Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 481. Can’t be a prostitute.



「 Do something, get erect! You idiot! Idiot! Idiot!!! 」

Yukino curses me as she cries.

「 My life is at stake here! Do something about it!! 」

I know.
I know, but;

「 What the hell!! Useless! Trash!! 」

I can’t get erect.
My penis isn’t getting erect.

「 If I can’t sell my body to you I will die, they’ll kill me!! Do something about it!!! 」

I want to do something you know.
I don’t want Yukino to die.

「 If you have time to cry then get erect! You idiot!!!!!!! 」

Though Yukino says that, she’s crying as she stroke my penis.
We’re crying.


Suddenly, the big door in front opens?!!

「 That’s the end of the fourth round!!! 」

Who shouted that. Nei?!
No, Misuzu and Shou-oneesan’s here too!!
Nei’s wearing a pro-wrestler mask from the start, but;
Misuzu and Shou-oneesan wearing similar masks appear now.

「 Hey hey, it’s over! Get away from Yo-chan!! 」

Nei tells Yukino.

「 Hey, don’t get in my way!! We’re still on the way!! 」

Yukino tries to refute, but;

「 We’re forcibly terminating it! Hey, go in front you two! 」

Nei urges, Misuzu and Shou-oneesan come in.

「 I can’t watch this anymore 」

Misuzu throws a towel towards the bed.

「 I also am in the same opinion. 」

Shou-oneesan also throws a towel.

「 With that said, that’s the end of the round!!! 」

Nei looks at Minaho-neesan.

「 Sensei, you don’t mind it, do you?!! 」

Nei’s angry.
It’s my first time seeing Nei like this.

「 Let me say it just in case, Mana’s taking care of Agnes now. Michi’s not taking her eyes off Mao-chan, Rei-chan, and Edie. Therefore, the three of us will protest for their share too!! On behalf of the girls who aren’t prostitutes of Kuromori!! 」

Not prostitutes?
Nei glares at Megu.

「 Megumi! Sure you were born in the brothel, so you understand the feelings of the prostitutes but, you are not a prostitute! What are you doing getting dragged by the former prostitute’s thoughts?!!! 」


「 N-Nei-oneesan? 」

Megu doesn’t understand why Nei is this angry.
No, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and even Nagisa are all surprised too.

「 Kyouko-san and Margo-oneesan too! The two of you feel sympathetic to Sensei too much that you don’t get it!! Don’t bullshit me!! 」


「 Look, I can understand the suffering and hatred of the women who became a prostitute, but, what the hell is this?! What the hell are you doing?! What are you all doing to Yo-chan!! 」

Nei shouts.

「 M-Me? 」
「 Misuzu, secure Yo-chan! 」
「 Y-Yes, Nei-oneesama!! 」

Misuzu and Shou-oneesan rush to the bed where Yukino and I are in and pull us apart.
The two hug me with all their strength.

「 It’s okay now 」

Shou-oneesan tells me.

「 Yes, Danna-sama, Misuzu’s with you 」

What, what, what?!
What’s going on?

「 Nei, what do you mean? 」

Minaho-neesan asks dumbfounded.
Nei shows an intense look to Minaho-neesan, Kyouko-san, the women in the room.
Then, to the camera.

「 Yo-chan’s my precious brother! 」

Nei speaks in a low voice.

「 T-That’s right, he’s my brother too 」

Minaho-neesan answers.

「 If he’s precious to you then don’t let him sell his body!! 」

Nei’s anger gushes out!!

「 Don’t turn even Yo-chan to a prostitute with your own convenient reasoning! Sensei!! 」

Me, a prostitute?
The room quiets down.

「 Sensei, you said “If you value your life then become a prostitute and sell your body to Yo-chan,” didn’t you?! 」

Nei said.

「 Yes, I did 」
「 T-That’s right, that’s why she’s girl is… 」

Nei stops Kyouko-san’s remark after Minaho-neesan’s affirmation.

「 Are your eyes going bad?!! 」


「 It’s the complete opposite!!! 」


「 Yo-chan’s forcing his own body presenting himself just so he could save Yukino-san’s life! He’s shutting-off his emotions only to have sex with her!! 」

Tears fall from Nei’s eyes.

