Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 491. Starting preparations



Then, Minaho-neesan looks at Megu.

「 Megumi, you must control yourself for today 」
「 Why, Minaho-san! 」

Megu still refuses to back down.

「 Do you know your strengths? 」
「 Huh? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 You have an overwhelming advantage on him over other girls 」
「 That’s not true 」

Minaho-neesan tells Megumi.

「 I’m just an ordinary girl 」

Megu looks down, grasping both hands tightly.

「 I’m not an Ojou-sama like Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san. I don’t have the strength to protect Yoshi-kun like Michi-san. I don’t have the tolerance to warm up Yoshi-kun like Katsuko-oneesan, Nagisa-oneesan, or Nei-oneesan. I’m not cute like Mana or Agnes-chan 」

Hey, wait.

「 No, you’re cute. Megu’s beautiful! 」

I shouted without thinking.

「 Yoshi-kun?! 」
「 What are you talking about? Megu, you’re a beauty. When you’re with me, I feel my heart throbbing 」


「 Sometimes I get scared, wondering if it’s really okay for me to have such a beauty as my wife 」

That’s my true feelings.
Is someone like me really allowed to be by Megu’s side?

「 Auuuuuuu 」

Megu blushes.
This is my first time seeing Megu blush suddenly.

「 W-W-W-W-What are you talking about, aaaah. Isn’t everyone else much beautiful than me?! 」
「 Megu’s beautiful too, what about you Megu, what are you talking about? 」

I don’t get the reason why Megu’s shouting.

「 Everyone has their different charm. Megu also has her Megu-like charm. I like that. I like Megu’s face, body, mind, personality, I love them all 」

Megu’s mouth is flapping, she’s confused.
Minaho-neesan laughs.

「 The “Megumi-like charm” he mentioned, do you understand that? 」


「 Uhm, does he mean “ordinary”? 」

The nuance is a bit varied.

「 Megumi hasn’t noticed her magnificence, hasn’t she? 」

Minaho-neesan speaks sadly.

「 We didn’t experience an ordinary high school life you know? 」

An ordinary life.

「 When I was at your age, I’m already a prostitute. It’s just before Shirasaka Sousuke kidnaps Katsuko and Nagisa. Margo left the institute, and I’ve scouted her. Nei was chased by Cesario Viola and escaped to Japan, and yet, she was in a tight spot due to the perverted teacher under Shirasaka Sousuke 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 They’re in a completely different position but, you also know that Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san, the ladies of Kouzuki house, is forced to draw a line on their ordinary life with the high school students, don’t you? 」

Only those from noble houses and daughters of celebrities take lessons in Iemoto-sensei’s dance class. The daughters of Kouzuki house were also viewed as special.
In the first place, both of them were isolated from the existence of men with Jii-chan’s instructions.

「 Michi-san is already working as a bodyguard at her age. She continues to train her body so her strength won’t dull 」

Michi, a third-year middle school girl who uses Kudou style ancient martial arts, isn’t normal.

「 I’m also jealous of you Megumi. I’m very thankful to Yamamine-san for raising you 」

Minaho-neesan smiles at Megu.

「 The feeling of the ordinary that you have is what we can’t have 」

The feeling of normal?

「 That feeling isn’t amazing at all! 」

Megu said.

「 Oh, it’s vital for him 」

Him. Wait, me?

「 For example, if I hand Megumi a thousand yen right now and tell you to buy ten canned coffee, where would you buy? 」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「 Right now? 」
「 Yes. If it was right now, what would you do? 」

Megu thinks for a moment.

「 The mansion is close to the school, so I’ll buy on the discount shop at the main gate of the school 」
「 Why? 」
「 They’re selling 68 yen per can over there now. There are plenty of kinds of canned coffee with a good manufacturer reputation. If I go to a nearby 100 yen shop then there would be 105 yen for two cans but, it’s from an unknown maker, and it’s not that tasty 」

She knows a lot even though it’s just a month since enrollment.

