Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 567. Wild Bunch



「 Apart from that, you should live facing front. People can only move forward 」

Kyouko-san tells me

「 Kyouko-san, what do you plan on doing tonight? 」

Katsuko-nee asks.

「 I’ll stay in this hotel. Then, I’ll slip into the Russians and escape. Eenie and Meenie are joining up with us here 」

I see. This hotel surrounded by Japan and Russian security guards is a blind spot for the police investigation.

「 The Russian guys owe me one. Therefore, I’ll go to the airport with them and fly to the USA via Europe 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Speaking of which, the guys hired by Cesario Viola were from Russia. Kudou-san and the others took them down but are they unrelated to the Russian people here? 」

I ask.

「 Well, those were just Russian thugs from the Far East district, you see? Those in the hotel today are government officials from Moscow. They have no contact. The far east region of Russia is almost abandoned after the collapse of the soviet union. I don’t think that they have a connection with the government 」

I see. Russia’s a vast country, so they have a lot.

「 Now then, with that said, Cordelia and I will be staying in Japan for a while 」

They’ll let the events tonight cool down, and there’s a guy in Los Angeles who tried to break up Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia.

They’ll go back to Los Angeles for revenge.

「 Therefore, you get it, don’t you? 」

Kyouko-san looks at me.

「 What? 」

What about me?

「 Isn’t there something you have to do to honor Cordelia and me? 」


「 It’s about Edie-chan 」

Katsuko-nee tells me smiling.


「 Yeah, Cordelia bought that girl from the assassination cult for a high price, and now I’m supposed to be taking custody of her from Cordelia 」

That’s right.

We’ve been together for so long that I forgot about it.

Edie’s owner is Miss Cordelia.

「 I don’t mind making her your mistress, but it’s a problem if the line doesn’t go through 」

Well, that’s true.

Edie needs to receive permission regardless of her will.

Even on a free love marriage, the man has to ask for the woman’s parent’s acceptance.

Edie’s parents are Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia.

「 Sorry. I should’ve talked about this to you two first 」

I bow my head.

「 Please give Edie-san to me. Please, I’ll make her happy 」


「 Oh look, he’s saying he’ll make her happy. Cordelia 」

「 So, how do you plan on doing it 」

Miss Cordelia shows a mean smile.

「 Have you eaten her already? 」

Miss Cordelia asks me.

「 What? 」

「 I’m asking if you had sex with her already 」


「 No, not yet 」

「 Why? You had a lot of opportunities, don’t you? From what I felt earlier, that girl won’t refuse you 」


「 No, that feeling was just recent 」

「 What are you all doing?! That girl’s resistance to sex is meager so you could use drugs and rape her, can’t you? 」

Miss Cordelia’s argument is thrown to Minaho-neesan and others this time.

「 That girl is bound by her religion even in the assassination cult so she’ll obey the man who she gave her virginity to for the rest of her life, even if it was a result of being raped 」

I-Is that so?

「 It’s not too late even now. If you want, Margo, Cordelia and I could push down Edie. Suicide is a taboo for them, so she won’t bite her tongue to die. Once you shoot it inside, she’s yours for the rest of her life 」

Kyouko-san says, but.

This must be a test.

「 No, don’t do anything. I want to cherish Edie’s feelings 」

「 Her feelings? 」

Miss Cordelia glares at me.

「 Yes. Edie is a girl who understands the feelings of others. She’s a good girl. She’s smart, and also, she’s an ordinary girl for her age. Therefore, I want her to experience her first sex like an average girl 」

「 A girl who’s raised in an assassination cult and a successor of a combat technique is no ordinary girl 」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

「 Well, her strength is not average, but Edie’s a cute girl! 」


「 60 million Japanese yen 」

Miss Cordelia?

「 I’m not telling you to pay in cash right now of course. You can pay it in parts. But, there would be interest, that might end up with you and her working for me for the rest of your lives, are you okay with that? 」


「 Okay. Thanks 」

Miss Cordelia’s surprised.

Kyouko-san smiles wryly.

