Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 444. Reika does as she pleases



「 Hold on to this 」

Reika hands me the tablet.

「 Funnu! 」

Then, she stabs the asphalt in front of the entrance.

「 Fujimiya Reika forgoes to war! 」


「 Toaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Reika stands ready. She yelled to put herself in high spirits and went to the garage in a blink of an eye.
Yeah, that’s indeed a beautiful running form.

「 What’s wrong with Rei-chan 」

Mana comes to me in surprise.

「 No, I don’t know either 」

If I check Margo-san’s instructions in this tablet, then I’ll know what Reika’s about to do, but;
Well, I’d rather not see it.
I’m not really good at acting.
If Minaho-neesan’s watching the feed, then I can’t deceive her.
Anyway, let’s just be ready at all times.
For the time being, I went back to Agnes’ leisure sheet.

「 She finally started moving 」

Nagisa whispers to me.

「 You can leave the mansion to me 」

Yeah. Reika’s about to kidnap us.
Nagisa has to stay here until Katsuko-nee and Kyouko-san returns to the mansion.
A report to Minaho-neesan too,

「 Once you get outside, buy shoes for Agnes 」

Nagisa caresses Agnes’ feet.

「 Oh, you’re right 」

Agnes who was confined to the basement for all this time doesn’t have shoes even though she has clothes.
Shirasaka Sousuke dresses up Agnes like his own dress up doll.
But, Agnes in the room wasn’t given shoes.
Therefore, Agnes was wearing slippers when we came to the dining hall from the basement.
From the entrance, garden, to this leisure sheet, I carried her in my arms.
Agnes now is in her barefoot.

「 She needs shoes so she could stand on her feet 」

Agnes looks up at me curiously.

「 Come, Agnes. I’ll carry you 」
「 Yes, Papa 」

Agnes clings to me.
She seems to like being carried.
Good, I can take Agnes anywhere with this.

「 Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko comes to my side.

「 What’s about to happen? 」
「 Unfortunately, I don’t knot it either 」

I handed the tablet Reika gave to me to Nagisa.

「 I’ll delete the file. Since it’s Reika-oneesan, she should’ve memorized it all 」

Nagisa opens the tablet and operates it.
Reika’s received education as a top elite of Kouzuki security service.
Well, it’ll be fine.

Babun, bababababa!

Then, Reika comes from the garage with Margo-san’s white van.

「 Huh, why? Isn’t Nagisa-oneesan’s car out already? 」

Mana shouts.
Yeah, the schedule on the surface is: Reika takes Nagisa and Mao-chan and heads to the flower shop.
Nagisa’s red car is already prepared for transport, so there’s no need to take a new car from the garage.
But, if we use Nagisa’s car on our plan, Nagisa would be in trouble.

「 That’s Margo-chan’s private car you see? 」

Nagisa whispers to me secretly.

「 Furthermore, it’s a car for operations, so Minaho’s surveillance system is disconnected only in that van 」


「 Where our cars are going are always transmitted to Minaho-san. But look, that white van’s used for camouflage, right? 」

Oh, the “Maruko Printing” or “Maruko entertainment.”
It doesn’t have a company name sticker on it now.
It looks like just a white business van.

「 if ever by chance that car is reached by the enemy’s hand, you can quickly remove the link system machine 」

Oh, in case it becomes a bit dangerous, Margo-san can take out the equipment and get out.
Then that means Margo-san has already removed the link system from the garage.

「 If you go out with her, Minaho-san won’t know where you go 」

So that’s why it’s that white van?


The white van stops in front of the entrance then Reika comes out from the driver’s seat.

「 Sorry! 」

She pulls out the can she stabbed a while ago, then;
Reika runs to the mansion

「 W-What’s happening?! 」

Mana’s surprised.

「 Kieeeeeeeeiiii! 」

Dogaaa! Bakibaki!