「 A senior in club taught me 」

Oh, I see.
Minaho-neesan looks at Katsuko-nee.

「 What about you Katsuko? 」
「 I’ll buy on the nearest vending machine from this mansion 」
「 Are you okay with just the list price? 」
「 Uhm, it’s ten coffees after all 」

Katsuko-nee doesn’t mind the price of one can.
Her sense of money is of a high-class prostitute after all.
Unlike when Shirasaka Sousuke had complete control, Katsuko-nee now has earned money from being a prostitute.
She has no hesitation on buying coffee on the regular price.

「 What about you Michi-san? 」

Minaho-neesan asks Michi.

「 I won’t mind the place or the price. I’ll go to the nearest store and give priority on delivering it as soon as possible 」

Michi gives priority on urgently handling the mission ordered.
She’s a vassal of Kouzuki house.
She won’t be stingy just because of a coffee.

「 Store? Why do you not want to buy from a vending machine? 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 No, I don’t buy from vending machines 」

Michi answers.

「 I have to check every item in the shop to make sure that there’s no possibility of someone doing something on it 」

That is Michi’s intuition.
She always considers the possibility of poison or a plot
In reality, it’s highly unlikely for someone to anticipate that we’d buy a canned coffee in the vending machines.
It’s unlikely, but she avoids any possibility.
Michi’s a professional bodyguard after all.

「 What about Ruriko-san? 」


「 I don’t know what to do alone. Onii-sama, would you come with me? 」

She looks at me.

「 I never bought or drank a canned coffee by myself 」

Ruriko’s a confined lady.

「 Uhm, do the canned coffees not have the same price? 」

Ruriko doesn’t know if the supermarket or convenience stores sell canned coffee cheaply.
She doesn’t know because she never entered that kind of stores.

「 Thank you girls 」

Minaho-neesan thanked those who gave opinions and look at Megu once again.

「 Do you get how ordinary is your senses, Megumi? 」


「 I don’t think that’s strength just because it’s normal 」

She answers weakly.

「 Doesn’t that mean that I’m just shabby? 」

Minaho-neesan smiles kindly

「 Oh, that is the standard for him. What he thinks is what’s essential 」

That’s right, I.

「 What about you? If I ask you to buy ten canned coffees. 」


「 I would go to the shop Megu asked earlier. I like it to be cheap but still tastes good 」

Megu looks at me.

「 But, I don’t know the location of the discount shops so I’ll go buy it with Megu. I’ll ask her to come with me 」


「 Thinking about what Michi said, Megu and I will check all of the ten coffees. We’ll pick the clean ones and those that don’t have dents 」
「 Yoshi-kun 」


「 See? His senses are closes to Megumi. He’s also a regular guy 」

No, I
I’m lower than a normal.
I’ve lived without money ever since I was a child.

「 I want him to hold that normal feeling on him for long 」

Minaho-neesan says as she looks at me.

「 I want to teach him how to live in luxury. I want to show him the existence of genuinely worthy things, delicious food, beautiful places. But, it’ll be a problem if his senses get numb on luxury. I’d like him to have a well-balanced sensibility 」


「 If he goes with Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san, he’ll see more and more superior existences, he’ll taste it, he’ll touch it. But still, he must not lose the feeling of ordinary. It’s okay, he’s living an ordinary life with you, Megumi 」

That’s right, there will be times where I’ll live with Misuzu and Ruriko.
But, the foundation of my life…
My high school life with Megu, an ordinary life.
As long as I have that, I will not be swallowed in the immediate luxury.

「 You will keep him on hold on the ordinary life 」

Minaho-neesan tells Megu.,

「 Now then, as for his mental state right now… 」

Everyone gathers their gaze on me again.

