Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 451. Takasago



「 The situation doesn’t sound good 」

Shou-oneesan said when the call was over.
She’s probably talking about Minaho-neesan’s mental state
Minaho-neesan told us to return by night. Nee-san has given her acknowledgment.
She has a very dark and unenergetic voice.

「 Yeah, today is the climax after all 」

Tonight, Minaho-neesan’s revenge will conclude.
I will do Shirasaka Sousuke’s four daughters in front of him.
I don’t know what will Minaho-neesan do to Shirasaka Sousuke after that.

「 I see, just ask me if there’s anything I could do to help 」

Shou-oneesan said she’s probably thinking of the worst possible situation.
If ever Minaho-neesan murders Shirasaka Sousuke.
That possibility is very high.
We have to dispose Shirasaka Sousuke’s corpse under the situation where the police supervise us.
I sighed.
Agnes and Ruriko remain clinging to me.
Edie returns to train in the veranda again.
She probably doesn’t like the tense atmosphere in the room.

「 I can only say it this way but; 」

Shou-oneesan looks at me.

「 I think that revenge won’t end unless you draw the line somewhere 」

Draw a line

「 On this case, Kuormori-oneesama has come to draw the plans thoroughly over the years, right? That’s why I think the general idea of the revenge can no longer be changed. If the core part isn’t done, then they won’t feel a sense of accomplishment, and they’ll be fall into feeling that they failed to obtain a desirable result even though they did everything right 」


「 The general point decided beforehand has to be done cleanly. Then, draw the line and complete the revenge. Putting everything in the past 」
「 Would that turn out well? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 No, they can’t do it the way they wished they could. It’ll definitely have a miss. Reality is like that. But in general, if revenge is accomplished, you’ll get a sense of satisfaction for the time being. Rather than that, we need to focus our strength to satisfy Kuromori-oneesama. So she would give up what she loses with a smile 」

Shou-oneesan is trying to move for our elder sister.
Other than Kyouko-san, Shou-oneesan’s the next to Minaho-neesan when it comes to age.
She thinks as an adult.

「 Then, where should we draw the line? 」

Ruriko asks once again.

「 That is for you to feel when you meet with Kuromori-oneesama directly 」

You. She talks about me.
It’s all up to me.

「 That’s my impressions for now, whether we can avoid the worst situation or not; That depends on the critical moment 」

Critical moment.

「 That’s how tormented the voice she has 」

Oh, it’s not just Kyouko-san, Margo-san is also on Minaho-neesan’s side.
That seriously shows a danger sign.
If Minaho-neesan kills Shirasaka Sousuke, she might kill herself as well.
That’s how much it has boiled down.

「 But, Kuromori-sama is the head of Kuromori house. For her to pass away and leaving Onii-sama or us 」

That’s right, Minaho-neesan is Kuromori’s leader.
Without Nee-san, we;
Shou-oneesan stops Ruriko.

「 This person has become so dignified therefore it’s not going well 」


「 Kuromori-oneesama might feel that even without her, as long as he’s in the family, it’ll be fine 」
「 No, I’m just a high school student, a powerless man 」
「 Even if you don’t, the people around you have the ability 」
「 But 」
「 You have the strength to stabilize the women of the house. The problem is if Kuromori-oneesama somehow thinks that as long as you’re well, the family would manage somehow even if she becomes absent. If that’s the case, then the possibility of her making extreme choices is strong 」

That means killing herself.
Killing Shirasaka Sousuke then herself,

「 Therefore, Margo-san neglected Reika, the one you cannot stabilize alone. As long as you show panic, Kuoromori-oneesama would worry 」

That’s why Margo-san did it on purpose.

「 Then, at the same time, Kuromori-oneesama didn’t want you to see the unrest deep in her heart. She thinks that it’s very embarrassing 」
「 Embarrassing? What is? 」
「 That’s what we call the maiden’s heart 」

Maiden’s heart?

「 She wants to stay as the calm, cool, and intelligent Onee-san in front of you. I know that because I’m the same 」

Shou-oneesan smiles.

「 I can understand it too 」

Ruriko looks at me.

「 I also want always to look cute and be loved by Onii-sama 」

She shyly hid her eyes.

「 Anyway, as the conclusion of the revenge comes closer, I think that various feelings will get in touch with Kuromori-oneesama and she’ll feel the suspense. I believe that she cannot hide the unrest in her heart when in front of you, therefore, she took distance away 」

Thinking about it, when we peeked into Agnes’ room with just the two of us, Minaho-neesan’s emotional that I thought it was strange.
There was an anomaly starting there.
Afterward, Minaho-neesan didn’t come close to Agnes’ room as much as possible.
She also held back on contacting me.
Then, last night, she left the mansion and locked herself in the school.

