Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 551. Party of the wealthy 


We go down to the first floor from the elevator.
It’s already dark outside.
The lobby of the luxury hotel is beautifully lighted up. There are a lot of guests.
「 What? 」
「 Wow! So beautiful 」
「 Are they models? 」
Misuzu and Ruriko who’s dressed up made people around the lobby raise their voice.
That’s how elegant and gorgeous the two are.
Furthermore, in our front and back have two female guards from Kouzuki security service escorting us.
We will naturally stand out.
「 Kuromori-sama 」
Misuzu links arms with me.
「 Ruriko 」
「 Yes, Onee-sama 」
She holds hand with Ruriko.
「 This way 」
Michi leads to the main building from the annex.
Ruriko, Misuzu, and I line up side by side.
The ladies of Kouzuki security service are protecting our front and back feeling tense.
Coming from the modern newly-built annex, we head to the main building where the traditional, solemn atmosphere drifts.
Oh, the guests in this lobby are a bit different.
They’re all calm, and they wear clothes that look expensive.
There’s a lot of women in Japanese clothes too.
The guests coming to the party are already gathering.
There’s a lot of women dressed up.
「 Look at that 」
Some people point at us.
They’re holding cameras, media, I guess.
「 They’re Kouzuki house’s ladies, right? 」
「 Isn’t that the daughter of the recently dead Kouzuki Shigeaki 」
Try to whisper when talking.
There’s no need for you to speak so loudly, trying to make Ruriko hear it.
「 Danna-sama, smile 」
Misuzu whispers to my ear.
Looking at them, Misuzu and Ruriko are both smiling.
「 Please control your emotions, if we show displeasure then it’s our loss 」
Misuzu whispers and she grips my arm tighter.
She’s pressing her breasts on my arm.
「 Who’s that guy linking arms with her? 」
「 Who knows 」
The men holding a camera tries to capture a photo of us.
「 We’re sorry, but it’s forbidden to take photos in the lobby
The hotel bellboy talks to the media guy.
He stands in front of the camera so we won’t get photographed.
「 This hotel is first-class, so we can leave things like that to them 」
Misuzu said.
There are a lot of tourist guests as well so they can’t refuse those who bring a camera in the lobby.
But if someone tries to shoot another person with a camera, the employees of the hotel will stretch themselves and stop them.
「 But, there are those who take hidden shots, right? 」
I think.
In this lobby, there’s a lot of police officers, and bodyguards of distinguished houses.
The party tonight is a Russian film festival so there may be people coming from foreign intelligence agencies.
And everyone would like information on who is Misuzu’s fiance.
「 That’s okay, we walked on the first-floor lobby on the purpose of having peeping photos. That way, there won’t be any unnecessary photos like with the media just now 」
We’re aware so let them take photos.
「 We also need to get along with those people from now on either way 」
Misuzu laughs.
That’s right. If I’m going to live as Misuzu’s partner from now on, then.
I need to get used to this.
「 We’re in public right now 」
I resolve myself.
Misuzu and Ruriko don’t break their elegant smile either.
We go through the main building lobby.
「 The escalator there will lead to the second floor 」
Michi tells me.
Oh, I’m the only one who doesn’t know where the venue is, so she’s being considerate with me and tells me everything.
Looking at the escalator, it says “The second floor, Banquet area.”
I don’t know what Banquet means though.
「 The venue for today is used for celebrities” wedding in the past 」
Misuzu said while we ride the escalator.
「 It was when celebrity weddings are popular in television broadcast 」
I see, so they had a party at this place.
Looking up at the escalator, arrows are leading to “Crimson Peafowl Area” “Red Dragon King Area” and “Red Celestial Maiden Area.”
「 We’re on “Red Peafowl Area” 」
Misuzu smiles.
The reception table is already at the front of the entrance.
There are people already lined up in there.
Of course, they’re not only Japanese.
There are Russians at the reception too, could they be from the Embassy or Russians in a business office in Japan?
Also, the media again.
There’s no stinky man like the one on the lobby below.
There are about 30 female reporters.
Their hairstyle is stylish, and they’re wearing beautiful suits.
「 Women’s magazine cover celebrities visiting this kind of parties 」
Misuzu whispers to me.