「 That makes Yo-chan the one selling his body!!! Don’t make my Yo-chan a prostitute!!! 」

Nei shouts. Misuzu and Shou-oneesan hug me tighter.

「 Everyone’s head is just filled with revenge, revenge. That you don’t even know what’s going on objectively 」

Nei said.

「 During the first round. Yo-chan’s sex isn’t an act of hatred but passionate sex, right? Well, you all have a grudge against Shirasaka Sousuke, so you only concentrated on that.
Megumi, Mana, and Agnes, they’re all still young girls. They can’t be burned out by just the revenge. Therefore, Yo-chan changed it to loving sex to create the future of the girls, right?! 」

Megu speaks up.

「 That’s, I think it’s right. But 」
「 No buts Megumi!! You know what kind of man Yo-chan is, don’t you?! 」

Nei scolds her.

「 Then, Yo-chan. He’s slow but has one track in his mind. He tried to save even Yukino-san. But, that’s not because he liked Yukino-san before, he’s doing it for you Sensei!! 」
「 Me? 」
「 That’s right! Yo-chan has sharp intuition so he knows that if you kill Yukino-san here, Sensei’s soul can’t be saved forever! 」

Nei stares at Minaho-neesan with a sincere look.

「 Because Sensei isn’t a teacher!! 」

Minaho-neesan’s shocked.

「 Kuromori house has dominated our school since long ago, right? But that doesn’t mean that Sensei has to enter the school as a teacher. I know. Sensei actually want to be a school teacher, right?! 」


「 I’m the head of Kuromori house. I’m the leader of this house. And, I’m also one of the prostitutes 」
「 Who cares about that! Don’t base it from reality, it’s found from what Sensei feels!! Are you sure? If you kill Yukino-san, Sensei can’t go back to the school again!! Sensei’s heart won’t allow that!! 」

Yukino is still Minaho-neesan’s student.
Minaho-neesan is the teacher in charge of our class.

「 I’ve made my resolve. I’m a prostitute, I’ve walked this path all the time. That is why I can never forgive Shirasaka Sousuke. I made a deal with the devil, swearing to put this man to hell! For myself, Naomi, and the child in my stomach that died!! 」

Minaho-neesan speaks as if she’s throwing out the suffering of her heart.

「 Even if that’s okay for Sensei, Yo-chan doesn’t want that! He doesn’t wish Sensei to give up on her dream! 」

That must be Nei’s thoughts.
That’s not mine alone.

「 Even if it’s a small amount, as long as there’s a possibility remaining, people don’t go to despair! That’s what Sensei taught me!! That’s why Kuromori Minaho! Don’t make that possibility zero!! Don’t give up on it!!! 」

Nei tells Minaho-neesan with the heat of her voice coming from the bottom of her stomach.

「 And then, Yo-chan!! 」

Nei looks at me this time.

「 You should notice it already!! Yukino-san is really beyond saving! That woman is an idiot who can’t become a prostitute!! She’s just spoiled no matter what !! 」

Yukino can’t become a prostitute.
Nei looks at Yukino.

「 As for you, you say that Yo-chan’s disgusting?! Don’t give me that bullshit! You’re a thousand times more disgusting woman!! 」

Yukino looks at the raging Nei.

「 What are you talking about?! 」
「 What, am I wrong?! You don’t like Yo-chan at all, do you?! You don’t love him, right?! 」
「 O-Obviously! Who likes this idiot!? 」
「 You’re the idiot here! If it wasn’t for Yo-chan here. If another man’s here and you were told to sell your body to that guy, you’d gladly have sex with him, right? 」
「 If I won’t get killed for that then I will do it! I’ll have sex with anyone!! Even if it’s a dog, a bear, even an alien! 」

Yukino’s eyes are bloodshot as she shouts.

「 You’re that kind of woman that’s why Yo-chan can’t get erect!! 」


「 You’re just a horny woman!! You’ll sleep with anyone!! Your pride is very high, but you’re shameless!! You’re like your father! You don’t have any modesty, self-respect, not even pride as a woman!! 」
「 You know of course I would lose my shame after this man raped me so many times!!! 」

Yukino insists.

