Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 428. Trinity!



To be honest, I’m so exhausted that nothing seems to come out anymore, but

「 Michi, you want to do it that much? 」

Michi looks at me with serious eyes.

「 Yes. After witnessing Nagisa-oneesama’s sex earlier, I felt like an eye-opener! 」

Eye opener? What?
No, well, there’s no help even if I press further.

「 I’m very sorry as you may be tired but Master, would you please have sex with me again? 」

If you go that far, then I have to work hard.
That said, my dick’s reaction is utterly dull.

「 I understand your feelings, but 」
「 Muguu 」

Michi frowns in sorrow.

「 Michi, you can’t monopolize Yo-chan 」

Nei said.

「 How about having everyone help out? 」


「 Look, don’t you have strong sisters on your sides? 」

Saying that she looks at Ruriko and Mana,

「 If the three of the cute little sisters attack, Yo-chan’s penis would come back! 」

Saying that Mana;

「 Can’t be helped! Let’s pitch in and help! 」

She takes off her clothes.

「 I-I 」

Ruriko blushes embarrassed.

「 Ah, Ruri-oneechan, it still hurts right?Therefore, you can just be in charge of Onii-chan’s face! Michi-oneechan will be on the penis and Mana will be in charge of the bottom! 」

Mana gives instructions with a smile.

「 I’m in charge of the face? 」
「 Yes, kissing Onii-chan and having Ruri-oneechan’s breasts licked. Like when you breastfeed a child 」
「 Ah, okay, understood 」
「 Michi-oneechan, you’re okay with that distribution? 」


「 I’m grateful! 」

The two bow at each other.

「 Okay! With that said, get naked too Ruri-oneechan. Michi-oneechan also, don’t get half-naked, get fully nude 」

Following Mana’s instructions, Ruriko took off her bathrobe and got naked.
Michi also takes off her clothes.

「 Huh, Nei-oneechan, you won’t participate? 」

Mana asks Nei.

「 Hmm, I’m fine. I want to see how you do it for now. Oh right, I’ll take photos, pics! 」

Nei takes out a camera and photographs the three middle school girls naked around me.

「 I’ll be recording it so do your best you three! Yo-chan too, don’t lose! 」

Don’t lose, you say, Nei.

「 Look, Onii-chan! We’re all naked! 」

Then, in front of me;
Three naked girls appear.

「 Onii-chan! 」
「 Onii-sama! 」
「 Master! 」

The flat Michi is the youngest look of them.
Mana and Ruriko, oh, Ruriko’s approaching an adult body.
But, their chest has about the same size.
Mana has stuffed breasts.
Ruriko, it feels round. There are her sunken nipples too.
Ruriko’s skin is as white as snow.
Michi’s also fair-skinned but not as much as Ruriko.
However, Michi has the beauty of a doll when she gets naked.

「 You’re all beautiful 」

I speak my impressions.

「 Un, then let’s all start our work! 」

With Mana giving instructions, the three naked girls hug me.

「 Onii-sama 」

First, Ruriko kisses me.

「 Hmm, Ruriko 」

Looking up, there’s a beauty that could blow you away. It’s Ruriko.

「 What’s wrong? 」
「 No, it’s just that, Ruriko’s eyes are big. Your eyelashes are long too 」
「 Do you not like girls with big eyes? 」
「 No, I love them 」
「 I’m glad 」

She brings her chest closer to my head.

「 Onii-sama, please lick Ruriko’s breasts! 」
「 Yeah 」

I bury my face in her slightly strained unripe breasts.

「 I’m sorry I’m not as big as Nagisa-oneesama 」
「 What are you talking about, this is good on its own 」

I lick her nipples.

「 Aaahn, Ruriko’s the one who feels good 」
「 You like being licked your nipples? 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama? Do you like Ruriko’s breasts? 」
「 I do. It’s cute, puffed. I want to lick it forever 」
「 Please do, Onii-sama 」

Meanwhile, Michi continues her fellatio.
She’s trying to master Nagisa’s technique earlier.

