licking up from the tip of the glans…she sucks up the semen remaining in the urethra.
Mana gently caress my penis like it’s a treasure.
Agnes is just looking at that in astonishment.

「Okay, it’s clean now. Onii-chan…should I lick it more? Want me to make it big again? Mana’s fine doing it again. Or do you want Megu-oneechan and Nei-oneechan to take their turns…?!」

The 14 year old naked girl smiles at me while holding my penis.
I feel like Mana changed greatly from the sex earlier.
Mana, so far…
Would just say『Should I **?』Or『Is it better to ** ?』
That『Will do』…has disappeared

「No…let me take a rest」

Mana doesn’t know, but…
I’ve ejaculated three times on Nei’s first time today…then, Michi, Misuzu, Megu, Katsuko-nee, and now, Mana
It’s about time I reach my limit.

「Un, then, take a rest!」

Mana licks the tip of the glans one last time.
Miss Edie seems to shout something from the side.
Mana immediately replies.

「…What did she say?」
「『Having that object plugged in your stomach…does it not hurt?』She asked…」

Mana smiled.

「That’s why I replied『It hurts a bit, but…I’m very happy』!」

Mana speaks to Edie in English further.
Edie says something, showing a face that can’t believe it
Nei and Mana answers in English.

「Un, when I said『Michi-san who’s liked by Edie too…is doing this with Onii-chan』!『Michi-san and Onii-chan’s sex are three times more intense』!」
「Then, miss Edie said『Lies, there’s no way that’s true!』…」

Nei said…

「Then Nei and I said『It’s true』!」

Then, Nei speaks in English again.
Edie replies with a pouting face.

「『Check it yourself when you meet Michi!』I said, then she goes『I definitely will』…!」

Then…she whispered to me.

「Hey, Yo-chan…You intend to take Edie to the『family』too, right?」


「Ah, wrong? Isn’t Edie cute?」

No…true, Edie’s got blonde and big blue eyes…and a girl with a beautiful brown skin, but…
Apart from her character, or nature…she’s definitely a beautiful girl.
Miss Cordelia’s attention was caught by her.
But, we’re not communicating at all…

「Well you see…If Edie joins us, she can be Yo-chan’s guard」

Nei…what’s that?

「Look, after various things…『Kuromori』now is lacking in guards, you know that right?」
「Well…Margo-san alone before was already a problem but…now we have Kyouko-san and others, Michi and Reika too…!」
「Kyouko-san’s a busy person, so she can’t afford to stick in the『mansion』all the time. She’s got her main business too」
「…Main business?」

Oh…Kyouo-san belongs to a criminal organization in South America…

「Michi…is full-time guard of Misuzu, right? Or rather, she can’t leave from protecting Misuzu. Well, there’s Seki-san over there so there’s no need to worry and just leave it to them but…there’s Yo-chan and your group」
「I’m here too…」

Reika said…looking reluctant.

「Ah, sorry. Reika-oneesan has to give priority to Nagisa-oneechan! Besides…it’s going to be more likely for Margo-oneesan to be away from, the mansion so…Reika-oneesan has to guard in here too…」

Nei said before about Margo-san having a big dream.

「Besides…Reika-oneesan, can’t come into our school, can you?」

Michi and her sister are students of the same school so they can protect Misuzu and Ruriko.

「Also, well, we’re planning to have Edie transferred to our school. Furthermore, she’s at same age as Yo-chan…so she’ll be on the same class. It would be nice to have her as a guard under the pretense of having Edie a transfer student from US」

I know that, but


Megu speaks from behind.

「I will be taking care of Edie…but, turning her to『family』…!」
「Megumi…what are you complaining about?」

Megu frowns.

「Ah, you think that you can have Yo-chan all for yourself in school? I won’t allow that from the start! I will also have sex at school!」

Nei smiled.