「 Are you serious? 」

「 It can’t be helped. This is how it works. I don’t know how long it will make, but I’ll do my best. Uhm, Cordelia-san 」

「 What? 」

「 As long as I’m in debt. I’ll listen to Cordelia-san’s orders. But, I don’t want Edie to do anything dangerous 」

Miss Cordelia gets sullen.

「 To be honest, Edie’s worth more than you. If she does her job, she can easily pay 60 million yen in a year! 」

「 I don’t want that 」

「 Why? 」

「 I’m a man. I won’t let my women do dangerous things 」

I look straight to Miss Cordelia’s eyes.

「 Then, you’ll do the dangerous jobs. How about putting a bomb in your stomach and you approach the target? Then, get a 60 million yen life insurance and have you pay me that way? 」

「 Sure 」

I replied immediately.

「 I mean. Why are you not loaning from Minaho? Minaho has at least that much money 」

Kyouko-san asks me.

「 I know 」

「 Then why? Minaho won’t ask for interest from you, right? Besides, you can borrow not just from Minaho but also old man Kouzuki too 」

Will Jii-chan lend me money?

No, Jii-chan should understand that I need a bodyguard of my age in addition to Michi.

Misuzu and Ruriko can both call that they need Edie.

I’m sure that Jii-chan would lend 60 million yen.


「 But, I must not depend on people around me 」

I replied.

「 I should avoid those to become Edie’s man 」

Miss Cordelia.

「 Man, I see 」

She looks at Kyouko-san with a stunned expression.

「 Men. They don’t let their wives do the work, get drunk, do drugs, and gamble like crazy, right? 」

「 Well, that’s the case on the Brazilian slums where I grew up! 」

「 It was the same with my childhood in Detroit 」


「 So what does this boy plan on doing if he won’t let Edie who has so much use for work? 」

「 Well, if it’s just his earnings alone, it would take a lifetime to pay 60 million yen 」

Miss Cordelia and Kyouko-san look at me questioningly.

「 Yo-chan’s a Japanese man! 」

Nei said.

「 Indeed, it feels like he’s not rich enough, but his spirit is! Onee-chan will support you! 」

Nei also thinks that it’s impossible for me to earn a lot of money.

「 I mean, you should rely on us more! 60 million yen is just a piece of cake! Right, Minaho-oneechan?! 」

Nei looks at Minaho-neesan.

「 I’ll pay 60 million yen 」


「 No, but 」

「 I’m your elder sister. And I intend to be Edie-san’s elder sister too. It’s natural for me to dish out money for you 」

「 Me too 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 What about you Nagisa? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Nagisa smiles.

「 I don’t mind but, Margo-chan’s thinking of something, right? 」


「 Look, in other words, you don’t want Edie to do high-risk jobs like Miss Cordelia’s criminal activities, right? 」

She asks me smiling.

「 Or could it be that you don’t want Edie to work outside? Could it be that you have the old-fashioned idea of not letting women work and have her stay in the house? 」

T-That’s not it.

「 Of course not! After all, there’s Katsuko-nee’s bakery, Nagisa’s flower shop, I just want her to do what she wants 」

It’s not that I don’t want Edie to work outside.

「 Then, are you okay with Edie working as long as it’s not in the underground society? 」

「 Well, yeah 」

I replied.

「 Then, have Edie earn by herself to pay off Miss Cordelia 」

Margo-san said.

「 Edie herself needs to work hard to buy her freedom 」

「 But, how can she earn? 」

Edie doesn’t know the world other than her assassination cult.

She only knows fighting techniques.

「 Bounty hunting. I was thinking of going that path as well 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 I haven’t learned much about mixed martial arts and pro fighters in women’s division overseas so much, but I’ll manage. If it’s a sport, you’ll consent, right? 」

Margo-san and Edie becoming a pro mixed martial arts fighter?

Fighting overseas?

No way, they’re leaving Japan?

「 No, well, if it’s a typical sport, sure 」

If it’s not a genuine fight to the death, then sure.

「 Margo, are you serious? 」

Kyouko-san’s surprised.

「 I would like to do self-advertising to make my dream come true 」

Margo-san replied.

