Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 398. Gauntlet



I go before Seki-san…

「…Stay next to me. We’ll respond as soon as the situation changes.」

She whispers to me.

「…What’s going to happen?」
「Who knows?…Even I don’t know」

Just in case, she heard that Margo-san would be doing something at this stage.
But, she wasn’t told what’s about to happen?

「Get down, the『main force』will be coming」

The front entrance automatic door opens.
First, men in black clothes come out.
Behind them…are people from Kouzuki house branch family.
Kouzuki group…the executives deeply involved with Ruriko’s father.
Then, another black clothed united.
A big body appear noticeably…it’s Jii-chan’s full-time guard, Ootoku-san.
Then…Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san.
Jii-chan carries the paulownia box with the bones inside.
Chief Yazawa’s on Jii-chan’s side.
Behind them…Ruriko’s mother who’s holding a portrait.
Then, Misuzu’s parents.
Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi.
Behind them…Choumoto-san, the other full-time guard. He’s also huge.
Then, other black-clothed men…
Overall, they’re a large parade of 50 people.
Surrounding that parade…are black-clothed men lined up a few meters?
Including us, the large number of people move slowly.
From the crematorium building here to the restaurant over there…
It’s about a hundred meters across the street.

「This is overkill. We have 90 percent of the guards coming here…」

Seki-san said while walking.
Because the division plan was rejected by chief Yazawa…Asami-san gathered all of the security guards here instead.

「But, since everyone’s wearing a black necktie in formal dress…they look like a large family that gathered together for the funeral service from afar, don’t you think?」

I try saying it while walking.
Seki-san looks at me with『ahn?』 eyes

「Haha…no way of course. The guards have the same physique and hairstyle」

They can only be seen as『guards in civilian clothes』by anyone.
All of them are walking heavily while watching the surroundings.

「Of course it’s needed to have people who can be immediately judged as a『guard』from a glance, but…that’s a countermeasure for assailants. But, it mustn’t be blended that they don’t know who’s a guard and who’s an ordinary person…」

Seki-san’s disgusted.

「The mourning dress of the guards to…they’re from the same manufacturer you see? Perhaps that was instructed by the former director Yamaoka-san, but…」

Yeah, the shape of the collar, the texture of the fabric…all of them are the same.
With this…there’s no meaning to be a guard in civilian clothes.

「It has to be changed together with the unification of hairstyle. I’ll propose that to chief Yazawa later. Seriously…who would’ve thought that Yamaoka-san would grab rebates from a corporate clothing company」

If everyone’s the same…then that kind of doubt will come up.

「True, their physique is something we can’t do anything about but…their hairstyle and clothes can be changed, right?」

This…looks like a cloned human unit.

「Even their physique…it’s not like that all of the Kouzuki security service’s guards should have that Judo shape」
「Is that so? Don’t they do the same kind of training to have that kind of body?」
「There’s no such thing…the people today are all having Judo build you see? There are people who main Karate or slender among Kouzuki security service. …The new director, Asami, was the one who appointed only Judo group men. In her imagination, guards are all Judo body type. As expected, she’s someone who’s useless on site…」

Seki-san mutters.
Speaking of which…where’s that Asami-san
Obliquely behind the line, from a high place…she’s following while looking down on the site.

「Somehow…Asami-san stands out」

There’s one female guard looking from above the Judo type guards.
Having an earphone in her ear and a radio at hand…
She’s giving directions via gestures and voice over the radio.
Yeah, she stands out.

「I wonder if she’s an idiot. Well, I can understand the feeling of overlooking the whole situation from a slightly above position but…she intends to go there alone?」

True, there’s no assistant nor aides.

「Eh…she intends to communicate with the subordinates via radio?」

I don’t get it but…I think that there’s no hindrance to the transmission of commands.
She’s instructing loudly from the top.

「Not that…if the one in charge of security is in that place by herself, what would you do if she was attacked first?」


「 That person’s only focusing on『Kakka』she’s not being wary of her surroundings you see? Attackers aren’t alone. They might have someone to crush Asami-san, the head of security you know? If the command system gets confused, the enemy troops will attack」

I-I see.

「Therefore, chief Yazawa’s right behind『Kakka』 Normally, the security for today should be left to Asami-san…Chief shouldn’t be on direct guard, and should be looking at the whole from where I stand」

Yeah…not in front of the line but a step back, monitoring the situation…that is chief Yazawa’s original standing.

「True, Yazawa-san and Asami-san’s position are swapped」

Asami-san who’s the actual site manager is looking over Jii-chan’s line…
Yazawa-san who should be only monitoring Asami-san’s job is protecting Jii-chan’s side.

「Wrong…it’s a big problem for Asami-san to be on a『higher place』than『Kakka』 If she’s monitoring the whole place…then she should be where I am, 『from a lower place』than the person guarded」

Seki-san said.

「That is the iron rule for the『guards』…guards shouldn’t stand out more than the person they protect…!」

Listening to Seki-san’s words, I look at the positions of the guards once again.
…True, Asami-san’s position, she’s the only one obvious.
Talking to the radio…making gestures, Asami-san giving instructions to the guards in black clothes…everyone can see that she’s the leader of this place.
On the other hand…the place where Seki-san and I are in.
We’re far from Jii-chan’s line but…we’re naturally mixed in with the arrangement of the other guards in black clothes.

