Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 568. Family sex.



Err, this has become quite the event.

We move back to the junior suite bedroom.

I get on the bed.

Edie and Michi are in front of me.

Then, people surround us.

Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee.

Nei, Misuzu, Megu, Ruriko, Mana, Agnes.

They’re all here.

「 Huh, where’s Nagisa and Mao-chan? 」

I asked.

「 Mao-chan’s already sleepy, so they went to the other room to sleep! 」

Nei replied.

「 If she wakes up suddenly, she might cry from loneliness because nobody’s around her, so she stays by her side 」

Megu said.

Nagisa’s a good mother.

「 Margo-san too? 」

「 Margo-oneechan is staying on the other room because it is dangerous if nobody’s being on guard! 」

As expected of her, the security of this hotel isn’t guaranteed to be perfect.

「 『 Please have fun with all 』 she said 」

「 Then, I’ll start recording. Nei-chan, do the photos please 」

Katsuko-nee’s hands go to the digital camera.

「 Okay~ 」

Nei takes out her camera.

Huh, is this okay?

「 Do your best, Edie-chan! 」

Mana smiles at Edie.

「 With this, my worries will be gone, I can entrust Onii-sama’s daily bodyguard to Edie-san 」

Ruriko’s smiling.

「 Megumi-san, do you mind having Edie-san as your classmate? 」

Misuzu asks Megu.

「 Err, uhm. It can’t be helped. We’re all family 」

Megu accepts that Edie will become my woman.

「 But, it’s impossible for Megu-chan to monopolize Yo-chan in high school! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Edie’s inner libido is strong, I think 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Once she learns the greatness of sex, she might want it like a bitch in heat! 」

「 I won’t let it happen! 」

Megu shouts to Kyouko-san.

「 I see, Megu-chan, do your best! While you’re busy stopping Edie, I’ll take the profit and have sex with Yo-chan at school! 」

「 I won’t let that happen too! 」

Megu replies with a serious look on Nei’s teasing.

「 That’s right. Agnes-chan and I will be sneaking in to have some while Onii-chan’s taking a break at school! 」


「 We’ll be hiding in the secret room under the principal’s office until we get on to a new school so we’ll be Onii-chan’s toilets! Right, Agnes-chan? 」

「 Yes, desuno! 」

Mana and Agnes smile.


「 Onii-chan, when you feel horny, you can let it out in my mouth or even my womb, wherever you want! 」

「 You can’t do that!! 」

Megu shouts to Mana.

「 That’s right! He won’t have time to flirt with me! 」


「 I was thinking of using the chairman’s room! 」

Katsuko-nee’s the board chairman of our school.

「 I’ll call him on the board of director’s office even during class and have sex! 」

「 That can’t do too! Katsuko-oneesan! 」

Megu looks at Katsuko-nee with a half-crying face.

「 Anyway, it’s a big mistake if you think of the school as your territory! 」

Nei reminds Megu.

「 If someone’s stealing the march, the other girls will work together to take it out. Get yourself ready! 」

But in exchange, if they show an effort to maintain equilibrium, they’ll all keep each other in check so not a single woman can get ahead.

「 I-I understand that 」

Megu replied.

「 Ojou-sama may be trying to look prim, but you’re included too! 」

Katsuko-nee tells Minaho-neesan.

「 Oh, what do you mean? 」

Minaho-neesan feigns ignorance.

If she uses her teacher status, Minaho-neesan can call me anytime as well.

She has the school’s surveillance system too.

「 Never mind that, begin already you three 」

Minaho-neesan tells us.

「 Then, first would be kissing 」

Michi kisses me in front of Edie.

From a light kiss to tangling her tongue on my lips and tongue.

She sucks on my mouth.

Edie’s watching, nodding.

「 Your turn 」

Michi switches with Edie.

Edie kisses me, but.

「 Puha!! 」

It seems that she stopped breathing and it suffocated her.

「 Breathe in and out from your nose! 」

That’s what Michi said in English, I think.


《 Sure 》

Then, she replies in a low voice.

Then, we kissed each other multiple times.

Licking on my lips, sucking on my tongue, even kissing my nose.

She’s trying out a lot of things.

「 Nnn!! 」

She leaks out a sweet voice.

Her eyes are already melting.

「 Auuuu 」

Her neck is sweating.

Edie seems to be aroused.


「 How is it? 」

Michi asks me.

