Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 407. A senior’s order!



「… I didn’t understand anything. I’m very sorry」

Ruriko tells me


I don’t get what she meant by that.

「Onii-sama withstands so much」


「Yes, Ruri-oneechan. Onii-chan has been enduring a lot of things just for our sake」

Mana tells Ruriko

「No, not that I」

I’m not enduring.

「Because he never runs away, he always confronts the reality for our sakes」

Katsuko-nee who’s hugging my back said.

「Yeah, Onii-chan will never give up for our sake! He’s always, helping us out!」

Mana rubs her cheeks on my face.

「And Onii-chan has given up on Yukino-san」


「Because…nothing can be done to Yukino-san, so he gave up, that’s why Onii-chan’s crying, right?」

Mana’s big eyes look into me…
That’s right.
If it wasn’t Yukino, but Mana or Megu.
I’ll somehow manage to desperately think about it.
I’ll do anything.

「Yukino-san isn’t『family』, so forget about her already. Forget that person」

Mana cuts down her sister…

「…Sorry but, Yukino-san is already on stage so it’ll be problematic if she doesn’t fulfill her purpose」

While saying that;
Minaho-neesan enters the room

「Eh, why?! She’s not needed anymore!」

Mana insists strongly, but

「Sorry, but she’s needed for the climax of my『revenge』…!」

From here on.
I should speak instead of Minaho-neesan.

「Mana, Minaho-neesan’s beloved family are all taken away from her. Therefore, Nee-san’s revenge won’t end until all of his beloved family is taken away from him」

Agnes is present so I won’t speak the name『Shirasaka Sousuke』

「Therefore, in front of that person…」

Mana blocks my words.

「Oh, I see, we have to show Yukino-san who’s become a slut. Well, that’s good. I think it’s better that way」

Mana’s completely abandoned her relationships from when she was Shirasaka Maika.

「Or rather…it’s not just Yukino…」

Mana’s startled.
Minaho-neesan’s『final plan』is to show all his daughters raped in front of Shirasaka Sousuke…

「I see, so that’s how it is. …Un, Megu-oneechan will say okay there. Megu-oneechan hates him very much…」

For Megu, Shirasaka Sousuke is an enemy of her mother, before being her father.

「What about Mana?」

Mana nonchalantly;

「Onii-chan…can you do it with me twice?」


「One would be me pretending as Maika-san, afraid, shouting『Papa, help me』 That would shock him right? I wonder if I should pretend to be virgin too…」


「Then…on the second time, it’ll be the usual love-love sex with Onii-chan! It’ll be so lewd. If I show that I can’t live without Onii-chan anymore…that would damage him even more. That person really likes Miaka-san, and he thinks that he’s a very nice dad」

…It’s your own father

「…Onii-chan. Mana’s fine」

Mana smiles.

「I am Yoshida Mana, I am Onii-chan’s slave」
「…Are you sure?」
「That’s not what should be asked. Onii-chan has believed this bad girl, even though you had the chance to abandon me so many times, you kept on saving me…therefore, I am here right now. Don’t make that face. Mana has Onii-chan…I have a family, a lot of sisters. I’m completely fine…!」

Then, Mana looks at Ruriko

「Ruri-oneechan too, don’t worry because you’re completely fine! It’s lucky being Onii-chan’s slave! Because we’re all going to be happy from now on」
「Yes. He’s a very kind person. Everyone has become happy after meeting this person…」

Katsuko-nee tells Ruriko.

「I see, Onii-chan…then what’s left is Agnes…!」

Mana looks at Agnes.
If all of Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters are going to be fucked in front of him, Agnes, one of his illegitimate daughters must participate as well.
Agnes herself doesn’t know what that means, so she looks just puzzled.

「…Err, are we in a hurry?」

Minaho-neesan and I are talking about this, means…
Of course, there’s a time limit, Mana guessed.

「…Tomorrow night」
「Okay…then I’ll do my best too」

Mana has a really good intuition

「 Don’t overdo it, you get reckless right away」
「…I know」

If possible, I want Agnes to be encouraged to want to have sex with me.
If Agnes’ heart doesn’t open up until the time limit.
I have to rape her.

「Onii-sama, is there anything I can help with?」

Ruriko who understand the context of the conversation, asks.

