Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 541. HOTEL



When Megu, Mana, Edie, and I just finished drinking the canned juice in front of the school gate.

Our pick-up car finally arrived.

Wait, it’s not Nagisa’s foreign car, but instead, it’s the business van?

The car stops in front of us.

「 Thanks for the wait 」

Nagisa opens the window and said.

Nei’s not the passenger seat Margo-san and Mao-chan are in the rear seat.

「 Papa! 」

The car’s sliding door opened and Mao-chan jumped at me.

I hugged Mao-chan and pat her head.

「 Hurry up and get in, we don’t want to be seen 」

Margo-san said with a smile.

Megu, Mana, and Edie rushed inside the car.

I joined in the second row of the van.

Megu, Mana, and Edie boards the last row, the folding bench seat.

Fortunately, there’s no student around the school gate.

The van accelerates as soon as we close the door.

「 We can’t fit people unless we use this car, right? 」

Nagisa says while driving.

Oh, I see. We’re 8 people inside, right.

「 Besides, it’s better to use this car for today 」

「 Why? 」

I asked. Nei replies instead of Nagisa.

「 The hotel has a lot of VIP coming to the party tonight. Work-use cars won’t be suspected 」

「 But, didn’t we use a luxury car last time,, on Misuzu’s dance presentation? 」

Margo-san’s Maserati and Minaho-neesan’s Benz.

「 Back then, we’re attending as audience as well so we needed to use a flashy car so we won’t lose to the other wealthy people. But for tonight’s party, only Mii-chan’s attending, right? 」

「 We don’t have invitations, and we only need to stay in the hotel to have an alibi when Kyouko-san takes action 」

Nei said. Margo-san supplements.

「 The party tonight has strict security, so it’s a perfect alibi 」

「 Speaking of which, what kind of party is it? 」

I don’t know the details.

「 Publicly, it’s the opening of the Russian film festival party 」

Margo-san replied.

「 As guests, the Russian government’s resource and natural-gas related people have come to Japan. Also, the top energy companies from Russia. They’re the sponsor for the Russian film festival 」


「 Therefore, the prime minister of Japan’s also coming. While at it, the vice minister for administration will also have a moment to have a confidential talk with the Russians 」

「 Confidential talk? 」

「 They’ll say that “the prime minister’s companion has come to the party,” and they’ll head to a separate room in the hotel secretly. Then, the media won’t notice that, will they? They’re having a discussion on the same hotel anyway 」

Margo-san said.

「 Both the Japanese and Russian side have prepared waiting-rooms for the party in advance so they can just go back and forth to each other’s rooms. The media’s camera will chase only the prime minister anyway 」

Is that so?

「 Of course, not only government officials but also a lot of Japanese businessmen will come. There’s a lot of companies who would like to increase their deals with Russia 」

Will those people also have the official stance of attending the film festival and negotiate in secret?

「This kind of social parties can make a connection without disagreements. Therefore, Kouzuki-san must attend the party today 」

Jii-chan? Why?

「 Well, look, those who want to make connections need someone to introduce them, right? Like Kouzuki-san who’s face and name is widely known must come in between. In the worse case, they can choose a time when Kouzuki-san is having a chat with a Russian person, then purposely introduce themselves as an acquaintance. They’d ask Kouzuki-san to introduce them to the Russian 」

「 People like Shige-chan has to do it 」

Nagisa said.

「 On the other hand, if there’s a person Shige-chan don’t want to introduce, then he’d interfere and chase them away 」

Jii-chan’s life is hard.

「 It’s the duty of men with power 」

Margo-san said.

「 Well, that doesn’t matter to us though. We’re just escorts of Mii-chan and Ruri-chan, so we only have to dress them up and put make-up on them, right? Later, we can just watch TV in the room and play with Mao-chan 」

Nei said and laughed.

「 No, I was told to attend the party with them 」

「 Huh, really? 」

「 Yeah, somehow, Katsuko-nee said that she had my suit prepared 」

If the prime minister’s coming, then I don’t want to go now.

