Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 494. Raise the gear



First, Shou-oneesan leads the American car on the street.

『 Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s transporting. Because of the case last time, Kakka’s direct order is to make sure to protect them. Also, if you cause trouble to the senior top-elites, the security division will be dismissed! 』

The security department under director Yamaoka at the front of the hotel back then withdraw from Cesario Viola’s invasion without doing anything.
Shou-oneesan’s way of speaking tells the security department that chief Yazawa’s top elites ended the battle at the hotel.
In reality, the top elites were gathered there.

『 Okawa, roger that. I’ll convey that to the cars 』

Following, the white van with Agnes inside.
Then, our Benz.
Lastly, Kyouko-san’s minivan.
The car’s order is jumbled on purpose as we go out of the mansion.

「 Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, please show your face to the people monitoring outside 」

One of the four-car convoys stopped on the road in front of the mansion.
We have to make sure that the observers see where Misuzu and Ruriko are riding.

『 The target is the third car. Okawa-kun, best regards 』

I hear Shou-oneesan’s voice from the device.

『 Confirmed. Seki-san, what about the second and fourth car? 』

Kouzuki security service’s surveillance team raises a question.

『 Who knows, I don’t know the circumstances of the people in that mansion. Their destination’s unknown. You don’t have to mind them. Well, just concentrate on the safety of the ladies 』
『 Understood 』

She threatened them just now so the person in charge accepts Shou-oneesan’s order readily.

『 Please tell the police about only our ladies transporting. I don’t like being chased by police vehicles later, even if they’re disguised 』
『 Roger that. I’ll notify the police 』

We’ll be chased by police?

「 Even if it’s a disguised car that doesn’t have patrol lamps like normal ones, you know that they’re police cars once you see it. If an unmarked police car drives following us, then it’ll be just a troublesome guy sticking around 」

Rei-chan explains from the driver seat.

「 Having a patrol car leading the convoy is much better than being tailed by a disguised patrol car, which is strange 」

I see.
It’s a million times more suspicious if you’re followed by an unmarked patrol car.

「 If this was Kakka’s car then the police could say “the police car will take the lead,” and it’ll be another argument. Kakka doesn’t like that kind of special treatment 」

Well, yeah, it’s somewhat unpleasant to have a police car lead the way to a brothel.
Besides, if the police car is leading the way, then they have to know the destination in advance.
Jii-chan won’t accept that.

「 But this time, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama are the subjects. Those guys won’t say anything about making a police car led the convoy 」

The two of them are still students.
Event he police won’t give that much of an extra.

『 Okawa to Seki. I’ve talked to the police. They won’t use an unmarked patrol car but use a regular one as a tail
『 Seki, roger that, do the police know that there are only two out of four vehicles that are ours? 』
『 I don’t think they do 』
『 Then that’s fine. They should be able to distinguish that on their own, we have to show the police that we won’t be openly giving them the right information, that’ll only chip their tension 』
『 Roger 』

I see, the police…
They think that all the four cars are moving with Misuzu.
No, they don’t know it, so the police don’t know how to respond.

『 How should I put it, Seki-san, isn’t that Kyouko Messer on the fourth car? 』

A voice of a Kouzuki security service’s person in charge leaks from the device.
The group leader, Okawa knows Kyouko-san’s face.

『 Hmm. I can’t say anything on my point of view 』

Shou-oneesan speaks in a bright tone.

『 Would the police notice? 』
『 They won’t if this goes on 』

Oh, the second car, Margo-san’s car is showing effect.
Mao-chan, Mana, and Agnes, the children are riding cheerfully.
They saw that first, so…
They can’t imagine that a criminal like Kyouko Messer would drive along with the cars with Misuzu and the Kouzuki house in it.

『 They seem to think of her as Seki-san’s subordinate, protecting Misuzu-sama from behind 』

Group leader Okawa replies.

『 Then leave them alone, also, forget it Okawa-kun 』

Shou-oneesan said.

『 Kyouko Messer is one of Kakka’s agents 』
『 I’ll forget all of this 』

Group leader Okawa said in a panic.
Meanwhile, five cars follow our convoy.
Two cars are in front and back were from Kouzuki security service.
The +1 car behind would be from the police.

『 End deployment 』
『 Roger, Okawa-kun, stay here and keep watch. There are still people left in the mansion 』
『 Roger that 』

A motorcade of 9 cars tries to move.
Suddenly, a car appears in front.
I can’t tell for sure because of the dazzling light, but it’s a small car.
That car blocks the road to stop our vehicles from moving.