「 I just thought that Edie’s sweat smells like honey 」

Edie’s skin is brown.

Her physique and fat are different from the Japanese.

「 Is it to Master’s liking? 」

Michi asks. I:

「 Yeah, this is Edie’s scent, right? I like it 」

I put my face closer to Edie’s neck and lick her sweat.

「 Hauuu 」

Edie trembles from my licking.

Michi speaks in English.

I’m sure that she’s telling Edie that I’m comparing Edie’s smell to honey.

「 Auuuuuu!! 」

Edie turns red in shame.


「 Okay, next 」

Michi shows the next one.

Wait, why are you suddenly lifting your skirt?

「 Master, look, I’m so wet already 」

As I sit on the bedー

Michi’s showing me her panty wet with love nectar.

「 Please play with Michi’s pussy 」

「 Sure 」

I reach out to Michi’s crotch.

Michi holds her skirt with both hands, opens up her legs a bit, so it’s easier for me to touch.

I use my fingers to play with Michi’s wet cloth roughly.

「 Kyafuu! 」

The amount of love nectar increases just from touching.

She’s really easy to get wet.

I rub grinding on top of her slit.

Michi tells Edie something.

Edie nods.

「 What did you tell her, Michi? 」

I ask Michi as I play with her crotch.

「 That’s 」

「 Hurry up and tell me, Michi! 」

I vibrate my hand vigorously.

「 Hauuu, I understand! 」

Michi replies, showing a red face.

「 I told her that it’s better to touch it through the fabric of panty than touching it right away 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Y-Yes, whenever I do it with myself, that’s what I always do 」

Michi trembles.

「 Touching myself when there’s underwear, and when it gets moist enough, I touch it directly 」

「 So you masturbate like that, Michi? 」

「 I no longer do. When I want to do it, then I can have Master ravish me! 」

Michi’s crotch is dripping wet.

「 Ah, I guess I’ll do that too, touch me while I have my panties on. It feels better when stroking through the fabric first! 」

NEi said.

「 What about Megu-chan? 」

Nei asks Megu.

「 I-I, I don’t touch myself 」

「 Huh, really? 」

「 B-Besides, getting my panty dirty would just increase the laundry 」


「 It’s a waste of detergent, and besides, I don’t have that much underwear 」

Shit, Megu’s poverty thoughts are rising up.

「 Okay, then let’s go buy some more panties together 」

「 Yoshi-kun? 」

「 Let’s buy panties for sex. A really lewd one, then those are okay to get dirty, right? That’s it’s used after all 」

「 Y-Yeah. Thank you 」

Megu answers, blushing.

「 But, I won’t do it by myself anymore. I prefer doing it with Yoshi-kun 」


「 Master! Concentrate on me for now! 」

Michi tells me.

「 Oh, sorry Michi 」

I look up at Michi.

「 So please, take it off 」

Her legs tremble

「 Yeah 」

I take off Michi’s panty.

Love nectar drips down through her thin legs.

「 Look at me, Master! 」

Michi’s genital is in front of me.

It’s a cute pink slit.

Michi uses one hand to open it up.

Inside her labia, her pink entrance is twitching.

I remember that Michi’s insides are always tight.

「 Michi-pon, it’s about time Edie-san switches in 」

Misuzu tells Michi.

「 If not, you won’t be able to hold yourself back 」

「 Y-Yes, Misuzu-oneesama 」

Michi replies in a regretful voice.

Then, she tells Edie that they’ll switch.

《 O.K. 》

Edie stands in front of me.

Then, she slowly raises her one-piece skirt.

Edie’s brown thighs and bare legs.

And then her panty.

Edie’s wearing a yellow panty.

Milk chocolate skin and a yellow panty.

Her secret triangle is already hot and wet.

「 Hauuuu 」

Edie bites the hem of her skirt.

Then, she puts her hands behind her waist.

It’s the rest pose in PE.

Then, she points out where she feels it.

「 I’m touching it, Edie 」

I touch Edie’s sensitive spot on top of the fabric.

「 Oou! 」

Edie trembles.

The smell of Edie’s love nectar is different.

「 I smell flowers 」

I sniff my fingertips and said.

「 It smells like tropical orchids, right? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That would please Edie-san. Michi-san, tell her that he thinks that Edie-san’s smells like orchids and he’s pleased with it 」

「 Yes 」

Michi tells Edie, and she smiled at me happily.