「 Wrong, Mana was raped a lot of times, but she never threw her pride as a woman. That’s why she chose to be his sex slave, not a prostitute 」
「 What’s that? I don’t get it. Prostitute or sex slave, there’s no difference! 」

Nei shakes her head.

「 If you’re a prostitute, you need to have sex with whoever it is once you are bought. You don’t refuse a partner. But for a sex slave, for Mana, Yo-chan is her master that loves her and cherishes her. Mana also loves Yo-chan too. She can live as a woman. Mana’s pride as a woman won’t accept loveless sex. That’s her pride 」
「 What are you talking about? That’s stupid. Stupid. So crazy!! 」

Yukino’s not accepting what Nei’s talking about

「 Maika’s just enduring. She’s just enduring everything!! 」

Yukino can’t see my connection with Mana’s heart, she doesn’t understand.

「 What about you Yukino-san? You can’t even endure a single thing!! 」


「 You were told to sell your body to Yo-chan, to be a prostitute. Then, what happened in the end? You just asked for Yo-chan’s help and didn’t give him anything! 」
「 I did!! I told him that he can do whatever he wants with my body!! 」

Yukino said. Nei replies looking at her in contempt.

「 This is why you’re just a horny woman! 」

Then, she looks at Minaho-neesan again.

「 Sensei, Katsu-nee, Nagisa-san, and all the ladies who were trapped in this mansion before watching this broadcast now. Is that how you worked as a prostitute? I think it’s different 」

Nei tells all the prostitutes.

「 Did everyone sell their body thinking naively that “I’m going to let you do what you want with my body.”? That’s wrong, isn’t it? 」

Nei speaks calmly

「 Living as a prostitute means selling your heart together with your body. Oh right, if I recall, Yukino-san was told this earlier. A prostitute has to be thoughtful of their customers, and they should give the best treatment. Even if they deceive their own hearts, they must offer love and comfort to the customer. Isn’t that right? 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Nei.

「 That’s right. We are genuine and professional prostitutes. We aim to satisfy the customers. We do all our best for that 」
「 Yes, then you also told Yukino-san earlier. If you can’t satisfy the customer, then you’re not a prostitute 」

That’s right, they made this talk already.

「 On top of that, let me ask another thing Sensei 」

Nei speaks.

「 Earlier, Yo-chan, and Yukino-san were fighting on the bed, but who was the prostitute 」


「 Sorry. I was wrong 」

She bows her head to me.

「 True, I was trying to make my brother a prostitute 」


「 No, wait a moment, Minaho-neesan. Uhm 」

I don’t know what to reply.

「 Yo-chan, do you know why are you not getting erect earlier? 」

Nei asks.

「 That’s…I’ve ejaculated a lot of times until now. Yukino’s life is at stake that it makes me nervous? 」
「 That’s completely wrong 」


「 Yo-chan, do you get it? Yukino-san doesn’t like Yo-chan at all 」
「 Un 」

I can do nothing but accept that.

「 The exact thing is different 」

Misuzu says while still hugging me.

「 To be precise, Yukino-san doesn’t accept Danna-sama as a person equal to her 」
「 Right. It is as Misuzu says 」

Nei said.

「 Yukino-san looks down on Yo-chan, underestimating him, doesn’t treat him as human, yet, she accepts him as normal during sex only 」

Nei looks at Yukino slowly.

「 That’s just disgusting, don’t you think? You can’t have sex with a person who doesn’t treat you as a human! It means you’re disgusted with her 」

Oh, I see.
I can’t get erect in that situation.

「 What the hell?! Both of us are naked! You’re a man, right?! If there’s a naked woman next to you, then you can do at least sex, right?! It’s strange that you can’t get erect!! 」

Yukino said.

「 There are three important things in this world. First is to be kind to people, second is to be kind to people, and the third is, of course, be kind to people 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 It’s a quote from an old British noble, but it has a deep meaning 」

Then, she looks at Yukino.

「 You can’t be kind to others because you’re an idiot? Or you don’t understand what others feel? Or could it be that you really don’t know what kindness is? 」

Yukino looks up at Kyouko-san with a blank face.