「 They plan to check the fashion of the celebrities dressed up 」
「 But, celebrities aren’t wealthy, they’re ordinary people, aren’t they? 」
「 Yes, but people like that 」
The rich wife or ladies wearing a party dress. That doesn’t matter to the ordinary people, but.
「 And also, many wealthy people like to be covered by such magazines 」
They want themselves wearing a dress shown in the magazine?
「 Therefore, those people have official permission from the party organizer 」
In short, we too.
Ah, they’re here.
「 Excuse me, may I? 」
Oh wow, three reporters come over us showing a very fake smile.
「 We’re from Monthly “Mrs. Style,” would it be okay if we take photos? 」
「 I refuse 」
She smiles.
「 We’re still in middle school and high school, there’s no value in taking photos 」
「 Not at all young ladies, you two are lovely, would you like to share us some fashion points for today? 」
The reporters don’t give up.
The reporters behind try to take photos without permission.
「 Please stop. Ojou-sama refused to take photos 」
Taki-san from Kouzuki security service stops the reporter.
Then, she shows her Kouzuki security service employee ID card.
「 S-Sorry 」
The reporters bow their head and disband quickly.
「 What’s up? 」
「 Kouzuki security service only escorts nobles 」
Misuzu replied.
「 If they get them angry, their magazine company will collapse 」
They’re aware that as they go around interviewing in celebrity parties.
「 Michi,, please head to the reception 」
「 Yes, Misuzu-sama 」
Michi who has the invitation heads to the receptionist.
Oh, the journalist just checked out on Michi.
They probably want to know which house Misuzu belongs to.
Michi shows the invitation, and the receptionist rushes towards Misuzu.
「 Welcome to the party. Please come in 」
They welcome her respectfully.
「 Thank you 」
Misuzu thanked the man and looked at Taki-san.
「 This is far enough. Please wait for Yazawa-san’s instruction afterward 」
「 No, no, well done, girls, you can join Kiyohara’s team. Group-up with Norma and others and remain on standby 」
Chief Yazawa himself appears from the hall.
He was watching our state from the inside.
「 R-Roger 」
Taki-san salutes to chief Yazawa.
Chief Yazawa’s wearing a dandy suit right now.
「 Hey now, when I’m wearing civilian clothes, then there’s no need to bow 」
「 I-I’m sorry! 」
As expected, they seem to be nervous speaking directly to chief Yazawa, the most important person in Kouzuki security service.
「 Now then, let’s get in 」
Chief Yazawa grins.
The reporters earlier are surprised that chief Yazawa came to meet us by himself.
「 Hey now, Danna-sama, please stay calm 」
Misuzu grips my arm tightly again.
Haa, I mustn’t.
Don’t show emotions in my face.
「 Ruri 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama! 」
We head to the party entrance.
   ◇ ◇ ◇
But still, this is quite vast.
There are already 200 to 300 people inside.
Japanese, Japanese, Russian, ah, there are black people too. There are Chinese looking people also.
Oh, I see, this is a Russian film festival, but people who want to build a relationship with the Russian government and companies are all coming. Nationality is irrelevant.
「 What do you think, it’s incredible, isn’t it? 」
Chief Yazawa tells me.
Then that means that I’m still showing a surprised expression in my face.
I’m reflecting.
「 Well, there are people related to entertainment coming too, Kabuki actors, film directors, oh, there’s a girl idol also coming for some reason 」
I see. This is a party for the Russian film festival after all.
Entertainers will come too.
「 Are you not interested? She seems to be the eighth most popular girl among the idol group 」
That’s so subtle.
「 It seems that God is in the 10th place 」
「 Sorry, I’m not interested in those 」
I speak honestly.
「 I already have three beautiful ladies on my side 」
I look at Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi.
「 I see. Speaking of which, Misuzu-sama, it seems that the South Korean stars are coming, for some reason
Why are there South Korean stars coming to a Russian film festival in Japan?
Well, they’d wedge into whatever they could dig in.
「 If you’d like then I could introduce them to you 」
「 No thanks, I already have someone amazing by my side 」
She clings to me.
「 I’m not interested either. 」
Ruriko smiles.
「 What about you Kudou lass? 」
「 Do you mean to ask if I want to fight them? 」
Why did it reach that conclusion?