「 W-What? 」

The door opens, and a tall man comes down.

「 What’s with you!? You’re on the way, move your car!! 」

A guard from Kouzuki security service on the front car gets down and shouts at the man.
The man…
He’s wearing a long gray suit, his hair is half-length long, he’s wearing a silver edge glasses.
Oval-faced, thick eyebrows and a massive long nose.
Then, he faced us and laughed.

「 Hey, do you not understand me! 」

The guard said. The man;

「 I’m Kamebuchi. Where is Seki-san from Kouzuki security service? 」

He knows Shou-oneesan?

「 Here 」

Shou-oneesan gets off her car.

「 Kamebuchi-kun you say? If you’re here for an interview, then come back during daytime 」


「 You don’t have night interviews? 」

Kamebuchi looks smiling, but…
His eyes aren’t smiling at all.

「 I still haven’t shown my skills yet 」

Kamebuchi takes a stance.
I knew it, this guy is a freelance who tried to apply as the security head.

「 Sorry but there’s no need for me to look. I know your ability from the stage when you show off yourself 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Sorry but my fighting power isn’t that shallow that it could be seen through by a lass like you! 」

Suu, haa.
Kamebuchi takes a deep breath.

「 We don’t use such basis. I can tell that you’re quite strong. But, someone like you can’t work for Kouzuki security service 」
「 Isn’t the job all about strength? 」
「 Kouzuki security service is an organization. We don’t need a martial art that only breaks the peace 」

Shou-oneesan speaks clearly

「 Peace?! What’s that? That’s such an old-fashioned feudalism thinking!? 」

Kamebuchi snorts.

「 My martial arts is to thoroughly defeat the fools who are hostile to me, I make sure that they cannot fight back ever again. At least, I’ve never been defeated!!! 」
「 Kamebuchi-kun, you’re excommunicated from the school you came from. Hatsushiba style organization doesn’t accept you 」
「 That’s “itsu nan nobu mai bijinesu”1 I will pave my own road!! 」

Kamebuchi moves.

「 Toaiyaaaa!!! 」

He attacks the closest guy from Kouzuki security service!!

「 Uguu!!! 」
「 Guaaa!!! 」

Two guards were knocked down in an instant!

「 See that?! It’s my secret art “the one who searches for the shadows at night”!! 」

Kamebuchi shows a victory pose.

「 This is my power!! I can cut through the destiny with this power!! 」


「 That’s just assault. You didn’t give a warning and attacked suddenly, you really are an idiot. I see why you’re excommunicated 」

Hearing that, Kamebuchi laughed.

「 You think naively. If you’ve resolved to live in valor, then you must be prepared to stand in the battlefield anytime!!! You must think about only your victory! 」
「 As I said before, we don’t hire people like that 」


「 Then I will beat down all of the guards here and overthrow you Seki-san! On top of that, I’ll have that old man Kouzuki Shigetaka think highly of my martial arts!!! 」

He aimed to beat Shou-oneesan from the start and sell himself to Jii-chan.
What a fighting idiot.

「 Michi, go 」

Misuzu said.

「 No, I will 」

Rei-chan takes her cane and tries to get off the car, but…

「 No, if a top elite like you or Shou-oneesama fights that man, it’ll only disgrace the name of Kouzuki security service. Michi, go beat him 」


「 Certainly 」

She bows to Misuzu.

「 Hey, Michi 」

I call out Michi as she tries to get off the car.

「 Master, please don’t stop me 」
「 No, I won’t. I’m the one who knows Michi’s strengths best 」

I said. Michi twitched.

「 However, only use a single attack. You don’t need to use your usual Kudou style, you don’t need to catch the other party’s skill so do it fast 」

If she does it as Kudou-papa taught her, then she’ll do a lot of unnecessary actions.

「 Your father’s doing that to hide his strength, but you don’t need to 」

Michi and Kudou-papa are different people.

「 I’ll obey Master’s instructions 」

Michi opens the door.

「 Michi, crush him fast 」

Misuzu orders.

「 Funbaba! Paparapaa!! 」

Kamebuchi beats down two other bodyguards.

「 Now, who’s next? Who’s next? Who’s next? 」

To be honest, he’s annoying.
His voice, looks, and how he fights.

「 Hey, you bastard! We’re the police! Put your hands in the air! You’re under arrest!! 」

Finally, the police guys also try to apprehend Kamebuchi.
To be honest, it’s no longer just assault.

