Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 425. Ruri and Michi



Haa. Haa. Haa.

Ah, I’m still palpitating.
My sweat’s not stopping.
I look up at the ceiling while lying down on the shower room’s floor.

‘Onii-sama, are you okay?’

Ruriko looks into me worriedly
Ah, even watching from below, Ruriko is so cute. What a beauty.
Her still growing breasts are in front of my eyes.
I raise my neck slightly and lick up her pink nipple.
I can’t move for now.

‘I’m fine, just let me take a moment.’

I fix my breath bit by bit.

‘Onii-chan, that was very good!’

Mana smiles and kisses my cheeks.
She licks the beads of sweat on my forehead.
Mana’s thin naked body also shines from sweat.

‘Katsuko-oneechan taught me to say gratitude after sex saying”that was great”‘

She innocently laughs.
Uhm, isn’t that what a man should be telling a woman?
Or rather, Katsuko-nee, what are you teaching Mana?
Well, back when Mana is “Shirasaka Maika,” she worships Katsuko-nee as a”Cool, adult woman.”
She’ll hear Katsuko-nee’s opinion, but.

‘My, is that so?’

Ruriko reacts to what Mana said.
Then she looked at me.

‘Onii-sama, I also felt excellent.’

Imitating Mana, she kisses my cheek.
Ah, Ruriko’s elastic breasts poke my chest.

‘No, Ruriko, it was painful for you, right?’

Deflowering her and then having four rounds of sex after.
I tore her hymen, forcibly expanding her vagina, it’s swollen.
Ruriko know hasn’t reached the point of knowing the pleasures of sex.

‘But, I’m happy.’

Ruriko touches her lower abdomen.

‘I have accepted Onii-sama here, ufufu, I feel like Onii-sama is still inside of me.’
‘Does it still hurt?’
‘It’s warmer than painful.’
‘Well, of course, you’ve got a lot of Onii-chan’s semen inside you!’

Mana touches her stomach too.

‘Mana’s also filled, it makes me very happy.’

Mana smiles.

‘I have watched Misuzu-oneesama, and Michi-sama has sex, experienced it with my body, then now I saw Mana-san’s sex. As I go through stages like this, I’ve discovered a variety of things. It was a good study.’

Ruriko tells Mana.

‘Sex is truly is an act of humans. I was able to understand how my body was made by doing this.’
‘Yeah, both Ruri-oneechan and I are born to have sex with Onii-chan! That’s our destiny! Let’s be grateful to God!’

You girls are sure with that?

‘By having sex, I think my bond with Onii-sama becomes higher than relatives’
‘Obviously, we’re going to bear Onii-chan’s child after all.’
‘Yes, I’m looking forward to it.’

Ruriko smiles.

‘Oh right, Ruri-oneechan. You must keep it a secret that you’re having sex with Onii-chan ‘
‘ Why is it? I am Onii-sama’s sex slave. If someone asks me, I intended to answer it with pride. ‘

Hey, Ruriko!

‘Look, Ruri-oneechan, sex is a fundamental activity of a human being. Therefore, you don’t talk about it to anyone other than your”family”! That’s how it is! ‘

Mana advises.

‘I see, meals, sleeping, and excretion are the same things, they’re necessities for human lives. Making a baby as a result of love is in there too.’
‘That is, I understand, but, Shouldn’t we talk about it to other people because it’s important?’

Ruriko asks Mana.

‘As I said, Onee-chan, you don’t talk to others about”the number of times you went to the bathroom yesterday” or how big your poop was, right?’
‘No, excretion would be the most extreme case but, you don’t talk to those who aren’t close to you about the meal you ate yesterday, how much time you slept, or the illnesses you had before.’
‘That is, true.’
‘Sex is one of those most private things. You should never tell it to someone else. You can only talk about it to your family or a doctor.’

Mana says with a smile.

‘Besides, sex is something done alone with Onii-chan. You must take care of Onii-chan’s private life too you know?’

Ruriko looks at me.

‘Certainly, it is as Mana-san says.’
‘Yeah. Therefore, don’t ever talk about sex to someone else. Ruri-oneechan should show the same”I don’t know anything about sex”‘
‘Do I have to go that far?’
‘Look, courteous people do it! Remember Ruri-oneechan’s school friends! Perhaps, there are girls from Ruri-oneechan’s class who already had sex.’