「 Well, it can’t be helped. The party I just told you now has a lot of people from noble families coming, its’ a Russian film festival, so they’re all bringing their wives and children. It would be the best place to have you show off 」


「 You were introduced to the executives of the Kouzuki group but tonight will be your first time to show off as Misuzu-chan’s partner 」

Is that so?

Megu who’s sitting next to me looks gloomy. 1

「 Besides, Kouzuki-san didn’t give consent, so it’s a surprise. Misuzu-chan and Ruriko-chan are showing some nerves too, aren’t they? 」

I’ve been thinking off how to fix Ruriko and Jii-chan’s relationship, but.

Those two were thinking ahead.

「 They’ve been the high-class ladies among high-class ladies, so they have a different resolve. I understood that after staying with them last night 」

Nei said.

「 The daughters of Kouzuki house are always looked up by everyone, so they’re always cautious and dignified. Yet they open up in front of Yo-chan. Those two can’t set themselves free only when having sex with Yo-chan 」

I think so too.

「 That’s why I want to make their wishes come true as much as possible. Those two are always holding back after all 」

Misuzu and Ruriko can only be naked in front of me.

They’re happy at times they’re with me.

「 However, those girls think of me as Superman 」

They think of me as a strong man who will accept anything.

「 Oh, I felt that too last night. You’re right, we need to look after them so they won’t burden Yo-chan too much 」

Nei tells Megu.

「 What? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 What are you getting surprised for?! Stopping Mii-chan and Ruri-chan from getting reckless is a job for Yo-chan’s legitimate elder sister, me, and Yo-chan’s lawful wife, Megu-chan! 」

Nei said laughing.

「 Yo-chan said that he wants those girls to be as free as much as possible. If the elder sisters give them a warning, then their “honor students” root will shrink them, and they’d hold back even with Yo-chan, right? That’s why we need to fix them with a bit of jealousy and disturbances 」

Megu’s eyes opened wide.

「 I-I don’t 」

「 Then, want to switch? I’ll be Yo-chan’s lawful wife, and Megu-chan will be mistress number 1? I don’t mind it! 」

Nei laughs.

「 I-I don’t want that 」

「 Then, do your work as the lawful wife. It’s normal to hate on the other girls, right? You’re the “lawful wife” after all. You should act great and dignified 」


「 I don’t have the confidence. Misuzu-san’s much more beautiful than me, she’s more dignified, she’s much more of a legal wife than me.


「 But, it can’t be helped. Yo-chan won’t be able to endure if Mii-chan is his lawful wife. He’s no good unless Megu-chan is the lawful wife! 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu looks at me.

「 Yo-chan’s needed by the girls from Kouzuki house to become their true selves but, it’s impossible for him to live in such a secluded world of Kouzuki house. He’s an ordinary boy. He’s not forged to be in the higher-class like Mii-chan and Ruri-chan 」

Nei’s right.

It’s impossible for me.

「 There may be special opportunities where Yo-chan has to attend to parties like today, and it might happen again in the future but, Yo-chan’s living in the world same as Megu-chan and me, Mii-chan and Ruri-chan are coming to us to play to rest easy their heart. Therefore, Megu-chan is the lawful wife 」

「 Nei-san 」

Megu’s deeply moved.

「 Hey hey, what about Mao? What world is Mao in? 」

Mao-chan who’s listening to the story asks Nei.

「 Hmmm, Mao-chan’s living in another world. You see, it’s the tomorrow land! 」


「 Megu-chan and I are in the adventures land, Agnes-chan is in the fantasy land. Katsu-nee and Nagisa-san are living in the world bazaar, and Mana-chan’s in the critter country. Edie’s from the Toon Town 」

「 Misuzu-chan and the other? 」

Mao-chan asks, Nei;

「 Well, Mii-chan and Ruri-chan are living in Cind*rella’s castle! Mitchan is the one running around with the rabbit holding a watch 」

「 Is there no one in the western world? 」

Nagisa asked laughing.

「 Well, that’s where Kyouko-san and others act violently, right? 」

「 Is that so? Shouldn’t Kyouko-san be the pirates of caribb**n 」

Margo-san laughs.

「 Oh, good point 」

Nei laughs.

「 Where’s Minaho by the way? 」

Margo-san asks.

