Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 405. Towards the end…



「…See ya, Yo-chan!」

In the end…Margo-san and Nei ride Minaho-neesan’s Benz to take back Iwakura-san.
Nei changes from Nagisa’s shop boiler suit to her uniform.

「Well, we’re the one who called Iwakura-san after all…we’ll take her back properly」
「We’ll be negotiating with Yazawa-san」

To be honest…I thought that it would be dangerous to put Iwakura-san and Ruriko in the same space…
That helps.
If she meets up with the Queen of Nympho empire, any perverted act would be discussed justified…
Especially Ruriko who’s from Kouzuki family…if she noticed the lack of knowledge about sex, then…
She’d definitely talk a lot…
Iwakura-san’s quite bad…
She’ll definitely do her all to defile the heart of a pure girl.

「Nee-san, take care」

I tell Nei from the window of the van.

「Me? I’m fine…Iwakura-san’s weak against me」

Iwakura-san’s past delinquent acts…selling her body and going out with the Yakuza, it’s all pointed to Nei.
The bad rumors about Nei in school were all taken from Iwakura-san.
Therefore, Iwakura-san’s able to take the position of student council president without problems.
So, Iwakura-san doesn’t act equally with Nei.
If we reverse it…Iwakura-san knows that Nei’s actually isn’t a bad girl…
Is it really okay to trust her?
Iwakura-san has already tried to entrap us once…

「Look, back when I was a freshman…Margo-oneechan nearly killed the teacher that attacked me…and I burned down the school’s martial arts field, right?…Iwakura-san was watching that」

Nei speaks something fearsome.

「Iwakura-san properly knows that I’m a woman whose actions are unpredictable when angry. Margo-oneechan and I are raging on streets at night after all」

Nei smiles.

「Thanks to Yo-chan…I’m quite stable too. Before, I’m quite eccentric, hyper, messed up, a woman who would set fire to anything…did you forget?」

True…that’s right, but

「It’s fine. Iwakura-san is definitely dangerous but…the really dangerous one is Nei…」

Margo-san tells me.

「If blood rises in Iwakura-san’s head…her imagination doesn’t work anymore. As for Nei…the more excited she gets, the cooler her head becomes. Iwakura-san paid a yakuza to murder but…if it was Nei, she’ll certainly erase the other party without even making her hands dirty. Socially and physically…」

Right, Nei…
She’s also one of the executing members of Minaho-neesan’s revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke…
Minaho-neesan…Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, and Nei are members of it but…
Iwakura-san and Nagisa, aren’t.
Well, Nagisa’s already retired from the『mansion』…she’s already living in the surface, but…
They must’ve considered her『aptitude』as perpetrator of this revenge.
Iwakura-san…she lacks imagination, and she’s too rash.
Nagisa… can’t be cold-hearted with others. She’s too kind.

「Then, we’ll be sending Iwakura-san…and be back by dinner」
「See you later!」

The two rode the Benz and heads back to the restaurant.
…Now then.
What’s left in the white van is…Minaho-neesan, me, and Ruriko

「Then…let’s go home」

Minaho-neesan speaks in a slightly dark voice.
The engine starts…and the car starts driving.
Ruriko sticks to me closely…looking worried.
…Ruriko’s body.
This 15-year-old beauty.
Ruriko’s more mature compared to Michi’s flat chest.
But, comparing her to Misuzu and Megu…she’s obviously young.
Her chest just starts to swell, her waist is constricted…
But, everything is in the middle of growth, just breaking the start line.

「…What’s wrong, Onii-sama?」

Ruriko whispers to me
Her face is too close.
I can feel Ruriko’s breath on my skin…

「No…I’m just thinking about what way I want to have sex with Ruriko…」

I frankly said what’s on my mind.

「I don’t mind whatever…I will be glad whatever it is」

Ruriko said with her cheeks blushing.

「But…somehow, these past few days…there’s been a lot of messed up things. I don’t know what kind of sex I want to do anymore」

Actually…starting from raping Yukino…
I only had strange sex.
I’d been forced to have sex against own will too…

「Please gather up all those fuzzy feeling…and please release them all on me」


「I am Onii-sama’s slave. Please don’t hold back」


「Rather, if you hold back…Ruriko will feel sad」

That’s right…if I hold back on Ruriko…
That means I still think of Ruriko as『the daughter of Kouzki house』…and that I’m going easy on her.