「 His heart is damaged that it’s in a critical state, at such times, forget reality, let loose, and set free your mind and body 」

I don’t get it but…
I think it’s definitely dangerous to have my heart still in Sage mode when there are naked girls in front of me.
My heart’s sinking heavily.
I look calm at first, but my heart is just reacting dull.
My head thinks clear. However, my emotions don’t rise up.
My spirit is dead.

「 Megumi isn’t suited to heal his heart and revive it. You’re like him, your foundation is too diligent. You overthink that you two would collapse 」

Yeah, Megu’s like me.
She’s too earnest.
She overthinks.

「 This mission needs bright girls like Nei. Or, Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san who’s a bit free from worldliness 」

Minaho-neesan says that on purpose.
She’s considerate of Megu’s feelings, so she uses a slightly worse tone on Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 Sorry 」
「 No, it’s true Kuromori-sama 」

Misuzu answers with a smile.

「 We do not live with our feet on the ground like Megumi-san. But on the other hand, we can take Danna-sama into a world away from reality. I think that is our only specialty 」

Misuzu speaks self-depreciating on purpose.

「 Yes, we’ll put on our efforts to let Onii-sama forget all of the hardships and sadness in this fleeting life. We’ll free up his mind so he can freshen up.

Ruriko said.

「 Uhm, can I join in too? 」

Michi asks.

「 I’m not cheerful, not merry at all 」
「 That’s absurd, Michi 」

Misuzu smiles at Michi

「 You’re the one who lacks the practical sense the most, aren’t you? You always rush ahead when it comes to Danna-sama 」
「 Well, that’s true but… 」
「 You don’t have to think about that, just think about how can you make Danna-sama have fun to the best. Don’t question the methods 」
「 Misuzu-oneesama, are you sure? 」

Michi’s surprised.

「 I don’t mind, I give my permission 」


「 Nufufu, nufufufu 」

What’s with that laugh.
What are you planning?

「 Finally, my dream will finally be…!! 」

What will Michi make me do?

「 Nei, be sure to watch so Michi-san doesn’t get reckless 」

Minaho-neesan tells Nei.

「 Okay! Yeah, I’m the bright and cheerful girl after all! 」

Nei smiles.

「 However, refrain from taking an arrogant attitude to these girls. Your approach is terrible recently. I understand that you’re happy to be the Onee-san, but you’re using your authority too much. If that goes on, your little sisters will hate you 」
「 Eh, that’s not okay! 」

Nei looks worried.
Minaho-neesan looks at Misuzu.

「 Misuzu-san, cooperate with Nei to heal his heart. Nei might be older than you by a year, but you two are in the same grade. Don’t hold back and discuss with her on equal standing! 」

Nei repeated a year so although she’s 18 years old, she’s still in second-year high school.

「 No, I also have been self-important towards Michi and Ruriko, so I reflect on it 」

Misuzu said.

「 Okay, then those reflecting share ideas and let’s bewitch Yo-chan! 」

Nei said.

「 We’re going to blow away all of Yo-chan’s gloomy feelings!! We’ll all be crackling around!! 」
「 Yes, then when we set free Danna-sama’s mind and body… 」

Misuzu looks at Megumi.

「 Megumi-san, we’ll return Danna-sama to Megumi-san 」


「 Misuzu-san? 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 We’ll extend all our efforts to release Danna-sama from the shadows of reality. But, we can’t let Danna-sama stay in a dream world all the time. Once his body has refreshed, we’ll return him to reality. Danna-sama’s reality…That is beside Megumi-san 」

Misuzu said.

「 Un, therefore, let us take care of Yo-chan for tonight! 」

Nei smiles.

「 Ruriko, Michi, okay? 」

The two nod.

「 Is that a deal, Megumi? 」

Minaho-neesan makes sure.

「 Yes, please take care of Yoshi-kun 」

She bows to Nei and Misuzu.
Then, to me;

「 Yoshi-kun, I’ll be waiting so please play a lot tonight 」
「 Megu 」
「 Minaho-san’s right. If it’s me, Yoshi-kun can’t play around, right? It’s okay, I’m convinced 」

Megu smiles.

