Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 437. Chiki Chiki



「 Auuufufu! 」

Agnes’ small body trembles in libido.

「 Don’t be afraid. Didn’t we do it last night? I’m just going to lick Agnes’ pussy 」

I open up her thin legs.

「 P-Papa, Papaa! 」

Agnes shakes her neck from the expectation and fear of a stronger pleasure.

「 It’s okay. There’s nothing to be afraid of 」

Ruriko tells Agnes, showing a gentle smile.

「 That’s right. Everyone received it too 」

Mana too;
These 14 and 15-year-old girls hold Agnes’ small hand.
Nei, Misuzu, Michi, Reika, and Megu are looking at Agnes attentively.

「 I’m licking it 」

In there is a simple line that looks cut with a knife.
It’s hairless of course, smooth too.
I open up Agnes’ slit with my fingers.

「 Auu! 」

The inner walls touch the outside air.
I can’t open it really wide.
I don’t want Agnes’ unaccustomed genital to suffer.
Therefore, I didn’t confirm Agnes’ hymen visually.

「 Fuu! 」

I blow wind to it

「 Miyaaamu! 」

This small beauty shivers.

「 Here I go 」

I taste sourness on my tongue.
I imitate a kitten drinking milk.
I lick up Agnes’ secret part.

「 Afuu, hafu, hafuuuu! 」

Agnes feels it.
Warm liquid drips out.

「 Now, Agnes-chan, look at Onii-chan. Onii-chan’s the one making Agnes-chan feel good 」

Mana said Agnes looks at me.
I look up from Agnes’ crotch.
I adjust myself so she can see me licking her.

「 It feels good, doesn’t it? Try saying that it is 」

Ruriko whispers to Agnes.

「 I-It feels good. It feels good 」

Agnes mutters as her body burns up like she has a fever.

「 Who’s licking to make you feel good? 」

Ruriko leads her.
Ruriko might unexpectedly be suited as a trainer.
It’s a calm, graceful and gentle tone but, it definitely captures Agnes’ heart.

「 Papa. Papa is licking me. It feels good 」

Agnes’ white skin flushes to pink.
Haa, haa, she breathes roughly.

「 Anges, it’s painful in this position, isn’t it? I’ll be your cushion then! 」

Nei’s plump breasts become Agnes’ pillow.

「 It doesn’t give that sense of stability as much as Nagisa-san but, put up with it 」

No, Nei’s boobs are quite destructive too.
Agnes’ heart relaxes even more from the maternal sensation from the breasts.

「 Hauuuu, hauuu, hamumumuuu 」

Agnes’ pant is like a cute small animal.


Michi comes behind me who’s on all fours, filling my face with Agnes’ crotch.
What does she intend to do?

「 I think that everyone knows that parent cats keep licking their newborn kitten’s ass to improve their bowel movement. 」

What are you talking about?

「 With the same reason, I will be licking Master’s anus 」

Hey, Michi!

「 Chiro 」

Michi’s hot and moist tongue crawls into my escape door.
This girl is learning more about my pleasure points.

「 Hamu! 」

This time, she opened up her mouth wide and hold my balls in her mouth.

「 If Michi goes there, I will take this 」

Misuzu smiled then touches my erect penis.

.「 Ufufu, it feels like I’m milking a cow! 」

Her thin fingers squeeze my penis.

「 Then, I’ll be licking Yoshi-kun’s back 」

Megu licks my back.

「 Uhm, what about me? 」

Reika asks feeling sorry.

「 Rei-chan doesn’t need to do anything, just watch for now 」

Nei said, showing a gentle smile.

「 Ha, I’m sorry for not being of any help 」
「 Rei-chan, it’s too early to be an adult yet! 」

Nei holds back Reika.

「 Rei-chan’s still a child, so it’s okay to learn slowly 」


「 Un, Rei-chan understands 」

Her mind revers to an infant.

「 Rei-chan put your hands on my shoulder 」

Nei said.

「 Everyone’s become one Our skins touch each other 」
「 Un 」

Reika holds Nei’s shoulder.

「 Auuu, hauuu, haaa, auu 」

Meanwhile, my tongue stimulation penetrates Agnes.

