Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 406. Boston Tea Party



「…Papa, wake up」

I fell asleep before I knew it

「Hey, wake up…if you take too long of a nap, you won’t be able to sleep at night!」

When I open my eyes, Mao-chan’s smile is in front of me…

「Good morning! The cake’s done!」

Mao-chan and others were making cake under Katsuko-nee’s guidance, right.

「Come, let’s have a snack!」

Katsuko-nee calls me.
A cake after waking up? Doesn’t look like it’s something easily digested but, it can’t be helped.
I get up and head to the folding table.

「Was this table brought from above too?」
「No, this is from the next room…」

Katsuko-nee said.
…The next room
That was where Minaho-neesan’s father was confined…
Now, he’s transported to the hospital… still in coma

「Onii-sama, take a seat」
「Hurry up, Onii-chan!」

Agnes is the only one silent as usual.
Now then, there are similar cakes on the table.
All of them are decorated with chocolate cream on top of the roll cake.

「It’s called Yule Log. It’s like a wooden log, isn’t it? Actually, it’s a cake used for Christmas, but… Since it’s their first cake to make, I thought that the looks have to be interesting than the taste…」

Yeah. Katsuko-nee’s idea is correct.
Mao-chan, who’s still a toddler is here too.
This makes Agnes interested too…

「What do you think? Can you tell who made which?」

Rather than being a log…this somehow looks like the whole thing’s flabby, and on top of that, there’s cream, strawberry, and Pocky sticking like sparklers…

「This is the cake Mao-chan made?」

As expected…a work of a toddler.

「Err…this, Agnes?」

Next…I point on a poorly shaped cake
Agnes nods.
She seems to be a bit dissatisfied with the result.

「It can’t be helped…Agnes hasn’t seen a real log. Besides, it’s her first time making a cake you see? As for me, I’ve done it before. It’s her first time and yet she made it this well! Agnes is amazing!」

Mana follows up smiling.
You…you really can do this kind of things.
No, I thought of the same with Nei, but…
When they get a younger sister…women change.
When you become an『Onee-san』, you really become steady

「Agnes said that making cakes are fun! She said that she wants to do more and more!」

Mana reports to me.
Agnes talked?
Even though she hasn’t talked to anyone until now.

「Yeah, she said!」

Mao-chan laughs
Noticing it now…this is an imitation of Nei.

「…I’ll do my best」

Agnes mutters in a small voice.

「Right, there’s still various kinds of cakes…I’ll teach you a lot!」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently.
Looking at it…there’s a lot of cake books beside the table.
Oh, they showed a photo of the book first…and made her interested…
Then, they decided to make one, I guess?

「Now then…there’s three more plates to guess!」

Mana tells me.
There’s one perfect cake that looks like a model.

「This is Katsuko-nee’s」

Well of course…
The problem is the remaining two…
One has a fair quality.
The other…is very close to Katsuko-nee’s model cake. It’s well done.
Which is Mana’s and which is Ruriko’s?
Ruriko said that it’s her first time making cake…
Mana just said that she made one before…
I point to the better one…

「This is Mana’s?」


「Buh-boo! Unfortunately…that one is made by Ruri-oneesan!」


「Ruriko…this is your first time making one, right?」
「Yes, therefore…I did everything as Katsuko-sama said…!」

She mentioned that she’s never cooked, but…
No, but Ruriko has eaten a lot of delicious things with Jii-chan…
She’s also accustomed to reproducing her teacher’s traditional dance…
She might be suited for cooking unexpectedly

「…You’ve got the talent」
「No, Onii-sama…this is Katsuko-sama’s skill」

No, Ruriko made this cake, right?
The model made by Katsuko-nee is here

「Ruriko-san’s saying is that she merely traced the method and reproduced it」

Katsuko-nee explains.

「No, but…it’s amazing that you can reproduce it」
「But, I’m the one who made the image and made it you see? Ruriko-san thinks that what doesn’t contain her image or idea isn’t her own. It’s an artistic ideology」

…What the hell?

「If it’s a cake maker…their purpose is to produce the same cake made by their boss, so you can tell that their ability is high, but; Ruriko doesn’t want to be a maker. She’s a girl who wants to make her own cake…!」
「…Yes, it is as you say」

Ruriko’s that kind of girl.
She doesn’t want to just reproduce Katsuko-nee’s cake…she wants to make her own taste, and design with her own idea and make it her own work.