「 I’ll leave this to Nei-oneesama. I feel sad that it’s not my job, but… 」
「 Megu, that 」


「 It’s okay. I already received a lot of love earlier. I’ve had a lot of love, so I’m good for today 」
「 Megu, tomorrow 」


「 Let’s have sex again tomorrow, okay? 」
「 Yeah, at that time, when Yoshi-kun feels like he wants to embrace me, then Megumi will accept Yoshi-kun anytime 」


「 I’m Yoshi-kun’s wife after all! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

We continue our meal time for a while.
Katsuko-nee comes to my side.

「 I’ll take care of the rest with Megumi-chan. Don’t worry 」
「 Huh? 」

She whispers to me so the other girls won’t hear it.

「 Megumi-chan is the same as us, her tension’s rising due to Shirasaka Sousuke’s case. If you have sex with Megumi-chan tonight, it’ll be you who have to support her 」
「 So why can’t we take Megu with us? 」

If Megu’s heart is unstable, then…

「 For now, you’re much more hurt than Megumi-chan 」


「 What do you think will happen if Megumi-chan takes you on and you didn’t get erect? 」

If we go that way and I didn’t get erect for Megu.
Megu will get depressed.

「 That’s why it’s an emergency now. You can have sex without restraint for tonight. Drowning in sex is okay. It’s okay to say anything selfish. It’s okay to mess them up, you can release everything inside your heart 」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「 That is why we’re selecting people for that 」

Does that mean?

「 Nei is the closest Onee-san you feel at ease the most, isn’t she? Or should I say that you’re most dependent on Nei? 」
「 I’m also relying on Katsuko-nee 」
「 Thanks. But tonight, Nagisa and I are restless 」

The former prostitutes won’t calm down until the final disposal of Shirasaka Sousuke is over.

「 Ojou-sama too, I think she doesn’t want you to be on her side for tonight. She doesn’t want to show her demonic self to you 」

That’s why Minaho-neesan made me leave the revenge scene.
And now, she’s telling Nei and others to act without restraint.

「 Returning to the topic, other than Nei, Misuzu-san is your pet, Ruriko-san is a sex slave, and Michi-chan too. None of them needs your consideration. You can unloose yourself with all your heart 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Anyway, rebuilding your mind is the first. Megumi-chan will be okay tomorrow. We’ll be with her 」
「 Yeah, thanks, Katsuko-nee 」

Katsuko-nee winks at me and goes away.
I eat for now.
I can’t on unless I have the stamina.

「 Uhm, is it okay for me to stay here? 」

Shou-oneesan talks to Minaho-neesan.

「 Of course, you are serious with him, aren’t you 」
「 That’s…Yes 」

Shou-oneesan answers.

「 Then, please get to know the situation around him. I’m very sorry that it’s only troublesome people, however… 」
「 That, uhm, Reika and I are annoying people too so we should be the ones saying sorry 」

Hearing to that serious conversation. Shou-oneesan seems to have felt a lot.

『 Minaho 』

I hear Kyouko-san’s voice from the speaker.
Minaho-neesan takes the phone on the nearby wall.

「 It’s Minaho, what’s wrong? 」
『 Yeah, as discussed earlier, I’ll deal with the disposal myself. Or should I say that I can do it better alone? All you need to do is to stir up 』

Disposal. They’re talking about Shirasaka Sousuke.
It’s finally time to throw Shirasaka Sosuke away from the mansion?

『 Then, once we’re done with disposal. Could you get us a room in a hotel somewhere in the city? Cordelia’s coming over too so I’d like a suite 』
「 Seki-san, can we use Kouzuki security service for that? 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Shou-oneesan
Kyouko-san kept her voice in the speaker on purpose of making Shou-oneesan listen to it.

「 We have several rooms in our possession. You can choose which room you like from those. I’ll talk with the company and hotel 」

Shou-oneesan answered right away.