「 Look, Agnes-chan, we’re all together. Can you feel it? Everyone’s turned to one 」

Mana whispers gently
Mana and Ruriko are holding Agnes’ hands.
Nei’s breasts are pressing against Agnes.
Then, Reika’s thin long hand is holding to Nei’s shoulder.
I touch Agnes’ secret part with my tongue.
Megu’s tongue is on my back.
Michi’s on my anus.
Misuzu’s fingers skillfully squeeze my penis.

「 Everybody has become one 」
「 Un, one, desuno 」

Agnes mutters.

「 And the middle of it is Agnes’ Papa! 」
「 P-Papa, Agnes’ Papa! 」

Agnes looks down at me teary eyed.

「 Now then, let’s have Papa lick you and feel good. We all will look after you! 」

Ruriko whispers to Agnes’ ears.

「 Hauuuuu, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa!!! 」

I finally expose Agnes’ clitoris.
I attack it with my tongue!!

「 Kyuuuuuun!! 」

Agnes’ love nectar overflows.
Agnes’ hidden fruit shines like a red coral bead.
I coated it with my saliva and sucked it.

「 Haugu! Haugu! Hamun! 」

I suck it in!

「 Kuuuun! 」

Her small body twists in pleasure.
It’s coming soon.

「 Agnes-chan, does it feel good? Are you about to fly? 」

Mana asks.

「 Hamuuu, it’s soon, it’s coming, desuno! Muhii! 」
「 Then, you have to tell Papa! Say Agnes is about to cum, Papa! 」

Nei said.
I speed up moving my tongue and head.
It’s the moment of a spurt.

「 Hiiiiiiiin! Kuuuun! I’m cumming! Agnes, is about to cum ! Papa, Papa, Papaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」
「 Look at Papa’s face properly! 」

Mana said, her big blue eyes look at me.
She frowns her eyebrows like she’s in pain.
Her small body convulses.
Agnes is flying towards ecstasy.

「 Kyuuuuuuun! 」

Her 12 year old thighs clamps my face.
Her waist keeps pushing on me.
My face is wet with Agnes’ love nectar.

「 Kuuuuun, kuuuuuun, kuuuun! 」

Agnes roars in pleasure.

「 I think that’s the most fantastic climax she made? 」

Nei laughed.

「 Kufu, kufu, kufuu! 」

Agnes breathes roughly, sweaty all over.
She seems to still be in climax.
Her body occasionally twitches.

「 Okay, Agnes-chan. Where’s your thank you to Papa? 」

Mana continues her teaching.

「 P-Papa, thank you! 」

Agnes tells me.

「 Yes, well done. Good girl, good girl 」

Nei pats Agnes’ head.

「 Then, it’s Danna-sama’s turn to feel good next 」

Misuzu smiles

「 Huh? 」
「 Because Danna-sama’s so hard it says that it wants to release it already! 」

Misuzu’s hand wraps around my penis.
My glans is shining with pre-cum

「 This part of me is also itching, wanting to be creamed 」

Michi, you
No, don’t go lick on my balls

「 Michi, before that, do something about this girl 」

Nei tells Michi
Turning around, Edie’s looking with a stunned face.

『 What are you guys doing? 』

Is what her face says.
Everyone’s touching Agnes with a gentle face.
She doesn’t think that Agnes is bullied.
She’s just stunned.
Michi said something.

「 What did you say 」
「 『 Don’t worry. We’re on the good part so stay out 』I told 」

Michi is harsh on Edie
Edie’s downhearted.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Well then, let’s begin our『 First Chiki Chiki, sex endurance championship burnishing 500! 』 」

Nei declares the start.

「 Each person will be given three minutes. When it’s done, switch. The one who makes Yo-chan cum wins! 」


「 Basically, Yo-chan’s lying down, and the girls will be on top. We’ll do cowgirl position 」
「 Cowgirl? 」

Ruriko asks Nei

「 You see, it’s like you’re straddling a horse, don’t you? 」
「 I see 」
「 As for the direction, you can do what you want 」
「 Direction? 」

This time, Megu asks.

「 Ah, it’s whether you want to face Yo-chan or turn your back on him. Cowgirl position have that two kinds 」

Even though she was a virgin recently,
Nei knows a lot from watching the acts of the prostitutes in the monitor of the mansion.

「 I don’t want to do it without seeing Onii-chan’s face! 」
「 Yes, it feels sad if I can’t see his face 」

Mana and Misuzu said.

「 That’s why it’s your own preference! Well then, let’s decide our turns! 」

The girls begin their rock paper scissors game.
Agnes is just looking at the girls dumbfounded.
Reika too.
Edie begins to start her protest push-ups.

