Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 435. Stinky relationship



「 This way 」

When we left the drawing room, Katsuko-nee beckons us on the room nearby right away.

「 Come in 」

As soon as we enter, Margo-san who’s supposed to be back in her room is in there.
She’s looking at surveillance monitors.
Of course, Yukino’s on the screen.

「 What do you think, Margo-san? 」

Katsuko-nee asks

「 It’s 80%, is what I would like to say but, I guess it’s around 70%? Her heart hasn’t broken down completely yet 」

Yukino’s looking at herself in the mirror.

『 Kuu, Dammit! 』

She’s crying as she clenches her teeth.

『 Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!!! 』

Looking at her crying face,

『 I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all his fault, that’s right, yes!! 』

She’s convincing herself that it’s all my fault.

「 The defense mechanism of her mind works and heads in a strange direction again. In her case, she acknowledges her current situation, and she’s in a panic, so she tries not to think that she and her father’s problem is in a dilemma 」

Margo-san analyzes.

『 I’ll never forgive that man!!! 』

Ah, Yukino;
Her nerves aren’t just imprudent.
She’s always been blaming others ever since childhood.
Her father, the people around her, they allowed Yukino to do that;
So she cannot face reality and tackle the problem straight ahead.
She blames others, curses them;
Then, she won’t take a step from there.
That’s how she was raised.

「 That personality can’t be fixed anymore 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 A person with a significant amount of love might keep her company kindly, then it might’ve been different, but 」
「 I wonder, if it’s her, she’ll just be spoiled? 」

Nei said.

「 Even though she ran away here when she had no one to rely on but Yo-chan, and yet, she made that show! 」
「 True, that’s not an attitude of a person who wants to ask for our help 」

Misuzu speaks her impressions.

「 She doesn’t know it herself. Yukino-san is convinced that if it’s Yo-chan, he will definitely help. Yo-chan’s the last hope inside her! 」


「 And since he didn’t help her unconditionally as she wants, this time, she’s just hating, cursing on Yo-chan. What a helpless idiot! 」
「 I think it was the right choice not to bring Megumi-chan and Mana-chan. It’ll only increase the targets of her hatred 」

Margo-san said.

「 Oh, so she could choose who to pour her hatred 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yeah. She’s not good with Katsu-nee. Instead, I think she’s afraid. Therefore, it’s erased in her head. Of course, that includes Sensei 」

Nei said.

「 Then, if she looks in the mirror, she’ll concentrate her anger only on me? 」
「 That’s right 」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「 Seriously, she’s too easy to understand, or rather, she’s very shallow! That makes me sick 」

It’s not just Katsuko-nee, everyone seems to think so

「 Observing her at the start, she was a quite interesting person, But, she’s quite a troublesome girl 」

Even Margo-san says so

「 Then, what’s up? 」

I asked.
Margo-san earlier has said that Yukino’s damage is only 70%.

「 It doesn’t need to be tonight. We’re able to secure Yukino-san successfully, and we can’t have her break completely at this stage 」

Huh, Margo-san?

「 Yukino-san needs to have her mind break in front of Shirasaka Sousuke. That would be the best for the 『 revenge 』 on Shirasaka Sousuke 」

Nei smiles
Oh, that’s why Katsuko-nee and Nei.
Did they hold back on Yukino? So her mind won’t break.

「 Margo-sama, was Yukino-san tailed? 」

Katsuko-nee asks.

「 Nope. Kouzuki security service outside has cooperated with the investigation. I’ve identified the taxi Yukino-san used to come and confirmed that there was no car tailing her. I don’t think that Ichikawa-san plans something. I believe that she escaped from the window on the toilet alone 」

Were they thinking of the possibility that Yukino was sent for some other objective?
Therefore, they interrogated her like that?