Ruriko’s school is the number one Ojou-sama school in Japan.
Furthermore, it’s in middle school.
I don’t think they have experience in sex, but.

‘It doesn’t mean that Ruri-oneechan’s the only special, the one who had sex ahead of them!’
‘I wonder?’

Ruriko’s dubious.

‘Look, the girls from Onee-chan’s school are all from noble houses, so there’s a lot of them engaged, right?’
‘That is, well;’

Ruriko’s cousin, Misuzu, was.
There would be other girls that come into her mind too.

‘Those girls already had sex too. Their partners are picked already! Obviously they decide to love each other!’

Mana smiles.

‘Ruri-oneechan, every day from now on, you’ll have sex only when Onii-chan wants it you see? If it’s a girl whose partner is decided, don’t you think that girl would have sex just like Ruri-oneechan’

Mana’s theory deceives Ruriko

‘Surely, they might be’
‘But, they don’t show any behavior that they have sex every day, right?’
‘Yeah, well, there are also girls who don’t have partners for sex. Therefore, in school or even in the dance class, you must never talk about sex in front of those friends. Everyone tries not to talk about it.’

Ruriko looks at me.

‘Yeah, I think you shouldn’t. Sex is a private thing for both of us. Don’t tell anyone.’

Good, now we sealed her mouth.

‘Onii-chan, have you settled down?’

Ah, my pulse returned to normal while Mana and Ruriko are talking.
I’m no longer sweating.

‘Yeah, I’m fine now.’
‘Okay, then let’s get you up.’

Mana stretches her hand to me.
I grab her hand and get up.

‘Onii-chan, hug.’

I hug Mana.

‘I think this is the part where you pat Mana’s head.’

I pat Mana’s head.

‘Ufufu, Onii-chan, I love you!’

Then, Mana;

‘Oh right, Ruri-oneechan, let Onii-chan wash your hair!’

Hey, Mana

‘Then, we’ll be the ones to wash up Onii-chan’s hair!’
‘Yes, let’s do so. Mana-san’

Ruriko smiles at Mana too.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then, the shampoo contest is done.
Our bodies are completely clean now.

‘The bath towels and bathrobes, ah, here. Just like Katsuko-neechan said.’

Mana gives us the towels and bathrobes caringly.

‘Ruriko, can you stand?’

Ruriko’s somehow able to half-stand, but her back seems to be hurt.

‘You don’t need to force yourself.’

Mana and I wipe Ruriko who’s sitting on the floor.
Mana wipes my body, and I rub hers.


Mana clings to me naked.

‘It feels different when my body’s wet, right?’

Mana rubs her naked body against me.
This 14-year-old body has elastic but slightly hard breasts.

‘Hey, let’s hurry up and wear bathrobes.’
‘What? Getting hard? Go on. Mana can do it as much as you want.’

No, we just took a shower.
If I go to the sixth round now, I won’t be able to return to Agnes’ room anymore.

‘Anyway, let’s go to the other room.’
‘Oh right.’

I put the bathrobes on Ruriko.
Mana put mine.

‘Now then, I have to carry you again.’

I said, Ruriko;

‘No, I’m fine now, I can stand and walk by myself.’
‘Ruri-oneechan, don’t force yourself. It’s fine. You can depend on Onii-chan!’
‘That’s right, Ruriko’
‘Today is a celebration of Ruri-oneechan losing her virginity!’

Ruriko’s cheeks blushed.

‘Then, allow me to rely on.’

I lift Ruriko on my arms again.

‘Onii-chan, do it with Mana next time too.’

Err, Mana seems light, so it’s okay, I guess.

‘Yeah, sure.’
‘Ufufu, that’s a promise!’

Then, we walk down the corridor
Our walk towards the basement is, yeah, okay.
I move forward.

‘Ruriko, do you feel cold?’

I ask the girl I’m holding in my arms.

‘Ah, we have to get some clothes for Ruriko too. She’ll stay in this mansion from now on. You’ll go to the school and Nadeshiko-sensei’s class too.’

I said.
Ruriko suddenly sheds tears.

‘What’s wrong?’
‘I wonder if it’s okay for me to be this happy?’

Ruriko looks up at me.

‘It’s fine Ruri-oneechan! Besides, this isn’t the end! We’ll become even happier!’

Mana said.

‘I want Yoshiko-sama to feel this much happiness too.’

Ah, Ruriko’s
She’s still worried about Yoshiko-san.

‘Let’s see that and think about it.’