The sound of destruction can be heard from indoors.
Reika’s destroying the door to the reception room where Yukino’s confined.

「 W-What!? What’s with you?!!!! 」

Yukino’s shout echoes through the hallway and the entrance.

「 We’re escaping from here! 」

Reika said.

「 E-Escape, what?! 」
「 Don’t ask questions! 」

Doka, baki!
Doga! Basha! Garurururu!

…Reika, hey?!
The violent destruction sound continues for a while.
That room’s already messed up.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Reika appears in the front door looking like a revenant.
Reika’s awfully agitated.
She’s breathing roughly.
On her left shoulder is Yukino who seems to have fainted.
On her right hand is, of course, her battle cane.

「 W-What are you doing, Rei-chan! 」

Mana shouts.

「 That person’s our enemy! She should be confined! 」

I knew it.
She’ll be revolting violently when it comes to Yukino.

「 Uuu, uuu, Uuu, Shut up! 」1

Reika went to the back of the van and stuffed the fainted Yukino in.

「 What are you doing! Hey, Rei-chan!
「 Oh, oh, oh 」

After flapping her mouth, Reika somehow managed to speak up.

「 I-I won’t tell! 」
「 What?! 」

Mana’s dumbfounded

「 I-I won’t tell you! I won’t tell you! 」
「 R-Rei-chan???? 」

Then, Reika points the cane to me.

「 Oh, oh, oh 」

She still can’t speak.

「 Onii-chama! 」

Are you calling me Onii-chama here?

「 No, no, no 」


「 Get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!! 」2

Get in the car, is that it?

「 I-If you you don’t get in, I’ll beat up everyone! 」

Reika swings around her cane

「 I-I’m going to beat up everyone!!! 」


「 P-Papaa 」

Agnes got scared of Reika’s abnormality, and she clings to me.

「 It’s okay. It’s okay 」

I hug Agnes tightly.

「 Well, I have this. Is it okay to take Agnes with us? 」

I said, Reika

「 Kyo, kyo, kyo 」


「 Allowed 」3

Ah, I see.

「 Rei-chan’s so funny! Bachi Guu! 」

Looking at Reika agitated without knowing the reason, Mao-chan comes running.

「 Mao, no! Come here 」

Nagisa calls her daughter.

「 Huh, why? 」
「 Just come, I’ll buy you a picture book later 」
「 Un, Mama! 」

Mao-chan changes her path to Nagisa.
Mao-chan jumps to Nagisa and hugs her tightly.

「 O-O-O-Onii-chama! 」

Reika speaks to me after a while.

「 G-Get, in, t-the car, h-hurry, R-Rei-chan wants to be together 」


「 Ruriko, it would be hard to take care of Agnes with me alone so come 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko responds immediately, showing a serious look.

「 Rei-chan, you’ll allow it right. 」
「 A-A-A-A-Allowed! 」

Calm down, Reika.
Take a deep breath.

「 Eh, if so then I’m going too! 」

Mana tells me.

「 Something’s weird with Rei-chan, it’s dangerous Onii-chan! 」

Right, Mana who doesn’t know anything sees Reika’s state as madness

「 I’ll do something about it 」

I tell Mana.

「 Anyway, Mana should report what happened just now to Minaho-neesan. Also, take care of Nagisa and Mao-chan 」
「 But 」
「 There’s no one I can rely on for now but Mana 」

I look at Mana’s eyes.
Mana kisses me.

「 Okay, but please come back right away 」
「 Yeah, we’ll be back before evening 」

I promised Mana

「 Eh, Papa, where are you going? 」

Mao-chan looks up at me.

「 That, I’m going out for a bit 」
「 Eh, Mao’s coming too! 」

Mao-chan shouts while Nagisa hugs her.