「 What about Ichikawa-san? 」
「 Minaho’s got no choice but to contact her. We have to tell him that she’s here 」
「 Won’t he think that we have kidnapped Yukino-san? 」

Misuzu asks Margo-san

「 Minaho will do smoothly in that regard. If we tell them that it’s troublesome to have her visit us in the middle of the night, I think that would make them in debt 」
「 In the end, we had to ask for Ojou-sama’s help 」

Katsuko-nee’s very regretful.
Tonight, Minaho-neesan’s absent, and Katsuko-nee’s the center of the mansion, yet;

「 It can’t be helped. Minaho’s the only one who takes care of the external things 」

Minaho-neesan built all of the trust of the underground society for Kuromori and also made a frightening image on it.
Katsuko-nee cannot make negotiations with old man Ichikawa for now.

「 Well, let’s think positively. The original plan was to scoop out Yukino-san as she’s sent to a mental hospital site tomorrow morning. It would save the troubles of the operation so we can leave the rest to Minaho 」

Margo-san smiles at us.

「 True 」

Katsuko-nee also calms down.

「 But, Yukino-san’s mind is unstable. I’ll bring water and meals. If it’s Katsuko-san or Nei, she might see a chance to rage 」
「 Thank you, Margo-sama 」

Then, Katsuko-nee looks at us.

「 You three can go to sleep. It’ll be busy tomorrow. Nei, bring everyone 」
「 Huh, what about Katsuko-nee 」
「 I have to report to Ojou-sama, and I will switch with MArgo-sama and investigate the movements of Shirasaka house once again. I would like to have a few ways to beat them 」

Tomorrow, the revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke will finally be fulfilled.
Before that, do you want to deal with all of the anxiety left?

「 It’s okay. Katsuko-san and I are going to take turns and nap 」

Margo-san said.

「 Margo-oneechan, should I join in with the work? 」

Nei asks.

「 Nei, go back with everyone, Megumi-chan, and everyone else would be worried if even Nei doesn’t come back. They have sharp intuition 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 I’ll ask you too. It will be a problem if everyone’s not in their best condition tomorrow 」

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Margo-san;
They’re involved with the plans of the revenge from the start.
They spent years of time. They sacrificed a lot of things to make Shirasaka Sousuke fall.
And tomorrow, it will be done.

「 I know, but, please don’t push yourselves too hard 」

I said, Margo-san;

「 It’s just one more day. We’re completely fine. We’ll sleep tomorrow night soundly! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Oh my, everyone’s looking amazing! 」

Mana’s surprised
I’m the only one who remains in the same look after leaving this room, in my bathrobes.
Nei, Misuzu, and Ruriko.
Are all wearing a naked hoodie on their upper body and not wearing anything on the lower.
Chains are jingling from the collars on their neck.

「 Then, how did it go, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu is also awake and waiting.
Of course, Michi, Nagisa, and Reika too.

「 How should I say it, it’s the usual Yukino 」

I answered.

「 Just because Ichikawa-san was about to put her to the mental hospital, she ran away and yet, she’s too bossy so Katsu-nee, and I punished her! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Then, what happened? 」
「 She’s confined for the time being. Katsu-nee’s making a report to Sensei now! Sensei’s going to call Ichikawa-san I think 」
「 Call? 」

Mana looks worried?

「 It would be a problem if Yukino-san comes her on her own accord and yet they think that we kidnapped her, you see? Therefore; 」
「 Yukino-san’s going to stay? 」

For Mana and Megu, Yukino’s already a natural enemy.

「 That’s not the case. I think that she’ll be kicked out tomorrow 」

Nei said then smiled at the two.

「 I see! I’m glad! 」

Mana’s bright smile comes back.

「 Anyway, let’s have tea and sleep, Onii-chan! 」
「 We prepared it as Yoshi-kun told us 」

It might not be right to drink tea before going to bed, but;
If there’s no event like this, everyone won’t feel calm

「 Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san too 」

Megu pours hot water into the pot.

「 Mukyuu? 」

Did she smell the tea? Edie who’s tossed over to the floor awakens.

「 Michi, let her sleep 」

Misuzu orders

「 Yes, Eiha! 」

Michi sends nen to Edie!

