Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 443. Reika stands



「 Once we’re done eating, we’ll send over Misuzu-chan and Michi-chan via car 」

Margo-san speaks while having breakfast.

「 Err, will Kouzuki-san’s house do? 」
「 Yes, it’s a holiday so Grandfather will be at home 」

Misuzu answers.

「 Then, I’ll be sending Megumi-chan to the school 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 There’s a lot of trouble around the house. I’ll send you via car 」
「 Sorry, and thank you 」

Megu answers.

「 Nei, could you go with Katsuko-san to the school and check out Mihaho’s situation? 」
「 Huh, me? 」

Nei’s surprised by what Margo-san proposed.

「 Look, I have to go to Kouzuki house, Katsuko-san cannot come back to the mansion right away, right? Reika-oneesan has to go to Nagisa-san’s shop too 」
「 Ah, I see, then, want to go too Yo-chan? 」

Nei smiles at me.

「 He has to stay here. He’ll take care of Agnes 」
「 Isn’t there Mana and Ruriko to take care of Agnes? 」

Nei resists

「 Or rather, let him rest for a bit today. He’s been overworked for the last couple of days 」

Nagisa comes in between them.

「 Oh, I see, then take it easy Yo-chan! Mana and Ruriko, don’t force Yo-chan for sex! 」
「 Yes, Nei-oneechan! 」
「 Certainly 」

Mana and Ruriko respond to Nei’s elder-sisterly behavior.

「 Ah, Reika-oneesan, since it’s an excellent opportunity, I’ll show you how to get in and out of the mansion. I think that you roughly know already how to open the front gate from watching Nagisa do it, but just in case 」

Margo-san speaks casually to Reika.
It’s a necessary subject for the breakout plan that would happen later.
Reika doesn’t answer.
She’s still confused.

「 Right. It was a really great help having Reika-oneesan. We really lacked in adults there 」

Katsuko-nee speaks meaningfully

「 I’m also an adult! I can even drive cars! 」

Nei said, but;

「 Nei’s driving is worrisome. You have an international license, right? Japanese roads are quite crowded 」

Margo-san smiles wryly

「 That’s not true! Yo-chan, I was able to drive properly, right?! 」

I’m the only one who has rode a car Nei drives among the people.

「 Well, yeah 」
「 What’s with that answer! 」

Nei gets angry.

「 As agreed upon by the guardians of our high school, students aren’t supposed to take a car license until the third semester of the third year. Nei-sama, please restrain yourself 」

Katsuko-nee who holds the chairman title of our school said.

「 It’s okay I say. I have the delinquent girl setting after all! 」
「 That ended when you returned your hair from blonde to black! 」

Katsuko-nee says sharply

「 From now on, you’ll influence Megumi-chan and his reputation so don’t do anything stupid. Or do you want to lose contact with him and Megumi-chan in school? 」

Margo-san said, Nei.

「 Gunununu, I’ll restrain myself. I’ll be an exemplary high school girl 」

It seems that she’ll refrain from delinquent acts.

「 Uhm, Nei-oneesan 」

Megu speaks up

「 I have a request 」
「 What is it? 」
「 I would like to speak with Captain Takeshiba properly. Uhm, It would be just me 」

Ah, yesterday, Captain Takeshiba mentioned that she wants us to talk about what burdens us.

「 Of course, I won’t talk about the whole Kuromori. Just my relationship with Shirasaka Sousuke; what happened to Mama, and about myself 」

Megu is an illegitimate daughter of Shirasaka Sousuke from raping her mother.
Then, Megu’s mother was left to die.
Afterward, Megu was entrusted to a distant family of Shirasaka house then. She’s’ been bullied by the clan for a long time.

「 Then, what about it? 」

Nei looks at Margo-san.

「 I do not mind but, it’s better if you get Minaho’s permission 」
「 I think so too 」

Margo-san and Katsuko-nee said.

「 But, it’s Sensei, so she’s listening to this conversation anyway, right? 」

It’s a daily life in the mansion to be wiretapped.
Although, without this monitoring system;
The girls in the mansion under Shirasaka Sousuke’s tyranny may have been subjected to harsher assaults.
Margo-san and Kyouko-san can stop before Shirasaka Sosuke, and his perverted guests seriously injure the women.
The school and the mansion’s thorough surveillance system is set up after Minaho-neesan joined in the management.
Minaho-neesan’s habit of observing is also what got into that situation.

「 She may be listening but, it’s better if Megumi-chan asks Minaho directly. Then, ask for Minaho’s advice on which you can talk about, you can’t, and the points you have to be careful 」

Margo-san says kindly
Margo-san knows Minaho-neesan very well.
Of course, she’s also familiar with the monitoring system.
Therefore, our secret talk in the bathroom isn’t exposed to Minaho-neesan.
Margo-san’s a minute type of person
She will never make a mistake even on deceiving allies.