Self-advertising. To make dreams come true?

「 Minaho’s revenge has ended already 」

She looks at MInaho-neesan smiling.

「 Margo 」

Minaho-neesan mutters.

「I planned to stay with Minaho until everything’s settled. But, it’s over now, Minaho has a lot of family now even without me 」

「 You’re also family! You’re as important! 」

「 That’s tight! Margo-oneechan is also a precious member of the family! 」

Minaho-neesan and Nei said.

「 Uhm, I feel the same way. Margo-san is my big sister 」

I said. Margo-san.

「 Thanks. I also think of everyone as family. Therefore, I’d like to challenge myself to make my dreams come true 」


「 I have a family I can return to any time 」

She smiles at me.

「 Tsk. If you insist 」

Nei said.

「 But, not now. I allow you, but you need to be Margo Starkweather Kuromori, not just Margo Starkweather 」

That means being adopted to Kuromori family.

「 I’ll be Kuromori Yasuko you know! 」

Nei said.

「 Yes, please do, Margo 」

Minaho-neesan said

「 Please 」

「 Yeah, I know. I will 」

Margo-san replied.

「 I mean, although I’ll occasionally participate in overseas matches, I’ll train in Japan. apart from that, I don’t plan on being away from everyone 」


「 It will be the same as always. I will just go to another country once in a while. Therefore Edie and I will continue our daily life with everyone so don’t show such a stiff face 」


It wasn’t something to worry about.

「 Anyway, Edie can earn money on the surface. You’re okay with that, right? 」

Margo-san smiles.

I have no objections, of course.

「 Then, Cordelia-san, I’ll pay 60 million 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Then, Edie and Margo-oneechan will pay that off with fight money 」

Nei laughs.

「 Yeah, I’ll be looking after that girl in the martial arts world, and she’ll go to school with everyone for her usual life 」

Margo-san said.

「 Then there are no problems here 」

「 Yes 」

Nagisa and Katsuko-nee look happy.


Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia’s showing a very sullen look!

「 W-What, is there a problem? 」

I ask.


「 You all really can’t read the atmosphere! 」


「 Kyouko, do I really look like a woman who wants money so much? 」

「 No, no. Cordelia. It’s just that these children have their eyes clouded 」

「 But, these people think that I’m a money-monger! 」

「 That’s not true! Right?! 」

The two hug each other.


「 Uhm, could it be that you weren’t serious about the 60 million yen? 」

I ask timidly.

「 Obviously! 」

「 Ugh! They really think of me as a money monger! 」

Miss Cordelia fakes crying in Kyouko-san’s chest.

「 Look, I was planning to join you guys, but 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 No, that’s right. Kyouko-san is in our family. You’re our dad 」

I replied.

「 Dad? 」

Kyouko-san glares at me.

「 No, a mom would do too 」

「 Onee-chan! I’m your God Onee-chan! 」


「 Yes, uhm, as the eldest sister 」

「 Remove the -est! 」

Kyouko-san scolds me.

「 Well, don’t mind it now! I’m the eldest sister in the house, and Cordelia’s my lover! Girls can get married in other countries! 」

「 Y-Yes 」

「 Then! Cordelia’s obviously a member of the family too! 」

「 Err. 」

「 That’s right! I wasn’t seriously asking for 60 million yen from you all! 」

Miss Cordelia shouts.

「 My plan was to culture Edie to becoming a lesbian and savor her deliciously but, she got interested in this man, so I had to give up! I still have Kyouko 」

「 I also have Cordelia 」

「 Eenie and Meenie are also with me, so I don’t feel that frustrated! 」

I see now. Yes.

「 Anyway, I was just testing you, making sure that you were serious about Edie! And yet! 」

「 Why is everyone treating Cordelia like a villain! 」

「 Aaahn! Kyouko!! 」

「 Cordelia! 」

The lesbians hug each other.

「 Ah, sorry for a lot 」

I can’t do anything but apologize.