We can’t do anything about it for now.
Yoshiko-san isn’t in our “family.”
Even Jii-chan would think that it’s terrible to entrust his last granddaughter to Kuromori

‘She’ll be fine, Misuzu and Megu are talking to her.’
‘Yes, Onii-sama’

Ruriko answers.

◇ ◇ ◇

Returning to Agnes’ basement.
The room’s silent.
No, it doesn’t mean that there’s nobody present.
Nagisa, Mao-chan, Agnes, and Reika.
They’re all here.
The problem is.


Michi and Edie are facing each other.
They’re moving slowly, having the same pose.
This is,
A practice of Kudou style ancient martial arts”Shingetsu”?
Nagisa and others are just watching the two silently
Ah, Mao-chan’s already asleep.


They breathe in at the same time
Synchronizing their breaths, their heartbeats will match as well.
That’s the first action to enter “Shingetsu.”
The two are wholly focused, staring at each other.
I let down Ruriko on the air mat.
I also take a seat next to her.
Mana sits on the floor, clinging to me.


Ah, it begins.
I’ve already linked up with Michi so I can tell.


The two accelerate at the same time
They’re as if a reflection of a mirror.
They continue to make quick actions one after another making the same exact move.
Their hearts are overlapping.
They kick the air, thrust.
Is this a type of martial arts?
They twist their body and release continuous techniques.
The two girls from Japan and US repeat movements like the God of military arts.
It’s going well until now.
Suddenly, their movements shifted.
Michi’s falling behind.
No, Edie’s the one getting ahead.
As evidence, Michi’s standing firmly, but,
Edie lost momentum and fell on the floor.

‘That’s enough!’

Michi said in a low voice.

‘You’ve gotten rash again.’

She stares at Edie.
Edie looks up at Michi apologetically.

‘Why are you so impatient?!’

Feeling Michi’s’ anger, Edie trembles.

{You Are Impatient !!!}

Edie trembles a lot.
It seems that they tried it so many times before we came and it always fails with Edie falling.

‘That’s enough. Let’s end for today.’

Saying that Michi ignores Edie and turns to me.

‘I was in the middle of training so forgive my late greetings, Master!’

She bows to me.

‘Yeah, Michi’
‘Ruriko too, it seems that you’ve successfully become Master’s property.’
‘Yes, Michi-sama. Thank you very much.’

Ruriko bows to Michi.

‘I intend to continue to lead you in sex, but now that we’re in the same position, please do not call me “-sama” anymore’
‘Then, how should I refer to you?’
‘Michi will do, Ruriko. We’re of the same age after all!’

Usually, that won’t be allowed.
Ruriko is the lady of Kouzuki house, and Michi is the vassal of Misuzu, also a lady of Kouzuki house.
Ruriko may call her subordinate without suffix, but,
If it’s her cousin’s vassal, she must call her with a suffix.
Therefore, before, Ruriko calls Michi “Michi-san.”
After I bought her for 3000 yen, no longer a member of Kouzuki house, she begins to call her “Michi-sama.”
It’s because Michi is recognized as a stranger, as someone else.
However now, Michi and Ruriko are both my women.
They cannot call each other with a suffix now.
That seems to be what Michi thinks.

‘No, I think that it would be impolite to Michi-sama not to apply a suffix.’

Ruriko said.

‘I don’t think so, but.’
‘No, I thought of Yoshiko-sama as my vassal before, so I don’t call her without a suffix.’

Ah. True, she doesn’t.

‘Therefore, I must use suffixes. At other places, they might misunderstand that Michi-sama is my vassal.’

Yeah, that would happen.

‘Hmm, what can we do about it?’

Michi thinks

‘That’s just easy!’

Mana said.

‘You two just call each other with nicknames! Then everyone would understand that it’s a friendly and equal relationship!’

Michi looks at Mana.

‘Yes, I think that’s a good idea. Mana-imouto!’

Michi, you’re still doing that weird call?

‘Then please call me “Michi / ミッチィ”‘
‘Yes, ah, but, I’ve never been called with nicknames until now.’

Ruriko looks troubled.

‘I can call Ruriko as”Ruriruri,” “Ruri-tan” or “Rurita Baron” Which do you want?’

But, Michi.
Does your way of speaking change to warrior when talking to a person of equal level?