「 If it’s someone deserving to fight and take down then I think that engaging with them is worthwhile 」
「 No, don’t fight them. My fault 」
Chief Yazawa says while looking troubled.
「 Why do you treat us like children? 」
Misuzu asks chief Yazawa with a smile.
I see, “Do you want to meet some celebrities” is a conversation for children.
「 Everyone’s matured so suddenly that I just wanted to ask 」
Chief Yazawa shows a bitter smile.
「 I want to see if the appearance matches the inside 」
「 We’re still children, I’m  17, Danna-sama is 16, Ruriko and Michi are both 15 years old. We’re not adults 」
She looks at chief Yazawa.
「 But we have prepared ourselves for this place. Even a child can do that much. Therefore, if we seem mature to you, then that’s the reason 」
We need to establish Jii-chan and Ruriko’s reconciliation.
Various problems will rise in the future.
Today, tonight, now, we have to do something on this place.
「 I see. Understood. However! 」
Chief Yazawa looks at Ruriko.
「 To think that the change is so far from when I met you hours ago! 」
Ruriko now isn’t just merely dressing up.
She has received three amounts of semen in her mouth and womb.
Furthermore, her body is just wiped with a towel after sex.
Her body still has the spark of making love from earlier.
Her body and bare skin are wrapped in a sophisticated dress.
This 15-year old girl’s odor and perfume produce a lewd smell.
Her face is delighted with sex, she’s glowing.
「 I’m a child but also a woman 」
Ruriko smiles at chief Yazawa.
「 Women change 」
Oh, that’s thrillingly sexy.
「 I think that this is the best way to convince Grandfather 」
Misuzu said.
「 I see, if Ruriko looks this mature then Kakka will surely want to keep you close again 」
Chief Yazawa’s making a misunderstanding.
He doesn’t know that I bought Ruriko from Jii-chan.
Nor the illicit love Jii-chan holds for Ruriko.
Jii-chan doesn’t want Ruriko to become an adult so he could keep her under his control.
He wishes for Ruriko to stay childish forever.
Therefore, he isolated her from the world and blocked information from the outside.
Then, we;
To have Jii-chan give up on Ruriko completely.
Ruriko became an adult.
「 As expected of Kuromori house, I never thought that you’d go this far 」
Oh, he thinks that Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee’s make-up made this image change for Ruriko?
Well, I guess.
No one can imagine that Ruriko’s basked in sex for just a short time.
Chief Yazawa believes that Ruriko is still a virgin.
I’m Misuzu’s partner so I won’t be laying a hand on Ruriko.
「 Excuse me, Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama 」
Suddenly, the girls are called out.
If I recall, this guy is?
「 You’re here too!? 」
He’s showing ill-intent towards me.
Oh, he’s the prince of Kouzuki house’s branch family, Kouzuki Souji.
Now that I look closely, his younger brother, Kouzuki Subaru is also here.
「 In this age, the relationship between Japan and Russia is essential.  Father brought us here 」
I see. If it’s a party where a lot of people from distinguished families are coming then Kouzuki house’s branch family will also come.
「 Shiba-san’s here too, the eldest son, Takahiko-kun isn’t present but Akira-kun, the second son is coming 」
Shiba Okitachi, the man Jii-chan entrusted the Kouzuki group. It’s an important party where Jii-chan must attend so of course, he’ll come too.
The eldest son probably hasn’t recovered from the shock of Misuzu abandoning the engagement yet.
The next guy seems to be smart. Although he’s a bit stiff though.
「 Huh, Where’s Kouzuki Satoshi and Tsunoda? 」
Where’s the pick-up boys?
If they’re present, then it’s a lot of trouble.
「 Those two can’t be interested in Russian films at all 」
Kouzuki Souji speaks in displeasure.
「 Besides, those two are currently under punishment. They can’t show themselves to the public for a while 」
Oh right, during Ruriko’s father funeral;
The two had displayed themselves having sex with Iwakura-san to the relatives.
「 Ah, Kuromori-sama, please turn this way. There’s something on your face 」
Misuzu suddenly told me.
「 Okay, please don’t move 」
She takes out a lacy handkerchief and wipes my forehead.
「 It’s okay now 」
Then, she hugs me on the front.