「 Auuu 」
「 I’m sorry, did it hurt, Master? 」
「 That’s not it, it feels so good it made me shiver 」

I tell Michi

「 As expected, I saw this point as a key point 」

Michi’s tongue stimulates that point relentlessly.

「 Uwa, Michi, Michi 」

I feel my spine shivering.

「 My, Onii-sama’s making such a cute face 」

Ruriko in front of me smiles.

「 Michi, it looks that where you lick is a good part 」
「 Yes, Ruriruri, it seems that when you lick at this part 」

Michi’s tongue crawls from the line of the scrotum to the anus.

「 Let Ruriko do the same next time! 」

Both Michi and Ruriko are intelligent and have the applied strength too.
They’re learning a fantastic technique in sex at such a condition
No, well, they’ll only do it with me, so it’s okay anyway

「 Now then, here I come, Onii-chan! 」

Mana speaks on the side of my foot.
Mana, what are you going to do?

「 Hamu! 」

My little toe is wrapped in warmth and moisture.
Is mana licking my toe fingers?

「 Mana knows that it feels good being licked here! 」

She goes from every finger to every gap in between.
This middle school girl’s tongue carefully licks.
This is also good!

「 Un! That’s an exciting view! I’m going to take more photos! 」

Nei takes photos of us happily.
Ah, I
Three beautiful middle school girls attack me.
I’m naked too

「 Onii-sama, I love you. Ruriko loves Onii-sama 」

Ruriko’s breasts cover my head.

「 Me too, I sincerely love you, Master, 」

Michi attacks my crotch with her tongue.

「 Onii-chan, Mana loves you! I can give you as many licks as you want! 」

Mana’s sucking my toe fingers.

「 Onii-sama, please massage Ruriko’s breasts 」

Ruriko holds my right hand and places it on her chest.
Oh, soft.

「 Then, Onii-chan, this hand will have Mana’s butt 」

Mana turns her ass towards me and grabs my left hand.
Ah, that’s different.
Ruriko’s breasts and Mana’s ass.
It doesn’t change that both are elastic, soft, and warm, but,
The feel is entirely different.
Women’s skin is different individually.
The lively feeling of these three girls swallows me.

「 Mufufu, it’s back! 」

Michi speaks at my crotch.

「 Master, it’s revived! Master has come back! 」

No, I’m thankful that you’re happy but,
That expression makes me wonder.

「 My, Onii-sama’s gotten so energetic! 」

Ruriko, you sound like I survived an illness.

「 Oh, it’s standing! Onii-chan got erect! 」

Mana, my dick isn’t a building.

「 Look, look, Agnes-chan, it’s gotten big again! 」

Mana turns around.
Ah, I forgot.
Agnes and Reika are cuddled up, looking at us afraid.

「 Don’t be afraid. It’s Onii-chan’s thing! We’re all made to feel good with this thing 」
「 Yes, I was pierced several times but, it made me very happy 」
「 Agnes-chan, Rei-chan, you should be taken by Onii-chan sooner- 」

On the other hand, Nei’s showing a peace sign to Edie who’s still stiff.
What the hell is that?

「 Then, excuse me 」

Michi straddles on top of me.
Imitating Nagisa from earlier, she seems to want to try doing it in a cowgirl position.

「 Ah, look! Even on a small girl like Michi-oneechan, it’ll all come inside! 」

Mana explains to Agnes.
Edie says something in surprise.

《 Don’t worry! 》

She tells Edie bluntly.
Aah, my glans is pushing Michi’s entrance.

「 Auu, uuun! 」

Michi who’s easy to get wet is already flooding.
My glans is being swallowed inside.

「 Nuuuuu, Uuuuuh 」

Michi’s pushing down with her weight.
My erect penis rubs into Michi’s soft walls.

「 Ahn, Master, Nguu! 」
「 Michi, you okay? 」
「 This position, it’s entering deep, inside of me!! 」

Michi puts her hand on my waist, slowly swinging her hips while adjusting.

「 Ah, it’s piercing on the deepest part, it’s all in! 」

Michi’s bones rub my lower abdomen
We docked to the very limit

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Swallowing me deep inside, Michi takes a deep breath.
Nei quickly presses the shutter.