「 Moge! 」

Edie falls to the floor again.

「 Amazing 」
「 Yes, I can already control her perfectly. Earlier, when we linked during sex, I have grasped her heart 」

Michih speaks something frightening so calmly.

「 However, Edie’s got a rough personality so I can only switch on or off just how you see it now 」

In short, she can only wake her up and make her faint.

「 But you see, if that’s enough for you to enter to another’s heart, won’t Edie’s consciousness pull Michi in reverse? 」

That’s worrying.

「 That’s fine.e I don’t know in the future, but the current Edie’s qi is inferior to me. I won’t be dragged towards her 」

Then that’s fine, but,

「 Huh, currently? 」
「 It’s unknown in the future. The possibility of that Edie’s qi becomes stronger than mine exists on a particle level 」

Ah, she doesn’t plan on losing to Edie at all.

「 Here, a tea for Nagisa-san too 」

Megu invites Nagisa
Nagisa then;

「 Thank you. I will drink that then 」

She looks at the sleeping Mao-chan.

「 I’ll take Mao and sleep in the upper room 」
「 Huh, why? 」

I asked.

「 Because, you have to work hard starting tomorrow, Dear 」
「 …………! 」
「 You have to make Agnes-chan feel good one more time 」

Nagisa looks at the sleeping Agnes.
Agnes feels asleep after feeling a sexual climax.
In short, she doesn’t know sexual pleasure yet.
I have to make her understand that it feels better when I pile up our skins once more;
If not, it won’t go well when I take away her virginity.

「 Mao-chan during mornings is very energetic 」

I know since I saw that at the hotel.

「 You can’t do it when Mao-chan’s here, right? 」

Nagisa looks at me.

「 You don’t want to rape Agnes-chan, right? 」
「 Yeah 」

Now that I’ve gone this far, I would like to avoid forcing her.

「 We’re the same, while at it, we would like to show Shiraska Sousuke that Agnes completely yields to your mind and body 」

Nagisa laughs Right, that’s a higher level of revenge, I think.
Shirasaka Sosuke doesn’t think of Agnes as anything but his sex doll he was looking forward to rape.
He might get frustrated if I take away Agnes’ virginity but that would only give a few damages.
But, if Agnes, who’s been raised to worship him since childhood;
Watching her embrace me would shock him.

「 We don’t have that much time left! 」

Nei said.
The time limit is until tomorrow evening.
No, it’s already 3 in the morning, so it’s half a day.

「 Do your best 」
「 Yeah 」


「 I promised to take a bath with Mao-chan tomorrow morning, I would like to fulfill that 」
「 Dear 」
「 I’m Mao-chan’s Papa. I promised her so I can’t break it 」

I think

「 Well then! 」

Nei proposes.

「 My, that’s a good idea! 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Then let’s do so! 」
「 Yeah, I’ll wake up earlier and prepare it! Katsu-nee’s going to be busy I think! 」

Nei said then smiled.

「 Mana will help out too. Rei-chan, let’s go together! 」

Mana invites Rei-chan with just a few words.

「 Yes 」

Reika holds the cup of tea with both hands and sips.
She’s a little bent back.
Ah, that’s not the beautiful swordsman, she’s entirely returned to a little girl.

「 Then, that’s all for me 」

When she finished drinking tea, Nagisa carries Mao-chan who’s sleeping.

「 Muu, M-Mama?! 」
「 Yes, it’s Mama. Let’s go 」

After the half-awake Mao-chan confirms that it’s Nagisa who’s carrying her, she fell asleep once again.
I kiss Nagisa.

「 Good night, Nagisa 」
「 Good night, Dear, kiss Mao too 」
「 Good night, Mao-chan 」

I kiss Mao-chan’s plump cheek as well.

「 Later then 」

Nagisa leaves the room.

「 Then, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu speaks to me.

「 Ah, a good night kiss for you too? 」
「 No, before that 」

Misuzu looks inside the watering place in the basement.