「 I love you, Kuromori-sama 」
Is she purposely showing this to Kouzuki Souji?
「 Souji-san, it’s about time you return to your father 」
Misuzu said with a smile.
「 No, but 」
「 Do you still need anything from us? 」
Kouzuki Souji
「 Excuse us 」
The brothers return.
「 Souji-san is a straightforward man, so he’s used by other people 」
Misuzu whispers to me.
「 The branch family executives told him to come to us and scout out 」
「 They’re confirming if our relationship is genuine 」
Whether Misuzu and I are really dating or not.
「 Besides, everyone’s worried that Ruriko might not return to Grandfather as expected 」
They believe that Ruriko will be the inevitable successor of Kouzuki house as she’s Jii-chan’s granddaughter.
Unlike the other Granddaughter, Misuzu, Jii-chan raised Ruriko himself.
The man who’ll marry Ruriko will be the have the next generation of Kouzuki house at hand, so everyone was aiming for that.
「 “Was Ruriko really kept away from Grandfather?” They want to confirm that 」
Ruriko’s father, Kouzuki Shigeaki has died unnaturally.
Everyone’s aware that it’s a result of some trouble caused by him.
Therefore, they believe that his daughter, Ruriko, has been dropped out as a successor candidate for Kouzuki house.
「 If this goes in, it’ll only cause inconvenience to Yoshiko-sama 」
Ruriko said worriedly.
Yoshiko-san is revealed to be the secret child of Jii-chan’s first son who passed away.
She’s suddenly recognized as a daughter of Kouzuki house.
In that case, those who were aiming at Ruriko change target to the newly appeared Yoshiko-san.
「 No, anyway, seeing Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama look this good would be shocking enough for them 」
Chief Yazawa said.
「 Rather, they should be scared, if Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama work together then they won’t be able to rule Kouzuki house even if they get Yoshiko-sama 」
「 What does that mean? 」
I asked.
「 Until a few days ago, Kouzuki house was divided into Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama’s faction. Even if Yoshiko-sama’s faction is formed, if the factions of Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama unite, then it’ll overturn the whole thing 」
Chief Yazawa tells me.
「 Besides, everyone’s expecting that Misuzu-sama will mediate Ruriko-sama and Kakka’s relationship 」
If Ruriko’s forgiven then Ruriko faction will keep their forces as usual. There’s no need to switch to Yoshiko-san’s faction.
「 However, that can’t go on. Another scout will be sent over, and this time, there might be some from distinguished houses as well 」
If it’s just people from Kouizuki house, it’s okay since they know the internal situation, however.
People from other noble houses are quite troublesome.
Someone might persist asking on us out of curiosity.
「 Hmm, right, there’s a lot of people looking at us from all over the venue 」
I feel a lot of gazes from all directions.
「 Yazawa-san’s currently present, so nobody’s coming at us 」
Ruriko said.
Everyone’s afraid of Jii-chan’s right hand, chief Yazawa.
「 Anyway, we were able to show ourselves in the venue boldly, and we showed off to the nobles and the people of Kouzuki house. Ruriko, Kuromori-sama, and I showcase that we’re getting along well. We have cleared the first stage, I think
Misuzu said.
「 Therefore, let’s move to the second stage. Yazawa-san, could you talk to the party managers? 」
「 No problem. They have accepted our request 」
Oh, they have some plan.
「 There’s still ten minutes before the party starts. Kakka will enter three minutes before. Kakka’s already old, so his seat is ready. It’s over there 」
Yazawa-san points to the chair on the left side of the podium of the party hall.
「 When he enters the hall, I will head him to there. Those will come to greet will be shut out because the Prime Minister’s entry will be given priority 」
I see.
「 Therefore, Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama, please use the waiting room over there until then. I’ve already told the party management 」
Yeah, we have shown our face to the guests enough.
We can now disappear until Jii-chan arrives.
「 Then, Ruriko and I will go there, Michi 」
「 Yes, Misuzus-ama 」
Michi replied.
「 Please take care of Kuromori-sama 」
Ah, I can’t join in the waiting room with them?
「 We will have Yazawa-san as our escort 」
Chief Yazawa smiles.
「 Yeah, leave it to me 」
「 Certainly 」
I’ll stay here with Michi?!