「It’s fine to have just the guards know who’s the top of security. And yet, she tries to stand out on purpose」
「On purpose?」
「 That person’s selling herself to『Kakka』and Kouzuki group…!」

Oh right.
Asami-san’s objective is to get acquainted with influential people and have them support her in the future when she runs as a politician

「She’s not suited for security at all」
「That’s right. Why did chief Yazawa choose that person?…I never thought that it would be a person this incompatible with the job!」

I wonder if chief Yazawa’s eyes are getting cloudy…

「Speaking of which, Seki-san… you’re a full-time guard, and yet why you’re here?」

Normally…she’d be with Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, not leaving Jii-chan’s side.

「I got off earlier…」
「Got off?」
「If I enter guard…it’ll be advantageous to you」


「Chief Yazawa…knows that you’re up to something, only until that point. That I’m on your side too」

If Seki-san is next to Ruriko once Margo-san does something…
Then the kidnapping would go smoothly

「Therefore…I was told to watch over here」

…I see

「In exchange…I won’t help Asami-san though」

Not helping Asami-san…
Means that she’ll overlook us kidnapping Ruriko.
I check the position of everyone.
Yoshiko-san is on Jii-chan’s side.
She looks at Ruriko who’s behind from time to time.
But, there are a lot of people in between Ruriko and Yoshiko-san.
They’re far apart…above all, Jii-chan forbids Yoshiko-san to communicate with Ruriko.
Ruriko’s looking down.
Misuzu walks lightly with Ruriko.
From the surrounding gazes, Misuzu can only be seen to support her cousin who lost her father.
Behind them…is Michi.
Michi seems to know where I am no matter how far away it is.
Our eyes met.
That’s why I know what’s in her mind.
Whatever happens, she’s ready to respond immediately.
Then…where’s Nei?
Nei’s…away from the security guard from before, looking at our line like a curious spectator.
Having a natural feel…
Ah, she looks at me smiling.
Then, I also prepare myself.
There’s no doubt that this is the critical point…

「Now then…this is the 『Ruby-con river』」

Seki-san said.
The parade of people will try to cross the street.
This is the front of the crematorium. It’s forced to be deserted.
There are no cars on the street at all.
There’s neither signal light or pedestrian crossing…Kouzuki security guards cross the roadway along with the parade.

「If it was me…I’d go with this timing」

The parade comes to the road.
Just in time.

「…It seems they’re here」


I turn my eyes towards Seki-san’s gaze…


There’s a big bus coming from the crematorium parking lot
…Is that?

「It’s the bus Kouzuki house boarded in a while ago」

Oh, they used that to move from the funeral ceremony venue

「Once the dinner’s over…they’re supposed to carry them from the parking lot of that restaurant…however」

Seki-san said.

「They’re not used to move『Kakka』」

While the guards concentrate on moving Jii-chan…why would they bother to move the bus?

「But, they won’t be going back to the crematorium anymore…so it’s not strange for the bus to move towards the restaurant in this timing」

Yeah, the cremation and the memorial service is already done.
There’s no need to use the crematorium…so it’s just a nuisance to the facility to have a bus parked at the crematorium all the time.
It won’t be strange to move it to the restaurant which is the next destination.

「Now, how would she judge this…that is Asami-san’s aptitude test」

Director Asami…
Ah, she doesn’t mind it.

「If it’s a bus unrelated to her…then she’ll be alert, but. That bus is owned by Kouzuki security service. The drivers are obviously guards from the same company. Therefore…she seems to have judged that the person in charge did it voluntarily」

But still, …some of the black-clothed guards mind the bus.
There are some who try to check the situation or get away from the placement of guards, but…
Asami-san shouts something at the radio…
They immediately returned to their formation.

「Just now, she takes priority for『Kakka’s』guards to cross the way, she ordered『 don’t move』」

Seki-san’s got earphones for the radio too.
She’s listening to Asami-san’s instructions in real time.

「Is there a reserve who’ll look at the bus?」
「There’s none…she must be thinking that it’s fine to just check it after『Kakka』crossed the road and entered the restaurant」

Then it’s too late.
For some reason…the tourist bus that came from the parking lot…
Makes a big turn…
And is coming towards us…!

「Why is it coming towards here?」

The guards raise their voices…
The bus is speeding up

「…Hurry up, everyone give way!」

Asami-san screams

「It’s impossible!」

Even if she says that…there’s more than 50 people that have crossed the road.
There are old people other than Jii-chan too…
There’s no way they could run across the way.

「Does the driver not have a radio?!」

Asami-san shouts at the subordinates.

「They should have one but…there’s no response!」
「Who’s that…who’s driving that?」
「 Isn’t it Sugiura from the vehicle division?」
「No…it’s not Sugiura!?」

The driver seat of the bus has…
Someone wearing Kouzuki security service uniform…though their face can’t be seen because of a hat…
I know though…
That’s Margo Starkweather.
One of my most reliable allies.