「 No, Mao stays with Mama 」
「 Then Mama go with Papa too 」

Mao persists

「 Geez. You know that Mama has to go to the shop, don’t you? If Mama doesn’t work then, Mao and Mama won’t be able to eat food 」
「 Ugh 」


「 Mao-chan, I’ll buy you a present 」
「 Really Papa?! 」
「 Yeah, I promise, so wait with Nagisa 」
「 Then I’ll wait with Mama 」

Okay, Mao-chan’s okay now.

「 H-H-H-Hurry up and get in! H-H-H-Hurry! 」

Reika hurries us.

「 Y-Yeah, Ruriko, please 」
「 Yes 」

I carry Agnes and enter the van with Ruriko.

「 Onii-chan. 」
「 Mana, it’s okay, take care of the rest. Also, don’t let Megu know. We’ll be done before Megu’s club activity’s done 」

I don’t want her to go off her practice early.

「 Yeah 」
「 Anyway, contact Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Margo-san and consult with them. Nagisa knows how to reach them 」
「 Got it. Take care 」

Then, Mana glares at Reika.

「 Rei-chan! Mana won’t forgive you if you do anything terrible to Onii-chan, Ruri-oneechan or Agnes-chan! 」


「 If you want to do something wrong then do it with Yukino-san! Messing up that person is okay! 」

What do you mean by that?
I knew it. I think that not bringing Mana is a good choice.
Anyway, her hostility towards Yukino is too intense.

「 C-Certainly! 」

Reika’s response is also incoherent.
We sit on the back seat.


Edie comes over while singing a song.
I forgot about Edie.

「 Wafun? 」

Edie stops, looking at the tense situation.
T-This is bad.
If Mana incites Edie here,
It’ll become a serious battle with Reika.
Edie speaks something while she smiles.
Then, Ruriko answered in English.
Edie nods then said something again.
Then, she comes to our van.

「 Ruriko, what did you say? 」

I asked.

「 Edie-san asks if we’re going somewhere 」
「 Y-Yeah 」
「 Then I answered, “to the sea” 」
「 Why sea? 」
「 That’s just a spur of the moment 」

Hey, Ruriko?

「 Then, Edie-san said that she hadn’t seen Japan’s sea yet, so she’s coming too 」

Then, Edie takes a seat on the passenger seat.

「 Onii-chan! 」
「 No, don’t say anything Mana 」

I ready myself.

「 While we’re at it, I think it’s better to have Edie with us too 」

Mana seems to have felt that Edie works as a restraint to the mad Reika.

「 Okay, take care 」

Then, she speaks in English.

「 Mana-san asked Edie-san to protect Onii-sama and us 」

Edie nods, then she waved to Mana and Mao-chan.

「 Rei-chan, everyone’s in 」

I tell Reika.

「 Eh, ah, ha, uuuuuuuuuh 」

She’s behaving suspiciously.

「 Get yourself together, Reika! 」

I said, Reika’s surprised.

「 Y-Yes, then we’re leaving 」

She gets in the driver’s seat.

「 Mana, Nagisa, Mao-chan 」

I talk to the three from the car window.

「 It’s okay. Take care of the rest 」

Nagisa who knows the outline of this kidnapping operation tells me.

「 Onii-chan take care 」

Mana looks worried, I responded with a smile.

「 Papa, souvenirs please! 」

Mao-chan is smiling.

◇ ◇ ◇

The white van drives away.

「 Ruriko, stay low 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

Outside the entrance is Kouzuki security service’ surveillance.
They all know Ruriko’s face.
If the daughter of Kouzuki house is riding a car then, of course, they will follow it.

「 Is this good enough? 」

Ruriko lowers her head and hides behind the shadow of the seat then I cover her with a blanket.

「 Rei-chan, you know how to open the front gate, right? 」

I asked, Reika;

「 Y-Yes, M-Margo-san taught me E-Earlier 」

She’s still stuttering.
Reika’s in a state of agitation.

「 Calm down, show your face clearly to the people from Kouzuki security service If they know that Reika’s driving then they’ll feel at ease 」
「 Y-Yes 」

The white van stops before the iron gate.
Reika operates the equipment as taught.
The iron door opens.