「But, with this, you learned how to make Yule Log, so Ruriko can make her own work for the next time」

Katsuko-nee smiles kindly

「No, I haven’t seen the groundwork for making the first cake so…please guide me once agian」
「Sure, I can teach you as much as you want」

Ruriko’s going to be a good disciple of Katsuko-nee.
On the other hand, Agnes compares her own cake to the cake made by Ruriko.

「Ruriko, don’t mind it! Agnes is still 12. Ruri-oneechan’s 15 years old! You can just catch up within three years!」

Mana read Agnes’ mind and she speaks to her.

「…I’ll do my best」

Ah…her voice is smaller than earlier

「I am Onii-sama’s slave so I must learn all things to please Onii-sama. Please continue to teach Ruriko further, Katsuko-sama」

Ruriko bows her head to Katsuko-nee.

「Yes, we’ll use whatever I know to cook for him」
「…My best regards」
「Ah, that’s unfair! Ruri-oneechan, you can’t be the only one good at cooking! Mana too…teach Mana too! Mana is also Onii-chan’s slave」
「Yes, yes, I will be strict so be sure to follow me!」

Katsuko-nee laughs

「…Because I’m a slave?」

Mao-chan imitates Mana.

「Ah, everyone…be careful with your words in front of Mao-chan」

I said.

「Eh, why…Onii-chan!」
「Mao-chan goes to nursery, kindergarten. Won’t it be bad if she talks strange things outside?」
「Ah, I see…if it’s on Mao-chan’s year, they’d shout it out loud like they’re having fun」
「Therefore, it’s forbidden to talk like that」

I tell Mana.

「Wow, what should I do? Earlier that was my talk with Agnes and Ruri-oneechan. That kind of talk」

Mana’s trembling.

「The one where you talk about it feels good being hugged by Onii-sama from behind and pierced deeply but…it also feels happy when you look at his face?」

Ruriko asks.
Mana, just what are you talking about?

「…Creampie feels like being poured on hot water deep in your stomach, warm」

Agnes also mutters.

「That you had to show your breasts when doing fellatio!」

Mao-chan too…

「I’m sowwy!」
「Katsuko-nee too…why did you not stop them? You were there, weren’t you?」
「Well…the two were talking with each other happy!」

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

「But…that’s not a good thing to teach Mao-chan!」
「It’s good thing to teach others though…!」

I felt shocked.
That’s right, I’m going to take Ruriko’s virginity tonight.
Agnes too. I’ll take her tomorrow.
Listening stories about sex from Mana who’s close to their age isn’t a bad thing.
Rather than being told by the adult Katsuko-nee or Nei…
If Mana who’s at the growing age of 14 talks about her experience…should be easier to accept.

「Anyway…be careful when Mao-chan’s around」
「Yes, understood」
「Sorry, Onii-chan」
「I’ll take care too」
「Ushishi…be careful!」

Anyway, let’s end this for now

「Now, let’s eat…I’ll prepare the tea」
「Ah…I’ll help out」
「Mana too!」

…But still
Including Katsuko-nee’s model…there’s five big cakes.
Well, I get that it won’t teach them unless they make a full sized one, but…
Isn’t this a bit too much?

「 The remaining can be an after-dinner dessert…so don’t mind it」

Katsuko-nee tells me as she looks at my face.
Phew, I thought I had to eat all five.

「We can set aside the model cake I made」
「Then, mine too…」

Ruriko’s being considerate
…That’s because

「Eat Mana’s cake! Onii-chan!」
「Ah, Mao too! Papa!」

…The two are like this
Anyway, I cut three slices from Mao-chan’s, Agnes’, and Mana’s cake.

「How is it Papa? Delicious?」

First, Mao-chan’s.

「Yes…it’s delicious」
「Hihi, Yay〜!」

Next, Mana’s

「How is it, how is it, Onii-chan?」
「Yes, delicious」
「…I’m glad」

Katsuko-nee was the one who made the foundation of the cake.
Katsuko-nee also checked the taste of the cream…
These girls…only wrapped the roll cake with cream and decorated it with chocolate cream…
To be honest, the taste of the cake doesn’t change that much.
Well, strictly speaking, the thickness of the cream in the roll cake gets uneven, or something like that…
Or that there’s an unexpected force when rolling, so there are parts crushed down…that’s the difference.