「 Yes, I will. I also want to talk with Minaho-san 」

Megu answers Margo-san with a refreshed smile.

「 Then, Nei-oneesan. Could you come along with me when I’m going to talk with captain Takeshiba? 」
「 Why? Isn’t Yo-chan better than me? 」

Nei looks at me.

「 If I’m with Yoshi-kun, the club members will pay attention. I think that it’s better for Nei-oneesan to come as a witness since there’s also the incident last night 」

After what happened last night, we better not provoke the athletic club members.
Besides, Nei showed up before Captain Takeshiba, during the trouble with the women’s track and field department last night.

「 I see, then it’s better if I go. I’m originally the same year as Takeshiba-san. Roger! I will gladly come for my precious little sister! 」

Nei answers, smiling.

「 Then, Megumi-chan and others will go earlier. You want to to the underground and talk to Minaho before the club activities, right? Then, Nei will go with Megumi to see Takeshiba-san 」
「 Yeah, that’s the plan, Margo-oneechan! 」

In short.
Megu and Nei would be on the ground at the time Megu starts her club activity.
Katsuko-nee will send the two and meet up with Minaho-neesan at school.
Margo-san will send Misuzu to Kouzuki house, together with Michi.
The senior group in the mansion would only be Nagisa.
Reika has to aim for that time to execute the escape plan.
I look at Reika.
Reika’s drinking tea, looking down.

「 What’s wrong, Rei-chan? You’re not eating at all 」

Mana asks worriedly

「 No, please don’t mind me 」

Reika speaks in a small voice.
With what’s about to happen, this is good.
Later, after the incident, Minaho-neesan has to be worried whether it was serious or not.
No, even now, Minaho-neesan should feel troubled looking at Reika’s situation
However, she’s not assuming anything significant like Reika taking Yukino and me and escaping the mansion.
Reika’s got no motivation to do so.
If she’s under pressure to stay with us, then she’ll escape alone.
It’s just a drag to take Yukino and me as a hostage, in the first place, Reika doesn’t have the reason to choose one.
She doesn’t have any demands to Minaho-neesan.
Above all, she’s a top elite of Kouzuki security service, so it’s not an act she would do;
Therefore, this will make a gap in Minaho-neesan’s heart.

「 Then get ready soon, Megumi-chan and Nei 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Misuzu-san and Michi too, we should go soon 」

Margo-san starts to move.

「 Then, Reika-oneechan, please come to the garage. I’ll teach you about cars 」

Then, Reika’s taken to the garage.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Then, Danna-sama, I’m going. We’ll be back by evening 」

Misuzu speaks to me at the entrance of the mansion.
The members from dining room descend to the entrance.
Mana and Ruriko pull Agnes’ hands.
Edie’s also following us.

「 Yeah. Take care of Jii-chan 」

I said, then Ruriko was about to say something.

「 I will check up on Yoshiko-san too. Don’t worry 」

Misuzu reads Ruriko’s heart then said.

「 Yes, thank you, Misuzu-oneesama 」

Ruriko bows.

「 Michi, take care of Misuzu 」
「 Certainly 」

Michi bows to me then tell Edie something in English.

「 See you later, Danna-sama 」
「 Yeah 」

I kiss Misuzu

「 Michi too 」
「 Yes 」

I kiss Michi too.

「 Take care 」
「 Yes 」

The two of them open the front door.
In front of the entrance, Margo-san’s Maserati and Katsuko-nee’s Benz parked already.
Reika’s driving Nagisa’s red car.
Misuzu and Michi ride on the back seat of the Maserati.

「 Margo-san, take care 」
「 You too, watch over the mansion 」

Margo-san smiles from the driver seat.

「 If three cars come out of the mansion at once, the outside people will be confused so the third car, Reika-oneesan’s will depart later. Okay? 」

Reika who’s in the red car should’ve heard it, but she’s not answering.

「 Yes, got it 」

Nagisa at the entrance smiles and answered instead of Reika.


Then, the blue Maserati starts rolling.

「 Okay yes, we’re next! 」

Nei who changed into her uniform hugs me.
She gives me a passionate kiss on the lips.

「 Kufufufu, that’s all for now. Let’s do the rest later, Yo-chan! 」

Nei laughed then rides Katsuko-nee’s Benz.

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu waits for my kiss
I kiss her.

「 One more 」

Megu’s surprisingly greedy

「 Nnn! 」
「 Ufufu, thank you 」

Megu blushed.