「I am Onii-sama’s belonging…Onii-sama can do what he wants with me」

Ruriko doesn’t know sex that well.
No matter how perverted it is…she’ll just accept it as it is.
I look at Ruriko’s body once again…
As a sexual target…


This beauty that’s like a bud blooming to a flower.
Pure and innocent…virgin body

「Is there anything wrong?」
「Ruriko…you’re cute. I want to embrace Ruriko. I want to make you a 『woman』only for me…!」

I don’t want her to embrace other men.
I want her mine for her whole life.

「I already belong to Onii-sama…」
「That’s not it…that’s different」

I hug Ruriko’s body…and whisper.

「My penis going inside of Ruriko…and my baby making seed released in Ruriko’s baby chamber…will be the first-moment Ruriko becomes my『woman』…!」

Ruriko’s body stiffens

「…Yes. Please take care of me」

Ruriko’s trembling.
Her words say she’s prepared but… her body feels fear.
I think that’s also cute.

「…Have you finished your talk?」

Minaho-neesan asks from the driver seat.
Then, she leaks a sigh.

「What’s wrong…Nee-san?」

When I asked…Minaho-neesan looked at me through the rear mirror.

「You were listening to my conversation with Margo earlier, haven’t you?」

Iwakura-san’s addiction to sex, and… the reopening of the『brothel』

「Do you know why Margo talked about that now?」


「My revenge is about to end. Therefore, those girls…are urging me to think what’s next after my『revenge』is over…!」

This is for Minaho-neesan herself, and her deceased sister…

「I said it before but…I intended to kill myself once the『revenge』is over. Therefore, I’ll close down the『mansion』…and I thought that it’ll be fine if I leave the rest to Kyouko-san. At first, it was only Katsuko, Margo, Nei, Yukiyo and Agnes」

The members of『Kuromori』before I came in.

「I’ll give Katsuko a shop…Margo will be left to Kyouko-san…Nei and Margo would be together…Yukiyo, I’ll entrust her to a lady retired from the『mansion』 Agnes…」

Minaho-neesan stops speaking.

「Once the『revenge』is over…I intended for us to die together. I thought that nobody could make her happy…」

The 12-year-old girl raised in the basement.
She wasn’t taught anything but to worship her father『Shirasaka Sousuke』…
Minaho-neesan thought that it’s impossible for Agnes to rehabilitate.

「It’s all your fault」


「You appeared before us…we’ve come to see hope in various things…!」


「Katsuko and Nei who were so unstable became calm…Even Nei, she’s always preoccupied with herself and yet now, she’s looking at the girls younger than herself. Katsuko too…her face looks very happy that it feels like one week ago was a lie」

Nei and Katsuko-nee.

「Nagisa too. Before she can’t forget her painful past but now, she looks refreshed. I was surprised the other day when she greeted everyone in the theater. That girl’s『prostitute』has finally become past. It’s all thanks to you」
「…No, I didn’t do anything」
「No. Megumi too…I was worried about her all this time but…she was released from the fate of Shirasaka house」

Even if Shirasaka Sousuke didn’t force her to become a prostitute…
As long as she stays in Yamamine house, she would always be meddled by Shirasaka house.

「Minaho-neesan accepted Mana. I’m grateful for that」

Mana is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…she’s originally an enemy

「Mana-san, she’s with Mao-chan, playing with Agnes. Agnes has opened up her heart quite a lot. I don’t think it’ll go that well with Mao-chan alone」
「Yeah…she can read the atmosphere, and she’s also caring girl」

Mana has the tendency to be conceited but…she’s kind and smart.

「At first…she’s rebellious, always seeking our complexions, an unpleasant girl. I thought that I’ll definitely make her experience cruelty. Then…when she falls into your hands, she turned to such an honest and cute girl…」
「Stop that…I didn’t do anything…」

Speaking of which, when I had sex with Mana…
I ejaculated inside Mana again and again until her heart changed.

「Therefore…I’ll accept Ruriko-san too. I’m sure that you’ll change her to a cute girl」

Ruriko clings to me.

「Then…about Agnes」

Suddenly…Minaho-neesan speaks.

「You have to hurry it up」


「Shirasaka Sousuke…he’s quite worn out. I…want to fulfill my final revenge while he’s still sane…!」

The final revenge.