「 Ah 」

There’s less than usual Kouzuki security service and police cars watching in front of the mansion.
Each of them has only one sedan car parked from each side.
Oh, I see.
They followed Margo-san’s car which has Misuzu, then Katsuko-nee’s car heading to the school.
Now, there’s only this much left here.

「 Rei-chan, salute them 」
「 Ha! 」

Reika faces the cars of Kouzuki security service and salutes.
The people over there salute in return.
The police are looking at the situation.
In short, they think that this car is related to Kouzuki security service.

「 W-W-W-W-W-Where should we go? 」

Reika asks me.
If we go right, it’s the school.
Reika’s fleeing from the mansion;
Therefore, she shouldn’t be going to the route to the school where Minaho-neesan and everyone else is.

「 Let’s go left. 」
「 Y-Yes yes, yes! 」

Reika turns the van left and steps on the accelerator.


「 Agnes-chan, it’s okay. There’s nothing scary 」

Reika crawls out of the blanket and speaks to Agnes in my arms.

「 Ruriko, you 」
Yes, Onii-sama?

Ruriko’s calm smile confuses me.

「 Don’t you think it’s strange/ 」

Reika’s sudden abnormality
She took out Yukino who’s confined then asked us to get inside the car.
In spite of that.
As soon as the car starts off, I give Reika instructions.

「 There must be a reason for this, is there not/ 」

Ruriko smiles at me.

「 Well, yeah 」
「 If so, Ruriko won’t say anything. I’ll just follow Onii-sama 」


「 Besides, I’ve understood most of it from Edie-san’s actions 」


「 If Fujimiya-san really rebels against us then her mind should be more ferocious. Edie-san who can feel Qi, shouldn’t be smiling like that 」

Ah, she quickly found out about the farce.

「 Mao-chan was also not scared of Fujimiya-san 」


「 I-I’m sorry! 」

Reika who’s holding the steering wheel lowers her head.

「 Kuromori-sama will notice it immediately I think 」

Ruriko, this was a play to make Minaho-neesan notice.

「 No, that’s fine. If she thinks that Rei-chan really betrayed us, we don’t know what Minaho-neesan would do 」

Minaho-neesan will use all her resources on the underground to find this car.
She would use any kind of means definitely.

「 Rather than that, we want it to put in a state where it’s unknown how far is the play and how far is the truth. We want Minaho-neesan to be troubled for a while 」

If there’s the possibility it’s all a play then Minaho-neesan would avoid talking to the people from the underground society.

「 Besides, as long as we have Yukino, Minaho-neesan can’t calm down 」

All of Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters must be raped before his eyes.
That is the climax of Minaho-neesan’s planned revenge.
Especially Yukino, Shirasaka Sousuke’s most beloved daughter.
Without Yukino there, the revenge cannot start.

「 But, for what purpose is this? 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 Well you see, I actually don’t know. This is all Margo-san’s plan, the content of the plan is to let Minaho-neesan’s head with tracking us till the evening 」
「 Till the evening? 」
「 Yeah, we’ll be back by night 」

The schedule of the revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke doesn’t change.

「 I understand, then if it’s in the plan then why do something so troublesome as this? 」


「 Minaho-neesan told me that if we don’t dispose of him by the end of today, his heart will break. Doing revenge on a disabled man won’t ease up her mind, so it’s meaningless to do the revenge after that 」

I pat Agnes’ head.
It’s better not to speak the name Shirasaka Sousuke in front of Agnes.
Agnes looks up at my face.

「 Is that so? Desuno? 」
「 Yeah. The time limit is this evening. I told them to wait till evening 」

I want to open up Agnes’ heart.
I realized one thing.