She seems to be happy that I’m pleased with her body.

I play with Edie’s crotch to smell the orchids more.

「 Haaaauuuu! 」

Edie grips her hand behind her back firmly, holding herself back.

Her mouth bites to her skirt firmly.

Yes, it’s about time.

「 I’m taking this off, Edie 」

Edie nods with her passionate eyes.

I grab Edie’s panty and slowly pull it down.

Edie’s hips and thighs are much more developed than Michi.

Michi doesn’t have the wild taste.

I pull down the yellow fabric beyond her swelling ass.

Oh, Edie.

Her pubic hair is blonde too.

Below it, I see her pure slit that hasn’t accepted a man yet.

Her plump mons pubis is developing.

But, it’s closed.

There’s warm liquid dripping down from between the slit.

「 Have her sit down on the bed, I’ll be taking photos of her virginity 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Yeah, Michi, tell her 」

「 Yes, Master 」

Michi tells Edie, and Edie nods.

Edie sits down on the bed.

She’s still biting her skirt.

She lifts her white dress up to her stomach, exposing only her lower body.

No, she’s still wearing the sandals.

I remove the yellow panty that’s halfway down.

I leave the yellow fabric on Edie’s right ankle.

That’s much lewder.

「 Come, Edie, open your legs 」

Edie’s legs are long and smooth.

Her physique is different from the bone.

Edie opens her legs bashfully.

「 As expected, I feel sorry to say “Open it yourself” Dear, open it up 」

Katsuko-nee tells me

「 Yeah, I guess 」

I kneel in between Edie’s legs and reach out for her essential part.

「 Edie, don’t be afraid 」

Edie’s trembling slightly as she looks at my face.

I use fingers on both hands and open up Edie’s meat lip.

「 Oooh! 」

Edie’s vagina touches the outside air.


Edie’s got brown skin, and yet the inside is pink.

It’s just like the other women.

I can visually confirm her hymen too.

「 Ufufu, cute 」

Katsuko-nee takes photos.

Edie’s virgin part and her face trembling in shame.

「 Ah, Yo-chan, stay in there. I’m going to take a photo of the two of you together! 」

Nei presses the shutter one after another.

「 Then, it’s better if you make her cum at least once for now 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Indeed, it’ll ease up the body tension that way 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Michi-pon, lick her and make her cum. Danna-sama, hold Edie-san’s hand and kiss her 」


「 I think it’s okay for Onii-sama to do the licking but, that would mean that Onii-sama and Edie-san can’t look at each other’s face 」

Ruriko said.

「 Edie-chan thinks it’s okay for Michi-oneechan to lick her 」

Mana’s laughing.

「 I feel jealous, it’s only Edie-chan 」

Agnes said.

「 Wait for a bit longer, it’s Edie-chan’s time. Nobody got in the way during Agnes-chan’s first time too, right? 」

Mana tells Agnes.

「 That’s right! For now, let’s support Edie-chan, tell her to do her best! 」

Mana said. Agnes;

「 Uuuu, I understand. Do your best, Edie-chan! 」

Kyouok-san and Miss Cordelia are drinking alcohol while watching us.

「 But still, you girls really get along 」

「 Seriously, why is there not a single lesbian in here, Kyouko? 」

Miss Cordelia says.

No, Nagisa, Misuzu, and Michi all have lesbian tendencies too.

But, if I say that, Miss Cordelia might warm up in high spirits so I’ll stay silent.

I won’t let my women be Miss Cordelia’s toys.

「 Why not? Cordelia has me already, right? 」

Kyouko-sans aid.

「 I guess. Eenie and Meenie too. Oh right, I’ll bring Nikita next time. She’s cute. I taught that girl how to use her tongue thoroughly, so I’m sure Kyouko will enjoy her too 」

「 I’m looking forward to that 」

Well, let’s have the two with different sexual disposition have their fun.

「 Then, excuse me 」

Michi in her dress buries her face to Edie’s crotch.

I lie down on the bed together with Edie.

「 Kuuuu 」

Michi licks Edie’s sensitive part, and she clings to me.

I also hug Edie’s upper body.

I kiss her lips.

「 Hauuuuuu 」

Edie seeks my tongue passionately.

「 Oh, Edie’s very thick and tasty! 」

Michi sucks on Edie’s love nectar.