「Hey, do you know why did I find you in the first place?」


「You see…I had a plan from the start. The climax of the revenge plan towards Shirasaka Sousuke which must absolutely happen…」

The car speeds up…

「…All of the daughters of the still sane Shirasaka Sousuke…raped in front of his very eyes. Showing off the rape. His beloved daughter, Yukino-san…Agnes who he made for his own personal joy…having them all raped in front of that man」

That was Minaho-neesan’s final plan.

「I want to show that man the true despair. The taste of the despair we experienced. Before be becomes crazy and die…」

Shirasaka Sousuke…forcibly raped a lot of women…and turned their fate to a mess…
Thinking that he’s a privileged man…that everything he does to others can be forgiven.
The daughters of that man would be raped before his very eyes…
He also thinks of his daughter as his possession so he’ll feel frustrated from it.

「Therefore, I let Yukino-san live. Either way, I want Shirasaka Sousuke to see his eldest daughter who had become a sex slut」

Yukino’s father still thinks that she’s a virgin.
As a daughter of Shirasaka clan…she’s probably planned to be engaged to some other famous family.
The eldest daughter who’s supposed to be pure…has changed to a『pervert』who feels pleasure from receiving a man’s semen in her body…

「Mana-san will have to participate too. I feel sorry for her however」

Mana, 14-years-old…he believes that she still hasn’t done sex more than Yukino.
That young body has squeezed semen many times from my penis…

「Well, I think it’ll be fine. Mana already thinks of Shirasaka Sousuke as enemy…」

At the moment she became my『woman』 and threw he name『Shirasaka Maika』…Mana has already turned her family into a past.
If I order her…Mana will show off in front of her father

「Megumi will participate too」

Shirasaka Sousuke intends to sell Megu to a customer…so he’ll be frustrated to see me embrace Megu.
For Megu, this will be a revenge to her father who tormented her…

「I think that she’d gladly join if Minaho-neesan tells her」

…And the last one.

「As for Agnes…Until yesterday, I want her worship to Shirasaka Sousuke to disappear and to accept you. That is the best shock for that man」

The half-foreign beauty who he made to worship himself ever since she was born.
Then…Shirasaka Sousuke plans to ravish her on her 13th birthday.
Therefore, Minaho-neesan wants to take away Agnes from her submission to Shirasaka Sousuke.
Shirasaka Sousuke won’t be able to respond…looking at Agnes who doesn’t respect him anymore.

「But…we don’t have much time. That man is much more exhausted than we expected」

…Does that mean?

「Therefore…I want you to rape Agnes in front of Shirasaka Sousuke with all your strength…!」

Minaho-neesan eyes look at me in the rear mirror…

「If not…we won’t make it」

…Even though they’ve come so far
Even though Agnes’ closed heart starts to open up with the help of Edie, Mao-chan and everyone else…!
…Now, here.
Do I have to rape Agnes?
Forcibly ravish this 12-year-old girl.
If I do that… won’t Agnes’ heart remain close forever?
Feeling fear from others, from us…

「…When’s the time limit?」

I ask Minaho-neesan.

「If possible, by tomorrow evening…you can’t do it tonight, can you?」

Minaho-neesan looks at Ruriko.
This night… I’ll take Ruriko’s virginity.
It has to be relayed to Jii-chan.

「Besides…we have to wait for Yukino-san to come back」



She should be out of the mansion and taken over by her grandfather.

「…Yukino-san’s videos until yesterday are all uploaded to the internet」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Your face isn’t shown anywhere. It’s all edited out. From taking away her virginity…up to the public rape in the school. All the videos and photos are released along with her profile」
「Yes, her name, address, age, mobile number, mailing address…the names of the schools she’s been through until now, her photos in club activities, everything about Yukino-san…!」

…does that mean?

「It’s also translated. English, Chinese, Russian…I also posted it on porn websites in Poland and Latin America」

The whole world watches Yukino’s foolishness…

「Especially the photo right after Yukino-san’s virginity was taken. Sperm and virgin blood coming down from her crotch…Katsuko has created a poster with a title『Shirasaka Yukino, 16 years old, I was raped』 That’s getting popular. It’s stuck on every image board already…」

Yukino’s progression to becoming a lewd woman starting from her virginity is seen by everyone…
Is known by everyone…

「You don’t need her anymore, do you?」
「Well…that’s true, but」

There’s a sense of loss I feel inside of me.

「It’s all done already…there’s nothing one can do」

Yukino’s no longer my only Yukino.