「 Then, how did Margo-san and Rei-chan’s kidnapping plan go? 」
「 It’s somewhat favorable, I guess? By tonight, the revenge will carry out as planned, and at that time, if she doesn’t look at you then everything’s too late 」

If that goes on, we in the mansion separates with Minaho-neesan in the school and spend the night;
Minaho-neesan will begin her revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke, and her mind will boil down extremely.
I have to take action whatever it is.
That’s what Margo-san decided.
No, that might be Kyouko-san’s idea as she watches over Minaho-neesan.

「 That’s what I heard from Margo-san 」

Shou-oneesan learned the details of the operation from Margo-san in advance.

「 Then, what should we do? 」

I asked frankly
I don’t know.

「 I want you to be aware, but we do not desire the ideal situation 」


「 We absolutely expect strange things. Abandon all naive thoughts. We’ll be acting so it won’t reach the worst situation possible. Bear that in mind 」

In short, we have to think about making Minaho-neesan avoid suicide.

「 Give up all other things. Resolve yourself 」

I have to think about how Minaho-neesan won’t kill Shirasaka Sousuke somehow.
I don’t want to let Minaho-neesan carry the burden of murder.
That’s just naive.
In reality, the situation is much more grave than I imagined.
Minaho-neesan’s heart.

「 The line would be there 」

Ruriko sighs.
I remember Nei.
Now, Nei shows a refreshed face.
As expected, it’s because Cesario VIola is dead.
Because the subject of revenge has disappeared from this world, she feels very bright.
If ever, I didn’t shoot Viola back then.
Kouzuki security service would catch Viola, still alive.
Will Nei’s heart be saved?
Perhaps, the darkness in Nei’s heart remains.

「 I guess that’s the only way 」

Shirasaka Sousuke has to die.

「 Anyway, the problem at hand is about that. Please give everything below that level 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 We mustn’t let Kuormori-oneesama’s plan’s basics collapse. Make everything run as planned, on top of that. We have to stop it from going to worse on the final stage. That’s all we can do 」

She stares at me.

「 That’s why you mustn’t go easy 」

So that’s how it is.
I look at Agnes who’s clinging to my body.
Agnes is listening to the conversation she can’t understand worriedly.

「 Agnes 」
「 Papa? 」

I hug Agnes’ small body.
I’ll never go easy on her.
I have to ravish this 12 years old half-foreign girl in front of Shirasaka Sousuke.
Minaho-neesan’s base plan is to have his four daughters raped in front of him.
Taking away Shirasaka Sousuke’s beloved daughters, rape them.
Minaho-neesan who was kidnapped away from her family, raped by Shirasaka Sousuke, turned to a prostitute, had her beloved sister go through the same hell as her, then her child was killed and so was her sister, it’s an endless crystal of hatred.
She’ll make Shirasaka Sousuke experience what she had.
That cannot be changed.,

「 I’ve changed! 」

Yukino and Reika come back from the toilet.
Yukino’s back on wearing our school uniform.
It’s probably Margo-san who gave Shou-oneesan that change of clothes.

「 School uniforms are so dull that I hate it but, wearing it after a while makes me feel calm 」

There’s only one reason why Margo-san chose that uniform.
That’s because Yukino’s going to wear that when I’m going to rape her in front of her father.
Yukino scrapes her hair with her fingers.
This is Shirasaka Yukino, my classmate.
It’s the usual look of Yukino.

「 What are you staring at!? 」

Yukino speaks displeasure to my face.
I must not go easy with Yukino too.
I’ll never go easy on her.

「 Or rather, where’s the food? 」


「 Yukino, want me to treat you lunch? You can eat whatever you want in the menu 」

I resolve myself.

「 Huh, sure? 」

Yukino bites the bait.

「 In exchange, I have a condition 」
「 W-What? 」

I won’t hold back.

「 We’ll have sex later once we come back at the mansion 」
「 Huh? 」
「 It’s too late to say no anyway. We’ve already had a lot of sex 」


「 Eh, you want to do it with me? 」
「 Didn’t I say it already? 」
「 I wonder what I should do? 」
「 Ah, Shou-oneesan, Yukino said she doesn’t need to eat lunch 」
「 I didn’t say that! Geez! 」

Yukino snaps.

「 Then, I’ll lend you my body 」
「 Lend? 」
「 I’ll just lie down. Do what you want with my body. I won’t do anything! 」

So she won’t do anything.