「 If you stand in my way then I’ll eliminate you with all my strength!! 」

Kamebuchi gets even more excited with the new opponents.

「 Ageagedaaaaaa!!! Let’s raise the gear!!! 」

At the moment Kamebuchi takes a stance…

「 That’s enough!!! 」

A petite beauty dressed in a prestigious school uniform stands in front of Kamebuchi!!

「 W-w-w-w-what are you?! 」

Kamebuchi asks. She…

「 Kudou Michi, Kouzuki Misuzu-sama’s personal bodyguard, I’ll beat you by order of my lord!! 」

Michi declares loudly under the silver light of the moon.
No, Michi.
Even though I told you that…

「 Kuuuu, a guard from Kouzuki house now?! I won’t hold back!! I’ll go from top gear from the start!!!! 」

Kamebuchi’s words were cut off…


In an instant, Michi’s red whip created a slice on Kamebuchi’s forehead.
I didn’t see her pull out the whip from under her skirt at all.


Michi’s attack split Kamebuchi’s eyeglasses into two.
Kamebuchi’s forehead spouts blood.

「 Aeoaoe, aeeeeeee, pekapeka!! 」

Then, Kamebuchi fell down on the ground while screaming some incomprehensible words.

「 It would’ve been instant death without the glasses 」

Michi says as she heads to the car Kamebuchi was riding.

「 Haa!! 」

Michi swings her red whip!!


The small car’s door is cut down.

「 Michi-san mentioned about strengthening her whip 」

Ruriko speaks to me elegantly.

「 Strengthening? 」
「 Yes, she mentioned that the whip’s end has a unique metal cutting edge 」

Therefore she can cut down doors too.

「 Haa! Touaa!! Saaaa!!! 」

Michi’s red whip, called Red Butte.
Kamebuchi’s car is torn to pieces in no time.

Gashan !!!

The metal sheet’s torn.
The window glasses are pulverized.
The tires are also ripped.
Michi destroyed the car thoroughly.
This car’s going to the scrapyard.

「 I’ve seen this kind of scene on a bonus stage of an old game 」

Rei-chan says in amazement.

「 Fuuu! 」

Then, the small girl goes back to us.

「 Kudou Michi has eliminated the hindrance to Kouzuki Misuzu-sama’s departure!!! 」

Michi shouts loudly

「 Haaaa!! 」

The applause and cheers come from Margo-san’s white van. Mana, Mao-chan, Agnes, and Nagisa.
We also clap our hands.

「 With this, Michi-chan becomes an existence acknowledged by the police and Kouzuki security service 」

Rei-chan said.

「 That’s right. That’s why I had Michi come out 」

Misuzu said.
I see, if Shou-oneesan beats down Kamebuchi, then there’s no surprise.
That said, if Kyouko-san deals with her, she’ll be marked by the police.
Margo-san too, she can’t show her power here.
They’ll raise their caution to Kuromori.

「 Michi is my bodyguard. Showing off her ability there will be the groundwork for the future 」

Misuzu said.

「 With this, the police would repurpose their objective to transporting Ruriko and me 」
「 Huh, why? 」
「 Because we’re in order. Even though there’s an intruder appearing, nobody panicked 」


「 The police don’t think that the friendship of Kouzuki house and Kuromori-sama is this far 」

Kouzuki house is a noble house with a strong influence in the political and business world.
Kuromori is just a luxury brothel.

「 usually, if an intruder appears, they won’t let Michi do it, but instead, Kuromori-sama takes out the intruder 」

Kuromori is in a lower position after all.
Margo-san or Kyouko-san should come out before Misuzu’s bodyguard does.

「 Michi coming out means that there’s no guard from Kuromori house’s cars going out. If there’s no guard, then there’s no subject. They’ll assume that this convoy is only related to Ruriko and I, to Kouzuki house. 」

Misuzu sent Michi with that much in thought.

「 I’m back 」

Michi returns to the passenger seat of the car once again.

「 Welcome back, well done 」

Misuzu praises her effort.

「 Not at all 」
「 Yeah, that was cool, Michi 」

I said, Michi blushed.

『 Okawa-kun, I’ll let you take care of the injured people. Hand over Kamebuchi-kun to the police, let’s have them deal with him 』

Shou-oneesan’s voice comes from the device.

『 Ah, please wait 』

Looking at the car, Minaho-neesan tells Shou-oneesan something.