「Well, it’s fine to have sex at the shower room in the club after school but…I’ll do it on the rooftop while in the middle of the class, or in the infirmary!」


「What, Yo-chan?」
「…Let me take classes please」

Well, Nei has gone to rooftops, cutting from classes a lot, but…

「Eh, Yo-chan, you don’t want to!? Isn’t it great to feel fluffy while everyone else is studying hard?!」

To be honest…I’ve raped Yukino in the principal’s office during class hours…
I know the immoral feeling of having sex during class.

「T-Then…once in a while!」
「That’s the spirit!」

Megu interrupts.

「No, no, never…Nei-san, please don’t degrade Yoshi-kun!」
「Eh, Yo-chan says he’s fine with it…so why not?!!」

Katsuko-nee claps her hands.

「Yes, okay…that’s enough!」

Katsuko-nee hands me and Mana a towel.

「Let’s take a shower」

Yeah, me, Mana and Katsuko-nee smell like sweat, love nectar and semen.

「Nei-sama and Megumi-chan…please go get air mats, blankets and dowels. Extension cords and tap too. It’s in the warehouse at the depths of this basement. A wagon too. I think that four mats would be enough for everyone to sleep on」

Katsuko-nee tells Nei.

「Should I go too?」

Reika asks.

「Reika-oneesan’s job is…」

Katsuko-nee points at miss Edie.
Yeah…as usual, she needs a supervisor.

「Ah…that’s right」

Reika’s convinced.

「You see…Katsuko-oneechan!」

Nei speaks in a slightly stronger tone.

「It’s about time you stop calling me『Nei-sama』!」
「Ah…sorry, just spoken out of habit」
「Nei will do…Just Nei」
「Then, you too…『Katsuko-nee』or『Katsu-nee』would do」

Katsuko-nee said

「I like the call『Katsun』though」

Nei smiles.

「Let’s go, Megumi! Follow me.」
「Ah, please wait…Nei-oneesan!」

Nei and Megu goes out of the open door.

「Come…let’s take a shower」

KAtsuko-nee reaches to me and Mana.

◇ ◇ ◇

The shower and the bath are in the corner of the room.
It seems that this was installed back when this was an atelier for the brothel.
The prostitute who became a nude model for the painting washes her body here.
There’s no wall around the bathroom facility.
It’s all exposed.

「Since the ventilation system is thorough…the steam and the moisture won’t spread to the room so don’t worry. The drainage is also well done」

Saying that, Katsuko-nee takes the shower.
The water’s already warm.

「Yes…wash Mana-chan」

Katsuko-nee hands me the shower head.

「Here, Mana…!」

I wash Mana’s body.
I rub the smooth skin of Mana with my palm.

「Ufufu…it tickles!」

Mana laughs.

「So ticklish…so happy!」

Katsuko-nee takes out the body soap and…puts it on her naked body


She rubs against my back.
Slimy, soft…it feels good!

「What’s that, Mana toooo!」

Mana…puts body soap on her breasts too…
She pushes herself against my chest.
I’m being sandwiched by a 21 year old and 14 year old beauties.
Eeh, I can’t lose.
I also reach out for Mana’s ass.

「Iyaaan…Onii-chan you perv!」
「I am!」

I rub her butt with my hands filled with bubbles.
I touched Mana’s anus with my finger.


Mana’s body twitched.

「Mana will do it too!」

Mana washes my ass too
She’s not using sponge or towels…
Her bare hands, skin, our bodies touching each other…

「Here, here, don’t be so rough! Take a seat and I’ll wash your back」

I squat in front of Katsuko-nee.
Katsuko-nee foams the sponge and washed my back.
Meanwhile, Mana’s washing my arms and feet.

「You see…I’ve always called them 『Nei-sama』or『Margo-sama』?」

Katsuko-nee speaks suddenly.
Speaking of which…Minaho-oneesan’s the only one called『Ojou-sama』

「You see…I’ve always envied those two. Nei-sama and Margo-sama…were in this mansion but weren’t a prostitute…」


「Somewhere in my mind…I think that those people are『guests』of the prostitutes of this mansion. Therefore…I’ve called them with『sama』all this time」

Minaho-neesan was a retired prostitute.
But she’s the substantial manager of this mansion, so…『Ojou-sama』?