「 Oh, washing our faces. We have to brush our teeth too 」
「 Before that 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Peeing comes first, Danna-sama! 」


「 Yeah, you’re right 」

If it’s her,

「 Yes, Michi, Ruriko, let’s go! 」

Misuzu calls the two.

「 Allow me to accompany 」

Michi stands up

「 Uhm, what should I do? Misuzu-oneesama? 」


「 Oh, I haven’t taught Ruriko yet but, whenever we’re about to pee, we ask for Danna-sama’s permission when possible, and we must show it to him 」
「 My, is that so? 」
「 Yes, peeing is a sign of health. We must have Danna-sama observe the color, smell and even the amount! 」


「 Take a look at Michi 」

Michi already took off her bathrobe, and she’s rubbing her lower abdomen so pee would come out.
She bends her waist.
She’s fully motivated.

「 Ah, of course, if we have school or other business when you can’t contact me, you can piss on your own. It’s terrible for the body to endure 」

I tell Ruriko

「 Yes, certainly 」

Ruriko smiles gracefully

「 Then, I seem to have to do it too! 」

N-Nei, you’re joining?

「 Of course, Mana’s joining too! 」

Mana, you don’t need to worry about that
A different thing would come out if you do

「 Then, me too 」

Megu said embarrassed.

「 Of course Rei-chan’s joining in too! 」

Nei said, Reika;

「 P-Peeing in front of Onii-chama? 」

Her face turns red in shame.

「 Yes! 」
「 W-Why? 」
「 Why? Because everyone does it, so Rei-chan do it too! 」

Nei smiled.

「 Or rather, it’s the duty of the citizens to show themselves in front of Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu takes out something big again.

「 It’s okay! Everyone will show it to one another, and we’ll get along even more! 」

Mana takes Rei-chan’s hand.

「 Come, let’s go, Rei-chan! 」

It seems that when it comes to mental age, Mana’s an elder sister to Rei-chan.

「 Okay, then let’s go to the shower corner! 」

Nei takes the lead, and we move.
Reika’s behind, pulled by Mana.

「 Then, let’s have the person who suggested do it! 」

Nei urges, Misuzu comes forward.

「 Danna-sama. Please allow your pet, Misuzu to pee 」
「 Yeah, I allow it 」

Misuzu squats on the shower corner.
She lowers the hoodie’s zipper and exposes her nipple.
It’s good with the collar. It’s much lewder looking than being naked.

「 Excuse me 」


Hot water draws and arc and spouts.

「 Please look, Danna-sama! 」
「 Yeah, I’m looking, Misuzu! 」
「 Ufufu, I’m so happy, Danna-sama’s looking, watching me 」

Misuzu’s aroused from me watching her piss.

「 Oh, I wish I could keep this time forever! 」

But, there’s a limit to the liquid in her bladder.
Before long, Misuzu stops peeing.

「 It’s a pity 」
「 Just have it tomorrow! You drank a lot of water before sleeping after all! 」

Nei gives unreasonable advice.

「 Yes, Nei-oneesama 」

Rinsing her crotch with the shower water, Misuzu stands up.

「 I’m next 」

Michi gets on all fours on the floor.

「 I’m Master’s dog. Therefore I will pee like a dog 」

Then, she lifts one leg so I can see her crotch well1

「 Master! 」
「 Yeah, I allow it 」

Pee gushes out from Michi’s pussy.

「 I will do anything Master wants. Anything! 」
「 Yeah, I know, I get it 」

I pat Michi’s head as she urinates.
Michi looks up at me happily.
Michi finished peeing too.

「 Next, Ruriko? 」

Nei calls Ruriko

「 Yes 」

She imitates Misuzu and squats on the floor.
But, a 15-year-old girl wearing nothing but a hoodie and squatting down has a lot of destructive power.
Ruriko’s absurdly cute too.

「 Un! 」

Ruriko braces herself, but;
She’s nervous that pee doesn’t come out.