《 ……OH!MICHI……?! 》

Edie’s confused as her best friend shows her sex.

「 Michi is one with Onii-sama 」
「 Uehehe, Mana will make you feel good! 」

Mana who has experience with 3P already starts to move.
She goes to the connecting part between Michi and me, and she licks Michi’s clitoris.

「 Aaaau! 」

Michi’s vagina clamps from pleasure.

「 That’s good! Aaaaah! 」

Pecho pecho, Kyuuu
Pecho pecho, Kyuu!

I can’t get enough of this.

「 Onii-sama looks so pleased. So cute! 」

Ruriko licks my face and neck like a kitten.
The feeling of her tongue increases my libido further.

「 Mana-imouto, that’s enough, please move your face, I’m going to move my hips now 」
「 Okay, Onee-chan 」

Mana takes off her face from our crotch.

「 Then, Mana will be licking Onii-chan’s nipples! 」

Hey, Mana!
Ah, Mana’s small head gets on top of my chest.

「 Aaaaah! 」
「 Ufufu, Onii-chan’s so cute. Cry out more 」

Mana, this loli bitch smiles at me.

「 I will begin too 」

Michi makes her legs shape M as she accepts me inside her.
The connecting part is exposed.
Then, she wriggles her waist.

「 Nuguuu, M-Michi!! 」

Michi’s waist movements aren’t monotonous up and down.

「 Nu, fuu, nu, fuu, auu, Master, Masteeeeeeer!!! 」

She uses her waist dynamically, rhythmically!
Learning from how Nagisa uses her waist, she attacks me with her full power from the start!
That’s not all.
Michi’s supple and flexible body, trained as a fighter, is utilized completely.

「 Nuu, Fuu, nuu, fuu, aaah, it feels good, Master, you’re hitting Michi’s pleasure spots!!! 」

Hot lubricant spring from deep inside Michi’s’ body.
Michi’s waist dances on top of me, moving left and right like she’s riding a wild horse.

「 M-Masteeer! 」

Michi asks for my hand.
I stretch my hand and hold Michi’s. Our fingers twined.
Michi uses our hands as the fulcrum of balance and moves her waist even more daringly!!

「 Does Michi-san feel good, Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko’s tongue licks my ears.

「 Amazing, even when you move so much, it’s okay. Mana wants to do that too! 」

Saying that Mana licks from my nipples to my armpits,

「 Ah, Onii-chan’s sweating. Your breath is also rough, aroused? 」

It’s evident that I am.
I’m having 4P sex with middle school girls.

「 Michi too, your face is red. Your white skin is flushed! 」
「 Un, you’re making such a lewd face, Onee-chan 」

Michi’s also shining from sweat.
The sweat grains scatter around from her dynamic waist movement.
I can’t hold it anymore.

「 Nnnnn, Masteerr!!! 」

I pierce Michi from below.

「 Ahaaa, it feels good, this feels good!!! 」

As if we’re a steam machine, the two of us make complicated moves.
Just like steam engines, we leak out hot breaths, sweat, and the scent of sex.

「 Master, Michi, breathe with Michi! 」

Michi wants to have sex while connected with『 Shingetsu 』

「 Okay, Michiii 」

Suu, suu, haa.
Suu, suu, haa!

Our breathing synchronizes.
Uuuu, it’s coming!

「 Haaaaaaaaa!! 」

Michi’s qi flows into me.
Our minds and body connect!
Michi’s pleasure goes inside me.
My pleasure goes to Michi.
We melt each other with the pleasures of both sexes.
No, it’s not just the two of us!

「 Migyaaaa!! 」

Edie yells shortly then convulses.
Right. Edie,
She’s been practicing 『 Shingetsu 』 with Michi until a while ago.
The mind link remains.

Suu, suu, haa!
Suu, suu, haaa!

「 Mugigigigigigi! 」

The sensation Michi and I feel also flows inside Edie.

「 Yahihihihihhihihih! 」

Edie squirms from the sexual pleasure she discovers for the first time.
Even though we’re not touching her,
Edie’s mind and body are being raped.