「Isn’t it fine already?…Katsuko-nee’s no longer a prostitute」

I turned to Katsuko-nee then said.

「Yes…that’s true. But, I wanted to tell you this. As a confession」

Katsuko-nee said then…she returned to washing my back.
Mana’s pretending to not hear anything.

「…Hey, Onii-chan」
「Do you think that I can really become a supermodel?」

I look at Agnes.
Agnes is on top of the bed…staring this way.
We have been eroding her world all this time.
This shower…had always been an exclusive use for her too.
『How long are they going to stay in this room?』must be her thoughts.
…No, that’s not necessary for now.
Agnes’ face is outright grumpy…
Even from here, I can clearly see her beautiful face.
Her body…long slender limbs.
I’ve heard that Agnes’ mother was a beautiful person, but…
There’s various programs assembled to nurture her to become a beautiful girl.
From her meals to exercise…
If there’s a training established in『Kuromori』…it’s possible for Mana to be trained to be a super-model grade girl.
Nei…Katsuko-nee, and even Nagisa…
Though everyone had tremendously suffered mentally…they’re all beautiful women.
And they kept their beauty.
…It’s not just Agnes.
『Kuromori’s』program…is already complete.

「Mana will definitely become beautiful. You’ll definitely become a beauty that can be a super model」

I tell Mana with my conviction.

「But, becoming a super-model class beauty and becoming a real super model is different, you know? I think that Mana need to put on effort」
「I’ll do my best」

Mana washes the gaps between my fingers.

「You see…I’ve decided. Becoming a super model is just half of it. I’ll become the『World’s cutest girl』!」
「World’s cutest…?」
「That’s right…I want the boys all over the world to make noise about Mana, saying 『cute』『go out with me』! The world’s most popular girl when it comes to boys」
「Well…that’s a problem」
「If Mana become popular…it would be a waste to have you by my side」

She should flap her wings more.

「But…if that’s Mana’s dream then it can’t be helped」

I pat Mana’s cheeks.
If that’s the way Mana can become independent from me, then…
Then I have to put up with it…
But, Mana…

「You don’t have to worry…Onii-chan」

Mana smiles.

「Mana’s dream…is to become the world’s cutest girl…the world’s most popular girl for the boys…but when that happens, Mana will tell everyone in the world…!」


「…『I’m sorry everyone, Mana’s already got her world’s most beloved!』」


「Hey, Onii-chan…you’d be happy if Mana’s『The world’s cutest girl』right? Onii-chan would be happy if Onii-chan’s girl is the most popular in the world?!」

Mana’s desperate…
The thoughts of a 14 year old girl…
She considers my own happiness beyond my dreams.
She thinks of wanting to make me happy.

「…Yeah, I would be happy. Mana」
「Great, I’ll do my best then!」

Mana hugs my arm tightly…

◇ ◇ ◇

Then…Mana and I wash up Katsuko-nee’s plump body.
While Katsuko-nee’s taking bath…
I wash Mana’s feet.
Between her toe fingers…gently

「Ufu…it was washed like this before too」

That’s back when I first raped Mana.
After raping Mana in the rainy courtyard…in the bathroom, I washed all of the mud in Mana’s foot like this…

「Thinking about it now…I liked Onii-chan back then」


「My heart went tight after all. I feel like I’m being treasured. Back then, I didn’t understand it but thinking about it now…I think that was the start of my love…」

That’s an illusion I think.
Back then…Mana hasn’t open up her heart to me yet.
But, if that’s what Mana thinks then I feel like she should stay thinking that way.

「Ah! Yo-chan’s doing that with Manaaaaa!!」

Megu comes in pushing the wagon and Nei tells us.