‘Then, Ruriruri please.’
‘Umu, let’s practice right away. Ruriruri’

You two, why are you staring at each other so seriously?
Ah, I get it.
Michi and Ruriko both have an honest character.
They’re similar in some ways.
Therefore, they make such a serious skit.

‘We’ll get used to it after a while.’
‘It seems.’

Girls I beg you, don’t do it showing a serious face!

‘Uhm, can I have your attention, you two?’

Nagisa speaks up.
Then, she looks at me.

‘Aren’t you tired? Would you like to have some tea with everyone?’
‘Yeah, thanks’

To be honest, I’m thirsty.
I want to eat sweet things too.

‘Okay, then help me out, everyone!’

Nagisa’s voice moved everyone.

‘Let’s add honey to the tea.’

Nagisa knows.
Ooh, energy supplements my body
I’ve been quite exhausted.

‘Master, I’m a cat right now. I’ve become a cat.’

Michi comes to me.
Wait, Michi, if you ask me you’re a dog.
I don’t know anyone as much of a dog as Michi.

‘I’m a cat, nyaa!’

She leans on my lap.
I admit that she’s cute.


Michi looks at Ruriko who’s drinking tea.

‘What is it, Michi?’
‘Are you jealous?’

A moment.

‘Yes, a bit.’
‘Then, how about becoming a cat too, Ruriruri?’


‘Onii-sama, nyaa!’

Ruriko leans on my shoulders.
Dammit, that was cute.

‘Onii-chan, Mana too, nyaa!’

Mana also becomes a cat.
She licks my feet.

‘If it were Katsuko, she would participate naturally, but. That’s impossible for me.’

Nagisa drinks tea.
Agnes and Reika are looking this way troubled.
Edie’s still trembling.

‘By the way, Ruriruri, how many times did you do it with Master?’
‘Four times, Michi’
‘Even though it’s your first time?’
‘Yes, I can’t stand up properly now.’
‘Then, for today, you’re already.’
‘Yes, I’ll do it tomorrow.’
‘Then that’s fine.’

The conversation among the third year middle school girls are,

‘Ufufu, you two have gotten along well.’

Nagisa smiles.

‘That’s not it, Ruriruri and I were already on good terms’

Michi said.

‘Yes, that’s right. Michi’

Ruriko too.
They formerly girls who aren’t good at making friends.

‘I am Master’s toy, and Ruriruri is a sex slave. We have the closest relationship.’
‘Yes. We have to get along.’
‘Huh, Mana’s also Onii-chan’s sex slave too though?’

Mana said, Michi,

‘Mana is our, little sister. We’ll treat you with care and love.’
‘I think of Mana-san as a senior as a sex slave. You’ve taught me a lot.’
‘Right, it’s better if Ruriruri thinks that way.’

In the end, I don’t know whether they’re on good terms or not

‘By the way, Michi, you had an exercise with Miss Edie earlier.’

I change the topic.

‘Yes, we’re going well to some extent, but she inevitably moves ahead. Then the link to our minds break.’

Michi looks at Edie who’s hanging her head.

‘To be honest, she’s much better in muscle strength and agility than me. But, Edie feels restless in her mind. She tries to get ahead in one way or another. She’s hasty. Then, she forgets to feel her surroundings’
‘Ah, I remember the fight at the hotel. She was just reckless. She gets hotblooded and just head straight to the opponent.’

Then, the opponent can read her movements.

‘If she calms down her mind even a bit, she could see the situation in a bird’s eye point of view, and yet.’
‘I think Master’s critique is correct. I’ll tell her right now.’

Michi speaks to Edie in English.
Edie looks at my eyes in surprise then feel sad.

‘What’s wrong?’
‘She seems to be shocked to see that Master who’s not even a warrior was able to see her faults, it seems that Kyouko-sama has chewed her out during the day.’

Ah, Edie went to attack some gang’s office with Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia for today.
At that time, she must’ve acted rashly and got scolded.
Miss Edie says something.

‘She finds it strange that Michi is younger than herself yet she’s so calm and firm.’

Ruriko translates.
Michi answers Edie.


Edie looks at me with a shocked face.

‘What did Michi say?’

I asked, Michi;

‘Yes. “I was able to acquire peace of mind by having sex with Master many times. If you want to calm down, you should have sex with Master” I said!’


‘Ah, that’s a good idea, Michi.’

Ruriko said.

‘Eeh, in Edie’s case, won’t Onii-chan have to do her a hundred times before she calms down?’

Mana said.