「 Also, I won’t do licking or sucking at all. I won’t do anything. Y-You, lick me. I’ll let you! 」

That’s very much like Yukino somehow.

「 Seriously, if you want to do it then you should’ve told me sooner. You never forgot how my body tastes, don’t you? 」

Yukino shows a satisfied smile.
I’ve ignored Yukino from yesterday until now.
Me wanting her means that her worth is recognized.

「 We’re going to do it in the future too. If it’s just thirty minutes a day, then I don’t mind lending my body to you. But in exchange, you’ll guarantee my livelihood! 」
「 What the hell ‘s that? 」
「 Three meals a day, a place to live and clothes! Ah, of course, I won’t wear anything but fashionable clothes! 」

Yukino. You.

「 It’s not a bad deal, isn’t it? What do you think?!!! 」

Yukino laughs strongly.
She seems to think that I’m head over heels for her.
That I’d do anything just to embrace her body

「 Does that mean that Shirasaka Yukino’s a prostitute now? 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 What are you talking about?! 」
「 Isn’t prostitution entrusting your body to a man for clothing and shelter? Do you know that you were inviting him to prostitute yourself? 」
「 Wrong! I! 」
「 Because, Shirasaka Yukino-san doesn’t love this person, right? 」

Yukino looks at me.

「 T-That’s right. I hate him! 」
「 Giving your man to a man you don’t like, isn’t that just prostitution? 」
「 Because he loves me, so it’s okay! 」
「 Then what are you, a parasite? Are you alright with anyone? 」
「 Why did it come to that?! 」
「 If you’re okay with one-sided love then that’s how it is!!! 」

Yukino’s recoiling.

「 Anyway, this man wants me! That’s why I can’t help it! I have no choice but to give out my body! I didn’t do anything wrong! It’s all; everything is his fault!!! 」

Yukino exclaims.

「 That’s enough already! Give me the menu! I’ll decide on what I would eat!! 」
「 Here 」

Shou-oneesan seems to be amazed; she gave Yukino the menu.

「 Uhm, Yukino, let me just tell you just in case 」

I give Yukino warning.
Even though I haven’t said anything yet, it’s troublesome if Yukino asserts that I’ll take care of Yukino’s life in exchange for sex 30 minutes a day.

「 I’m okay with just one round of sex in exchange for lunch 」


「 You liar 」


「 There’s no way you could be satisfied with just one round! You’re going to cum inside me a lot of times anyway! 」


「 I know that already! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

We all ate lunch at the hotel room.
The room service was western food.
Shou-oneesan took pasta, and Reika had Lasagna.
Ruriko, Agnes, and I ate hamburger steak.
Edie had beef stew.
Yukino’s the only one who took pasta, hamburger steak, and stew.
She ate three people’s servings.
After eating, she made a huge burp.
I never thought that Yukino was this kind of woman when I met her back in April.

「 That’s passable. It lacks al dente though. Also, the hamburger steak’s sauce wasn’t good 」

Nobody’s asking yet she made her critique on food.
While we drink coffee after the meal

「 What should we do afterward? It’s still too early to go back 」

Shou-oneesan asks.
Minaho-neesan told us to come back by evening.
Indeed, we still have time.

「 Then let’s go to the beach once more. I want to walk Agnes to the beach 」

We were just watching earlier.
This time, we’ll walk.
Feeling the wet sand, touching the sea water.

「 This hotel has a private beach; I’ll ask them to let us use it 」

Shou-oneesan makes a call with the front desk.
This seems to be a problem of security.
Ruriko’s here.
The people of Kouzuki security service waiting outside the room doesn’t know that Jii-chan banished Ruriko from Kouzuki house.
They think that their mission now is to guard Ruriko.
It’s possible that assault groups like from Kitakyushu earlier would attack.

「 Okay, let’s go 」

Shou-oneesan ends the call.

◇ ◇ ◇

The waves splash.
As expected, the sea is impressive.

「 It’s cold desuno 」

Ruriko and I hold her both hands as Agnes walks along the beach.
The three of us took off our sandals and walked barefoot.
The white bubbles from the waves wash our feet.
The waves pull, and the next wave pushes.

「 Japan’s sea is very blue 」

Ruriko said.

「 The sea I always see has a different color 」

Ruriko’s talking about the private beach from Kouzuki house, the northern seas.

「 Are they green? 」
「 Yes, it’s emerald green. Also, the sunlight is extreme that the sky’s blue is also different 」

Ruriko answers.

「 That’s because the sun’s rays change depending on the latitude 」

Shou-oneesan tells us.