「Agnes too…please eat hers」

Ruriko hands Agnes’ cake to me.
Agnes is looking at me expressionless.
She still hasn’t judged whether I’m an ally or an enemy

「Agnes…thanks for the food」

I eat the cake.

「…Yeah, this is delicious. Agnes」

Look at Agnes’ eyes and smiled.

「That’s great, Agnes, Onii-chan said it’s delicious」
「That’s great!」

The girls all speak to Agnes.

「Well now, let’s drink tea…!」

With the cakes and tea, a small party began

◇ ◇ ◇

But still…Mana talks a lot
Is this normal for 14-year-old girls?
I went to an all boy’s school so I don’t get it.
Anyway, she doesn’t run out of topics.
She just keeps talking to Katsuko-nee, Ruriko, Agnes, Mao-chan
On the other hand, Ruriko’s a really good listener
Looking at the other party’s eye, listening to the story with all her best.
Agnes, she’s quietly sitting down…
For the time being, she seems to know that these girls are treated as family.

「Mana…talk aa bit slower. If you speak too fast…Agnes won’t get it」
「Ah, sorry, sorry, Agnes」

Anyway, Agnes has no experience talking to girls of the same age in her life.
Therefore, she won’t be able to follow the speed and tension of Mana’s talk.
But still, Agnes is sitting…
That means that Agnes also wants to understand Mana and others.
If it was Agnes last night…she would’ve escaped to her bed.

「This is going well」

Katsuko-nee whispers to me

「I really wish we had more time to spare…」

Katsuko-nee speaks regretfully

「…I think so too」

Even though we made Agnes open up her heart…
If I raped her forcibly here…
She might not believe anyone anymore again

「I want it to go well as much as possible…」


「…Everyone, quiet down」

Oh…Mao-chan’s getting sleepy

「Since she’s been excited about everyone, once she had her stomach filled, she got sleepy」

Katsuko-nee stands up and hugs Mao-chan
Then, she carries her to the air mat but, Agnes pulls Katsuko-nee’s elbow.
Then…she points at her bed.

「…That one’s much fluffier」
「Thank you, Agnes」

Katsuko-nee lays down Mao-chan on the bed

「…Mao-chan’s so cute」

Mana said

「Mana wants to give birth to that kind of girl! What about Ruri-oneechan?」
「…I want it too」

Both of them talk about that.
Agnes looks at Mao-chan’s sleeping face too

「…Ruriko, could you accompany Agnes?」

I said.

「There’s something I want to talk with Mana about…」
「Yes, certainly」

My cute slave goes to where Agnes and Mao-chan is.
After passing each other, Katsuko-nee comes back.

「What’s up, Onii-chan?」

Mana peeks at my face.
Her eyes are really big…

「 You want to have sex? Mana’s fine with that !」

Mana puts her hand inside her skirt immediately, trying to remove her panty

「No, not that…」

I have to tell Mana about Yukino’s current situation.
Yukino is Mana’s sister…there’s the thing about Ichikawa-san too

「…Mana-chan. If it’s on Mana-chan’s age, it might be fresh to take off the panty with such light attitude but, that kind of thing can get one bored easily」

Katsuko-nee warns her.

「Boys are more sensitive to mood than girls…so you have to think about your methods a bit more」

Yeah…the loli slut is cute, but…
If she does it so easily…it’ll just be boring.

「Then, Mana, Actually. Oh, Katsuko-nee…could you bring your laptop here?」

◇ ◇ ◇

Mana looks at Katsuko-nee’s laptop.
Minaho-neesan’s attack is always, harsh.
Yukino’s lewdness…is spreading like wildfire on every site.

「…This is a『sweets board』and yet」

Even on that image board…Yukino’s body is exposed.
No mosaic even on her genitals.
Semen’s dripping from her slit…

「But, well…it says『 please eat me 』there」

Mana mutters.

「It’s also posted on『animal board』」
「Yukino-san’s an animal so it’s fine. If you ask me, she’s a beast」
「It’s also in『gore board』」
「True, it’s gross」
「Even in『wallpaper board』」
「Rather than wallpaper…Yukino-san’s like an entrance mat, being stepped on」

Of course, it’s all uncensored so the admins are deleting it steadily, but…
New Yukino lewds are uploaded at a faster rate.
This is probably being worked on from the upper floor of this mansion.
Then…there’s also the address of a foreign video sharing website.