「Ruri-oneechan has to take care of herself first…!」

Mana smiles

「It’s fine, Katsuko-nee and I will teach you about it…!」

Mana, even though it’s just a few days since you lost your virginity.
However, I’ve done it with Mana multiple times.
The number of times I ejaculated inside her vagina should be much more than Yukino.
…Most of it was raping Mana before she opened up her heart to me though

「Katsuko-nee, could you monitor Mana so she doesn’t get wild?」
「Sure. I’ll punish her if she does something intollerable」
「Yeah, thanks…!」

I look at Minaho-neesan.

「Mana said Okay. Next would be Megu…」
「Yes…it’s about time we pick her up」

I stand up from my seat.

「Ruriko…wait here with everyone. Get along with Mana and Agnes」
「Onii-chan, let’s do it once you get back!」

Mana smiles.

「We’ll show it to Ruri-oneechan and Agnes!」

If we show Mana, who’s a year younger than Ruriko have sex, her fear would also be reduced…
Agnes…if she sees Mana who’s the closest to her age have sex, then she might want to try it herself as well

「Okay…later. Minaho-neesan, let’s go」

I leave Agnes’ basement

◇ ◇ ◇

The sky turns to the color of dusk.
4:35 P.M.

「…Mana-san has become so cooperative」

Minaho-neesan says after getting inside the Benz.

「Even I am surprised」
「She’s no longer『dependent』, she truly cares about you」

Mana’s becoming stable.

「I never thought that it would heal their hearts so much by becoming family」
「No, before the『family』, it’s you」

Minaho-neesan said.

「Her trust in you has become unwavering. You can’t die now」
「Everyone have you so their heart is calmed down. Our『family』system, can’t be established without you」

…Even if you tell me that
It’s not that I intend to.

「It was good that you cried there」

As expected, she was watching

「…I wonder」

I think that I showed something shameful.

「That made Mana want to do something for you, so she became aggressive」

Minaho-neesan analyzes.

「It’s also effective on Ruriko-san and Agnes. I think that it’s a good『swing』」


「Until now, we’re the one who actively approaches them. And that put a pause for a moment. It was a good opportunity to rethink their situation」

I don’t get it

「Either way…it’s heading in a good direction」

Then that’s fine…
Minaho-neesan starts the car…

◇ ◇ ◇

Going from the personnel parking lot to the underground passage, to the hidden room under the principal’s office.

「Shirasaka Sousuke’s in the confinement room?」
「Yes, he is」

The room with low ceiling you can’t even stand up, Yukino’s been confined there before.
The sense of oppression is amazing.

「Is he made to sleep with drugs?」
「No, if he sleeps too much…his consciousness would become cloudy. He might not be able to distinguish dreams from reality. Therefore, we try to not let him sleep」
「I see」
「We gave him a terminal, only showing the news on the net. However, it’s only the past news I chose」
「…What does that mean?」
「When Kyouko-san brought Shirasaka Sousuke from Australia…he was put to sleep for about three days. And then, when he awakened…he wasn’t told that he’s been asleep for three days」

…Three days of memory gap.

「Therefore…Shirasaka Sousuke’s watching news articles from three days ago. I think it’s showing Shirasaka Sousuke’s hideout being burned down I guess, and tonight would be the press conference of Shirasaka Moritsugu」

In short…inside the head of Shirasaka Sousuke
His own misdeeds are just being spread over the internet…
The head of Shirasaka house, Mr. Moritsugu who dears him so much.
Our relationship with Jii-chan are all unknown
He’s still convinced that the situation can be reversed.

「However, the person himself has gotten tired of seeing the news, now he’s just playing『minesweeper』and『spider solitaire』」

He’s completely hopeless

「Well, it’s troublesome if he suicides so, it’s better like that. Perhaps, he’s exhausted」

Minaho-neesan sighs

「Kyouko-san cornered him so much in Australia, it was overdone」

He had a journey to hell in Australia.

「I didn’t expect that man who has so much nerve be so exhausted」

Well, it’s Yukino’s father, so his nerve should be thicker than climbing ropes.
To corner that man so far,
…Kyouko-san’s amazing.