「Hey, stooooop!! Stoooooop!!!」

At the moment the black-clothed guards tried to jump towards the bus while shouting…
The huge bus roars the engine and accelerates further!


If this goes on, the bus would crash to the parade…and it’ll be a big catastrophe

「Are you mad!」

The young people are already crossing the road.
The old people move forward with the guards.

「Excuse me,『Kakka』!」

Ootoku-san hugs Jii-chan…
Then he runs to the back…
For Jii-chan, it’s much shorter to move back than ahead.
Misuzu and Ruriko run to the sidewalk they were before too.
Choumoto-san follows as their guard.
The chunk of 50 people is split into two…!


At the sudden turn of brakes…Margo-san turns the handle with all her might.
The bus…swings sideways and stops facing front…


White smoke rises from the bus!
A smoke grenade was thrown from the driver’s seat…?!

「Someone ran away!」
「You won’t escape!」

The silhouette jumped off the window of the bus and ran through the white smoke.

「Not now! Secure everyone else instead!」

Chief Yazawa’s angry voice sounds.

「Think what’s most important right now!!!」

The black-clothed men who’re split into two protect their『guard subject』 in panic.
Chief Yazawa looked at me…and smiled.

「He thought that you would take Ruriko-sama out of the current confusion」

Seki-san said.

「The guards are separated from the front and behind…after being thinned…they pay attention to the driver of the bus…there’s an opportunity in there」

I see…that’s his move.
But, I haven’t received any instructions from Margo-san.

「Yazawa-san’s…underestimating you people it seems. He doesn’t get it」


「If the aim was really to confuse the site…the amount of smoke is too small」

Speaking of which…
The white smoke is about to disappear already


The bus that should be stopped…is shaking?
This, is the sound of the suspension going up and down?


A woman’s gasping voice comes from inside the bus…!

「Goood! More! More, more…drive me crazyyyyyyy!!」


Rubbing my eyes…there’s a naked woman on board at the end seat of the bus…
Grasping her own breasts…she violently swings her hips up and down.

「Goooood, so goooood…cum inside meeee, cum inside me agaiiiin!!!」

W-What are you doing…Iwakura-san?

「W-What are you doing! You over there!」

One of the black-clothed guards shouts at Iwakura-san on behalf of my thoughts.

「What am I doing?…Looking makes you know it right? What am I doing!!!!」

The bus window opens…and Iwakura-san shows her face.
Lustful eyes…
Iwakura-kaichou moves her waist dynamically.
The bus shakes.

「P-Please, …give me a break alreadyyyy…!」

This voice…

「Noo…you promised to satisfy me, don’t you? It’s soon…I’m cumming soon !」

Iwakura-san looks down at the group outside the bus with lewd eyes.

「I’m…going to cum…I’m going to cum again…I’m going to cum again in front of all your relatives!!!」

The people outside the bus…are all stunned.

「Where is that Onee-san going?」

A young boy from the lower house of Kouzuki house asks his parents.

「…D-Don’t look! You mustn’t!」

Then a mother covers the eyes of the child so he won’t see the『slutty woman』that appeared

「Eh, why?」
「Just don’t look…you shouldn’t look at something that dirty!」
「Dirty? She’s a beautiful Onee-san…naked though」
「…That’s enough!」

At that moment…

「…Aaaaaah, cumming, cumming, In front of these wealthy people…and even the guards, I’m…cumming…cumming…an explosion is comiiiiing!!」

Iwakura-san stretches, turning her body into a bow…

「…Sheet, I’m cumming too, cumming…cumming!」
「Give it out! I’m also cumming!!」
「It’s coming, coming out, my womb’s so hot…the hot stuff is coming in…aaaaahn, cumming, cumming, I’m…cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggg!!!!」

Iwakura Yukiyo reaches climax violently…
While cumming, she grinds her legs…tightening the man’s penis
Squeezing it to the last drop…

「Fuuu…haa…uyuuun…my stomach’s full! Ufufufu!」

Iwakura-san smiles satisfied.

「Hey, everyone saw it…my, e-c-s-t-a-c-y! Ufun〜!」

Her perversion’s exposed…really

「W-Who are you!」

Asami-san asks Iwakura-san inside the bus.

「Errrr…hey, what should we explain to everyone?」

Iwakura-san pulls up the man she’s straddling on strongly.
The man’s voice shows up in the bus window.

「…W-What are you doing, Satoshi!!!」

Ah…knew it.

「When I thought you disappeared…Satoshi…!」
「By the way, Tsunoda Fumikazu-kun is also here! Six rounds with Satoshi-chan, and five rounds of sex with Tsunoda-kun!」

The slut laughs.

「Let go of my son!」
「What are you talking about…Satoshi-san’s penis is still inside of me!」

Iwakura-san’s in her perfect form.

「In case I made a baby…which would take responsibility, Satoshi-chan or Tsunoda-kun? I’m looking forward to it!」

Iwakura-san’s lewd act continues.

「Grandfather…Ruriko’s feeling sick」

Among the confused people of Kouzuki clan and guards…
Misuzu calls to her grandfather…