「 Well, it’s in the fantasy land. She likes “it’s a small world”! 」

「 Not “Hon*do Man*yon”? 」

Nei and Margo-san laughed loudly.

「 What about Rei-chan and Shou-neechan? 」

Nagisa asks. Nei;

「 The two of them pushes the “gate pass” stamp on the hands of the visitors at the front entrance! 」

I don’t get it.

「 With that said, Let’s all go to Disneyland someday! 」

Nei said.

「 Yeah, I’ll pass 」

Margo-san replied right away.

「 Huh, why? 」

「 That place is based on the distorted world built by the head of Americans. I don’t like it so much, besides 」

「 Besides? 」

「 There’s mice coming out no matter what 」

Margo-san laughed.

Speaking of which, Margo-san wasn’t mentioned in Nei’s story earlier.

◇ ◇ ◇

The car enters the urban center.

Mao-chan leans on me and fell asleep.

Edie on the last row is sleeping too.

「 But still, you’ve grown up 」

Margo-san tells me.

「 Your actions earlier, we were watching the feed from the mansion’s camera too 」

My actions earlier?

「 Seriously, it made my heart throb. To think that you picked a fight with the police without difficulty 」

Nagisa said.

「 Huh, what happened? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Well, look, we’re not on that level anymore 」

I replied.

「 I had no choice but to strengthen my resolve 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu looks at me worriedly.

「 No, it wasn’t that grave of a situation. Shou-neechan and Rei-chan were with me, and it was in front of the mansion, so Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee were watching 」

「 But, I think that your resolve is wonderful 」

Margo-san laughs.

「 I was surprised to see you pick up a brick and try to smash the police though 」


Yeah, I knew it, the brick was no good.

From now on, it’s better if I carry my beat-up stick.

Whenever I go from the mansion to school.

「 But, you’re growing stronger 」

「 Really 」

Margo-san and Nagisa said.

「 I’m the only man in here, so I thought I need to be more dependable. But 」


「 I haven’t done anything at all 」

Even earlier, in the end, Shou-neechan helped me out.

That wasn’t my power.

Shou-neechan exposed my relationship with Misuzu. The police backed off fearing a full confrontation with Kouzuki house.

I didn’t manage to settle things with my power.

「 I think that I need a bit more power at least 」


「 The people in the world only evaluate influential people, but we’re family. We assess your growth over the past few days instead of your current strength 」


「 You have definitely grown. It’s okay. Have some confidence 」

「 That’s right. You were so timid when we first met, you can’t even speak appropriately to me 」

Nei laughed.

I see. That’s true.

Even if I’m like this, I’m progressing gradually.

「 Growth needs to be done gradually, you don’t need to hurry. You’re still young 」

「 That’s right, we’re expecting on your future! 」

Nagisa smiles at me through the rear mirror.

「 Slowly but surely. Think of the long-term 」

I mutter. Nagisa;

「 What’s that? 」

「 Yeah, Misuzu said that. It’s about time I should think of the future from a long-term perspective 」

「 That’s true. As expected of Misuzu, she thinks realistically and straightforward 」

Nagisa said.

「 Thinking in a long-term 」

Megu ponders.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Okay, we’ve arrived 」

Nagisa said. I looked out of the window.

Though it’s in the urban center, there’s a small green hill, and three large buildings lined up.

They have a different altitude, and the atmosphere of each building is also different.

「 The hotel here are long-standing buildings. The main building, the annex, and the new building are separate. The lowest one is the main building. The annex is the tall building in the middle. The one on the back is the new building 」

I see. They expanded and extended to the back.

「 We’ll go around and enter from the new building. The reception of tonight’s party is at the main building so everyone’s cars will be parked there 」

In short, the security is strict.

「 The underground parking lot has a new wing, so their security is lacking 」

Our van does a huge turn around at the hotel premise.

But still, it’s wide.

It’s over a third of the high-rise hotels, and it spreads around the whole building’s garden.

「 Okay, we’re in 」

Nagisa turns the steering wheel, and we arrived at the hotel grounds.

We then head to the underground parking lot.

I can’t see people related to the police here.

There are security guards from the hotel here and there.