「 Should I come pick you up later? 」
「 No, Yoshi-kun’s going to have a hard time later, so I’m fine. I’ll return after the practice is over immediately! 」

Megu’s agreed to have sex with me in front of her father tonight.
No, Megu’s also one of the avengers against Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Hey, stop the clinging, we’re going!! 」

Nei hurries Megu

「 Okay, then, Yoshi-kun. I’m going 」
「 Take care, also good luck with Takeshiba-san 」
「 Yeah 」

Megu rides in the car.

「 Then, take care of the rest, I’ll be checking up on Ojou-sama. I’ll return in an hour 」

Katsuko-nee winks at me.

「 Take care 」
「 You too, take care 」

Then, Katsuko-nee drives the car out of the mansion.

「 Err, how long do we have to delay our car? 」

Nagisa asks.
Margo-san’s car is heading to Kouzuki house, so the distance from here is no problem.
Katsuko-nee’s car is heading to the school to meet up Minaho-neesan via underground passage so it’ll take ten minutes. Then, Megu will talk with Minaho-neesan and then go to her club activities with Nei, that’s another ten minutes.
I don’t want Megu nor Nei to know that Yukino and I will be kidnapped.

「 I don’t know it well but, I guess it’s at least twenty minutes? 」

I answer Nagisa.

「 Let’s see, what time does Nagisa has to arrive the shop? 」

It’s a bit worrying.
Reika won’t be sending Nagisa and Mao-chan.
Perhaps, Nagisa’s escort for today will be Kyouko-san who’s in the school.
Katsuko-nee would be by Minaho-neesan’s side, so her mental condition check is okay.

「 I have asked Miyuki to prepare for this morning so we can make it by the opening time 」

Miyuki-san is one of Nagisa’s clerks.
Then, it won’t make it in time even if Kyouko-san comes from the school and departs.

「 I want to play with Agnes in the garden for a while 」
「 My, what a good idea 」

I look at Agnes sandwiched between Ruriko and Mana.

「 Agnes, let’s go together 」

Agnes is scared.

「 It’s okay, Agnes-chan 」
「 We’re here for you 」

The two smile at Agnes.

「 Agnes-chan, why are you so scared? 」

Mao-chan asks wondering.

「 It’s Agnes’ first time outside 」

I squat, look into Mao-chan’s eyes and said.

「 Is that so, Agnes-chan? 」

Mao-chan looks at Agnes.

「 Therefore, tell Agnes too, Mao-chan. It’s not scary when we’re all together 」

I said, Mao-chan;

「 Agnes-chan! There’s nothing to be afraid! Because Papa is with us! Ehehe! 」

Mao-chan said. Agnes’ tension loosens.

「 Agnes, come 」

I carry Agnes in my arms.

「 Ah, that’s so nice. Mana wants that too 」

Mana said.
I look at Mana.
Yeah, since she’s small, it’ll be okay.

「 Yeah, later 」
「 Really? Then carry me in your arms to the bed when we’re going to have sex next time, Onii-chan! 」

I always think of it but;
This sex slave of mine has a lot of orders.
Well, who cares, it’s cute.

「 Yeah, I promise 」
「 Ehehe! Yay! 」

I turn to the corridor of the mansion before going out.
The reception room where Yukino’s confined is over there.
It’s not that far away from the entrance.

「 Shall we go? 」

I go outside the entrance with Agnes.
Mao-chan, Nagisa, Mana, Ruriko, and Edie follows.

「 Nice weather we have today. It’s warm and pleasant 」

Nagisa said.
The May sun shines over the blue sky.

「 Onii-chan, the lawn here feels good! 」

Mana invites us.

「 Sure 」

Agnes clings to me while looking around worriedly.

「 Here, there’s no need to be afraid! 」

Mao-chan smiles at Agnes.

「 That’s right, Agnes-san. The weather today is delightful 」

Ruriko too

「 Oh, the lawn here grows until the courtyard 」

Mana said.

「 What’s wrong, Mana-san? 」

Ruriko asks Mana.

「 Y-You see, my first time was Onii-chan raping me on the lawn in this courtyard! Right, Onii-chan? 」

Mana said with a smile.

「 First time, outside? 」

Ruriko’s surprised.

「 Yeah. Let’s do it again! 」

No, look, Mana

「 Doing it outside really makes your heart pound! It really felt like Onii-chan made a mess out of me! Ah, Ruri-oneechan likes this kind of thing too right? 」
「 Me? 」
「 Yeah. Imagine it, having sex with Onii-chan outside! 」
「 But, we’ll get covered in mud 」
「 That’s the best part! 」

Mana smiles.

「 There’s no other way but to be covered in mud. If you keep standing, raise one leg, or do it from behind 」


「 Well, true, it feels good to breathe in fresh air in this greenery. There’s a sense of liberation 」
「 Is that so? 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 Then, I would like to try it too, Onii-sama 」


「 Mama, what are you talking about? 」

Mao-chan asks.