「But…that said, why is Yukino coming back?」

To Yukino, we’re the people who made her suffer severely…
Normally…she shouldn’t come back.

「Yukino-san’s mother’s parent’s house…Ichikawa-san’s place is a somewhat famous house」

Minaho-neesan said.

「They already know that Yukino’s lewdness is being spilled to the world. They can’t erase it whatever methods they use…」

Once it circulates on the internet…it can’t be collected.

「Ichikawa-san…has called a mental hospital at Kanagawa prefecture」


「I feel sorry for Ichikawa-san but his phone’s tapped」
「Mental hospital…what?」
「Other than her first rape video…Yukino has turned into a complete slut afterward. With that kind of daughter in the clan…it’ll only cause inconvenience to the relatives」
「Therefore…she’s going to be sent to a hospital?」
「Yes…『This girl’s gotten mad from the shock of rape』will be the pretense…and she will be pushed to the mental hospital」
「…Yukino knows that?」
「I told hear earlier」

Minaho-nee-san’s reflection smiles.

「It’ll depend on her later. Will she get out of her grandfather’s house by herself or will the grandfather arrange the mental hospital car first?」

Yukino no longer has a place even in her grandfather’s house.

「If she’s forced into the hospital car…Margo will take her away in the middle of it. Perhaps, Yukino-san will rampage but…I think that she’ll be dressed in restrained suit」

Yeah. If she realized that she’ll be trapped in a mental hospital forcibly…Yukino will definitely rampage.

「As for us…I wish that she escape from the house and come back to us. That’s way more interesting. As expected, her heart should be broken too…」

Minaho-neesan laughed.

「Why…would she come back to us?」
「Well, she has no other choice. If she escapes from Ichikawa-san’s house…she has nobody to depend on but you」


「On this earth…among all people, she can only rely on you. That’s how cornered she is…!」


「Succumbing from the bottom of her heart…taking all away her pride…the dignity as a human trampled…on top of that, forced to have sex in front of her father…」

Minaho-neesan holds hatred towards Yukino more than anyone.
Maybe, much worse than Shirasaka Sousuke, the main source.

「Sorry but…I will have you do that. Okay?」


「Yeah…if Minaho-neesan’s satisfied with that」

Will Minaho-neesan be satisfied if I go that far?
Won’t there be a deeper hatred born from it?


Minaho-neesan mutters.

◇ ◇ ◇

We returned to the mansion.
I cover Ruriko with a blanket.
There are two monitoring teams at the entrance, one of them is Kouzuki security service.
Of course…they know Ruriko’s face.
If they see Ruriko riding our car…they’ll make a big fuss.
Pressing the remote switch, entering the gate…
We enter the『mansion』

「I’m going to work in my room and then…you’re going to pick up Megumi later, right?」

Right. Making sure it’s the end of the club activities…I’ll go pick up Megu.

「I also have business in school so I’ll send you over」
「Okay, thanks…Nee-san」

Minaho-neesan heads straight to her room
For now, I have to check Agnes and others…


Ruriko’s still on her boiler suit and twin-tails.

「Oh, Ruriko…well done for being silent earlier」

While I was talking with Minaho-neesan…Ruriko stayed silent and didn’t disturb us.
If it was Yukino or Mana…they’d just selfishly break into the conversation.
Is that the difference between the two families?

「Yes…it’s a talk I don’t know much about…」

I can’t talk to Ruriko about the history of『Kuromori』for now.
Abduction, confinement, rape…forced prostitution.
Perverted sex…illegal abortion, death.
Each of them has too strong of a shock for Ruriko.
Besides, it’s troublesome if she hates the former prostitutes, Katsko-nee and Nagisa…
Even Jii-chan who was a customer.

「Sorry. I felt that Ruriko’s also listening but this is a calamity that befell on Kuromori house. It’s not something we want the world to know much about…」
「I understand…it’s better if I don’t know about it」

Ruriko’s a wise girl.

「Yeah. I’ll explain it properly someday. But for now, don’t ask anything」

I have to talk about Agnes.