「 But still, you seek out kindness from others. Even though you’re not giving out yourself 」

Yukino’s offended.

「 I do! Or rather, didn’t I say I’m giving?! I told him that he can do what he wants with my body! I am saying that I’ll have sex with him!! 」

As long as Yukino’s mind is bound like that.
I can’t get erect.

「 You really are an unkind woman!! 」

Nei said.

「 She does have kindness too. Yukino was the one who called out to me when I was depressed during the entrance ceremony! 」
「 Didn’t I tell you about this earlier? That was your misunderstanding! I didn’t care about you at all! 」

Yukino speaks like throwing up.

「 But, that’s what I thought. I thought that Yukino was a kind girl. Even now I do 」

Misuzu and Shou-oneesan hug my body tightly. Stronger and stronger.

「 That doesn’t matter to me!!! 」

Yukino grumbles.

「 Okay, I understand Nei and others. It’s true, we made a mistake 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Minaho has such an intense hatred for Sousuke, that is why we misunderstood that this boy feels the same thing too. You’re right, this isn’t your revenge, sorry 」
「 Yes, we’ve put a heavy burden on you. I’m sorry 」

Minaho-neesan apologizes to me once more.

「 Then, what about me? 」

Yukino said.

「 If we’re wrapping up everything with the “prostitute” talks. Then it’s okay for me to live, right? 」

Why does it come to this?
Why do you always think it’ll go in a convenient direction for you?

「 In any case, you can’t be a prostitute. Nei’s right, all you can do is just be a slutty high school girl. It’s impossible for you to be a real prostitute 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Naturally. I’m a daughter of Shirasaka house. I’m different from you people 」

Oh, this imprinting again.
That’s Yukino’s origin.
Her privileged class thinking will never change.
She’s been like this since she was born.

「 Hmm. You mean “I am what I think” 」


「 When I was in Brazil, I have a former firefighter old man acquaintance. I met him at a bar. It’s been over 20 years since he retired. He’s really an old man. But, that old man still thinks that he’s a firefighter. When he talks, he always says “In my case” Even though he retired, he still feels like a firefighter, gives an opinion as a firefighter 」

Yukino will forever be the lady of Shirasaka house.
That’ll be inside Yukino.
She’s banished from Shirasaka house along with her father.
Even though Shiraaka house is collapsing;

「 Don’t you think so too, Minaho? 」

Kyouko-san tells Minaho-neesan.

「 It’s ten years since you retired from being a prostitute, right? 」

Minaho-neesan’s body can’t have sex again due to failure in abortion surgery.
She can’t sell her body anymore.

「 But, you still talk as a prostitute earlier 」

That’s right.

「 Yes, I’m a prostitute. I don’t take guests anymore, but I still think that I’m a prostitute. I think as a prostitute and decide as one 」

Then, she looks at Nei.

「 I’m sorry, Nei. Being a teacher is my dream, but I’m a prostitute. I act with a prostitute as guidelines, live with it 」

Kyouko-san looks at Katsuko-nee and Nagisa.

「 What about you two? 」
「 I’m a prostitute. Wherever I go, whoever I meet, I never forget that I’m a prostitute 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Me too. I’m already a flower shop owner, I’ve already retired from prostitution and yet… When I talk to a newly acquainted person, I’m surprised to notice myself responding as a prostitute. Even with my job now, there’s a lot of cases where I think about what to do next with a mentality of a prostitute. My foundation as a person is done by prostitution it seems 」

Nagisa said.

「 As for me, well, a criminal is a broad term, but, basically, I was a thug in Brazilian slums. As expected, when I had to choose my life, I abide by the rules of the slums. That way, I won’t regret even if I fall. Living slyly on the slums is my foundation 」

Kyouko-san said.
Then, she looks at the camera.

「 What about you girls? Those who are watching this broadcast? Those girls who were released from the mansion last autumn still probably has a heart of a prostitute but, those who have retired, many years past, doing well on their new business, what about you? Are you now a person of that business entirely? To the bottom of your heart? Or does your mind still thinks as a prostitute? 」

Kyouko-san asks.