「It can’t be helped. Yukino-san made us really angry. It’s normal that we’d do this right?」

Mana’s showing a nonchalant face as she says it.
Another photo is posted…

「Ah, this is good…somehow, it feels like she’s just been raped」

That was the photo taken from when Yukino’s virginity was taken.

「I captured that moment」

Katsuko-nee peeks into the screen then said.

「Wow, as expected of Katsuko-oneechan, that’s so skilled」
「I made a poster of that and printed it. You saw that too didn’t you/」

Yeah…there was.
It was shown to Yukino herself as a part of harassment to her.

「Eeh, that’s so nice…make one for me too」


「Right, we haven’t taken photos of Mana-chan for a while…!」

…Speaking of which

「I also want photos of my naked body and me doing sex with Onii-chan. Poster size too」
「I’ll paste it in Onii-chan’s room. Then, you can see Mana’s naked body…if you want to do it with Mana then call me right away…I’ll jump to Onii-chan’s chest naked…!」


「Speaking of which…I don’t have a photo of myself. Well then, I will take photos of Mana-chan doing it with him and, can Mana-chan take photos of him with me?」

No, Katsuko-nee…that’s not the topic right now

「Ah, Onii-chan got big. Want to do it now?」

Mana reaches for my crotch…

「Not now, Mana-chan」

Katsuko-nee holds back Mana.

「Well…We’re in the middle of the process of making Agnes want to have sex with him…」
「Now that you girls are close to Agnes…you’ll have sex with him in front of Agnes’ eyes in turn. Then, Agnes would think of wanting to do it herself too, don’t you think?」
「Ah, not wanting to be out of the circle?」

Katsuko-nee and Mana smiles

「Right, in that case, I have to get along with Agnes even more. Right now, Agnes might still back off…」
「Ruriko’s first experience isn’t done yet too…」

Mana kisses my lip from an angle Ruriko and Agnes can’t see.

「But, I would hate it unless we do it at least once a day. Promise me!」
「I know」

Mana clings to me.

「But still, Mana really loves sex」


「Eh…I don’t like sex that much」


「If Onii-chan is gone, I won’t do it for the rest of my life. Or rather, I’d rather die than do it with another guy」
「Mana loves Onii-chan. Onii-chan makes a very pleased look whenever he releases it deep inside Mana. I love to see that face…!」


「Sex is really an act of love. When I have sex with Onii-chan, I feel love, feel loved, I want to feel it every day. That feeling. That’s Mana’s bond with Onii-chan…!」

Mana and I are strangers to each other.
For both strangers to become『family』, their bodies must make a connection.
Therefore, we’re having sex until satisfied.

「Actually, not just once a day…I want to do it dozens, but there’s everyone else too. Onii-chan belongs to the『family』…!」

Mana’s smile is refreshed.

「Yukino-san’s an idiot. No matter how many times she had sex with Onii-chan…she didn’t notice what’s good in Onii-chan」

Mana refers to Yukino in the screen, naked, playing with her crotch

「But, Yukino, might be forced to a mental hospital by Ichikawa-san」
「It can’t be helped, Yukino-san got what she deserved…」

Then…she holds my hand

「No, Onii-chan…you mustn’t be misled by that person」
「Onii-chan, no matter how much you think you want to help her, it won’t reach her. She can only see herself, a genuine idiot」

Mana starts the video.
The naked Yukino drowning in sex is reflected on the screen.
Shaking her own waist…
Though it’s erased from the video…
Yukino’s connected to me…
Yukino’s getting crazy from my dick.

「Look, she only sees herself. Only her own feelings, she doesn’t care about her partner at all. She’s that kind of person」

Yukino’s little sister said.

「…Don’t hesitate. Don’t be misled. She’s not『family』」

Yukino isn’t『family』

「Onii-chan has us, right? Hey…!」

For some reason, tears flow down

「Geez, there’s no reason to cry」

Mana sucks up my tears with her lips

「…So cute. Onii-chan」

Katsuko-nee hugs me from behind.

「…I think so too」
「Onii-sama, is there anything wrong?」

Ruriko and Agnes are back.

「Onii-chan’s so kind, that he’s crying because he can’t save Yukino-san」

Mana tells Ruriko

「Ruri-oneechan, comfort him too」

Ruriko holds my hand and rubs it against her cheek.

「Onii-sama, Ruriko is here」

Mana in front.
Katsuko-nee from behind.
Ruriko takes my hand.
Agnes is just staring at us curiously
Ah, I already have a family I have to protect.

I can’t help Yukino anymore