「 Kuuuu! 」

「 Her clitoris is small, yet it’s red. It’s like a little ruby 」

Michi says, but I can’t see it from here.

I guess I can look at it later.

「 Yes, yes. This is worthy of a shot1 」

Nei captures Michi licking the clitoris.

「 Kyauuuu!! 」

Edie hugs me vigorously, squeaking.

She looks at me with frightened yet passionate eyes.

「 It’s okay Edie, everyone in here is your family 」

I whisper to Edie.

「 Kuun 」

Edie’s teary-eyed yet she nods.

She can somehow tell what I was talking about.

「 Katsuko, I’ll hold the camera, help him out 」

Minaho-neesan tells Katsuko-nee.

「 Yes, Ojou-sama 」

Katsuko-nee hands over the digicam to Minaho-neesan.

Then, she licks her index finger.

「 Michi-chan, continue licking Edie-chan’s below, I’ll attack the clitoris 」

「 Yes, please 」

Michi uses her tongue to attack the opening.

She slurps on Edie’s love nectar fountain like a puppy drinking milk.

「 Okay, it’s time to play around! 」

Katsuko-nee uses her index finger wet with saliva to play with Edie’s clitoris.

「 Hauuuuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

Edie clings to me trembling due to the pleasure like a current in her crotch.

「 Edie! 」

I also kiss Edie’s cute face here and there.

「 Dear, play with her breasts too. This girl is getting sensitive 」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「 Yeah 」

I massage Edie’s breasts on top of her dress.

Oh, her breasts are firm.

I can tell where her erect nipple is even on top of this fabric.

I pinch the sharp part with my thumb.

「 Kuuuuuuun! 」

Edie writhes.

Her whole body trembles a lot.

Her white dress is damp with her sweat.

Edie’s honey scent and the scent of orchids of her love nectar is released from her body.

So this is Edie’s sexual scent.

「 Kyauuuuun! Hauuuu! Kuuuuuu!!! 」

Edie’s face is trembling in agony as she looks at me.

Her blue eyes look frightened.

Oh, Edie’s about to reach ecstasy.

「 It’s okay, everyone’s with you, there’s nothing to be afraid of 」

I whisper to Edie again and again.

Edie’s eyes are with tears.

「 Michi-chan, last-spurt 」

「 Yes! 」

Michi grabs Edie’s thighs and ass, spread it out, and lick it up.

Katsuko-nee’s fingers accelerate on stimulating the clitoris.


「 Haaaaaa, aaaaauuuu! Kyaaaaaauuuu!!! 」

She flies to climax.

While looking at my face. While I hug her.

「 Kyauuuuuuuuu!!!!! 」

Hugging me with all her strength, Edie trembles.

「 Edie, Edie! Edie! 」

I keep calling her name.

「 Haaaauahau, hauuu, haauuuuuu!!! 」

Edie’s mouth is flapping. Her whole body’s covered in sweat.

That was a long ecstasy.

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaa! 」

Then she’s exhausted in my arms.

No, her hand holding me is twitching at times.

Oh, Edie’s vagina is cramping.

「 That’s good enough, Michi-chan 」

Katsuko-nee tells Michi.

「 Yes 」

Michi looks up from Edie’s crotch.

Her mouth is filled with love nectar and is now sticky.

「 Towel 」

Megu hands Michi a towel

「 Thank you 」

Michi wipes her mouth with the towel.

Edie has her skirt turn up to her stomach on top of the bed.

Her upper body’s hugging me.

Her legs are spread open.

Speaking of which, she’s still wearing her sandals.

Her yellow panty is still on her ankle.

「 Then, should Michi-chan do example sex before Edie-chan can recover? 」

Katsuko-nee tells Michi.

「 Michi-chan? You want it so much now, don’t you? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Michi’s fidgets.

「 Y-Yes 」

Then, she sends me a passionate gaze.

「 Master, if you don’t mind 」


「 Ah! Agnes too! 」

Agnes shouts!

「 Agnes can’t hold back anymore! Papa! 」

The 12-year-old half-foreign girl flips her skirt before me.

「 Agnes is already this wet! 」

Agnes shows her plump and cute stomach.

Her long slender legs.

And in between, her hairless crotch.

Agnes, since when did you take off your panties?

「 Papa, please. Have sex with Agnes, desuno 」

Agnes’ thighs are already wet with the dripping love nectar from her slit.