「 Err, well 」
「 Could it be an adult talk? 」

Mao-chan looks at her mother pouting.

「 Mao hates adult talks! 」
「 Ah, sorry Mao-chan, we won’t talk anything Mao-chan doesn’t understand anymore! 」

Mao apologizes while patting Mao-chan’s head.

「 Really? 」
「 Yeah. Anyway, let’s sit on this lawn! Agnes-chan too, let’s sit 」

Mana tells Agnes who’s in my arms, but

「 Ah, wait a moment, Mana-chan. There’s a leisure sheet in the car. Take a seat after that’s laid down 」

Nagisa heads to her car fluttering.
Reika’s secluded in the driver’s seat.
Nagisa talks to Reika about something while taking out the sheet from the trunk.
Then, she comes back right away.

「 Okay, thanks for the wait 」

It’s for children’s, acute leisure sheet with photos of dogs.

「 Thank you, Nagisa-san, Agnes-chan, come here! 」

Mana invites Agnes.

「 Papa 」
「 It’s okay. It’s not scary 」

I put Agnes down next to Mana on the sheet.

「 D-Dear, not there, it’s better to place them under this shade 」

Nagisa said.

「 Why? The sun’s warm it feels good though? 」

Mana shows doubt, but;

「 It’s not good to be under the sunlight directly, therefore; 」

Oh, Agnes has lived in the basement for her entire life.
She’s only been exposed from the light coming from the skylight.
Her skin’s paler than Mana and Ruriko, viewing from outside light.
Even if she’s a half-foreign girl, she’s too white.

「 Wait a moment, I think I have my hat. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes. Mao too put on a hat! 」

Nagisa heads to the car once again.
Huh, Reika’s getting off the car.
She’s holding a tablet in her hand, reading the screen while standing?

「 Okay, I think it’s a big though 」

Nagisa covers Agnes with a wide brim hat.
This kind of stylish straw-hat has an official name, doesn’t it?
Mao-chan’s wearing a matching straw-hat too.

「 Yes, this is good 」
「 Nagisa, are you always wearing this/ 」
「 Yes. When the sunlight’s strong, ultraviolet rays are the enemy of our skin 」

Oh, I see.

「 Then, everyone plays with Agnes for a while 」

I said.

「 Yeah, ah, Mao will find a four-leaf-clover for Agnes-chan! 」

Mao-chan stands up right away.

「 Ah, wait, Mana too! 」
「 Go on, I’ll stay with Agnes-san 」

Agnes and Ruriko are on the leisure sheet.
Mana and Mao-chan split up, searching for a clover.

「 Huh, where’s Edie? 」
「 She’s there, Dear 」

Looking at the direction, Nagisa points at;
Edie’s making fighting poses facing a tree in the garden.

「 Ruriko, tell her not to break the tree in the garden 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko speaks fluent English
Edie answers something.

「 It’s okay, Edie-san is only having an interaction with the tree 」
「 Interaction? 」

Edie then faces the tree and holds her hand out,

「 I think she feels the Qi of the tree. It’s that sort of training, I guess? 」

Ruriko said.
Well, if it’s training, then it’s okay.
There’s no need to worry about Edie then.

「 Nagisa, stay here 」
「 Yes, I know 」

Nagisa smiles at me.
Nagisa also joined in with Margo-san and Katsuko-nee’s plan.
I look for Reika.
Reika’s sitting on the porch in front of the entrance, reading the screen.
I approach Reika.

「 Nagisa-san told me 」

Reika said while looking at the screen.

「 Agnes-chan came out of the mansion and yet, you’ve always closed in your own shell 」


「 This plan is messed up 」

Reika’s reading Margo-san’s plan that was handed to her as expected.

「 But, it’s interesting, it’s a match for Kuromori house 」

Reika raises her face from the screen.
She looks up at me with a serious face.

「 Do you really think that it’s okay for me to be in your family? 」


「 What are you asking this late, we already are 」

I declared.

「 What’s left is up to Rei-chan’s mind. Rei-chan, what do you want? 」

Yeah, Reika must decide it herself.

「 I don’t know. I don’t know, but; 」

Reika speaks.

「 Everyone’s worried about me from the bottom of their hearts, allowing me to stay in here, makes me really happy 」
「 Then 」
「 But, I can’t go on like this. I’m not Agnes-chan 」


「 I’m already an adult. I don’t want to be allowed to stay. I want everyone to need me! 」

Then, holds the pad tightly.

「 I am needed, am I not? 」
「 Yeah. That’s right. This is why Margo-san entrusted this plan to Rei-chan 」

Reika’s eyes look at me.
I also stare at Reika.
I don’t look away.
To respond to Reika’s heart,

「 Then, I will fulfill my duty! 」

The beauty of man’s dress stands up.