「 Wow, amazing! I’m going to take photos of this too! 」

Nei takes more photos.

「 M-Master, I-I’m about to! 」

Michi’s in a catapult to climax.

「 Yeah, go on, you can cum anytime 」

The magma of desire rises up from within me as well.

「 Yes, yes, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, Masteeer!! 」
「 Aah, Michi, Michiiiii!! 」
「 Please watch, as Michi flies away! Master, loooook! 」
「 Yeah, I’m looking, Michi, Michiii!! 」
「 Master, aaaaaaah! 」

Then, Michi reached ecstasy.

「 Cum, cum, I’m cumiiiiingggg!! 」

M-Me too!!

「 Michi, I-I’m cumming!!! 」

I release hot liquid inside Michi’s womb!!

「 Migyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

Edie screams as she receives pleasure from both of us.
Her body twitched.
She holds down her crotch with both hands.


「 Muhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Edie’s body trembles fiercely as if she was the one creampied.
Tears spill out from her eyes.

「 Aaaaah, the hot stuff is coming in, I’m so happy! 」

Michi tells me while I pour semen deep inside her.
Then, she collapsed on my body.

「 My, Master! 」

She kisses me.

「 Michi looks so happy. I also want a kiss from Onii-sama 」
「 Go on, Ruriruri! 」

Michi raises her face for Ruriko.

「 Onii-sama 」

I kiss Ruriko

「 Ah, Mana too, Mana too! 」

I also pile my lips with Mana.

「 It’s incredible to do with the three of us! Let’s do this again! 」

Mana smile at her two sisters.

「 That’s right. It’s amusing doing it with everyone 」

Ruriko also laughs.

「 I-I’m sorry to take it all by myself」

Michi said while breathing roughly
She seems to reflect on monopolizing me.

「 It’s okay, just take turns next time. Ruri-oneechan’s waist hurts today, Onii-chan’s not going to get hard anytime soon, right? 」
「 That’s impossible! 」

My heart’s beating so fast I can’t speak any further than that.

「 Next time, let’s try three of us put in the penis in order. Onii-chan wants to do that too, right? 」

Comparing the honey-pot of three middle school girls,
No, I would like to try that out but,
Is it okay?
Won’t I be receiving a divine punishment from doing that?!

「 Migiiiii, migizegigigigigigiigigi! 」

Edie raises a strange voice and goes down.

「 Geez, so noisy 」

This is bad.

「 Edie-chan, you’re too noisy, geez! 」

Mao-chan woke up!
Mao-chan’s still on the futon but,

「 Mao’s sleepy so please be quiet at night 」

She’s angry

「Oh, Mao-chan, sorry, did she wake you up? 」

Nei goes to Mao-chan in panic.
For the time being, Nei’s wearing clothes properly
On the other hand, I’m naked with middle school girls.
Notably, my erect penis is still inside Michi.
Mana and Ruriko are sticking with me firmly naked.
If she sees this, it’ll be a trauma!!

「 Nei-chan, where’s Mama? 」

Mao-chan asks from inside the futon.

「 Ah, she’s not back yet. She’ll come right away if I call her though 」
「 Where’s Papa? 」
「 Yes, Papa’s here! 」

I tell Mao-chan in a loud voice.
「 If Papa’s here then fine 」


「 I’m here. I’m always with Mao-chan 」
「 I’m glad 」

I hear the voice of the toddler from the futon.

「 I’m sleepy, fuwawawaaaa! 」

Mao-chan makes a big yawn.

「 Come, Mao-chan, let’s sleep 」

Nei then puts Mao-chan to sleep.

「 Michi, get up 」

I tell Michi

「 I’m going to Mao-chan 」


「 Not now 」


「 My waist’s paralyzed right now 」

Michi tells me feeling apologetic.

「 I moved my waist too much 」

It’s because you did it so intensely
Well, she’s in high spirits so it can’t be helped, but

「 Please let me stay like this for a while! 」

Michi clings to my body.

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko will go 」
「 Mana will help her sleep too 」

The two took consideration and went to see Mao-chan.