「 The sun’s light falls on earth, both UV light, visible light, and IR light pass through the atmosphere and some dampening. But, the thickness of the atmospheric air layers is different according to the latitude. In places closer to the equator, the sunlight falls vertically from above, so the depth it penetrates in the atmospheric layer will be the shortest. That amount is reduced accordingly by the atmosphere. On the other hand, when it’s close to the pole, it strays obliquely through the layer of the atmosphere, so the thickness of air it passes through becomes thicker. Therefore, it declines a lot. That is why the sunlight changes subtly depending on the altitude. Because of that, the color perceived to be beauty changes from human eyes 」
「 I see 」
「 Emerald green and bright pink shine localities are close to the Equator 」

Edie comes and tells Ruriko something.

「 What’s up? 」
「 She wants to pick up shells together with Agnes-san 」


「 She mentioned that it’s a souvenir for Mao-chan 」

Edie laughs.

「 Shells? 」

Agnes tilts her head.
Edie shows the shells in her hand.

「 There’s a lot of them scattered around, so she asks to look for them together 」

Ruriko translates.

「 It’s beautiful desuno 」

Agnes says as she looks at the sparkling insides of the shells.

「 Yeah, there’s a lot scattered around so get one for all 」

I tell Agnes.

「 Yes, desuno! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Rei-chan too, search with them 」

I tell Reika who’s monitoring Yukino from behind.
By the way, Yukino’s lying down alone on the beach chair.
She’s ordered a tropical drink from the hotel staff.
It seems that for Yukino, that’s included in the free lunch I’m paying.

「 Go, I’ll be looking after her 」

Shou-oneesan tells Reika.

「 Look after your little sisters like an Onee-chan 」
「 Yes, Onee-sama 」

Reika runs towards Agnes.

「 Agnes, Rei-chan’s going to search with you 」
「 Yes 」

Agnes holds Reika’s hand.
Reika happily grips the small hand.
The two search for shells while holding hands.
Edie found a big piece of wood and digs the sand using that as a scoop.

「 Ho, ho, Ho! 」

Hmm, sometimes I wonder if Edie’s a dog.

「 Onii-sama 」

Ruriko sticks to me.

「 What’s wrong? 」
「 Nothing 」

Ruriko blushed.

「 I just think that walking on the beach with Onii-sama like this will be a good memory 」
「 Yeah, you’re right 」
「 I won’t forget this 」

Ruriko said.

「 Back them, I strolled around the city of London with Grandfather 」

Ruriko says while holding my hand.
I react to the word she said, “Grandfather.”

「 It was back when I was in kindergarten when Grandfather goes to have his clothes tailored in Saville Row. I accompanied him. On our way back, we took a walk in the city. Oh, of course, our guards, Yazawa-san, and others were together with us 」

It’s a story from when Ruriko was in kindergarten.

「 The afternoon’s sky was pleasantly sunny. We went to the Thames river, but fancy English gentleman was walking. He’s wearing a black tailcoat, silk hat, and a silver stick. His hand is covered with white gloves. He has a beautiful beard. That man whistled a song! 」
「 I see 」
「 I somehow thought that a person popped out of a picture book, so I stared. Then, the gentleman noticed me, winked and went away 」


「 Then, not liking how I was fascinated by the gentleman. Grandfather was in ill-mood 」

Hey Jii-chan!

「 What, there’s no way I would lose to such a whistle, he said, then he began to hum a noh chanting in the middle of London city 」
「 Noh, what? 」

I don’t know.

「 It’s a song performance on the side of a Noh theater, is that clear now? 」
「 Sorry, I don’t know that 」
「 I see 」

Ruriko puts strength on her belly then sings on a low volume.

「 Takasago Yaa.
Kono urafune nii, hoo wo agetee.
Kono urafune nii, hoo wo agete.
Tsuki morotomouni deshio noo
Nami no awaji no shimakage yaa.
Tooku naruo no okika giite.
Haaya, sumi no enitsukini keri
Haaya, sumi no eni tsuki ni keri! 」

She takes a deep breath after ending the song.

「 Ufufu, he was singing that song so loudly in London! Silly Grandfather 」

Ruriko laughs.

「 Grandfather likes this song. Even now, when he gets drunk, he sings that well. Have you not heard this in a historical drama? It’s often heard in wedding ceremonies 」
「 Oh, speaking of which, I might’ve 」
「 This Takasago noh song is commonly used in wedding ceremonies. Then, Grandfather said that he’d sing it at Ruriko’s wedding!! 」

Tears float in Ruriko’s eyes.