「Yo-chan, wash me up too! My legs!」
「Oh, sure. Nee-san, and Megu too…everyone gets their turn to be washed…!」

Nei takes off her bra in delight.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then…after I finished washing up the girls…
There was a fight in the middle of the room.

「What’s up, Reika?」

I wipe Megu with bath towel…
Reika and Edie are facing each other in the middle of the room.

「It seems that this girl has accumulated a lot so I thought that it’s better to let her vent it out」

Reika speaks in English
Edie glares at Reika.

「What did Reika say?」
「『You’re weaker than me so follow my instructions』she said」

Nei answers.
Making Edie frenzied again.

「Reika…you okay?」
「Yes, this girl won’t be convinced unless we clarify the difference in power」

Reika returns to her guard face.
…She’s in her underwear though.
Ah, but…She’s wearing shoes properly.

「There’s no problem, I’ve understood that this girl is an amateur from the battle of the hotel last night」

Reika said.

「…Don’t use your cane」

If she used it…the room would be messy.


Reika lets go of her cane.

《…Come on Baby!》

Those words lit up Edie.
Edie kicks the ground…!
My eyes didn’t catch up at all…


Edie spins on the air and falls to the carpet!
『How…?!』Her face shows.

「I’m going to play the ukemi…then fine. I’ll do it until you’re convinced」

Reika releases Edie.
Edie takes distance from Reika…then starts once again.
But, it’s the same.
Reika takes her with her arms and throws Edie down to the carpet…
Then…it lasted for ten more times.

「…This girl’s too obedient to her heart. Since her attacks can be read, it can be dealt with no matter how fast it is. There’s no craftiness to outsmart the other party」

Reika said.

「Truly…her physical ability and talents are wonderful, but」
「Edie’s grandmother had educated her thoroughly so she won’t be used as an『assassin』…!」

Nei said.

「Yoshi-kun, here, bathrobe…Mana and Katsuko-neesan too」

Megu handed out bathrobes to everyone
When I try to wear it…

「Ah, wait…I’m the one going to dress Yoshi-kun!」

Megu tells me firmly.
It can’t be helped, I’ll have Megu dress me up.

「Exercise time is over…clean that up and expand the air mats」

Katsuko-nee who wore the bathroom ahead speaks to REika.

「Still, Reika’s strong even without the cane」

Reika’s cheeks blushed…

「I’ve been studying Aikido since entering『Kouzuki security service』 Besides, sensing the opportunity on the opponent is the same in Kendo」
「That’s still amazing」
「No…I’m a professional」

Reika said happily.

「Reika-oneesan…take a bath with this girl too」

Katsuok-nee points at Edie who’s huffing over the carpet.

「You don’t want to sleep smelling sweaty, right?」

Reika looks at me.
There’s no closure in the bathing area.
If she takes a bath there, Reika’s naked body would be visible to me.

「Ah…should I face the other way?」
「Yo-chan, don’t say that. Let’s have all see Reika-oneesan even more」

Nei said.

「That’s right. You’ve got a good style…there’s nothing to be embarrassed about」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Geez, you even showed your anus a while ago…why bother about being naked now?」

Nei said.

「Or rather…Reika-oneesan」

Mana points at Reika’s breasts.

「There’s sweat on your breasts…your nipples are erect!」

Reika looks at her own breasts in panic…
Her underwear wet from sweat…is definitely transparent.
Her body excited from the combat exercise…has her nipple standing clearly


Reika who’s dignified a while ago…hides her own breasts.
Agnes stands up from her bed.
She head to the bathroom where nobody is.

「…Oh, it’s time」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Agnes takes shower every night at this time…and」

Looking up at the statue of Shirasaka Sousuke.

「She does her『ritual』before going to bed, once again」

Masturbating while looking up at Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue.
While thinking of Shirasaka Sousuke…

「We have to stop that」

I said.

「…If she’s going to masturbate, then we have to make her concentrate on us」

We’ll show real sex as many times as possible.

「Next is Nei-oneechan and Megu-oneechan’s turn…」

Mana smiles.