「 Did you forget your prostitute self and blend into the new world? Or can you not escape from your prostitute heart until you die? I don’t know which is right, or what you should do 」

Yeah, there maybe some who want to forget but cannot.
They think they forgot, but they remember it from time to time.

「 We’re separated from our family, the first work we had was to be a prostitute. No, we were turned to prostitutes. We had no choice 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Those who didn’t become a prostitute has dropped, they all died. Their body and mind suffered. Those who survived, us who lived through this hell, worked desperately as a prostitute. We became professionals, a real prostitute. Just so we could live 」

That’s right, the former prostitutes;
They have resolved to live as prostitutes to survive.

「 Right now, we have confirmed that Yukino-san here cannot be a prostitute. If this girl were kidnapped just like us and forced to take in guests of this mansion 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Yukino.

「 I think that she won’t last a year. This girl has a healthy body, her mind is also tough, but her personality won’t be liked by both our customers and the other ladies. She’ll just fall to abnormal plays then will become a crazy horny slut. That is too vulgar as a prostitute of Kuromori so she’ll be resold to a prostitution cave in Southeast Asia. When that happens, she’ll fall ill in an unsanitary facility or die from drug addiction. That’s what will happen 」

That is their evaluation to Yukino as a woman?

「 Shut up! Instead of talking about that, what’s going to happen to me! Hurry up and decide! 」

Yukino just continues to scream.

「 Wait for a second, we’ll make a decision now 」

Minaho-neesan looks at the camera.

「 Prostitution has dramatically influenced ourselves today. We might have to look back at ourselves one more time. Earlier, my brother said; We are surviving prostitutes, so our hearts are too strong, we seek such excessive revenge 」


「 But, it’s a fact that we can’t move on unless we fulfill this revenge 」

Shirasaka Sousuke has been silent since earlier.
He’s looking down, saying nothing.
He probably can’t accept his current situation.
Therefore, he’s closing his eyes.
So he won’t accept this reality.

「 Right. I’ve decided on what I should do with Yukino-san 」

Minaho-neesan speaks.

「 I’ll reverse everything your father did 」


「 Therefore, I won’t kill you 」


「 Does that mean you’re releasing me? 」

Yukino asks.

「 No way 」

Minaho-neesan shows a dark smile.

「 I said that I won’t kill you, but you’re banned from having sex for the rest of your life 」


「 Lesbian sex is also banned, you will only masturbate for the rest of your life 」
「 W-What do you mean?! 」

Yukino shows a puzzled look.

「 It is as I said. You can’t have sex, no, not even kiss anyone. If you do any sexual acts in any way with other people, I’ll kill you. Also, it’ll be the cruelest possible way that’ll take days before you die 」

Sex is taken away from Yukino.
Even though she’s so lewd.

「 You cannot become a prostitute, so you are not allowed to have sex 」

Minaho-neesan’s voice is harsh.

「 You’ve trampled over my brother’s good feelings. That’s unforgivable, you will live in much more pain than dying 」


「 Y-You’re joking?! 」

Minaho-neesan didn’t even smile.

「 Have I ever told you a joke? 」

Minaho-neesan always talks seriously with Yukino.
She severely attacks Yukino, made her evil plans real.

「 You’ll be monitored until you die. You will never have sex again, Yukino-san. I might die before you, but there will be people who will follow this directive 」
「 W-What about my romance?! I want to get married you know!! 」

Yukino panics.

「 Give it up, you’ll die when you do. Oh right, if you get pregnant, you have to give birth. That’s great. Of course, I will adopt the child born I won’t hand over the child to you, it’s mine 」

Minaho-neesan’s serious.

「 Hey, wait, are you sure about this?! Are you okay not having sex with me anymore? 」

Only at these times, Yukino comes to me.

「 Sorry, Danna-sama can no longer hear Yukino-san’s voice anymore 」

Misuzu answers as she hugs me.

「 Danna-sama doesn’t care about you anymore 」

I have a family I must protect.
I have my precious women.
I have to end this with Yukino.

「 But, but, but!!! 」


「 We still haven’t done our last sex!! 」

Our last sex…
No longer exists.

「 Sorry, Yukino 」

I said

「 I can’t get erect for you!! 」
「 What’s with you stupid!!! 」

Yukino still curses me to the end.