「 Okay, I’m the first. Second is Misuzu, third, Michi, fourth, Megumi, fifth, Ruriko, sixth, Mana! Would lit reach Mana’s turn? It’s over once Yo-chan cums! 」
「 Onii-chan, hold back until Mana’s turn! 」
「 He might cum already on me, the first one! 」
「 That won’t happen! Onii-chan would do his best to last until Mana! 」
「 Then if Mana didn’t cum, we’d go for a second round, hehe, I’m at an advantage! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Since it’s Yo-chan, he should be holding back on the first round evenly for everyone! On the second round, I will be taking the climax to a good end! 」
「 Like hell I will let that! 」

Nei and Mana are messing around happily.
On the other hand, Michi’s stretching quietly.
She’s burning with fighting spirit.
Misuzu and Ruriko are smiling happily.
Somehow, this is going on without my say.
Is this going to be fine?

「 Ah, we have a kitchen timer! 」

Megu seems to be doing the timer other than her turn.

「 Then, let’s begin! Yo-chan, try to compare us. It’s an excellent opportunity, so have fun. Also, you can ejaculate on anyone anytime! 」

Nei gets on top of me.

「 Ah, also, if Yo-chan cums early then we’ll do a second and third round 」

I might be dried up right in the morning.

「 By the way, Nei-oneesan, what is the benefit for the winner? 」

The winner is determined by whose vagina I ejaculated into.

「 Let’s see, how about the winner having a luxurious date with Yo-chan on a hotel, just the two of them? 」

Nei laughs.

「 I’ll do my whole best to death! 」

Michi, you don’t need to

「 Of course, if I win, it’ll be with Misuzu-sama as well 」

Ah, she’s fantasizing already.

「 Misuzu, get it wet 」
「 Ah, okay 」

Nei instructs, Misuzu sucks off my penis.
Evenly, with saliva,

「 Good, the intensity is also excellent, the first player, Natou Nei, going in!! 」

Nei swallows me on top.
I’m wrapped in the warm and moist meat.

「 Auuuu, it’s coming in so deep! 」

I pierce deep inside Nei.

「 Rodeo Time! Let’s go! Yo-chan, hold to my breasts! 」

Nei’s waist shakes violently!
Her plump physical body dances on top of me.

「 Dancing, Dancing! Haa!! 」

Nei’s body overwhelms me.

「 Onii-chan it’s too early! Do your best! 」

Mana shouts at my side.

「 Aaaaaahn, it feels good! This feels great! Yo-chan, you’re so good! 」

Nei doesn’t feel pain any longer.
She’s just drowning in the pleasures of sex.

「 Aaah, so good, uu, aaahn, eii! 」

Nei is moving her waist dynamically on top of me like riding a rodeo machine.

「 Okay, that’s the end of the first round. 」

Megu tells that three minutes have passed.

「 My my, oops. Was going first too early? Yo-chan, hold until the second run! 」

Then my penis is pulled out.

「 Then, I’m next 」

Misuzu comes.

「 Excuse me, Danna-sama 」

It’s not as plump as Nei, but her healthy body straddles over me.

「 Then. 」


Misuzu’s shapes her legs to M and shows how it enters her.

「 Aaaah, it’s coming in! 」

The glans penetrate Misuzu’s narrow entrance and slide to her womb

「 Aaah, this feels good 」

Slowly, accepting all of my penis, leaning her weight on me
Our lower part sticks perfectly.
Misuzu’s love nectar overflows from the connecting part.

「 Ufufu, Danna-samaaa 」

Misuzu gets down and kisses me.

「 Misuzu-oneechan, the match is cowgirl position! 」

Mana said, but

「 I think this is also included in that position! 」

Misuzu moves her hips slowly while kissing me over and over again.
She’s not heavily moving up and down like Nei.
She’s moving around.

「 Danna-sama’s a perfect fit for Misuzu, fufu. It feels good 」

Misuzu whispers to my ear.

「 Agnes-chan, us family all do this with Onii-chan 」

Did she think that it’s about time? Mana speaks to Agnes.
Of course, the『 sex endurance contest 』 is just a camouflage
In reality, they’re doing it to make Agnes want to have sex with me.
To show her that sex isn’t scary, that it’s fun.
The first round, Nei is purposely engaged intensely like a game.
The second round is with Misuzu, very mellow sex.
It’s’ to teach Agnes the depths of sex.
I think.