「 With that said! Show Edie’s first time having sex to us! 」


「 Yes! Do it right now! 」 Show it to us! 」


「 We won’t be going out of Japan unless we confirm that! 」

「 Therefore, Cordelia and I came all the way to ride the helicopter and back to this hotel with you! 」

D-Do you mean?

「 Well, look, we will be out of Japan for a while after tonight 」

「 You’ll have sex during that period, right? 」

「 We can’t escape overseas with confidence unless we watch you two have sex! 」

「 Kyouko’s right! 」

The two women smile.

「 If we see that Edie has become your woman, I won’t say anything about the money 」

「 But in exchange, you have to do it 」

「 Make Edie a woman with juices dripping down from her 」

「 You’re a man, right?! Do her right now 」


「 Sorry, could anyone call Edie here? 」

I said.

I also need to ask Edie’s feelings about this.

◇ ◇ ◇

Edie comes in the room.

After that, I don’t even know what’s going on.

Edie, Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Margo-san, Nei.

They’re all talking in English really fast.

They’re talking too fast that I can’t even understand.

Anyway, they must be talking about what’s going on.

But still.

A brown body wearing a white dress.

Blonde hair. Blue eyes.

Looking at her like this, Edie’s cute.

I mean, looking at her once again. Her body proportion’s amazing.

She’s got more breasts than I thought too.


Edie sends me a gaze.

Her cheeks blush from embarrassment.


She was told to have sex here because of the schedule of the two.


Is this really okay?

I mean. I have experience with a half-foreign Agnes, but.

It’s my first time doing it with a pure foreign girl.

Furthermore, she can’t understand Japanese.

Now then, what should I do?

How should we do it?

That’s when:

Knock knock.

The doors knocked.

「 Yes? 」

Nagisa opens the door.

「 We have returned 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi return.

「 Oh, how’s Kakka? 」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「 Grandfather went to have a meeting with the Russians so our time accompanying him is over 」

If he has his beautiful granddaughters together with him, then he can’t go away from the party’s seat to a secret meeting.

「 We heard that everyone’s still here, so we returned 」

Ruriko said.


「 ……MICHI!!! 」

Edie jumps to Michi who’s her best friend.

Then, they begin a conversation at a breakneck pace.

It’s in English of course, so I don’t understand it.

Michi listens to Edie’s story.

Kyouko-san and Nei supplements from the side.

「 It has become quite an incident 」

Ruriko smiles at me.

「 I thought that it would come to this someday however 」

Misuzu also catches up with the story.

「 I see, I understand now 」

Michi replies with a straight face.

「 This Kudou Michi may be lacking in ability, but I will help out Edie-san in her deflowering! 」


「 Edie feels scared to do it alone, so she asks Mictchan to teach her about sex! 」

Nei whispers to me.

「 That’s a good idea. It’s much more fun to watch cute girls pant together 」

Miss Cordelia says.

「 From deflowering to 3p? How did it happen? 」

Katsuko-nee looks worried.

「 Why not? Either way, as long as it’s in our family, it’s basically Yo-chan VS multiple girls when it comes to sex. Nufufufu! 」

Nei, you chose to be deflowered with just the two of us.

「 Well, that’s what Edie-san wishes for so accept it 」

Minaho-neesan said.

Edie herself comes before me.

Then, she shows a sorrowed look.

She said something.

「 She’s asking if you don’t want to do it with the two of them 」

Nei tells me.


I look at Michi’s face.

「 I welcome it! 」

Well, she’s like that.


Edie pulls my sleeve.


She waits for my reply.

「 Yo-chan, instead of saying《 SEX 》 It’s’ much smarter to say it as 《 MAKE LOVE 》 」

Nei tells me.

「 《 SEX 》 is too direct and unrefined but, 《 MAKE LOVE 》 means to “愛を作る” It’s romantic 」



I can’t make a proper sentence.

《 Edie 》

I call her name. Edie looks at me nervously.


The words aren’t coming out.

Eeei, sink or swim!


Edie’s eyes open wide.


I point to Edie and myself.

《 AND……MICHI!!! 》

I also point at Michi.

Then, Edie smiles.

《 OF COURSE!!!! 》


  1. He’s just saying what in multiple languages