「You see…there’s this girl in this mansion」
「 This girl has been confined by his crazy father all this time…and she’s never been out from the basement of this mansion」
「…Not even once?」
「Yeah, of course, she hasn’t gone to any school nor made any friends」
「…Is that so?」
「Yeah, then…that girl hasn’t opened her heart to anyone… doesn’t trust any other people. Therefore, we want to be friends with that girl…
「…That’s Agnes?」


「It was the name of the person I’ve never met from the conversation a while ago」
「Yes. It’s Agnes. She’s a 12-year-old girl」
「Then…you wish for me to act so her heart would open up?」

Ruriko’s really fast to understand


◇ ◇ ◇

Now then…what’s going on in the basement?
I hope they’re doing well…
I take Ruriko down the stairs to the basement.
Arriving at Agnes’ room…

「Ah, welcome back…Onii-chan!」

Mana who’s wearing an apron greeted me.

「Ahaha…Papa, welcome back!」

Mao-chan jump towards me.

「What is everyone doing?」

I asked, Mana;

「Making sweets! Katsuko-oneesan’s teaching us to make cakes!」

Looking at it…there’s Katsuko-nee standing in front of the oven taken from the upper floor.

「Just in time, the sponge cake is baked. Then, we’ll decorate it with cream… turning it to roll cake, and making it to Yule log1

She smiles looking at me.

「Where’s Agnes?」
「She’s over there」

Mana points.
Then…Agnes is squatting down, trying to bubble the cream in the bowl.
Placing a whipped cream at the end of her nose…

「Onee-chan, more…more…until the bubbles disappear!」

Mao-chan walks up to Agnes…then calls her.

「…It was the right choice to leave it to Mao-chan. Agnes has completely opened up to Mao-chan」

Mao-chan supports, Agnes does her best and whisks the eggbeater.

「We actually have electric beaters but…those girls have to enjoy this too」

Katsuko-nee smiles.
It’s more of a play than cooking.
But, for Agnes…this is the first play she’ll have with the same age group…

「Ah, are you tired, Agnes? I’ll take over」

Mana takes the bowl from Agnes.

「Mana-chan is helping out too…she’s not as overbearing as Edie so Agnes seems to accept her easily」

…I’m glad.

「Hey, Onii-chan…why did you bring Ruriko-san?」

Mana asks while stirring the bowl.

「Ah, I’m sorry…」

Ruriko fixes her posture and lowers her head deeply.

「I…from now on, am Onii-sama’s slave. I may be incompetent but please take care of me…!」


「Ah, right. Mana’s the same!」

She smiles towards Ruriko.

「Mana is also Onii-chan’s slave!」
「Mana…as a slave, you’re a senior but, Ruriko’s older. Don’t be so bossy with her」
「I know…」

Mana smiles.

「Hmm…Have you done it already with Onii-chan/」

I explain to Ruriko

「No, not yet…」
「We’ll do it tonight」
「I see…the first time hurts but, Onii-chan’s gentle so it’ll feel good right away!」


「…It hurts?」

Right, the sex Ruriko had been observing until now… doesn’t let her know the pain of virginity.

「Well…it’s just at the start. Ruri-oneechan!」

Ruriko’s eyes opened up wide.

「You’re already『family』…so Ruri-oneechan1」

Ruriko’s deeply impressed.

「Yeah, everyone in here is all Ruriko’s little sisters!」2


「Say hello to Agnes as well」

Ruriko goes in front of Agnes.
She squats down elegantly…and looks into the eyes of Agnes who’s sitting on the floor…

「Hello…My name is Ruriko. Pleased to meet you」

Agnes…is wary of the new intruder.

「Anyway, let’s have Ruri-oneechan join in making a cake!」

Mana invites.

「Ruriko…have you baked a cake before?」
「Only at classes at school」

Since it is an all girl’s school…they have that kind of lesson too.

「Then, have Katsuko-nee teach you」
「Yes…Katsuko-oneesama, please take care of me」
「Okay, sure!」

Then…if the girls make a cake together, they’ll get along even more.
Ruriko…for the time being, she’s not tense.
Agnes too…
If this trend goes on, it might be fine to not rape her…
What’s left is a race against time.

「Can I watch?」

I ask Katsuko-nee.

「 Yes. You must be tired, aren’t you? We’ll be eating it once baked…so you can take a moment to rest 」

Taking Katsuko-nee’s offer…I sit down on the air mat I slept on last night.

「…Geez, Agnes, don’t do that!」
「…Ahahaha, Agnes-chan!」
「Err…like this?」
「Yes, you’re skilled, Ruriko-san」
「Please call me Ruriko」

I’m worried about Yukino, but…
In this basement where the rays of the sun from May comes from the skylight…
I see the light of hope.


  1. Except for Katsuko-nee