「 Aaaaah, Danna-sama, my Danna-sama, I love you, I love you! 」

Misuzu moves her waist seductively.

「 Uuh 」
「 Ah, you feel it too Danna-sama? I’m happy 」

Misuzu then licked my neck and ears.
Of course, while still moving her waist stickily.

「 Okay, that’s the end! 」

Megumi calls.

「 Aaaahn, that’s unfortunate! 」

Misuzu smiles. Then she kissed me once again, wanting my tongue.

「 Hey, Misuzu, get off right away! 」

Nei’s educational guidance enters.

「 Okay 」
「 It’s fine to have sticky and slow sex but three minutes is too short! 」

Mana speaks her impressions.

「 Third person please! 」

Megu called, Michi stands.

「 Kufufufufu, it’s finally my turn! 」

Michi gets on top of me, showing a fearless smile.
Is this going to be okay?
Is she reading the atmosphere properly?

「 I will be challenging this way 」

Michi turns her back on me.

「 Then, I will begin 」

Her small, flat naked body squats down on me.

「 Kuuu 」

My glans insert her small slit.
I-It’s crawling in!

「 S-Something’s wrong! 」

I speak out unconsciously
The angle where the penis enters the vagina is different.
The position where the meat folds are rubbed is also different from the standard cowgirl position.
It’s a fresh sensation.

「 I knew it; the winning point is in here! 」

Michi’s turning her cute ass on top of me.

「 That’s also good! 」

Michi’s body is small, but it’s rich in flexibility.
Her trained body is tight.
She’s clamping my dick.

「 Michi’s insides are hot. 」

Michi seems to have a higher temperature than Nei or Misuzu.

「 I think of Master, so I’m firing up! 」

Nucho nucho!

Michi swings her small body.
Ah, this small ass and the back line are beautiful.

「 Nn, nnn, nnn! 」

Michi’s already know the pleasant rhythm for me.

「 Nnnnn, kuuun! 」

Knowing that she’s intentionally doing the unexpected.
The tempo isn’t crazy It’s the so-called backing.
Michi’s definitely diverting her ancient martial arts technique to sex.

「 But, as expected, doesn’t it feel lonely that you can’t see Onii-chan’s face? 」

Mana said.

「 No, it’s possible for me, but 」

Michi twists her body to turn to me while still set back.

「 Yes, I can see Master’s face 」

Then, she keeps on moving her waist.

「 Amazing, your body’s really soft! 」

Mana’s impressed.
That’s not all.
Since she’s twisting her body with all her might, Michi’s inside clamping my penis is;
Squeezing me like crazy

「 Michi, your body is impressive. 」
「 Obviously, and I will further train myself, kauuu! 」

Michi pushes her waist to me.

「 Aaaaaah, Master’s thing, it’s poking and sticking at the entrance to my womb!! 」


「 This is bad, Megumi, how much time’s left? 」

Nei asks.

「 Twenty-five more seconds 」
「 Yo-chan, endure it 」
「 Do your best, Onii-chan! 」
「 Onii-sama! Please do your best! 」
「 Hurray, hurray! Yoshi-kun! 」
「 Danna-sama, fight! 」

Sanshi, juuni, saburoku, juuhachi

「 In this case! 」
「 No, Michi! Shingetsu is breaking the rules! 」

It’ll have an impact on Edie too.

「 Okay, time’s up! 」

Megu calls.
I’m saved.

「 That’s unfortunate! 」

As expected of a warrior girl, she’s okay to give up.
She pulls out my penis right away
T-That was bad.

「 Edie’s stealing a glance over here 」

Michi whispers.

「 She seems to be quite interested in sex 」

What are you thinking?

「 I’ll attack her more on the next opportunity 」

Michi looks at Misuzu.
Misuzu nods
Michi’s slightly aggressive sex was also her way of reading the atmosphere?!

「 She’s in the same year as Master. She’ll be the most suitable as a guard 」

Michi’s Misuzu’s guard, she’s attending a different school than us
On that regard, Edie’s been already discussed to transfer to our school.

「 I’m also interested in her. Such raw skills with no other sides.
She’s a prodigy 」

Michi’s grasped Edie’s true essence in martial arts.
Though her attitude is cold, she really likes Edie.

「 I believe that she should receive Master’s love too 」

Michi says with a serious face.