『 Sorry, disregard that order, we’ll take Kamebuchi-kun. Just tell the police something appropriate. Bring him to an affiliate hospital 』

We’ll take Kamebuchi in custody?

「 Kuromori-sama seems to have come up with an idea on how to use that person 」

Misuzu tells me.
Minaho-neesan, what?

『 Seki-san, we lost two cars worth of guards 』

Group leader Okawa speaks troubled.
Kamebuchi knocked down his screw so he can’t help it.

『 That’s inevitable. We can’t let Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama wait for longer, we’re departing 』

Shou-oneesan said.
Instead, it helps us that the number of tracking cars decreased.

『 Sorry, Seki-san 』

Group leader Okawa apologizes.

『 It’s not Okawa-kun’s fault, this is a weird attack, that’s all 』

Shou-oneesan speaks in a bright voice.

『 Earlier, Misuzu-sama’s personal bodyguard, that was Kudou-san’s daughter, isn’t she? 』

Group leader Okawa knows Kudou-papa?
Well, he shows up a lot inside Kouzuki security service, so I guess it’s natural to know him.

『 That’s right, she’s the youngest daughter 』
『 She’s quite strong. Even though she’s cute 』

Michi trembles as she heard the voice from the device.

『 Yes, she’s very strong. She’s already Misuzu-sama’s personal bodyguard at that age 』

To be accurate, Michi can’t be a professional guard on Kouzuki security service.
Misuzu and Ruriko go to the same school, they usually live a life together with a “guard,” or should I say that it’s closer to “attendant.”

『 Haa, Kudou-san has quite a wonderful daughter 』

Group leader Okawa said. Michi looks like she’s not convinced.

◇ ◇ ◇

There was a bit of accident, but…
We’re able to depart from the mansion somehow.
Our cars, four, Kouzuki security service’s convoy, two, and one from the police.
The convoy of seven cars drives through the night road.
The cars drive in a single row for a while.
Going up the highway, and driving for five more minutes.
Then, a road branching comes close.
Going to the right continues the highway.
Going left goes to the local road.
Margo-san’s van driving in front of us…
They run parallel our car.
Inside the van, Mana, Mao-chan, and Agnes…
They’re waving their hands to me.

「 This is where we part 」

Misuzu’s also waving her hand. Smiling.
Ruriko and me too.

「 If we do “bye-bye” with them like this, even if the car leaves the convoy it won’t be strange 」

I see.

「 Michi too, wave your hand 」

I said.

「 It’s embarrassing 」

Michi who was just in a fight earlier seems to be embarrassed like a girl.

「 Don’t say that. Edie’s waving too 」
「 What? 」

Edie’s hiding behind the back of the van.
She doesn’t need to hide though.
Her Qi sensor must’ve made her do that I guess.
The Qi outside the mansion isn’t always good.
Her brown hand is swinging from the tray, facing towards us.

「 Edie 」

Michi does her best to reply with a wave of her hand.
I’m sure that Edie’s watching from between the platform.

「 I-It’s just a short parting 」

Rei-chan said.
Margo-san’s white van and Kyouko-san’s minivan leaves the convoy at the junction.

『 Seki-san, what should we do? 』

A guard from the two cars sends Shou-oneesan an emergency inquiry.

『 Follow us. Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s here 』
『 However. Is it okay to leave the two-car that parted with us? 』
『 I don’t mind, the car behind was my assistant. Continue with your job 』

Shou-oneesan calls Kyouko-san her assistant.
Then, there’s also one guard with the children.
There’s no problem.

「 The police car is also following us 」

There’s only one vehicle chasing…
They follow the much more important Misuzu and Ruriko.
With this.
Kyouko-san can do her work freely.
I don’t know where Shirasaka Sousuke will be tossed.

『 Seki to Fujimiya-san, respond 』

Shou-oneesan calls.

『 Yes, Fujimiya here 』
『 It’s about time Misuzu-sama gives us the destination 』

Oh right.
The destination’s not decided yet.
They only decided the outline, prioritizing for Kyouko-san’s car to escape.
If the destination’s decided at first, then Kyouko-san might not be able to escape the convoy if something happens.

「 Misuzu, where are we going? 」

I ask Misuzu.

「 Yes, I’ve already decided! 」

She smiles at me.

「 Danna-sama, I invite you to my room! 」

M-Misuzu’s house?!!!


  1. it’s none of my business