「 This is different from the hotel in Odaiba. This hotel has the history and tradition 」

Margo-san said.

I see. They would like to do their security by themselves without borrowing power from outside as much as possible.

「 Well, in any case, this new building isn’t that strict. It’s connected to the annex on the first and second floors passage. If they check in there, then they can prevent invasion of suspicious individuals 」

Oh, it’s in the same hotel so they can cut loose on each building.

Nagisa parks the car in an open space in the parking lot.

「 Yes, okay. Megumi-chan, wake Edie-chan up 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Megu and Mana wake up Edie.


「 I’ll carry Mao-chan 」

I feel sorry to wake her up.

「 Thanks, dear 」

Nagisa said.

I get off the van.

Edie still looks sleepy.

「 It’s this way. Let’s go 」

Margo-san leads the way, Nei, Nagisa, me+Mao-chan, Megu, Mana, and Edie follows in order.

「 We’ll be going to the lobby of the new building 」

Margo-san said.

「 That’s where we will have people see us show up 」

We’re making an alibi.

The lobby of the hotel don’t have only hotel employees, but also police and bodyguards are present.

We head to the first floor with an elevator.

「 This hotel has a reception lobby on each building 」

Oh, those reserving rooms in the main building can also receive the keys to their room from the reception of the new building or the annex.

「 It’s all card-type electronic keys now 」

Margo-san said.

We arrived in the lobby.

「 You can take it easy on the sofa, I’ll go to the front desk and check the room Shou-oneesan has booked 」

Margo-san heads to the reception.

In truth, she already checked the number of the rooms in advance.

But, she’s doing that on purpose.

「 Then, let’s wait. Does anyone want a drink? 」

Nagisa asks us.

「 No, we just drank canned juice while waiting for the car in front of the school gate 」

Megu replied.

「 Hm? 」

Mao-chan wakes up in my arms.

「 Oh, Mao, good morning. Are you feeling thirsty? 」

Nagisa asks. Mao-chan;

「 Mama, pee 」

Wow, it’s that?

Don’t do it while I’m still carrying you.

「 Oh my, then we’ll be back 」

Nagisa takes Mao-chan from me.

As expected, a student like me can’t take Mao-chan to the toilet.

「 Ah, wait, Nagisa 」

I look at Mana and Edie.

「 Take Mana and Edie with you 」

I must not let my guard down even in this hotel.

If Mao-chan and Nagisa go far from us, it’ll be dangerous.

「 Margo-san’s looking at us either way 」

Margo-san’s checking us out even while heading to the front desk.

「 You’re right. I’ll stay here 」

Nei tells Mana.

「 Okay, got it 」

Mana talks to Edie.

《 OK 》

Edie agreed.

「 Mama, Mao’s about to leak 」

「 Oh my, then let’s hurry 」

Nagisa, Mao-chan, Mana, and Edie goes to the toilet.

「 Fuu 」

I sit on the hotel’s sofa.

「 Yo-chan, it’s a fight starting now! 」

Nei sits next to me.

「 I know 」

Megu sits on my left side.

「 Megu, you did well 」

I tell Megu.

「 Huh, Yoshi-kun, I 」

Megu looks down gloomily.

「 Even coming to this hotel, I can’t do anything to help everyone 」

「 Don’t be ridiculous 」

I poke Megu’s nose with my fingers.

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu looks at me in surprise.

「 Megu just needs to respond a smile to me. Then, I can do my best on anything 」

I smile at Megu.

「 It’s your job as the lawful wife to sense if your husband wants to call you and speak to him kindly 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 I’m the orthodox “Onee-san,” so all I can tell Yo-chan is “Do your best” or “It’s a fight” or “This is the critical moment” things that would motivate him 」

Everyone has their own role.

in the family.

The family’s growing gradually as well.

No, we have to mature.

「 Don’t be so spoiled, get yourself together 」

Nei said.

「 A gathering of weak people is just a nuisance. Let’s become stronger, one by one. You don’t need to do anything you’re bad at. You can do what you do best, on what your role is. If troubles arise then we can just help each other 」

Nei said. Megu;

「 Yes 」

She nods lightly.


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