「 P-Please don’t stare so much 」

Ah, I
I’ve been staring at Ruriko’s pussy unconsciously

「 Ruriko, sorry 」
「 Onii-sama? 」
「 I knew it. It’s quite swollen 」

She was a virgin and yet, I had sex with her four times.

「 No, this is what I wanted 」
「 Ruriko 」

I crawl my fingers on her swollen pussy.

「 Onii-sama, haan! 」
「 As expected, it’s a bit hot 」
「 D-Don’t touch it, I-I! 」

Did she loosen up? Hot piss comes out of Ruriko’s pussy.


「 Onii-sama, your hand, it’s getting dirty! 」
「 It’s Ruriko’s pee. It’s not dirty at all 」

I feel the hot water in my hand.

「 O-Onii-sama! 」
「 We’ll be living together from now on. If Ruriko gets sick, I’ll be taking care of you, even your pee 」

I mustn’t think what my family excretes as dirty.

「 Onii-sama, it stings a bit there 」
「 Ah, I knew it, it might’ve been a wound on the part where the hymen is broken 」

Ruriko pees while having a blushing face.
But still, she looks up at my face.

「 Should we not have sex tomorrow? 」

Until Ruriko’s vagina heals.

「 No, I want to do it. I would like to have sex with Onii-sama for tomorrow as well! 」


「 I love you Onii-sama, if Onii-sama gets sick, I too will take care of you. I will assist you with my whole heart 」

Then, Ruriko finished excreting
I clean up Ruriko’s crotch with the shower.
While at it, I wash my own hands

「 Then, Rei-chan’s next! 」
「 ……!!! 」

Nei pulls Reika to the front.

「 Uhm, I-I 」
「 It’s Rei-chan, right? 」

Mana fixes her wording, Reika;

「 Fujimiya-san, it’s better if you do it. Ruriko deepened her bond with Onii-sama through this ceremony. This is good! Very good! From now on, I will urinate in front of Onii-sama! 」

Ruriko, the tension’s a bit too high.

「 Right? You also understand the importance of peeing, right? 」

Misuzu talks to her middle school cousin proudly.

「 Yes, thank you very much. Misuzu-sama 」

Reika’s confused.

「 Hurry up, if Rei-chan doesn’t do it, Mana and Megu-oneechan’s about to leak! 」

Mana hurries her up, Reika squats shyly.
However, she’s still wearing a bathrobe.
Her secret part is hidden.

「 Well then, Rei-chan, 《 READY GO! 》 」

Nei shouts, but;
Is she nervous? Nothing comes out of Reika’s crotch.
She’s just blushing, looking feverish.

「 My my, your body’s all stiff. I guess this is impossible?! 」

Nei said.

「 No, I’ll do my best, Hamu! 」

Reika exerts herself!

「 Numumu! 」

Did she sense Reika’s qi? Edie wakes up again.

「 Michi! 」
「 Leave it to me! 」

Michi throws in her Qi to Edie as I ordered her.

「 Haiya! 」
「 Mogegege! 」

Edie’s eyes rolled again and then she falls.

「 Go to sleep 」

At the same time Michi confirmed Edie’s fainted;

「 Puuuuuuuuuuuuu 」

A dolt noise roars in the room.

「 Huh? 」

T-This is?!
C-Could this be?!

「 I-I’m sorry! 」

Reika apologizes to us; she’s red to her ears.
She’s too nervous that she farted?!!!

「 Pfft, Ahahahahaha 」

Nei laughs.

「 Geez, Rei-chan! 」

Mana laughs too

「 Don’t mind it. It happens when you tense up 」

Michi comforts Reika with a serious look.

「 Fujimiya-san’s blushing face is cute 」

Ruriko too

「 But doesn’t it smell? 」
「 Don’t say that, Mana 」

Megu scolds Mana

「 It’s okay, keep on doing it. Farting, peeing. Nothing will change, our relationship is where we can show anything to each other 」

I smile at Reika.

「 Onii-chama 」

Reika’s crotch seems to have gotten less tense.
There’s warm pee excreted in trickles.


  1. That’s not a female dog