「 Papa 」
「 Yeah, Agnes. It’s okay. Are you feeling cold? 」
「 No Papa’s with me, so it’s warm 」

Minaho-neesan actually wants to have Agnes raped horribly in front of Shirasaka Sousuke.
A disastrous rape that would make Agnes cry.
Because she was raped by Shirasaka Sousuke at the same age as Agnes now,
But, the suffering of raping Mana,
I know that I don’t want to do such assault.
Minaho-neesan gave me time to open up Agnes’ heart for me. She’ll wait.
Nee-san holds down her heart.

「 Therefore, Nee-san’s been secluding herself in the school since last night 」

She doesn’t want me to see touching Agnes gently
Therefore she left the mansion.
Instead, she got close to Shirasaka Sousuke, decided to burn up the flames of hatred for today’s revenge.
Worried about Minaho-neesan, Kyouko-san accompanied her last night.
Margo-san also made this kidnapping play.
No, I don’t know the whole picture of this plan of Margo-san’s.

「 I see if Minaho-neesan’s observing is like usual, then this plan isn’t possible 」

Minaho-neesan’s mind is tilting towards revenge.
With the reason “I don’t want to see too much,” her observation with my interaction with Agnes has grown dull.
Margo-san executed the plan.

「 Either way, I think that it was great to make Rei-chan the mastermind. Minaho-neesan can’t understand the guiding principle of Rei-chan’s actions now 」
「 I myself don’t understand it either 」

Reika said.

「 That’s fine. It has become an excellent measure 」

Why did Reika do this? Reika herself doesn’t know it so Minaho-neesan will desperately think of it.
That’ll become a linchpin for Minaho-neesan who has only revenge in her mind.

「 Yeah, if it’s not Rei-chan, the plan won’t come into existence. As expected of Margo-san, she made a good selection 」

I honestly think it’s beautiful.

「 Was I useful? 」

Reika looks through the rear-mirror and asks.

「 Yeah, you are! Rei-chan! 」
「 Then I’m glad 」

Reika’s happy.

「 But, if that’s so, Onii-sama’s selection is terrific too 」

Huh, Reika?

「 Other than Shirasaka Yukino-san and Onii-chama took as a hostage, Agnes-chan whose Kuromori-sama has shown her most interest into, Ruriko-sama who’s from Kouzuki house, and even taking Miss Edie! Kuormori-sama will undoubtedly be confused with this combination. 」

L-Let’s reorganize our thoughts.
First, Agnes.
Agnes is out of the mansion so Minaho-neesan will definitely make assumptions.
She’s never been outside before.
Next, Ruriko, taking out the daughter of Kouzuki hose means that Minaho-neesan can’t make rash moves.
If it goes badly and Ruriko got hurt, it would incur Jii-chan’s anger.
Then, Edie.
Usually, I won’t ever take her.
She’s like a bomb. We don’t know what she would do.

「 Yes, I’m also impressed, Onii-sama’s such a courageous person! 」

Ruriko tells me with a smile.
Yeah, true, the participants here are quite dangerous.
In addition to this, Reika who’s mental state is eccentric is here.
Then, on the back, that girl, fainted.
Reika, Agnes, Ruriko, Edie.
And, Yukino.
Can I really take control of this?

「 Onii-sama, what’s wrong? 」

I can’t say that I shiver from being overwhelmed.

「 B-By the way, Onii-chama 」

Reika asks from the driver’s seat.

「 Where should we drive this car? 」


「 Did Margo-san give some instructions? 」

I didn’t read the instructions.

「 No, there’s nothing in particular. I was told to follow Onii-chama 」


「 For now, the sea 」

I said.

「 The sea? 」
「 Yeah, there’s this girl who got excited when she thought we are going to the sea 」

I said while looking at the smiling Edie.
If we don’t go to the sea, we don’t know what she will do.

「 Then, it’s better to go to a sandy beach instead of a harbor 」

Reika turns the steering wheel.


  1. Urusai
  2. Noree
  3. Kyoka