「Therefore…we’re trying not to overdo it. He has to be sane until the final revenge is done, it’s meaningless to torment a crazy person」

Minaho-neesan said

「Showing the news from three days ago, he thinks that something could still be done. He believes that Shirasaka house would come to help him」

…I see
When we enter the secret room…Morimoto-san is there.
The butler of『Kuromori』…the man who served since Minaho-neesan’s grandfather’s age…

「…Morimoto, thank you」
「Ojou-sama…there’s no abnormalities」

Morimoto-san answers.
Was he observing Shirasaka Sousuke all this time?

「I’ll switch, you can take a rest」
「Yes, excuse me」

Morimoto-san stands up


I greeted him.
Old man Morimoto smiled kindly

「Thank you for the hard work」

He answered.
Then, he goes to the seat on the back…and lies down.
Covering himself with a blanket…
It seems he’s quite tired.

「Should I monitor Shirasaka Sousuke too?」

I asked

「Do your job」
「Today’s matter with Ruriko-san is a job only you can do. Concentrate on that for now」

Ruriko’s virginity…
Will be before opening Agnes’ heart…
No, I have to pick up Megu first…
She has to approve having sex in front of Shirasaka Sousuke…

「Oh right. Kouzuki-sama will be coming tonight」
「He said he’ll bring Yoshiko-san too…」

Does he intend to show Ruriko’s first experience to Yoshiko-san?

「In order to destroy Yoshiko-san’s『attendant nature』, it would be best to show off Ruriko-san who’s become a sex slave, don’t you think?」

Well, that’s true, but…

「As said earlier…your sex with Ruriko-san will be confined. It’s to make sure it won’t cause trauma to Ruriko-san. Kouzuki-sama and Yoshiko-san will only see a video feed」

That’s better.
If her grandfather and Yoshiko-san are watching directly, Ruriko won’t be able to concentrate having sex with me「」

「Therefore, you don’t have to hold back」

I’ll ravish Ruriko as a sex slave.
As I will it

「You can use everything in our『mansion』 Katsuko will show it to you later Then, you may come up with various ideas」

Minaho-neesan gives me advice.

「I will stay in this school for today. Kyouko-san is going to come after dinner…then, Morimoto can take a good rest」

Yeah…if Kyouko-san’s here, there’s no need to worry about monitoring Shirasaka Sousuke

「You’re about to meet up with Megumi at 6:30 right? Then, Nagisa’s car is going to pass by the school gate, picking you up」

Nagisa and Reika.
I wonder if Reika’s doing well in the shop today?

「Okay, Minaho-neesa」

It’s about 5 o’clock, I should go to the women’s track and field ground now?
Oh right.

「…What’s wrong?」
「No, nothing」

I recover the『beat up stick』I left here.
Yeah, it’s still here.
I stuff it under my uniform.

「Oh, there’s that thing too」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「Then…take this too」

Minaho-neesan takes out a digital camera

「Huh, why…?」
「Just take it」

Then, she points at her ear.
There’s an earphone plugged in there.

「It’s already a habit when in school, I can tap with the hidden microphone, but…」

That’s right, Minaho-neesan is
Is the master of this school’s shadow.
She always checks the school with hidden cameras and microphones.

「 This camera will definitely be needed」

If you say that far.

「Okay, then I’ll borrow it」

I put the camera in my pocket.

「Also…in case if something goes wrong」

Minaho-neesan said.

「You already know it but, deal with it as a member of『Kuromori』」

As a person from the underground society…

「I know…Nee-san」

I ready myself.

◇ ◇ ◇

Going from the principal’s office on the second floor to the corridor.
As usual, this place has no people.
Since it’s holidays…only students from club activities are present
Even though it’s getting dim outside, the lights in the hallway aren’t turned on.
I go from the entrance to outside.
It’s already the second half of the Golden Week.
There’s nobody but the exercise enthusiast remains at this time.
I head to the women’s track and field ground.
They’re not done yet
I found Megu.
Megu’s practicing sprint.
She’s running while wearing short pants.
Her crouching pose looks so dignified.

「Oh, the husband has come to pick up!」

One of the club members noticed me.

「…Megumi! Your husband’s here! Your husband!」
「Seriously, it’s getting hot in here!」

The girls in their tracksuit poke fun…

「Concentrate! We’re in the middle of practice!」

Captain Takeshiba roars angrily…!

「Track-and-field is martial arts! Don’t let your guard down! If this was a battlefield, you guys are all dead!」

As usual, she’s got a reckless ideal.
Ah, Megu saw me.
I gave her a small nod.
She looks a bit worried…
Did something happen?