「 Thanks 」
「 No, we’ve received orders from Kakka to fully cooperate with Kuromori in this occasion 」
『 Thanks, I’d like somewhere where the night view is beautiful, and the bar’s Sake is delicious. I’m taking Cordelia and her friends after all 』

Kyouko-san said.

「 Then it would be Asaka, I’ll contact them right away. I’ll have them prepare a Royal Suite. What will be the name for use? 」
『 Use Frida Sekigahara. That’s the name on my passport coming to Japan this time 』
「 Okay, I’ll process it right away 」

Shou-oneesan takes out a phone.
Perhaps she’s ready for this occasion so she’ll just call to action.
I speed up eating.

『 Minaho, I’ll handle this myself so have Margo over there 』
「 Thank you Kyouko-san, I’ll end the call then 」
『 Sure thing 』

Minaho-neesan ends the call.
Was she listening to Kyouko-san’s call from the door? Margo-san comes in from the next room.

「 So I don’t need to support Kyouko-san? 」
「 Yes, therefore, join Agnes to Ikeda-sensei’s clinic 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Roger, I talked with Edie. Nei explained things to me in advance, so it went well. Once I spoke of the settlement and facility days, she somehow opened up to me 」

Following Nei, Margo-san also seems to create a good relationship with Edie.

「 Therefore, I’ll take Edie with me, okay? 」
「 No problem 」

The plan at first was;
Agnes’ car has:
Nagisa, the driver and Kuromori’s representative.
Rei-chan and Michi are bodyguards.
Nei’s supposed to divide work as a watchman.
Agnes should have Mana and Mao-chan going with her.
If Margo-san joins in.
We can have Margo-san as the driver, bodyguard, and the watchman.
She only needs Edie to check around the Qi. If she’s getting along with Margo-san, then there’s no need to worry.
Whatever she says, Margo-san is an American in blood, so there are no language problems.
With this, Nei and Michi can get off.

「 Onii-chan 」

Mana comes to me

「 What’s wrong, Mana? 」


「 You see, Mana wants Onii-chan to fuck her a lot 」

She looks at me with passionate eyes.

「 If possible, right now. My body feels hot, deep inside my stomach 」

Mana too, her emotions are rising up because of her father.

「 Err, should we go to another room? 」

If sex stabilizes Mana’s mind, then…
I have to do it even if I force myself.
I’m a bit worried about whether I could get erect or not.

「 No. I’ll endure it. I’ll endure for now 」


「 Mana already had it earlier. Today, Nei-oneechan, Misuzu-oneechan, Ruri-oneechan, and Michi-oneechan haven’t done it yet, so I’ll endure it 」

Mana said.

「 Mana might get hated if she’s too selfish 」
「 Mana, nobody will hate you for doing that 」

I said.

「 That’s not it. Mana’s scared of Onii-chan hating her.


「 Mana can’t live anymore if Onii-chan hates her 」

I hug Mana’s body.

「 That’s not true, I won’t hate Mana, you know? 」
「 Yeah. But, I understood it from the talk earlier. If Mana does it now, Onii-chan will only be considerate of Mana, and you can’t do that kind of sex. That’s why I’ll endure for now 」

Mana puts strength to her hug.

「 Onii-chan, do it with Mana tomorrow. I’ll use my mind and body properly as Onii-chan’s slave. Wait for it, I’ll revise myself tonight!!! 」


「 Well, I’m the same 」


「 I’m also going to rebuild myself tonight. That’s why, wait for me, Mana. Let’s have sex tomorrow. We’ll smile as always, take it easy, and have fun sex 」

I see.
That’s how it is.

「 Yeah, I don’t want such bitter sex anymore 」

I had sex with everyone in front of Shirasaka Sousuke, but.
It was only bitter, painful.

「 Yeah, let’s embrace each other happily. I promise that. I swear to you 」