「Okay, everyone gather, lastly, everyone dash. Then, flex, and that’s all for today」

Captain Takeshiba instructs everyone.
I sat on the bank of the ground and watch over them.
With this, I can see Megu from the distance…
Looking from afar…Megu’s amazing build can be seen clearly.
Her slim and long legs…
She’s really has a model build.
Oh, she’s really beautiful.
Megu’s posture is always beautiful.
Her running figure is also beautiful.
She kicks the ground like an antelope.
I remember the feeling of Megu’s body.
It’s soft but, there’s a feeling of her tense skin.
Especially her butt, I can’t feel that rubber from a girl not doing sports.
That round ass covered in short pants.
Also, her cute belly button, and constricted stomach
Megu’s pussy, the heat inside, the moisture
I also remember the tightness that clamps me hard.
A man’s sperm lives in a woman’s genital for around a week, they said.
Then that means…
My sperm is alive inside that thin waist of Megu even now…
I was thinking about those things.

「…Thanks for the hard work. Dismissed!」
「…Thanks for the hard work!!!」

Finally, the practice ends.
Megu heads my way…

「…Sorry, I still have to clean up」

Oh, I know that the first years do chore.

「It’s fine, I’ll wait」

I shouted
Either way, Nagisa’s car is going to pick us up by 6:30
We still have time.

「Hwee Hoo!」

The female members raise a cheer.

「He said『I’ll wait』」
「…I’m jealous! Megumi!」
「But, doesn’t the man feel a bit bossy?」
「Maybe he’s getting full of himself?」
「Why not?」
「…They’re a school approved couple after all」

Oh, I see…the women’s track and field members are forbidden to date men, right…
Megu and I are the exceptions of exceptions

「Uhm…I’m really going to wait though」

I suddenly get nervous…
School…or rather, the feeling of a normal place, I haven’t felt them for a while
The members burst out laughing.

「…He said it!」
「He must be having cold feet」
「You should be more dignified!」

…what should I do?
The ones making noise are all seniors.

「Hey, those who don’t have anything to do should head to the club room and change clothes already!」

Captain Takeshiba shouted sullenly.

「Yamamine! He’s just in the way if he waits there so move him somewhere else!」

Ordered by Captain Takeshiba, Megu run towards me.

「…Yoshi-kun, sorry」
「No, I don’t mind…」

I’m fine with just the teasing of the seniors, but…
Megu looks in pain.

「Come here for a moment」

I was taken to the shadow of the fence of the ground.

「What should I do, Yoshi-kun?」

Megu looks like she’s about to cry

「…What happened?」
「It’s my fault, I was so happy about Yoshi-kun that I talked about it to everyone…」

…Talked about it?

「Everyone…ignores my relationship with Shirasaka house, they treat me like a normal member, that made me so happy」
「Then, during lunch…everyone asked me about Yoshi-kun」

About me…

「At that time, it was all first years…so I talked about it」
「…About what」
「About me having sex with Yoshi-kun everyday」


「Then, one of the first years thought it would be funny, so she told a senior about it」


「Then I was called by a bit scary Senpai…」
「Then, what did she do?」
「…Err, that」

Megu blushed.

「…She said she wants to see」


「She wants to peek at how Yoshi-kun and I have sex…」


「Is that second-year senior just one?」

If it’s just one…then she must be persuaded by threats.

「No…second and third-year seniors, a lot of them」

…A lot?

「Or rather…almost everyone except Takeshiba-senpai」

…Almost all

「Takeshiba-senpai doesn’t know?」
「Yeah, maybe」

If she knew, then she would stop it

「What should I do? I can’t consult Captain Takeshiba about this…」
「Eh, shouldn’t you?」
「Because, if I do that…the atmosphere in the club would turn for the worst. I’ll be unable to stay. Even though they ignore Shirasaka hosue」

…Speaking of which
The female track and field club don’t have a lot of knowledge about sex.
Captain Takeshiba thoroughly ordered about『banning relationships』but
The members are filled with women interested in romance and sex.
Well, if they hear that the new member, Megu is having sex everyday…
The seniors would definitely say『show it』…

「What should I do, Yoshi-kun…」

Megu’s completely baffled…!